How to save contacts from iPhone to computer

Using the iBackupBot App

The main disadvantage of iTunes is that you cannot browse the list in order to understand whether you need these subscribers on your computer or not. In this case, another application will do. iBackupBot. It is paid. The cost is 35, however 10 days it can be used for free! Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download the iBackupBot application from the official website to your computer and install it;
  • Open iTunes and connect iPhone to your computer;
  • Back up your iPhone. If it is already there, go to the next item;
  • Open the iBackupBot program;
  • The system will automatically scan all copies that you previously created through iTunes and show you a list of them;
  • Click on any of the copies and select the Contacts item in the main window;

Here you will see a complete list of subscribers that are stored in your address book. Select the list of contacts you need and click the Export tab;

Specify in which format to save the data: vCard or.db, and save.

This completes the transfer process. As you can see, the iBackupBot application allows you to work with copies that you previously created through iTunes. With it, it is convenient to view the contents of copies, and not only contacts, but also messages, photos, installed programs and settings. The functionality of this tool is very extensive.!

Through the iCloud service

Apple devices have the ability to transfer contacts via the iCloud cloud service, both automatically and semi-automatically. We will consider the second option. The bottom line is that contacts will be available to you in iCloud itself, but they will not be copied to your computer immediately until you log in to it yourself and save the file in vCard format. To do this, you need to follow a series of steps:

  • On your device go to “Settings” and select “Accounts and Passwords”;
  • Select iCloud there and set the position of the slider to the active state at the item “Contacts”;
  • From your browser on your computer, go to the official website of the service.;
  • Log in under the same account that you use on your smartphone;
  • Next, click on the “Contacts” tab and select the records that you need to copy
  • If you need to copy everything, then right-click on any entry from the spike, and then press the key combination. CTRL A;
  • Find the icon with the “gear” icon, click on it and select “Export contacts” from the context menu;
  • The system will automatically download them in one vCard file and you can import them in any program.

This completes the copying process. With a file that stores contacts, you can import records in almost any program that supports it, for example, Outlook, the Gmail service (read about it below) and third-party applications for working with Apple devices.

Via the iPhone app

We have previously covered this method using the My Contacts Backup application. In this case, it will also help you.

  • Go to the Apple Store on your iPhone and download the My Contacts Backup app;
  • Run it, provide access to contacts and click on the Backup tab;
  • The system will automatically start the copying process, after which you will need to specify the email address to which a copy with contacts will be sent;
  • Click “Confirm” and go to your mail from your computer;
  • Open the letter and download the file in vCard format from your computer.

This completes the copying process. You now have a copy with data on your computer, which can be imported into any program of mail clients and services.

Via iTunes

ITunes is a universal tool for working with iPhone, iPad of all generations, which provides a large list of options, including transferring contacts. And so, here’s what you need to do:

  • Download and install iTunes on your PC and launch it;
  • Connect your smartphone from which you want to copy information;
  • Click on the icon of your iPhone and select the “Details” tab;
  • Check the box next to the item. “Synchronize contacts with”.
  • Next, select the place where to synchronize data: Windows Contacts or Outlook and click “Confirm”.

Once the synchronization is complete, the contact information from your gadget will be copied to your computer or Outlook, depending on the transfer method you choose.

We still recommend choosing Outlook. As soon as you open the program, you can immediately view all contacts, edit them or save them to a separate file to transfer it.

All Ways to Copy Contacts from iPhone to PC

What if you decide to create a copy of your contact information and copy it to your computer just in case? After all, it seems to be more reliable there. It’s just not clear how to do it, right? In this we will help you. We have already described how to copy contacts from iPhone to iPhone, and some of the methods will be very similar.!

Copy contacts via Gmail

For example, you can’t log into your iCloud because you don’t remember your password. What to do? In this case, you can use an alternative option. Gmail. The principle is about the same as with the cloud service.

    Go to the “Settings” of your iPhone and select “Accounts and Passwords”;

  • If you have not yet created accounts in Google, click the Gmail item and enter all the data: name, login;
  • To do this, you need to select the “Add account” item;
  • Select Google from the list and log in with your data;
  • Next, go to the list of accounts, select Gmail there and set the slider opposite the “Contacts” item to the active state;

  • Within a few seconds, the system will automatically synchronize data and save a copy of subscribers from the address book to your mail;
  • Go to this mailbox from your computer and select “Contacts”;
  • The service will display all the data that you can easily export into a separate file and use as you need.
  • All of the above methods imply saving a copy of your address book in a separate file in vCard format, which can later be used in any services and programs that support working with mail.

    Transferring contacts using iTunes

    It is worth noting that there are two different ways to transfer contacts from iPhone memory to computer using iTunes. In the first case, all addresses and phones will be transferred either to Outlook or to Windows Contacts, and in the second, users will have to “get” them from the backup using special applications.

    The method works only if the sync of contacts with iCloud is disabled on the iPhone.

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer

    There are different situations. For example, you are selling your phone or purchasing a new one, or maybe you just wanted to transfer your contacts from iPhone to your computer, so that if something happens you do not waste precious time manually restoring them. There may be more reasons. Also, this issue makes you think about the fact that the iPhone does not provide for the function of transferring contacts to a SIM card, which is very upsetting. So, today we will consider the question of how we can transfer our contacts to our “big brother” in various ways.

    In the article we will try to describe all the methods, starting with the traditional.

    Transferring contacts using iPhone apps

    It’s not just desktop apps that can transfer contacts from iPhone to computer. Various programs for iOS do a good job with this task. Several such utilities can be found on the virtual shelves of the App Store. One of them is Easy Backup.

    Easy Backup is a popular tool that allows iPhone and iPad owners to back up their contacts and then send them to email or one of the cloud services.

    In addition, the application allows you to find and merge duplicate contacts, as well as delete contacts without a name or without a phone number or email address.

    With iTools

    Another way to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer is with an application called iTools. It has fairly broad functionality and is in many ways a replacement for Apple iTunes. With it, iTools owners of apple tablets and smartphones can:

    • View information about your device.
    • Manage applications (install, update, uninstall, backup).
    • Manage music (import and export tracks, delete songs, create playlists).
    • Interact with photos, videos and books.
    • Create new ringtones.
    • Take screenshots and record video from iPhone screen.
    • Manage contacts, calendar entries, and more.

    To transfer contacts from iPhone to computer using iTools, you need to:

    • Download and install iTools (it is better to download the English version of the application from the official website).
    • Launch iTools.
    • Connect your mobile device to your computer.
    • Go to the Information section.
    • In the left column, select Contacts.
    • Select the desired contacts and press the Export button.

    When exporting contacts, users can choose from several available formats (vCard or CSV) or send a card with data directly to Outlook or Gmail.

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer from iCloud

    The iCloud cloud service also allows you to interact with contacts that are stored in the iPhone’s memory. However, to do this, first, users need to activate the function of synchronizing contacts with the cloud in the settings. You can do this in the Settings menu. iCloud.

    To move contacts from iCloud to computer memory, you need:

    • Open the web version of the iCloud service.
    • Go to Contacts.
    • Select the desired contacts (selection of both all contacts and individual records is supported).
    • In the lower left corner of the window, click on the gear icon.
    • Select Export vCard.

    The exported file can then be used to transfer contacts to another device or to any suitable application such as Outlook.

    Transfer contacts from iPhone backup

    Restoring contacts from an iPhone backup can come in handy when you lost or sold your device, and the backup remained in iTunes.

    In this case, iTunes is only used to create a backup. The rest will have to be done using third-party utilities. For example, such as iBackupbot.

    To get where to restore contacts from, you need to first make a backup copy of contacts in iTunes:

    • Open iTunes.
    • Connect your mobile device to your computer.
    • Select iPhone in the list of connected devices and go to the Details tab.
    • Activate the item “Synchronize contacts with”.
    • Go to the Overview tab.
    • Click on the “Create a copy now” button.
    • Wait for the backup process to complete.

    To restore and transfer contacts from an iPhone backup, you need:

    • Download and install the iBackupbot application (the full version of the utility costs 35, but you can use the application for free for 10 days). Download iBackupbot.
    • Launch iBackupbot.
    • In the main window, in the “Backups” column, select the last backup copy of the connected device.
    • Go to the User Information Manager section.

    All contacts stored in the iPhone phonebook will be available in the Contacts tab. If necessary, the selected records can be exported in one of the appropriate formats (Exel, VCard, CSV).

    How to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer. 3 options

    Oddly enough, Apple has not come up with an easy way to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer, as it can be done on other smartphones. Users cannot even save contacts to a SIM card, and this may be required in case of selling their phone. At any time, we may need to copy contacts from iPhone to computer. And, of course, you shouldn’t carry them manually. it is quite time-consuming and tedious. There are at least three ways how to copy a phone book from iPhone to computer. via iTunes, via iCloud and using UltData program.

    How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to Computer via iCloud

    In order to copy contacts from iPhone to computer via iCloud, you need an internet connection. Follow these steps to sync contacts with iCloud:

    Open Settings. iCloud on your iPhone (on iOS 11 Settings. Accounts & Passwords. iCloud). Next, put the slider in the active state in front of the Contacts item.

    Now on your computer, open a web browser and go to Enter your Apple ID and password, log in.

    Next, in the main window, click on the “Contacts” icon. You will see a list of all your contacts.

    Click on any contact, highlighting it, then press CtrlA to select all contacts in the phone book. Then in the lower left corner, click on the gear button to get into Settings.

    Select “Export vCard”. After that, the list of all your contacts will be transferred to Windows Contact, and you can view them on your computer.

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer via iTunes

    This method will take you a little more time. It is required to install the latest version of iTunes on the computer and connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.

    Connect your iPhone to PC. Launch iTunes. Click on the icon of your device. A window will open with details about your iPhone.

    In the left pane, click on the Details tab. In the window that opens, check the box next to “Synchronize contacts with. »And select which program on your computer you want to sync your phone book with. Click Finish.

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer Using Ultdata

    Download the Tenorshare UltData program on the official website. Install it on your computer and run.

    Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. The program will automatically detect it.

    In the window that opens, in the top panel, select “Recover from iOS device”. Then put a tick in front of “Contacts” and click “Start Scan”. (You can also restore contacts from a backup, then save them to your computer).

    The program will scan your device and display all phone numbers recorded on the iPhone, including deleted ones, which will be marked in red. Select the necessary numbers or all at once and click on the “Restore” button.

    You will be prompted to restore to your mobile device or computer. We choose to save to your computer in a format convenient for you. Ready!

    In addition, the application allows you to find and merge duplicate contacts, as well as delete contacts without a name or without a phone number or email address. And UltData can recover messages, call history, notes, videos, photos, music. WhatsApp messages, bookmarks, calendars, mail accounts, and free apps, and much more. What’s more, it supports transfer and sync them from iPhone to computer. In addition, you can easily manage important data through Tenorshare iCareFone, this tool is free to transfer videos, photos, music and other data from iPhone to computer.

    Using iTunes

    It is simple and convenient to export contacts using iTunes. Its main advantage is that in this case all the data that is on the iPhone is copied and saved. However, there is also a certain inconvenience. the information will take up a lot of space, and you cannot edit and separately extract the information you need in the future.


    The principle of operation of this application is very similar to the previous ones.

    How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to Computer via iCloud

    You can copy contacts from iPhone to computer using the iCloud service. This resource makes it possible to save all the necessary information in the “cloud”, and then, if necessary, retrieve and download information to other devices.


    Through this application, you can not only copy contacts from iPhone to PC, but also restore numbers that have been deleted.

    Possible problems and solutions

    Subject to the algorithm of actions, copying information from a mobile device to a computer takes place without any obstacles. Typically, problems are caused by user errors.

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer. 5 Ways

    IPhone owners are aware of the inability to copy contacts from a gadget to a SIM card. This is extremely inconvenient, because if the device fails, the data will be lost. It is rather time-consuming and tedious to manually rewrite the numbers to any medium, but there are other ways to solve this problem. Learn how to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer in this section.

    You can copy data from the device as follows:

    • Install iTunes on PC by downloading the program from the official resource.
    • Connect the gadget to the computer via a USB cable.
    • In the application menu, find the iPhone section and click on the icon next to it.
    • Select the “Information” section, which is located on the left side of the screen.
    • Put a “birdie” next to the “Synchronize to” command. Here you need to specify where the data is copied, for example, in “Windows Contacts” or in Outlook.
    • Press the “Apply” button.
    • Wait for the sync process to complete.

    In the same way, data from PC memory can be transferred back to iPhone or any other device.

    How to Copy (Transfer) Contacts from iPhone to Computer

    “God protects those who are saved”. that is how the popular wisdom says. In this article, we will discuss the most popular ways to export contacts from iPhone to Mac or PC. And earlier on classic telephones (now they are called “dialers”) this was the most important information. Eh, nostalgia.

    How to copy (transfer) contacts from iPhone to computer using

    Cloud storage has rapidly entered our lives and, oddly enough, one of the easiest ways to access iPhone contacts is the web version of the website. First, check if the contact switcher is active in the iCloud section of Settings on iPhone.

    If so, go to, enter your Apple ID and password, and go to the Contacts section.

    Select (highlight) one, several or all contact records, open the settings and save the marked contacts on the computer locally using the “Export vCard” option.

    How to copy (transfer) contacts from iPhone to computer using apps

    There are many specialized iPhone applications that allow you to back up all your contacts, store them in the cloud and send them in a convenient way in a suitable format, for example, by mail to your computer.

    A striking example is the Contacts Backup program, the free version of which, in a couple of clicks, exports contacts to the.vcf format, understandable for both Mac and PC, and sends the file by mail.


    It is a cloud service that is immediately tied to all Apple smartphones and tablets. All information (photos, videos, phone numbers, history, and more) is ultimately stored both on the phone and on the Internet in a special dedicated space. It is clear that this information can be viewed from any browser or using a special application.

    • First of all, we need to check that the “Contacts” section is synchronized with the cloud. To do this, go to “Settings”. on the main page, click on the gear icon.
    • Click on your profile, which should be displayed at the top of the screen.
    • We need to find the desired item and switch the slider to the “On” position. this way the phones will always be stored on the cloud and synchronized with it.
    • Now you need to go to the official website of Apple’s cloud:
    • Enter your Apple ID and password. If you have forgotten the identification number, then you can spy on it in the same section in the smartphone settings.
    • Further, in the same way, go to the “Contacts” section.
    • To export all numbers, you need to click on the gear icon in the lower left corner of the screen, and then you need to select the section with the word “Export”.

    CAN NOT DOWNLOAD! If you get an error while downloading, or there is no “Export” item at all, or there is another unforeseen situation, then most likely you are using Google Chrome. Just try using a different browser.

    • Next, save or open the file in Microsoft Outlook.

    After you have copied and transferred contacts from iPhone to computer, you can work with them in the same way in third-party programs that can open a “VCF” file.

    How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to Computer: Via iTunes and iCloud

    Hello everyone! Today, I am going to show you how to transfer and save contacts from iPhone to computer. In fact, there is nothing complicated, and there are two simple ways that we will try. If you have any difficulties in reading, or something will not work, then write your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and I will help you.


    You can transfer and download contacts from iPhone to your computer using the official iTunes utility. It should already be installed on your PC.

    • Before you start downloading the section, you need to go to the iPhone settings and remove the syncing of contacts in iCloud (you already know how to do this from the first method). If you do not do this, you may encounter problems when importing phone numbers through iTunes.
    • Next, you need to connect the iPhone to the computer using a cable to the USB port and run the program. In the program, click on the phone icon to make sure of the end.
    • After you see that the smartphone is connected to a computer or laptop, a more detailed menu will open below. You need to click on the “Details” section and highlight the checkbox for synchronization. Slightly to the right, you need to choose where exactly the data upload will go. Below we select “All contacts” or certain groups.
    • At the very end, click “Apply”.

    How to copy numbers from iPhone with jailbreak?

    If your iPhone is jailbroken, it is recommended to use a program called iFunBox to save numbers on a PC. you can download it here for free.

    To use this method of copying it was possible, iTunes must be present on the PC. otherwise the device simply will not be detected by the system.

    How to Export iPhone Contacts to your Mac or PC

    Transferring contacts via iFunBox is done as follows:

    Run the program, connect the iPhone to the PC with a cable and wait for the utility to recognize the device.

    In the “Browse Folders” window, find the “Raw File System” folder and open it.

    Follow the path “var”. “mobile”. “Library”. “Address Book”.

    Copy the contents of the “Address Book” folder to the PC. these are the phone numbers stored in the gadget’s memory.

    It is important to copy contacts, not transfer them! In case of transfer, the phone book on the device itself will be empty.

    How to Copy Your iPhone Contacts to Your Computer

    Sync contacts with iCloud

    With iCloud, you can export your contacts to a vCard file that can be opened by email clients (such as Outlook). You need to transfer the phone book to a PC via the “cloud” as follows:

    In the iPhone Settings menu, find the “iCloud” section and go to it.

    You will see a list of data that is synchronized with the cloud storage.

    Switch the “Contacts” toggle switch to the active position and wait a while for the device to have time to send the phone book to iCloud.

    Log in from your PC to the official iCloud website and log in.

    Click on the “Contacts” icon in the main menu.

    You will see a list of contacts from the phone book.

    If you want to transfer all records to the PC, press CTRLA (“Select All”); if you need to save only a part of the numbers, select the necessary entries while holding down the CTRL button.

    Click on the gear icon in the lower left corner and select “Export vCard”.

    The file with the vcf extension will be saved in the “Downloads” folder. By default, it will open through Microsoft Outlook.

    How to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer via mail?

    It is long and inconvenient to send phone book entries through the mail, but it is necessary to talk about this method. It can be useful for people who do not want to deal with additional software and cloud storage.

    Open the built-in Contacts app on iPhone.

    Find the recording you want to save on your PC and click on it.

    Below the phone number you will see the “Send Contact” button. that’s what you need.

    In the menu that appears, select the “Mail” option. the iPhone will take you to email.

    Important: e-mail must be configured on the gadget before starting the copying procedure.

    In the form of a letter, fill in the recipient’s mailbox address. this can be any mailbox that you can check from your computer.

    Next, go to the mailbox from your PC and check the list of incoming letters. The subject of the letter you need will be the name of the contact (in our example. “Refilling cartridges”). An attachment will be attached to the message. a document with the.vcf extension, which can be opened in Outlook.

    Only one contact can be transferred via e-mail. that’s why this method is considered the least convenient of the listed.

    Copying contacts via additional applications

    The easiest and most convenient way to copy a phone book to your computer is with the iBackupBot application. You can download this useful utility here.

    After downloading and installing the program, proceed as follows:

    In the “User Information” block, click on the “Contacts” link.

    You will see a list of contacts that are saved on the iPhone.

    Select the format in which you want to receive the phone book through the “Export” tab. There are quite a few options. the numbers can be “displayed”, for example, in the form of a vCard document (which, as we remember, opens in Outlook), as well as in the form of an Excel document. We will just stop at the last option. click on the button “Export as Excel file”.

    A window will appear warning you that you are using a trial version of the iBackupBot app. Feel free to click “Cancel”.

    Through “Explorer” select where you want to save the Excel document with numbers and click “Save”. You will start the copying procedure, the successful completion of which will be notified by a similar message:

    Find the Excel file on your computer disk and open it. The reference should look something like this:

    To transfer contacts from iPhone, you can use not only iBackupBot, but also other third-party applications. The iMazing utility is very convenient, but in the free version it allows you to copy only 10 phone book entries.

    How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to Computer?

    A user who is going to buy an iPhone of a new modification or even a gadget from another manufacturer should think about how to save contacts on a PC. Fortunately, the “apple” smartphone is multifunctional enough not to force its owner to sit with a pencil in his hands and copy numbers into a notebook. There are a lot of ways to transfer contacts from the iPhone to the computer. you can use additional software for this or get by with your own device.

    Save contacts to iPhone backup

    The backup is usually created via iTunes. This option lies “on the surface”, but we refuse it for a number of reasons:

      ITunes backup is not configurable. The backup will include all the iPhone data, so it will take a long time to create and take up a lot of space. It is not possible to download contacts only through iTunes. Selective recovery is not available either. If you want to use the backup generated in iTunes, you will have to take into account that all information will be restored from the copy.

    It is recommended to create a backup copy of part of the data stored on the iPhone using the iTools 3 utility (you can download the application here). iTools 3 is not only more flexible than iTunes, but also much simpler. you do not need to wait for the sync to complete.

    The iPhone user needs to follow these instructions:

    Go to iTools and open the Toolbox tab.

    In the “Data Management” block, click on the “Super Backup” icon.

    In the next window, you will see a list of data that you can include in the backup. Uncheck all items except “Contacts”.

    Wait for iTools to find all contacts on iPhone and click on “Start Backup”.

    If the next to the icon “Contacts” reads 100%, the creation of the backup copy is completed.

    Click “Backup complete” and go to the folder where you saved the data. By default, this is the D: // iToolsBackup folder.

    If the copying was successful, then at the save location you will find a subfolder with a similar name:

    In the future, you can restore numbers on another iPhone (or on the same one) through the “Super Restore” button in the “Data Management” block.

    For users who “move” to another iPhone, the iTools program is invaluable, but for those who want to be able to view the database on a computer, this utility is not an assistant. it will not work to open iTools backup files through desktop Outlook and Excel.

    Copy contacts to PC via iTunes

    It is appropriate to use iTunes to copy numbers if at least one of the following programs is installed on your PC: Microsoft Outlook or Windows Contacts. “Contacts” is included in Windows 7 and 8, so most users shouldn’t have problems transferring the directory through iTunes.

    Download numbers from iPhone via iTunes like this:

    Connect the gadget to the PC with a USB cable, launch iTunes and go to the device control menu by clicking on the button with the phone image.

    In the “Settings” block, click on the “Information” item.

    Check the box next to “Synchronize contacts with:” and in the drop-down menu select the option that suits you: Outlook or Contacts.

    iTunes also gives you the ability to choose if you want to copy all the contacts on the iPhone, or just a specific group.

    Scroll down to the “Add-ons” block and make sure there are no ticks in it. A user who neglects such a check risks losing his phone book.

    Click “Apply” and wait for the sync to complete.

    If you have synchronized your contacts with Windows Contacts, you can find your entries by following the path C: // Users / (username) / Contacts.

    If you are faced with the task of copying phone book entries to your computer, you should use one of the third-party programs. for example, iBackupBot. There is no need to be afraid of additional software: it is very easy to learn, takes up a minimum of disk space and also simplifies the procedure for copying contacts as much as possible. iBackupBot, in particular, allows you to get a book of numbers in Excel format, which saves the iPhone user from having to deal with Outlook mail.

    Transferring contacts via iCloud is also considered a convenient way, because the owner of the gadget does not have to look for a USB cable. However, export from the “cloud” is made only to a.vcf file (for Outlook). there are no other options, and this is a minus.


    In addition to creating a backup, iTunes can sync your phone book with your computer. And to be more precise with two programs. Outlook and Windows Contacts. To do this, you need to have the latest version of iTunes installed and one of the programs indicated above, plus do the following.

    • Connect iPhone to PC and launch iTunes.
    • In the upper left corner we see the iPhone or iPad icon. depending on what you have connected. Click on her.
    • Next, select the information. put a checkmark in front of synchronize contacts with and indicate with what. Outlook or Windows Contacts. We press to apply.

    It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that if this item is not present, then you need to disable the uploading of phone numbers to iCloud. How to do this is written just above, in the previous section.


    Download and install, it is better to download from the official site. Here’s a link. I won’t tell you a lot, because if you were able to jailbreak, then you can figure it out here without any problems.

    In the main window on the left we immediately see the file structure of your iPhone. We need a folder called adressbook. It is located at / var / library. This is where all the information about your contacts is contained. We just drop them to our computer.

    If necessary, you can always do the operation in the opposite direction and thereby return the phonebook entries to the iPhone.

    Backup copy

    The most elementary way is that when backing up a complete copy of the data from the iPhone is saved on the computer. Which, of course, includes contacts. You can do this operation using iTunes (complete and detailed installation instructions). The method is great if you need (now or in the future) to transfer contacts to a new iPhone. Restore your backup and that’s it.

    But for those who need to store only phone numbers on a PC, this option is naturally not suitable:

    • It takes up a lot of space. all information is stored.
    • You won’t be able to edit them.
    • You cannot pull out the contacts separately from the copy.

    [2 Ways] How to Export Contacts from iPhone to Computer without iTunes (PC&Mac)

    Transferring and saving contacts to a PC using third-party programs

    The most common are iFunbox and CopyTrans. The first one is completely free and more functional. it allows you to work not only with the phone book, but also with other files. Jailbreak required here.

    And the second one is exclusively “sharpened” for working with contacts. saving, transferring to other devices, backups, plus the interface is easier to use and more and more clear and intuitive. Although there are drawbacks. the limitation on the number of free operations. But you don’t need to hack the device.

    It is up to you to choose, I will briefly write about both. By the way, you still need iTunes installed to use these programs.


    First, we turn on the synchronization of contacts on the iPhone with the “cloud”. To do this, go to settings. iCloud. Specify the parameters of the Apple ID account (if you have not done so earlier) and move the slider opposite the “contacts” menu item.

    We are waiting for some time until the phone book goes to the “cloud”. After that, on a computer in any browser, open the address, enter the Apple ID and see all your numbers.

    Here you can download them to your computer. For this:

    • Select the necessary positions, if all are needed, then press CtrlA.
    • In the lower left corner, click on the gear icon. export vCard.

    I draw your attention to the fact that if nothing happens when you click on the export, you need to change the browser. There are problems in chrome

    contacts, iphone, computer

    Now the entire list of contacts from the iPhone is transferred to the computer in vCard format. What it is? This is a universal format for storing a telephone directory, which is supported by most devices and programs. Actually, you can already work with it further. transfer it to your Android smartphone, open it in Outlook, or simply store. all your records will be inside and will not be lost.

    How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to Computer?

    Hello everyone! What is the most important and expensive thing about an iPhone besides the phone itself? Quite right. the information that is stored in it. And if you dig a little deeper what information is the most valuable? For many, the correct answer is a notebook and, accordingly, phone numbers. Losing your saved contacts is scary! Therefore, it is highly recommended to periodically save them, so that at one “fine” moment it will not be excruciatingly painful from the loss of everything at once.

    over, copying the “iPhone” phone book to a computer is a fairly simple task, if, of course, you know from which side to proceed with its implementation. over, there are a large number of ways to transfer contacts. for every taste and skill. Choose any! And now is the time to understand these methods in more detail


    Link to download the program. After downloading and launching, the Control Center opens. which offers to install one of the utilities produced by the company, each of them is designed for a specific task. maybe you will find something else useful for yourself? But today we need CopyTrans, and we choose it.

    In the main window, everything is quite simple. there is a list of phone numbers that are on your iPhone, you just need to mark the necessary ones and click at the top. export the selected.

    We choose exactly where to export (you can not only to a computer, but also to smartphones. Android, Windows, even Blackberry!) And that’s it! We store, cherish and cherish 🙂

    Long and boring way

    There is another option. You can also send contacts to a PC one at a time using e-mail (before using it, do not forget to configure everything correctly). to transfer a contact, open the desired name and surname and select send via Mail.

    But it will not be possible to transfer everything in a crowd, so if the phone book is large, then it is better to use one of the above.

    A little advice. do the operations indicated in the article periodically, even if there is no special need for this. Indeed, at one “perfect” moment, the iPhone may refuse to turn on or charge, and if the problem is serious enough, the service center will not spare the phone’s memory and wipe everything. Including precious numbers.

    Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone without Computer

    Back in 2011, Apple introduced the iCloud cloud service, which easily allows you to transfer not only contacts, but also other most important information to iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. Our instructions are relevant for all users who are using an iOS version of at least 10.

    Please note that cloud storage provides 5GB of free space for free, which, as a rule, is often not enough. If you need more space in the cloud, you will have to pay for this. The most popular option for renting a place in iCloud among users of Apple technology is 59 rubles / month (relevant for April 2017), which will increase the space to 50 GB.

    So, we will divide the transfer of contacts from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud into several steps:

    Make sure you are signed in to your cloud service account on your old phone. It must be connected to a Wi-Fi network, preferably at home. To check authorization in iCloud, go to “Settings”, then “iCloud”. The most detailed information on the steps is shown in the image. For a quick check of the login, in the settings menu, you will see under which account the authorization took place (see the screenshot for more details).

    After you are logged into the vault system, make sure that the sync contacts option is active. The settings slider should be green.

    To transfer, you should create a backup copy of the contacts on the gadget. Click “Backup”. Create a backup. The duration of copying contacts to the cloud storage directly depends on their number and the speed of the Internet connection.

    If you inserted a SIM card into the iPhone and you have no contacts, it’s okay. The first switching on of a new device is accompanied by its parallel automatic adjustment. To do this, select one of several options: “Restore from a backup” or “Configure as a new device”. In our case, the first option should be chosen. Then, the system will offer you a list of the backups you have created. Select the most recent (freshest) from the list, after which it will start restoring and transferring contacts from the old iPhone to the new one. Once the copy is complete, the device will reboot.

    How to save contacts from iPhone to computer?

    Don’t know how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone? We have made detailed instructions especially for you. You can read it in this article.

    Have you just bought a brand new Apple iPhone? It is perfectly! Most likely, you do not know how to prepare a new device for comfortable everyday use. The first step is to transfer the contact information from the old gadget to the new one. In this article, we wrote detailed instructions on how to copy contacts from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud, transfer to a computer with or without iTunes, transfer to a sim card. We have divided the instruction into several parts. Choose the most relevant information by reading the headlines briefly.

    For reference

    Export to SIM. Very often, users cannot find the answer to such a question, “How to save contacts from iPhone to SIM card?” Everything is very simple. According to official information from Apple, there is no way to copy or transfer data to a SIM card on the iPhone. But, if you know what a jailbreak is or your device has a jailbroken iOS, then it will not be difficult to use the application from the sidium called “SIManager”. This method is gray (unofficial).

    Import from SIM. As a rule, for reliability and security, we always save contact information on the SIM card if the previous device was based on Android or another operating system. In this case, if you inserted the SIM into a new iPhone, the current information is automatically copied from the mobile operator’s card. But, if you want to make sure that all contacts from the SIM card were transferred to the iPhone, you need to follow the steps described below: go to the “Settings” menu. “Contacts” and click on the button “Import SIM contacts”, as shown in the image below.

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes?

    If you have never used iCloud cloud storage service, there is nothing to worry about. The iTunes program comes to the rescue. Use the following instruction:

    Connect your old iPhone to your Windows or Mac personal computer. Open the latest version of iTunes. Wait while the PC detects your device and connects to the program.

    Select iPhone in the left menu of the program and click on the “Information” button, which is indicated in the screenshot.

    Select “Synchronize” with the left mouse click. Check that on the right side of the program there is a checkmark in the “All contacts” column. Wait for the process to finish. After completing this process, disconnect the old device from the PC and connect the new gadget. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to transfer saved contacts from your previous device.


    A standard program for working with devices from Apple. To upload contacts using iTunes without creating a backup, you must turn off iCloud sync on your device. We described how to do this in Method 1 of this article.

      Connect your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes and look for the device icon on the top bar.

    contacts, iphone, computer

    Go to the “Details” section. Check the box next to “Sync contacts with:”. In the next field, select which program the data will be uploaded to. Windows Contacts or Outlook. In the window below, you can also specify which contact group will be downloaded. Click “Apply”.

    Backup copy

    You can also transfer all your data to your computer using an iTunes backup. However, this method is only suitable if the phone has been lost or sold. In addition, you won’t be able to get contacts from a copy as a separate file. To do this, you will have to use third-party programs. How to make a backup in iTunes, you can learn from our separate material.

    Copy contacts from iPhone to computer

    Keeping important data on their phone is a concern for many users. Therefore, it is often necessary to copy contacts to your computer so as not to lose them or accidentally delete them. On the iPhone, this can be done in different ways.

    Copying contacts to your computer

    To download a file with all contacts, you do not need to connect the device to your computer. For this, you can also use proprietary software from Apple. The downloaded file with contacts will be in VCF format. If you want to open it, you can find out how to do it from our other article.


    The iCloud cloud is quite popular with iPhone owners. It allows you to store all files, as well as their backups, not in the smartphone’s memory, but on the company’s proprietary servers. You can also access them on the iCloud website by logging in with your Apple ID. But first you need to enable contact sync.

    Move the slider to the right in front of the “Contacts” item. After that, all data from your phone book will be automatically synced to the web version of iCloud.

    Now let’s move on to working with the site and exporting contacts to a computer. To do this, we recommend using any browser other than Google Chrome, since the required window often does not open in it and it is impossible to download a file with contacts to your PC.

      Open the iCloud web site. If prompted, enter your Apple ID and password to sign in. Go to the “Contacts” section.

    In the window that appears, select “Save file” and click “OK”. Contacts will be saved in the “Downloads” folder of the browser.


    A software that is very similar to iTunes in its functions and interface. iTools offers tools for working with almost all files on the device, including the phone book. Exporting contacts from iPhone through this program is described in detail in another article on our website.

    In this article, we have covered the main ways to download contacts from iPhone to computer. Each of the methods will be more preferable depending on the programs used by the user.

    In addition to this article, there are 12387 instructions on the site. Add to your bookmarks (CTRLD) and we will definitely be useful to you.

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