How to safely remove the flash drive from your Samsung TV

Is it possible to keep a flash drive in the TV all the time?

A flash drive with media files. Movies, photos, etc. It usually has a lot of. The pleasure stretches for a long time. Sometimes you just forget to remove the drive. Here it sticks out. And, how to take it out safely, if the TV does not have such a mode, and the flash drive must be changed?

In general, the flash drive can not be taken out. Doesn’t have any effect on the TV. Also, keep in mind that the USB connector. In general, very flimsy thing, with frequent insertion and removal of it gradually loosens and the connection is broken. Therefore, you should try to touch it as seldom as possible. Just plug it in and let it stick around.

By the way, many people plug an external hard drive with a much larger capacity than a flash drive, instead of a flash drive. Every time you disconnect such a drive makes no sense at all. Many TV sets successfully support an external CD/DVD drive plugged into the same USB socket. It can be plugged in all the time and then you can watch CDs and DVDs on it. By the way, you can often connect a USB hub to the USB connector of such a TV, and through it. Several devices, such as external HD, flash drive and external DVD-ROM. Agree that this will make your TV more convenient and functional.

But if you need to record some new movie, slide show or music file on a flash drive or external HD, you have to take them out of the TV. You can take them out when the TV is off or in standby (standby mode). The idea is that you can take the device out of the slot at any time when the TV is not in read-only mode, such as TV, AV or computer mode.

By the way, if the TV has computer mode, there may be another USB connector on it. To work with the TV as with a computer. For example, I have an Android OS on my TV, and I have a mouse, a keyboard, four flash drives, a phone charger, and even a small LED USB light plugged into the Android-USB socket (1X5 each).

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How to remove the memory card from your Samsung phone?

When working with external storage media (USB flash drives, external hard drives) Windows stores some data in RAM because it has not yet been written to the storage media. It turns out that if you remove the flash drive without safely ejecting it, the data simply won’t have time to be written to it.

How to remove the memory card from your Samsung phone?

The Windows 10 update released in October 2018 allows you to remove the flash drive without pressing the “Safely Remove” button. If before you had to perform one extra action, now everything works automatically and you no longer have to worry about losing data.

How to end an external hard drive?

You can urgently disconnect the external drive from the computer using the Task Manager, called by pressing CtrlAltDel at the same time. Go to the Processes tab, find your device and right-click on it and click “End Process”.

As you can see, the logic is very simple: if there is a need to permanently connect your external hard drive, you should not disconnect it, and if there is no such need, you can disconnect it If you disconnect your external hard drive at this very moment, the data recorded on it may be damaged and not playable.

How to Safely Remove an External Hard Drive from an LG TV?

How to safely disconnect a USB external hard drive from your TV

  • Go to the Settings. Storage and Reset menu.
  • Select your external USB drive from the list to safely disconnect
  • Select “Eject”
  • Wait for the “Safely Removed” message and gently disconnect the drive from the USB port on the TV

Arguments for safely removing the flash drive from the computer

The first argument, will be the fact that the developers of Windows have provided a feature to safely remove the flash drive, and they should know exactly what you can and can not. But then how to deal with reason number two which we talked about in the paragraph above? After all, the system itself says you can.

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This contradiction can be explained by the fact that when you remove the stick from the USB connector, you can interrupt the reading or writing a file, which can occur at that time. What’s the harm in that?? Well, firstly, you can lose important information, and secondly, you can get a “broken” (corrupted) file on the flash drive.

For the sake of purity of the experiment, I tried to remove the stick from the slot at the moment when the file was being written to it. And immediately I got a message like this:

How to use a flash drive on a Samsung tv

Then I tried to remove the flash drive from the socket, having finished all active processes beforehand (I closed all files on the flash drive, closed explorer). After plugging it in I did not see any warning window. It was done properly.

How to remove the flash drive from the command line?

Safe removal allows the operating system to correctly terminate all processes related to the USB flash drive. Over, if you remove the flash drive while Windows is updating its file system, a volume corruption error will occur, and the device may not be read at all the next time you connect it.

Flash drive conflicts with your TV

The flash drive’s format may not work for your TV. To find out the format of the stick, connect it to your computer and look at the properties. Usually old drives are FAT32, but newer drives are NTFS. If your flash drive is new and your TV can’t read it, you should format it to FAT32.

Another reason for conflict may be a large amount of flash memory. All televisions have limits on the maximum size of the media that can be connected to them. That means if your TV set has a capacity limit of 16GB then it will not see media with 32GB storage capacity. Check the manual for this capacity.