How to Roll Back on iOS 6

Let’s figure out how to properly roll back iOS on iPhone to a previous version of the operating system. In the article we will consider a specific example of versions, but this is also true for newer iOS.

This article is suitable for all iPhone 11 / Xs (r) / X / 8/7/6 and Plus models on iOS 13. On older versions, the menu items and hardware support specified in the article may or may not be present.

Reasons for iOS Rollback

For users, the reasons for rolling back to a later version of the iOS system can be completely different. Some may be unhappy with the visual changes in the design of the interface of Apple gadgets, which change in some details with each update.

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Others want the former stability in the device after updating. Problems began to be noticed by users who upgraded to the version of iOS 12 on the iPhone 12. Back in iOS 12, there are new system items in the menu that seem redundant to users and are not aesthetically woven into the smartphone’s interface itself.

There are also those users who are rolling back the version of iOS after the release in order to check the general performance of this function according to official Apple packages. For example, it was already possible to find out that rollback with iOS 12 can only be done on version iOS 11.4, which was the latest in the iOS 11 update series.

Other iOS versions are not covered by the subscription package of the company. About this was said in the official blog of Apple.

Important Nuances

  • In the process of rollback, the device must be reset, and then restored from the copy. It will take some time, which will depend on the Internet connection and the amount of your data.
  • You should start the rollback when you have a backup of your gadget in iTunes or iCloud.
  • A standard copy of Aityuns or Aikloud will be based on iOS 12, so after a rollback to iOS 11 it may malfunction. It is better to use a copy that is saved to anyone, as iOS 12 was installed.

Rollback from iOS 12 to version iOS 11.4.1 without loss of information

This method is risky, but with it you can roll back to iOS 11.4.1 with iOS 12, without losing data. Another process is faster than the second method, which we will consider later.

To roll back to iOS 11.4.1 from iOS 12, you must follow the instructions:

    Disable the option “Find iPhone”. To do this, go to “Settings”, where we select “iCloud” and “Find iPhone.” Topic: How to block the iPhone if it was stolen.

How to Roll Back on iOS 6
  • Download a file with iOS 11.4.1 firmware for your device, for example, from here You must carefully select the file for your device model. If you download a file through Safari, you need to disable the automatic unzip option or just use the Firefox or Chrome browsers. You can also rename the file from zip to ipsw.
  • We connect our Apple device to the computer.
  • Launch Aityuns, select your gadget in the upper left corner.
  • On the left in the menu, select the “Overview” section.
  • Clamp the “Alt / Option” button on the Mac or on the computer with Windows “Shift”, then click “Update”. To select the iOS file yourself, you need to hold down the keys.
  • Select the iOS 11.4.1 ipsw file.
  • Aityuns program will inform you when the device is updated to the desired version.
  • Click “Update.”
  • Your iTunes device will roll back to version 11.4.1.
  • You can use an alternative method if this did not work. For him, you must have a backup copy of the gadget that was created before iOS 12 was installed.

    Rollback from iOS 12 to iOS 11.4.1 recovery method

    • Download the firmware file for your device
    • On your computer, launch iTunes.
    • We connect a gadget with iOS 12 to the computer.
    • Now you need to enter the device in DFU (recovery) mode. On different models, this process is different.
    • In the window that appears, click on “OK”.
    • Press the “Alt / Option” button on the Mac or on the computer with Windows “Shift”, then select “Restore ” your gadget.
    • Select the iOS 11.4.1 ipsw file.
    • Click “Restore” to continue.
    • The user will be shown information about version 11.4.1. Click Next, then Accept.
    • Aityuns will install a new version on the device. The entire process lasts approximately 10 minutes.
    • When the process completes successfully, the familiar power-on screen appears on the device. The device can be restored using a saved backup.

    If any errors occur during the rollback, then most likely the firmware was downloaded not for its model.