How to Save Iphone 5s Battery Charge

How to Save Iphone 5s Battery Charge

Probably the most common consumer complaint about Apple products is the quick discharge of devices. And the point here is not the quality of the hardware or assembly, but the default settings of the iOS operating system. Software developers added by default more and more functions, turning the gadget into a small voracious monster, eating all the energy supplies with a truly menacing speed. Proper configuration and disabling of all unnecessary often often extend 3. 4 times the period of operation of the apple device. The Remontiphone6 ​​service center (iPhone screen repair) decided to share tips on saving battery power on the iPhone and iPad.

So, 14 ways to save battery power iPhone and iPad.

1. Update firmware to iOS 9

Apple, having announced the iOS 9 operating system, vowed to users to increase the battery life of their devices by about an hour by optimizing their built-in applications. It sounds tempting, like the new energy-saving mode: it automatically reduces power consumption by 20% due to a decrease in the processor clock speed, disabling application updates in the background, downloading new messages and some other functions. iOS 9 is still damp, but it can already be downloaded and reduce the device’s power consumption.

2. Turn off gluttonous applications

In iOS 8, you can clearly see which applications load the battery heavily. Go to Settings The main Statistics Battery usage and figure out the main energy eaters. Often they are games, browsers, social applications. networks. in case of need of energy saving just do not start them. At the same time, remove unused applications that eat battery in the background.

3. Decreasing screen brightness and sound volume increases battery life

Maintaining the display Retina very energy consuming. Tests have shown that at maximum brightness when viewing 720 p iPhone 5 withstands 6 hours 21 minutes of work, and at half brightness. as much as 9 hours 48 minutes! The result is obvious.

Using the built-in speakers, high sound volume and equalizer surprisingly quickly discharge the device. It’s more economical to use headphones and turn off the equalizer in Settings Music.

4. Enable AutoLock

Auto-lock will help you save battery power during inactivity of your smartphone or leave its display on for a long time. When you turn on auto-lock, the screen becomes inaccessible for accidental taps, and the smartphone itself goes into sleep mode. We recommend that you set a minimum interval to enable auto-lock to reduce battery consumption. To do this, in the menu Settings open The main Auto lock and select the time interval to turn off the screen.

5. Turn on airplane mode

Airplane mode is extremely useful both for “turning off” the phone during negotiations or in public places where it is required, and to save energy. When you select this mode, the smartphone turns off cellular communications, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all energy-intensive processes running in the background. It should also be included where the communication signal is of disgusting quality, because the phone spends a whole bunch of energy at the time of an active connection search. Airplane mode located in the menu Settings at the first place.

6. Choose an Internet connection method

Any active connection of your device to the Internet is quite energy-consuming. It doesn’t make sense to have Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G connections at the same time; it’s better to choose one thing and not waste battery power in vain. If you have a choice, we recommend using Wi-Fi: both signal quality is usually better, and gadgets last 10 to 20% longer.

7. Turn off Bluetooth

If you do not use Bluetooth, and the annoying blue tooth icon in the status bar reminds you of it, it makes sense to turn it off. it regularly consumes its portion of energy. To do this, go to Control center and click on the icon in the middle, or enter Settings and turn off there Bluetooth.

8. Less often play, watchs and take pictures

Obviously, the more actively you use your iPhone, the faster it will discharge. But the discharge rate directly depends on the applications used and differs by 3-4 times. Most of the resources of your device involve the use of 3D-graphics, shooting photos ors. Discharge iPhone playing games with detailed graphics like Infinity blade 3, possible in no time. Watchings, especially in high resolution, is also extremely resource intensive. If you are far from the charger and waiting for an important call, playing games or watchings when the battery level is low is a bad idea. Better entertain yourself by reading books or news.

No less energy is spent on the process of taking photos ors. It is better to take breathtaking selfies or shoot cats with a decent supply of energy.

9. Turn off iCloud

If you want a long operation of the device without recharging, turn off all unnecessary synchronization as standard (for example, not everyone needs synchronization The calendar or Reminders), and third-party applications with the service iCloud. Each such synchronization eats its portion of resources, so go in Settings iCloud and boldly delete all unnecessary.

. 10. Turn off time zones and Location Services

Geolocation. One of the most “gluttonous” features of the iPhone. Sometimes it helps a lot, for example, sorting photos taken in different places, but it takes too much energy. To constantly keep this service turned on is wasteful, it makes sense to activate it if necessary. You can disable the service completely or for individual applications as follows: Settings Privacy Geolocation services and slide the corresponding switch.

11. Turn off auto-update applications

A very useful application auto-update feature introduced in iOS 7 has an unpleasant and very significant drawback. high energy consumption. Fortunately, it simply disconnects: Settings iTunes Store, App Store Updates should be deactivated.

12. Recharging from scratch

Have you noticed that sometimes the battery indicator shows a charge incorrectly? Your device may suddenly discharge when the “battery” reads from 17% to 2%. To avoid such troubles and to know the gadget’s resources exactly, we suggest you to perform at least once a month calibration Batteries: Discharge to zero and then fully charge. Calibration will help the battery more accurately display data about its condition so that you can calculate its operating time.

13. Buy an external battery

But the most effective way to significantly increase the duration of your apple device is to purchase an external battery. Thus, the battery capacity of your device actually increases several times. For lovers of using the iPhone when traveling away from electricity and civilization, such a device will become indispensable.

14. Just turn off the device

Well, the simplest and most banal advice is to simply turn off the iPhone when 6-7% of the charge is left to be able to make a call at the right time. Turning off at a lower percentage is more risky; iPhone may no longer turn on without a power cable.

Thus, you can choose how to use your gadget: use all the functionality to the fullest, having the ability to recharge it at any time, or carefully monitor the energy consumption while traveling. Remember, iPhone and iPad can work without recharging for quite some time if you use energy wisely.