How to run WhatsApp web on Android phone. Fix Wi-Fi access points

What is a web version of WhatsApp: you can use on a computer

There are things that are more convenient to do on a computer with a relatively large screen than on a smartphone. If there is already a WhatsApp account on the phone, it is useful to access it on a computer. For this you will need a web version of WhatsApp on a computer.

Will have to establish a connection between the account on the phone and on the computer. After that, all messages will be synchronized on our devices, and it will be possible to work with them both on the phone and on the computer. We will see the same messages on both devices. All the changes that we will make will synchronously display on the computer and on the phone.

Which is more convenient to do on a large computer screen compared to a small phone screen? For example, it is better to watch photos and evaluate their quality. It’s easier to download well.resulting photos on a computer and send them, for example, by e.mail. Easier to print long messages and t.P.

What is the web version of WhatsApp and the basic requirements

Web version of WhatsApp (WhatsApp Web) is access to the WhatsApp account on your phone, and you get this opportunity on a computer.

Web version of WhatsApp on PC (on a computer): https: //

The minimum requirements to use WhatsApp Web:

1) There must be a current WhatsApp account on the phone.

2) you need a stable Internet, which is connected on the phone and on the computer.

3) To open the web version of the messenger, it is advisable to use the latest version of one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mosilla (Firefox), Opera (Opera) or Safari (Safari).

In the opera, the WhatsApp messenger has already been built into this browser to open the web version of WhatsApp, just open an opera on your computer, click on the Watsap icon and perform synchronization with the phone, which will be discussed further.

How to install WhatsApp web on a computer

WhatsApp web is a special version of the messenger that works in the browser. Many do not know what WhatsApp web is and confuse it with WhatsApp Desktop. an application installed on PC. Starting WhatsApp in a browser is very simple.

  • Go from a computer to Web;
  • Open WhatsApp on a smartphone;
  • Press the settings, select “Related devices”;

To connect to WhatsApp web, you need to scan the QR code

Scan the starting page from your smartphone

WhatsApp web works without a phone, so you can turn off the Internet on a smartphone while working on a PC so that the messages do not duplicate.

How to use WhatsApp web

You can configure WhatsApp web in the same way as WhatsApp Desktop. We talked about how to do this in a separate large article. At the top of the screen you can turn on notifications on the desktop. To do this, click on the hint, then select “allow”, after which notifications from WhatsApp Web will pop up on your desktop. What else to pay attention to when setting up WhatsApp Web?

    The application supports the same chat functions as the VOTSAP on the phone: Click the right button to send the correspondence to the archive, turn on the “without sound” mode, fix the chat or delete. If you go into the chat and click on the avatar of the interlocutor, you will see the contact information, among which photography, links, copper, selected or the ability to delete or block the chat in Votsap.

The functions of contacts are all the same as in the application on the smartphone

WhatsApp Web has all the same safety settings as in the mobile version

The key combinations in WhatsApp Web will allow you to work much faster

How to call WhatsApp web

Unfortunately, WhatsApp Web does not support video calls

I have already said that WhatsApp in a browser differs from WhatsApp Desktop or WhatsApp on a smartphone. Both versions for PC are limited, but in WhatsApp web cannot be called. The fact is that the browser version has no such function. calls are available in WhatsApp Desktop.

To do this, you need to install the application on the Microsoft application store. By the way, if you are more convenient for you WhatsApp Web, you can keep it open both it and WhatsApp Desktop. this will allow you not to miss the incoming call. Unfortunately, this is not very convenient, but there is no other choice. you have to get out that way.

How to disable WhatsApp Web from a computer?

If you have access to the computer on which the WhatsApp Web is launched, then just click on the menu and then select “Exit”.

If this access is not, for example, you went at work or a friend and forgot to go out, then you can do this mainly. Open the application on the phone, click on the menu and go to “Whats App Web” (Related devices).

In the “Statement of the device” field you will see a list of all browsers and systems on which WhatsApp is now open. Click on the right one and then click on the “Exit” button. It may be necessary to confirm the action using a telephone code, fingerprint or Face ID.

Is it possible to download WhatsApp on a computer

Scanned the code and you can use.

Once again they will tell you how to scan a QR code through an application on a smartphone. Personally, it seems to me that this is some kind of mockery. Okay, the version for the browser works with such a scan, but why you can’t change something and make a normal application, I can’t understand.

Even if you can’t do this, why write the application then? You can safely use Web version.

Our WhatsApp website can download applications for all devices.

How to send a file via WhatsApp on a computer

You are not limited only by the text in your messages that you send through WhatsApp on a computer. You can also send files. To do this, press the paper clip in the upper right corner of the chat and you can choose between different types of investments. The “Photos and Video” icon allows you to add files that you have already saved on a hard drive, but you can also use the camera button for new pictures. You also have the opportunity to send documents (any other type of file).

Setting Up Wi-Fi Calling on Android Phones

We know how to save your smartphone battery. For example, how to reduce the charge consumption in WhatsApp on Android.

How to bring WhatsApp to a computer

Since WhatsApp is able to work on several devices at once only rather conditionally to connect to WhatsApp Web, you will need a smartphone. Even despite the fact that the developers assure that they canceled the binding of a web version to the mobile, technically it is still there. True, now the device is needed not to maintain the work of the messenger on the computer, but for authorization. But what does it change?

You can connect to WhatsApp Web only using a smartphone

Without a smartphone, you still can’t connect

  • Put your phone on the screen and count the QR code;
  • Confirm the attachment of the device to your account and scan the QR code on the PC screen again if you need it.

If earlier it was necessary that the smartphone remains in the line of sight all the time from the computer on which WhatsApp Web is launched, now it is in the past. WhatsApp from the phone no longer retires on the computer, but is needed just for conjugation. It has become more convenient. But the authorization procedure will have to be carried out every time after leaving WhatsApp Web.

Since all messages in WhatsApp web no longer go through your smartphone, traffic will not be spent, regardless of the volume of the data transferred or received through the desktop version of the data messenger. Therefore, it makes no difference how to connect to WhatsApp Web: via LTE or Wi-Fi. But take into account that when using cellular networks, the load will fall on the mobile Internet, which most users have not unlimited.

How to disable WhatsApp web

If you do not want to use WhatsApp in a browser, you can download the WhatsApp version for the computer by this link. It is installed as a regular application. But fundamentally, the experience of using this will not change. The desktop version of WhatsApp, like browser, requires conjugation with a smartphone for the first access, although it stopped serving as a kind of hub.

Disconnect WhatsApp web from a computer, too, you need to do the right thing. That is, just close the browser tab and leave will not work. If you do this, the messenger will remain open and anyone who can access this computer. especially if it is not your personal one, will be able to get access to the contents of your WhatsApp. Therefore, you need to act strictly according to the instructions:

Now you do not need a smartphone to exit from WhatsApp Web

Only after that the device will be untied from your account, and the web version of WhatsApp will stop working on a computer. From this moment, if you want to access the messenger on the desktop, you will have to connect to WhatsApp web again, following the instructions presented above. Perhaps this is not so convenient, but it is much safer.

Lack of update

If WhatsApp Web is not in the phone settings, you should think about updating the application. Perhaps you have not put a new version of the messenger for a very long time? Hence bugs, mistakes, serious problems.

  • Open a program of programs on a smartphone (Google Play or App Store);
  • Enter the name of the messenger in the search line or find it in the list of installed applications;
  • If, on the contrary, there is a button “Update”. Feel free to press. and wait until the process is completed automatically.

When WhatsApp web is not in the phone settings, first check the availability of updates in the store. We will not get tired of reminding: timely updating applications will protect you from many problems, enhance security and open access to new functions.

Old smartphone firmware

In addition, it will not be superfluous to update the operating system. You can find an appropriate option in the settings of your smartphone. Maybe you have not updated the device for a very long time? This can lead to critical errors.

What else can be done if there is no WhatsApp web in the WhatsApp settings? Think about the quality of connection! How this system works? The main one is a mobile application, the browser version is only a complement. To connect one device to another, a high.quality connection to the network is necessary.

Why does not work web

Adding various settings allows you to expand the functionality of messengers. Applications work with any mobile OS, can be used on a computer. The last option is convenient for users who send long messages. Sometimes there are situations in which WhatsApp Web does not work. You can eliminate the problem yourself.

For the correct operation of this version of the application, a browser is required, for example, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome. The phone and the computer must be connected to the network. If the page has stopped loading, you should pay attention to the speed of the Internet. Sometimes it is not enough for the application of the application.

Starting WhatsApp Web.

Not displayed QR code

After opening the desired page, the user often discovers that the QR code is absent. The reason is incorrect work of browser settings. A simple way of checking is the transition to incognito mode. After that, WhatsApp Web is opened again.

The service of the service is violated and due to antivirus programs. They are temporarily deactivated, the functioning of the site is checked. If the service is working, you need to exclude “WhatsApp web” from the list of blocked sites.

QR WhatsApp code is visible, but not read

If the code is displayed correctly, and the phone cannot count it, we are talking about a small size of the scanned area or malfunction of the mobile device camera. The problem is solved by increasing the tab with the online service.

To do this, go to the browser settings, choose the desired scale using the left mouse button. You can call the menu by holding the Ctrl key. Scaling the page with a mouse: the phone camera will be easier to scan the code.

Why does not work WhatsApp Web, and what to do

The main reason is problems with connecting on your computer or mobile gadget. When using the web version of the application, the conjugation between the devices should be continuous. If the account on the phone is inactive or gadgets are at a great distance from each other, the program cannot work correctly.

Launch on the phone.

When the application does not start on a smartphone, the user cannot pass authorization on a computer. If the problem is not identified, it is worth checking the Internet connection. You can try to resume the work of a wireless module or open another page in the browser. If this fails, the problem lies in the absence of connection.

On the phone

If the reason for the termination of access to the web version is the inability to start a mobile application, the following actions are performed:

  • Check the connection of the smartphone to the Internet. In the presence of a Wi-Fi-Roter, the phone is transferred to a wireless connection mode, reloaded “WhatsApp”.
  • Check the correctness of the entered data. When installing the application, set the phone number to which the code comes. If you log in using this password, you use voice methods of obtaining data.
  • Update the application. Outdated versions do not support synchronization with an online service. The update is recommended to be carried out regularly. This helps to avoid problems with authorization and the use of some functions.

You can evaluate the performance of the program by sending a trial message. If the procedure has passed correctly, text will appear on the phone and computer.

On the computer

In the absence of connection, the service will not open, synchronization with the mobile version will not occur. You need to check the Internet parameters, make the necessary settings. Sometimes the malfunction helps to eliminate the retail or change of network type. If all the settings are set correctly, and the program does not work, you need to close and open the page again. You can leave the program by selecting the corresponding menu item. After that, the application is activated again.

Web WhatsApp on a computer.

On the tablet

WhatsApp web on the tablet works incorrectly due to obsolescence of the application or operating system. For registration in the program, a phone number is required. Some tablets do not have slots for SIM cards, so the installation of the application becomes impossible. You can download the mobile version “Watsap”, but the tablet does not recognize it.

An error occurs at the stage of authorization. In this case, use the version designed for tablets, downloading it with After that, the device is synchronized with the phone. It is possible to use a version for PC in a tablet browser.

Correction: The phone is not connected to WhatsApp Web

Before trying to make any corrections below, you need to make sure that you have a reliable and stable connection to the Internet both on the phone and on the computer to use WhatsApp Web. Usually, if the connection is disconnected, the yellow strip with the inscription “The computer is not connected” is displayed in the upper part of the chat list, so check if the connection is active.

If this did not help, update the page or exit the system, and then enter the system again to re-activate the web session. To do this:

Make sure that you have a latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Microsoft Edge to use the service. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Check if you are in a Wi-Fi managed network, for example, in your office or school/college, since the network can be tuned to block or restriction of WhatsApp web connections. You can ask the network administrator to go around the Web, Web.WhatsApp.COM and WhatsApp.Net.

Fix the problems with the connection to Windows Phone

If your phone is not connected to WhatsApp Web, this may be due to the Internet connection or settings of your phone. To solve this problem, do the following:

  • Restart the phone or turn off and turn on again
  • Update WhatsApp to the latest version available in Microsoft store
  • Open your phone settings, then press the network and wireless communication and press the flight mode. Switch to turn on and off the flight mode, turn on the cell data and/or turn on or off Wi-Fi.
  • Try connecting to various wi-fi access points.
  • Make sure Wi-Fi is included in sleep mode.
  • Reload the Wi-Fi router.
  • Find out your mobile operator if there is a problem
  • Visit Microsoft’s website and make sure that the APN parameters are correctly configured.
  • If you have Nokia Windows Phone, download and use the “Connection Settings” application from Microsoft’s store.
  • Update the Windows Phone operating system to the latest version available to your model.
  • Contact the network administrator to eliminate problems with Wi-Fi connection. This also applies to those cases when you use the public Wi-Fi, for example, in your campus or corporate office, and it has restrictions on firewall.
  • Do not use it with proxy or VPN, as this can affect the connection.

Note. These steps also work with Android or iOS phones, but with small differences in the settings.

Pros and possibilities of application

On the Internet there is a browser version of WhatsApp. If you do not want to spend time downloading and installing the application from the official site on the device, find the browser version of the messenger.

First open the browser. After that, activate the search bar by clicking on it with the left mouse button. Enter “WhatsApp Web” and log in to the first site that will issue a browser.

Next, start the WhatsApp messenger from your mobile phone and open the code scanner. Pull the camera on the QR code in the computer. After these actions, the WhatsApp web client will start.

Where can I download

WhatsApp web can download from the browser version of the green messenger. Web

How to install

The program will offer to scan the QR code. This is a two.dimensional barcode in which different information is encoded. The phone camera reads black and white “squares” and then goes to a specific site, adds a new contact to the address book or displays a text block-it all depends on the information laid in WhatsApp.

We will need QR to enter the WhatsApp account.

  • Launch WhatsApp on a mobile phone.
  • Open the code scanner. To do this, slip through three points at the right. In the menu that appears, select “WhatsApp Web”.
  • You will go to the section where all the entrances to the web client are shown from the computer. Tap plus at the right.
  • On the Web scan the QR code: bring the camera to the matrix on the computer.

After the process is completed, dialogs will appear on the screen and the reminder “Do not disconnect from the network”. Connects WhatsApp web free. Program in Russian.

Requirements for using WhatsApp Web

  • Download the latest version of your favorite browser;
  • Install WhatsApp on your phone. If you do not, you will not enter your account from the computer;
  • Connect to a stable Internet.

The program is not installed on all smartphones. Officially, developers support iOS and Android. Until January 1, 2020, WhatsApp will be preserved in the Windows Phone application store. If you have a phone with another operating system, the program is downloaded from sources.

PC operating system can be any. Linux, Windows, Mac.

How to communicate in the program

Communication in the browser version similarly to telephone.

Add emotions to the message using emoji and text smiles.

What to do if it is impossible to connect

It is not possible to scan a QR code-check the camera on the phone. If you have not blocked Focus, and the image turned out to be scheduled, the computer will give an error. Click on the code. the picture will become clear.

So that there are no malfunctions with the Internet connection, connect to the Wi-Fi network. Interruptions in the Internet cause an error with the entrance.


The main plus of web WhatsApp for a computer is the possibility of a quick set of text on a large keyboard. No need to suffer, clicking on the phone screen. WhatsApp is installed the same for all phones. What is your phone. Samsung or iPhone, Android or iOS. also does not matter. You do not need to download it from the Internet. you just need to open the site.

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Minus is the idea with which the developers came to implement the application. After setting up the WhatsApp web version, the phone should still remain connected to the Internet, otherwise the use of WhatsApp web is impossible.