How to save contact on Redmi phone

Import export contacts to Xiaomi

Do you need to transfer or copy contacts to Xiaomi? In this article you will find information on how to copy or transfer contacts from a SIM card to a phone, from a phone memory to a SIM card, to a Google account, Mi and other options for importing and exporting contacts on Xiaomi Redmi 4X and similar Android devices.

Let’s see where in the Xiaomi settings there are items to transfer and copy contacts. To do this, we need to get into contacts in two possible ways by opening “Contacts” by clicking on the corresponding icon in applications or by opening the “Phone” icon and then select “Contacts” at the top of the screen, as you understand in both cases, we get into contacts.

Then some users have a question about how to get into the settings and contact management menu. We need to call the contacts settings menu by pressing and holding the touch button in the form of three horizontal stripes located on the left side under the smartphone screen. (Do not just touch, but hold this button a little). Next, we get to the contacts menu, where we select the “Import and Export” item. Look at the attached picture below.

Now we get to the Huawei contacts import and export menu where we can copy numbers to a SIM card, from a SIM card, to a phone, from a phone, to a memory card, from a memory card, to a Google and Mi account, etc. You need to choose which contacts and where you want to copy or move, then I think you yourself will figure out how this is done on your smartphone.

For example, the numbers saved on the SIM card were not shown on WhatsApp and I transferred contacts from the SIM card to the phone like this: I selected “Import from SIM card” after which the numbers from the SIM card were copied to a file and saved on the memory card, and then I did “Export to memory “and the numbers from the file on the memory card were copied to the phone’s memory.

add a contact by phone number

If the contact is not in your call log, you can add it by phone number. The procedure is as follows:

Open the “Phone” application, select the “Contacts” tab and press the icon “”.

Next, fill in two main fields: “Full name” and “Mobile”. After that, as in the first method, we choose where to save the contact and click on the checkbox to save the data.

add a contact from the call log

If the person with whom you spoke is not recorded in your smartphone, you can add his contact through the call log. This is done like this:

Open the “Phone” application, select the “Calls” tab and select the desired number from the list of recent conversations. In this case, you need to click not on the number itself, but on the arrow to the right opposite it.

In the window that opens, click on the icon “” (New).

In the window that opens, there are many fields to fill out. Only “Full name” is required, the rest can be left blank. Set a name and to save the data, click on the “checkmark” in the upper right corner.

Note also that you can choose where to save the contact: Mi-account, google-account or in the memory of the SIM card. It is best to choose google or Mi. In this case, when you change your smartphone, you can easily restore all contacts by logging into the new device under your account.

The contact is saved. In a new window, you will see a message about adding a number and its profile. Here you can edit the data or set an individual melody for a call from this subscriber.

How to add a contact on Xiaomi

MIUI has all the necessary tools for working with contacts. There are two easy ways to add a Contact on Xiaomi. adding from the call log and by phone number.

Another way to add by number:

Open the “Phone” application.

Using the numeric keypad, dial the number and additional fields will appear at the top of the screen. Choosing a New contact.

,Further, as in the previous methods, we give it a name and save.

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Why are there problems saving contacts on Xiaomi

Most of the confusion is related to display filtering, as well as the fact that Xiaomi smartphones are running two cloud services at once: Mi and Google, which synchronize the user’s records.

Let’s not forget that the SIM card also stores subscriber data, and we already get 3 sources and places for storing contacts.

Some modern applications such as Telegram, WhatsApp and some others can also be source and storage location.

Hence, the main idea arises. it is necessary to set the correct filtering so that the smartphone displays records from the source you are using on the screen.

It is necessary to set the display filter in the “Contacts” application. to do this, launch it and go to settings. Pay attention to the line “Contact filter”. this is where you set how they will be displayed in the general list. I have set the value “All contacts”. It’s easier for me, but you can set it to your taste. Also, do not forget to activate the “Contacts to SIM-cards” switch. so that they also appear in the general list.

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How to save contacts on Xiaomi (Redmi)

Novice users are often confused by the simple operation of saving contacts on Xiaomi (Redmi) to the phone book. And this is not the fault of the person, it’s just that the interface is rather confusing and it’s not obvious to an unprepared owner to deal with.

How to save contacts to SIM in Xiaomi

Open the application, click on “Plus”. to add a new entry. A window with fields for filling will appear, but now we are interested in the element that is located between the “Cross” and “Checkmark” icons. it is he who indicates which storage will be saved. Click on it and select “SIM card”. then the new record will be saved to the SIM card, and not to the cloud storage.

Failed to save contact on Xiaomi, how to fix the error?

over, most often it was not possible to save the entry to the SIM card, the solution to the problem is simple. you need to remove the SIM card from the phone tray, gently wipe the bottom pad with a soft eraser, and insert it back.

Sometimes a simple phone restart helps.

Cloud technology help

The advantages of this method are obvious, but nevertheless it is rarely used. People are less likely to trust everything about the internet for fear of identity theft. First, you need to copy all contacts to or Google, then upload them to the cloud, from where they can be easily downloaded to a new device. The cloud can be linked to multiple devices, allowing you to use your contacts on your tablet, smartphone or computer. If from Xiaomi the transfer of contacts goes to iOS, then nothing will work in the case of use. The platform must be compatible with a specific cloud. Other services are also suitable. Yandex Disk, DropBox and others, the above procedure is applicable to them.

Using a CSV file to transfer contacts

It is very easy to transfer contacts using a CSV file. An application from Google Play will help to generate such a file. We can recommend the My Contacts Backup program. It can be installed on devices with Android and iOS, thanks to which the saved numbers can be easily transferred, for example, from iPhone to Xiaomi. The created file is sent to the mail, from where it is downloaded to a new device, where contacts are saved.

Step-by-step instruction

So let’s get straight to copying our phone numbers. To do this, move with us.

  • First, lower the MIUI shade down and tap on the Xiaomi settings gear.
  • Go to the settings, scroll down a little and select the item (not to be confused with third parties).
  • Next, open the program. depending on the set theme, next to it there will be an icon of a man or a letter.
  • Now we need the tool marked in the screenshot. We open it.
  • In order for your contacts to be saved, you need to select a cloud in which, in fact, this will happen. Your right to trust Google or MIUI storage. We choose the first option, it is still more reliable.
  • Now we select the contact, or contacts, which will be copied to our Xiaomi phone. You can select only some of the numbers or all at once. When this is done, press the data import button, we have highlighted it with the number 2.
  • The transfer process itself is very fast. We were not even able to take a screenshot of this action. In any case, when everything is over, you will see a corresponding notification.

Every time people change an old smartphone for a new one, they face some difficulties. And the main difficulty is the transfer of contacts. Owners of brand new phones from Xiaomi are no exception. Experienced users of Chinese devices probably know what to do, but for beginners it is not always clear how to transfer contacts to Xiaomi. Special functions available in Xiaomi devices can help to transfer contacts to another device. But we will consider all possible methods.

This is the most common process for importing / exporting contacts. Indeed, for many, the numbers entered in the phone book are saved on the SIM card. In Xiaomi smartphones, copying contacts from a SIM card and vice versa is quite simple. You need to go to the phone settings, there will be an item “System applications”, in it find the “Contacts” section. Here click on “Import and Export”, after which you can select the required SIM card to import or export contacts.

how to transfer contacts to Xiaomi, see

Also, the smartphone software allows it to send contacts via Webmoney Keeper, Skype, e-mail, Bluetooth and SMS through the Import and Export menu. It is possible to transfer contacts between Google and Mi accounts.

Redmi 4 contacts on the phone. How to transfer contacts to Xiaomi. Complete instructions. Transfer between devices

In fact, this post is useless, tk. most of the readers are already xiamists with experience, they do not need help with what will be described here, but it is hoped that many of the first experience of owning a smartphone with the Mi brand will turn out to be positive and the next phone will also be from Xiaomi, and then this opus may come in handy.

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So, a long time ago, when telephones were still unreasonable and were used in most cases for their intended purpose, i.e. calls, we all stored numbers in the phone book of the phone, then when we realized that phones do not last forever, we learned to save numbers in the SIM memory. Then mobile phones appeared “for every dog” and the number of stored numbers began to significantly exceed the volume of a plastic card and the purchase of a new “mobile friend” was accompanied by hourly interruptions of notebooks from the old to the new. The smartest and most far-sighted did “paper backup”. those. they also kept the numbers in an old-fashioned way. in a notebook or diary. And this was reasonable, because at one point the telephone ceased to be a luxury and they ceased to be kept as an “apple of an eye”. they began to be lost, drowned and broken. Key butthert at the end of the phone there was no loss of a piece of iron, tk. it opened up the prospect of buying a new, cooler gadget, and the notorious loss of contacts. Although for many it was a whim, tk. became an ideal excuse not to communicate with unwanted people 🙂

How to Backup Phone Contacts to Gmail in Redmi

One way or another, questions: transferring and maintaining contacts will always be a relevant topic and you need to stop once, think about how to organize the issue and forget about this issue.

But back to Xiaomi and consider the applied problem:

You used to be a Samsonian, an HTTsian or, forgive me, a skier. And now in the hands of a brand new Xiaomi. What’s next? How to transfer contacts from “excrement mammoth” to a new gadget without any problems?

Let’s take a quick look at the “Contacts” menu on Xiaomi and see that there is only one option to drive in a new contact, we’ll be upset.

So, why are they praising the Miui shell, if it does not have an elementary “import of a notebook”?

As it is sung in a song about a small mammoth: “After all, it does not happen in the world that they were lost.” After such a long introduction. I will say that there is “import of contacts to Xiaomi”, it was simply removed / hidden / snatched away. Deep.

We go to contacts, a list of subscribers already entered by hands appears and a button with a plus “new contact”

Contacts menu on Miui7

. drumroll. press the left touch button at the bottom of the screen, it looks like three horizontal sticks, and in life it is called “Menu” and we get into the “Contacts” submenu.

Where we see that we have such opportunities: managing the type of contacts (photos), creating logos for non-photo characters, import-exporting contacts, organizing and displaying contacts, finding out how to fill out a sim card and restore contacts that the Chinese have taken to themselves. You can write a separate post about all this “How to set up contacts on Xiaomi”, but of course I will not do this. We came here to import contacts.

We select “Import from another phone” and get into the next submenu.

We see the logos of famous smartphone manufacturers and say “WOW” 1111

This is where the joy ends for the majority, tk. this method of moving contacts involves the transfer of information on bluetooth and apparently, it became available at what level of Android development, so the list of available models from gadgets of most manufacturers is modest, but it is definitely pleasing that the list includes Xiaomi (i.e. it will be possible to transfer the salary to a future phone) and Apple Apple (we always glad to “lost sons”), and also that there is an opportunity to try to communicate with an unnamed phone.

Practical part An experiment was carried out with Samsung S4 (GT-I9192) to import contacts, if you follow the recommendations and prompts in the menu and have at least the slightest experience of communicating 2 devices via Bluetooth. everything will go smoothly and does not require additional clarification.

I hope that now you have learned how to transfer contacts from any phone to Xiaomi, even from an iPhone.

recently, a new mid-range Android smartphone from Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and its version on Qualcomm Snapdragon Redmi Note 4x saw the light. The phone greatly pleased the users and has already been updated to the new version of MIUI 9 and Android 7. In this article, we will just talk about setting up this device. It will be about how to quickly copy contacts from the SIM card to the device memory. Let’s get started.

Moving from one device to another

For those wishing to move contacts from smartphone to smartphone in previous Xiaomi Redmi firmware, it was possible to do this by transferring data via Bluetooth. However, later the Chinese removed this function, apparently, considering that there was no longer a need for it. But you should not be upset about this, since an application downloaded from the Internet can also transfer contacts. For example, the Xperia Transfer Mobile program copes well with such a task. Despite the name, it can be used not only on Sony devices. The program works on any Android device, there is also support for iOS.

The advantage of the application is the fact that not only contacts are transferred to another device, but also various content. photos, music, videos, applications, and so on. Smartphone and smartphone are in direct contact thanks to Wi-Fi Direct connection.

QR code application

If you download a special application to your smartphone, you can generate a QR code. This method is not easy, so it is not used very often. After the device scans the encrypted code, it starts downloading contacts. You can complete the procedure using the QR Droid Code Scanner program available on Google Play. Not only on Xiaomi, the import of contacts can be carried out in this way, any smartphone based on Android is at your service. To prepare a QR code containing contacts, go to the “Import and Export” item to access the “Send” function. Encryption into code is performed after clicking on “Send contact as”. Everything, it’s done, nothing complicated.

how to transfer contacts to Xiaomi using qr code

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You cannot do without the procedure for transferring contacts if you do not want to re-enter all the data into a new device. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the rules described today. Guided by them, you can significantly save yourself time.