How To Run An Android Application On A Computer Using Google Chrome

How To Run An Android Application On A Computer Using Google Chrome

In previous articles, we already talked about Android emulators for Windows, as well as how to run Android games on a PC. In this article, we will look at another way to run Android applications on a computer.

Now we will talk about the extension of ARC Welder for the Google Chrome browser. This extension allows you to run Android applications using the Google Chrome browser. over, the extension works not only on the Windows operating system, but also on MacOS, Linux, and Chrome OS. We can say that ARC Welder is a multi-platform emulator of Android applications.

So, how do you launch Android applications on your computer using Google Chrome and the ARC Welder extension? Let’s take a look at working with this extension step by step.

Step number 1. Install ARC Welder.

First you need to install the ARC Welder extension. To do this, open the Google Chrome browser, follow this link and click on the “Install” button. Then we confirm the installation of the extension.

If you do not have a Google Chrome browser, then you need to install it.

Step number 2. Launch ARC Welder.

The next step is to launch the ARC Welder extension. You can launch this extension using the “Chrome Launch Application Panel”. The shortcut for this panel should be on your desktop.

After opening this panel, you can start the ARC Welder extension.

You can also create a separate shortcut to launch ARC Welder. To do this, open the list of installed extensions in Google Chrome and click on the “Details” link next to the ARC Welder extension. On the window that appears, there will be a “Create Shortcut” button.

Step number 3. Launch the Android application.

Now you can start launching Android applications. Immediately after opening ARC Welder, a window with the “Choose” button will appear. We click on this button and select the folder into which the running Android applications will be saved.

Next, you need to add the APK file. To do this, click on the “Add your APK” button and select the desired APK file. If necessary, you can download the APK file from Google Play.

The next step is to configure the running Android application. Here you can select the screen orientation, the form factor of the mobile device and access to the clipboard. After making all the settings, click on the “Launch APP” button.

After that, the Android application of your choice will start in a separate window, and you can use it.

To re-launch the same application, you can use the “Panel for launching Chrone applications”.

It should be noted that when starting another Android application, the ARC Welder extension will suggest deleting the previous one. Therefore, you will not be able to launch two different applications at once. The Chrome Launchpad will only display the shortcut for the last one application.