How to Roll Back an Update on iPhone 7

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How to return an old version of iOS

Almost every user of the products of the legendary Apple at least once in their life faced the question of how to rollback iOS on their mobile device. The process of returning an old operating system on a device from Apple is usually straightforward. In order to find out how to rollback iOS, it is enough to clearly follow the instructions below and then you can not only install the old version of iOS, but also save all your data on the device.

Before installing the old version of iOS, we recommend that you take a few simple preparatory steps:

  • Data backup. if an error occurs during an iOS rollback in any way, then you risk losing all data on your mobile phone or tablet. To avoid such troubles, you need to back up your data.
  • Selecting the operating system version. before you know how to roll back the iOS version, you must select the operating system version. It should be borne in mind that iOS developers have stopped supporting older versions of the operating system.

How to rollback from iOS 9.0 to iOS 8.4.1:

Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed. Download iTunes 12.3 here

Make a backup of data on the device. This can be done by going to the settings in iCloud. Backup. Create a backup, or by connecting your iPhone or iPad to your computer and saving the backup using iTunes.

Disable Touch ID / Password in the main settings section.

Turn off Find My iPhone in Settings. iCloud.

Connect your iPhone or iPad with iOS 9.0 aboard to your computer.

Open iTunes and in the top bar of the program select the icon of your gadget.

Hold down Shift (or Alt on OS X) and click the “Restore” button.

In the program window, specify the iOS 8.4.1 firmware file downloaded in step 1.

Wait for the procedure to complete, the OS recovery process will take some time. Now you can use your device with iOS 8.4.1.

Max, fireworks. Please tell me
I have been using my 5s version 8 for 2 years.
decided to update and of course the only version that iTunes offered is 10,3,2 I updated
later I found out that it was unrealistic to make a DJ on 10,3,2 of course this news upset me
What do i do? which version can I rollback so that I can install the jail. otherwise the officer is not very impressed.

Glory, you won’t be able to roll back anymore. Apple has stopped signing earlier firmware.

Hello! I still have a good old iPhone 4c. So, I discharged it completely, turned off myself, put it on charge, charging is in progress, charging shows a red bar, but then something like that, nothing. it turns on, and then does not charge. what to do? before you discharge it completely, put it on charge, so it turns on itself after 10 minutes what to do, tell me?

How to downgrade to the previous version of iOS [Instructions]

What? Don’t like iOS 10? Why was it updated then? Although, the uncle is really specific. Not everyone will come right away. Every year Apple introduces new versions of iOS with supposedly improved features and improved optimization, but in fact, for the past couple of years, we have been “rubbed in some kind of game” full of bugs and flaws. We, in turn, find ourselves in the place of “guinea pigs” who must identify weaknesses and point them to Apple for further correction. What was the recent release of the nightmarish iOS 9, when users around the world began to complain that their phones turned into bricks before they could be updated. Basically, a similar situation was with the release of iOS 8. and 7 too. So, if after updating something incomprehensible to your iPhone, it may not be too late to roll back to the previous version of iOS. Today I will tell you how to do it.

But first, I would like to mention a couple of nuances associated with iOS firmware that you simply must know. As you already know, updating to a newer firmware is quite intuitive by pressing one button in the Phone Settings or in iTunes on your computer. If you want to return to a non-previous version of iOS, you must first download the firmware file with the ipsw extension from the Internet yourself, and then install it by connecting the phone to the computer.

If you suddenly decide that you can now install any old firmware, I have to disappoint you. See how the situation stands. During the installation of any version of iOS, your device contacts the Apple server for a digital signature. If the server sees an iOS version on your device that is no longer supported, it will not sign it and the installation will end with an error. If you don’t understand, I’ll explain with an example: if you just installed iOS 9.0, then now you can only go back to 8.4.1 and that’s not a fact. With the release of new versions of iOS, Apple stops signing older versions. The maximum is “you can take one step back.” At the time of this writing, the only current firmware for all devices starting with the iPhone 4S is 9.0.2. How to find out which versions of iOS are relevant today? Very simple! Go to and click on the model of your device.

In order to roll back to the previous version of iOS, do this:

STEP 1 Download the firmware file with the.ipsw extension from here

STEP 2 Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes

STEP 4 In iPhone Settings, disable the functions: Find iPhone and Touch ID / Password

STEP 5 Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and launch iTunes

STEP 6 Click on your device icon in the upper left corner of the window

STEP 7 While holding down the Shift key on your keyboard (Option / Alt on MAC), click the Refresh button in the iTunes window

STEP 8 In the window that opens, find the previously downloaded firmware file (with the ipsw extension) and confirm with OK

Again, there is nothing complicated in this instruction. I hope reverting to a previous version of iOS has solved your problem. Be sure to keep track of the next iOS updates, as often the first major update of the current firmware removes most of the bugs. I do not advise anyone to update to a new iOS firmware in the first days after the official release. As for me, it is better to wait a couple of weeks than to be among the “lucky” whose phones have turned into bricks.

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How to revert to a previous version of iOS?

So, considering the question of how to install a previous version of iOS on your mobile device, you should follow a simple instruction. First, you need to download the version of iOS you need:

  • Go to;
  • After that, find the field that says YOUR DEVICE and indicate which mobile device you are using.
  • Now you should see a field in which you should indicate the model of your gadget.
  • In a new window iOS VERSION, you must specify which iOS OS you want to install on your device. Only after that, as you specify the desired iOS version, the rollback can be successfully performed.

Now we can look at how to get the old iOS back on our mobile device:

  • Connect your mobile device to your PC. Please note that the latest version of the dedicated iTunes software must be installed on your PC. Otherwise, before installing an older version of iOS, you must download and install this program.
  • We launch the iTunes application on our personal computer to start returning the old firmware on the device.
  • After that, you need to select the type of your mobile device. To do this, you can press the corresponding key in the interface or use the key combination CTRLS.
  • Next, in the window that appears, click the “Browse” button and select “Update” in the new window.
  • If Windows is installed on your PC, hold down the Shift button and at the same time click on the “Update” button. If you have a Mac, then hold Alt instead of Shift.
  • After that, you will see a form where you should select the previously downloaded file to rollback iOS.
  • Congratulations! The process of installing the old OS version has begun. In most cases, the process of installing a previous version of iOS is pretty quick.

So, let’s look at another option of how to install the previous version of iOS on your gadget. For this we need the RedShow program. This program can be installed on both Windows and Mac. By the way, before proceeding with the iOS rollback, you should carry out the preparatory steps described above to preserve your data on your mobile device. It should be said in advance that this method is somewhat more complicated than the previous one, but sometimes it becomes necessary to use it for advanced PC users.

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Rollback iOS firmware using RedShow should be done as follows:

  • Run the program.
  • Select Extras and go to the Even more tab.
  • After that, click on the Restore button.
  • Click on IPSW and specify the path to the file with the previously downloaded old version of iOS.
  • As soon as a window pops up asking Prevent baseband update, you should click on the YES button to start iOS rollback.
  • After this step, turn on the DFU mode on the mobile device.
  • In a new window, specify the path to the SHSH certificates
  • As soon as you see the message restore successful, you can be sure that the ios rollback to the previous version was completed successfully.

How to downgrade from iOS 9 to iOS 8.4.1 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

For iPhone and iPad users who have installed the latest iOS 9.0 update. it is possible to rollback to a previous version of the operating system. Apple traditionally leaves such an opportunity for a short time after the release of each new OS. A day after the release of the update, the company is still issuing certificates for iOS 8.4.

Released September 16, iOS 9 is a major software release with a long list of changes and improvements. Nevertheless, many iPhone and iPad owners report problems with their devices. Failures began at the stage of downloading the update, when people could not receive the promised distribution due to the unavailability of Apple services.

Owners of iOS devices complain about the incorrect operation of Wi-Fi, missing menu items in the settings, graphic artifacts when displaying the interface, and freezing of the operating system. Among the innovations in iOS 9 are improved power consumption algorithms, but in fact, the battery of gadgets loses its charge too intensively.

Probably, subsequent updates to iOS 9 will fix these problems, but until then it makes sense to perform the downgrade procedure. rollback to iOS 8. This is only about iOS 8.4.1. Apple still issues digital signatures for it. It is worth remembering that the situation can change at any time.

  • iPhone or iPad running iOS 9.0.
  • IOS 8.4.1 Firmware File in IPSW Format.
  • iTunes 12.3 for Mac or Windows.

How to rollback ios 9 to ios 7

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Troubleshoot iOS update and restore errors in iTunes

wtf, error 3194

but you can rollback from version 9.2.1?

Guys. Will all applications disappear after rollback?

Those. If I now have a jail on iPad mini 4 iOS 9.0.2 (was from the moment of purchase), can I restore it through iTunes and leave it? If yes, then do it through DFU or Recovery and indicate the downloaded firmware or let iTunes download it via the Internet?
Or restoring via iTunes always includes updating to the latest firmware?
Cydia Eraser does not work with 9.0.2.

How to Roll Back iPhone to iOS 10?

How to downgrade from iOS 10. Clean install

  • Connect your iOS device to iTunes and create a backup.
  • Open the IPSW website and select your device model by selecting the current firmware version (such operating systems are highlighted in green).
  • Wait until the download is complete, then select your iOS device in iTunes.

Is it possible to downgrade iOS version?

Note that Apple has suddenly allowed downgrading to older iOS versions. Apple allows you to downgrade the firmware version for different iPhones, you can check it on the website and return the old software version.

How to Roll Back iPhone 7? How to uninstall the update on iPhone 6s?

To uninstall the downloaded iOS update, follow our simple guide.

  • Open the menu “Settings”. “General”. “iPhone Storage”.
  • Find the update you want to remove in the list.
  • Click the “Uninstall update” button, then confirm the action in the dialog box that opens.

How to rollback iOS 13 to 12?

How to get back to iOS 12 without losing data?

  • Go to the website;
  • In the product selection, click on the iPhone, then select your model.
  • Connect iPhone to computer;
  • Next, I’ll show you on the example of MacOS, but in Windows the procedure will be the same.
  • Hold down the Option or Shift key in Windows and click Refresh.

How to return an old version of iOS without a computer?

How to return an old version of iOS

  • Go to
  • In the YOUR DEVICE field, select the Apple mobile gadget on which you are going to restore the old software version.
  • In the field THE MODEL specify the model of your device.
  • In the iOS VERSION field, select the iOS version you want to restore.

How to return an old firmware?

The application will be as you launched it the first time.

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Select “Applications” or “Application Manager”.
  • Select Application Manager, if available on your device.
  • Find the app you want to return to the factory version.
  • Click on the “Remove updates” button.

How to Uninstall iOS 13 Update on iPhone 7?

All about Mac, iPhone, iPad, iOS, macOS and Apple TV.
How to uninstall a downloaded iOS update on iPhone or iPad

  • Open the Settings app and go to General → iPhone Storage → Storage.
  • Scroll down a bit and select the downloaded iOS update.
  • Click “Uninstall Update”.
  • Confirm deletion.

How to get out of black mode on iPhone?

To turn dark mode on or off through Control Center, swipe down from the top-right edge of the screen, press and hold the brightness control Then tap Dark Mode On or “Dark Mode: Off”.

How to return an old version of an app to an ipad?

To get it back, you need to install back version 12.6.4. What are we going to do next? Briefly: download the application through the AppStore in iTunes, then turn on the proxy, then download again, edit the request, send the request, get the old version, install.

How to roll back the version of the application to ios ? How to change Android app version?

The easiest way to install the version in Android Studio:

  • Press SHIFT CTRL ALT S (or File.> Project Structure.> Application)
  • Select the “Fragrances” tab
  • The last two fields are “Version Code” and “Version Name”

How to roll back to the previous version of the application?

The application will be as you launched it the first time.

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Select “Applications” or “Application Manager”.
  • Select Application Manager, if available on your device.
  • Find the app you want to return to the factory version.
  • Click on the “Remove updates” button.

How to cancel an update on iPhone if it has already started?

How to stop downloading a new iOS version

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to “General” → “iPhone Storage”.
  • Among all applications, the iOS update will be shown, which is being downloaded.
  • Click on it and then tap the “Uninstall Update” button. The system will ask you to confirm the action. To do this, click the “Delete update” button again.

How to return the previous version of the application?

Open the settings, go to the “Applications” section. Find the VK client in the list. Open its properties. Click “Uninstall” and wait for the uninstallation process to complete.

How to install old version of Instagram on iPhone?

To download the old version of Instagram on iPhone:

  • Install iTunes on Computer.
  • Connect your account (Apple ID).
  • Go to AppStore. enter “Instagram” in the search.
  • Download and install to Apple ID.
  • Go to the AppStore using your smartphone. Updates.
  • Shopping. find on Instagram list.

How to uninstall the latest app update on iPhone?

How to uninstall a downloaded iOS update on iPhone or iPad

  • Open the Settings app and go to General → iPhone Storage → Storage.
  • Scroll down a bit and select the downloaded iOS update.
  • Click “Uninstall Update”.
  • Confirm deletion.

How to rollback VK application on iPhone?

How to rollback VK on iPhone and iPad

  • Remove the “” application from the iOS device
  • Make sure you have Apple’s iTunes installed.
  • Download VK_2.15.2VKS_3.8.4VKPass.ipa.
  • Open Impactor.exe.

Rollback without data loss

This rollback option also exists, it allows you to rollback without losing data on the device. To do this, in point 4 of the “Firmware rollback” section, you need to click on the “Restore” button, and the “Update” button. All other steps are exactly the same. The only thing worth considering is that performing a full recovery, that is, resetting the system and installing it from scratch, is safer, since the chance that any elements will remain from the previous version is much lower.

Rollback firmware

If all the previous preparatory work has been carried out, then you can proceed to the rollback itself. It does not matter from which device you rollback, as well as from which and to which version of IOS the transition will be performed.

    Connect your device to your computer using a USB adapter.

Deactivating Find My iPhone

Before any actions with the device’s firmware, you must disable the “Find iPhone” function, otherwise, iTunes will simply not allow you to perform any actions:

    Open the Settings app on your Apple device.

How to rollback iOS to a specific version on an Apple device

Before starting the process, you need to prepare the following things:

  • ITunes installed on your computer and updated to the latest version.
  • The version of the software of your choice, in the IPSW format, downloaded to an easily accessible folder. You can download it from trusted Internet sites that distribute IOS firmware for free, for example, at the following link. Download the firmware strictly for your device model, otherwise there will be problems during installation.
  • USB adapter that connects your device to your computer.

If you have met all of the above conditions, then the next step will be to prepare the device itself for the rollback process.

Third-party rollback programs

If for some reason the method with iTunes does not suit you, then you can use the third-party program RedSnow. It is distributed free of charge for both Windows and Mac OS on the developer’s official website.

    After downloading and opening the program, select the Extras section.

When to rollback iOS

The reasons for installing an older version of the operating system may be the following circumstances:

  • With new firmware versions, the design changes, and the new design may not be liked by all users.
  • The most common reason is the appearance of freezes and glitches. There are similar problems for two reasons: either the new version of the firmware became available to users in a too raw form, with errors in the code and flaws, or the device that was updated has become outdated for the loads created by the new version of IOS.

Please note that rollback of any device for any version is not possible, detailed information about which device can be rolled back to which version of the firmware can be viewed on the following website. All data is in table format.

Video tutorial: How to rollback iOS version

Saving important data

Please note that when you roll back your device, all data, apps, and media files are permanently erased from the device, so it’s worth taking care of them. There is an option that allows you to delete files from the device, it will be discussed below in the article, but it is no less stable. You can save everything you need using a backup, created as follows:

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    Connect your device to your computer and launch iTunes.

Choosing the “correct” firmware version

First of all, download the old “operating system” firmware. One of the verified sites is The current iOS versions for your smartphone are determined at, you just have to click on the desired model.



Then the proposed version is selected from the list, and the download begins (you need to remember where the file is downloaded). This is followed by the installation when connecting the phone to the computer.

So, the preparatory work has been done, we go directly to the options for how to throw the updated version to the old.

How to rollback firmware and return old update to iPhone

The firmware of the mobile platform is often touted by developers as an updated version released by Apple. However, not all users agree with this due to the changed interface, incompatibility with other i-devices, the appearance of “glitches”, and other problems. “Improved” iOS functions do not suit some owners of “apple” devices, and they ask themselves the question: how to roll back the firmware on the iPhone.

How to return an old version of “OS

Rollback to the previous version of iOS is, of course, not encouraged by developers, but it is officially applied. This option is available only for a short time after the applied operating system update. Further, the given chance is blocked and it is impossible to return the old firmware to the iPhone. Then iPhone owners are looking for other options.

Method two

With the help of emergency system recovery. Recovery Mode. it is also possible to return to the old “operating system”, sequentially performing the following actions:

  • Turn off iPhone. Hold the “Home” button and at the same time connect the smartphone with a cable to the PC.
  • Launch iTunes.
  • In the window that appears on the computer screen, click “Restore iPhone”, then confirm the task (Ok).
  • The “File Manager” will open where the preloaded firmware is located. Choose her.
  • Confirm to start installing the update.

Method one

It is possible to install a previous version of iOS, the rollback function is quite safe, but the risk is certainly always present. Therefore, follow the instructions consistently and carefully:

  • Installs the iTunes application on the PC if it was not there before.
  • iPhone connects to a computer via a USB cable.
  • The iTunes program, updated to the latest version, is launched.
  • Click on the mobile phone icon.
  • Opens Browse to get information about iPhone.
  • Press the “Refresh” button while holding down the “Shift” (Windows) or “Option / Alt” (MAC) key.
  • The file selection with the firmware opens. You need to specify the path to the previously downloaded. Make sure your iPhone model is correct if you are having problems with this step.
  • It remains to wait until the rollback to the previous version is completed.


Before carrying out the procedure for returning to the previous state, you must perform the following steps:

  • Create a backup to save the data on your phone.
  • Selecting and downloading the “correct” firmware.
  • Disable Find My iPhone.

Read information on the first and third points on our website, but on the second we will dwell a little more.

Returning to the old iOS is a simple process, the main thing is to follow the instructions step by step and not interrupt the installation process. Do not disconnect the iPhone from the PC at this time and do not try to open any other programs until the procedure is complete. This will be “said” by the whitened display and the appeared greeting. Immediately after that, the phone is activated and used for its intended purpose.

How to uninstall an iOS update

Removing the downloaded iOS update file is not easy. This can be done safely only on gadgets with jailbreak, and owners of unjacked tablets will have to erase all settings and content. This is a rather troublesome, time-consuming and unsafe procedure, which implies a complete cleaning of the device’s memory. Of course, all the content on the iPad can be copied to a computer using a backup copy, but there is always the possibility of various errors. Therefore, it is better not to touch the files of the current iOS downloaded to the memory of the gadget.

Owners of the iPad with jailbreak in this case are more fortunate, who can cope with the solution of this problem in two ways:

  • manually using the iFile application for iOS or the iTools program installed on the computer;
  • automatically using Cydia utilities like iLex R.A.T or SUK.

It is very easy to jailbreak the jailbreak on your tablets. To do this, you just need to install the file manager on the iPad, go to the “/ var / MobileSoftwareUpdate /” folder and delete all files in this folder. Removing the iOS update using iFunbox (computer software) is also not difficult. It is performed in a similar way.

How to stop loading iOS

It is impossible to stop downloading updates on iOS. That is, as soon as the iPad user goes to the address “Settings. General. Software update”, the tablet or smartphone starts downloading the files available for him on the server. This is due to the fact that iOS automatically receives a command to download the current version of iOS when it receives a command to search for them. Thus, in order to prevent downloading updates when Wi-Fi is connected, you should not visit the corresponding operating system settings menu.

You cannot undo an iOS update even if you disconnect the device from the wireless Wi-Fi network. In this case, it will only pause and start downloading again as soon as the gadget is connected to Wi-Fi again.

How to turn off automatic iOS updates

Owners of iPads and iPhones with iOS 5.1 and above have an excellent opportunity to update their devices “over the air”. The download of the necessary files is carried out via Wi-Fi, and the process takes place in the background, that is, it does not require the participation of the device owner.

However, for some owners of apple gadgets, such an iOS function is unacceptable, since updates are downloaded into the device’s memory, which means it takes a lot of time. This is why many iOS tablet users are looking for an answer to the question of how to stop the iOS update. In addition, the download occurs even when the device is not on charge, which “eats up” quite significant battery resources.

How to prevent iOS updates

If you are wondering how to disable iOS update, then the following instruction will help you:

  • Find and install the “No Update” tweak in Cydia. It takes up minimal space and is free.
  • Install the utility and reboot the desktop.
  • We go to “Settings”. “Software update” and make sure that requests for updates are not performed (the check should not yield results).

If iOS starts checking anyway, then the utility was installed incorrectly. It should be removed and reinstalled.

Now you know how to stop loading iOS, as well as completely disable the update of the apple device, which will not only save space in its memory, but also avoid other difficulties.

How to turn off iOS updates on iPhone and iPad

In this article, we will tell you step by step how to disable / block notifications and iOS updates themselves “over the air” (OTA) on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad without jailbreak.

It’s no secret that not all iOS updates are as successful and desirable as Cupertin’s developers write about it in the description. Some of them can reduce the battery life, some. the speed of the device, which is especially important among the owners of older devices. IOS updates over the air (OTA. Over-the-Air) will not be forcibly forced to install, but intrusive pop-up notifications can come several times a day. How to get rid of them?

The essence of the method described below is to install a new system profile, which will redirect the operating system not to servers with iOS updates, but to servers with updates for Apple TV (tvOS). Thus, the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad will check for updates on the server for Apple TV (by the way, the server for Apple Watch is also great for this role) and consider your current firmware the most current. In any case, it is safe and you can always delete the profile and update to the most current firmware. The only drawback of this method is that it is impossible to remove the red badge with a one on the settings icon and a similar icon in the General → Software update menu. On the other hand, this is much better than receiving pop-up system notifications or in general. after all, accidentally installing an unwanted update.

How to disable / block iOS updates on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Attention! If the update has already been downloaded to your iPhone or iPad, first go to Settings → General → iPhone Storage and delete the downloaded update. Thus, you can save from several hundred megabytes to a couple of gigabytes of free disk space.

Open the Safari browser on your iOS device and follow this link (if your iOS device has iOS 12) or this link (if you have iOS 11).

Click the Download button.

In the pop-up that appears, click Allow.

On the next window, select the device on which you want to block updates. In our case, the iPhone. Click Finish.

Go to Settings → General → Profile and select the downloaded profile.

Click the Install button in the upper right corner to install the profile.

Enter the passcode and click the Install button twice more.

In the pop-up message, click the Restart button and wait for the reboot procedure to finish.

Check the profile by going to Settings → General → Software update. Your current firmware should be up to date, even though there is a more recent version of iOS.

If you nevertheless decide to update to the current current firmware over the air (you can do this through iTunes without additional gestures), then simply delete the tvOS profile by going to Settings → General → Profile.

Technology news, video reviews, prices. How to get the old iPhone firmware back

If the latest firmware (firmware) update caused your iPhone to malfunction in any way, you can revert to a previous, more stable version of Apple iPhone firmware. If your device, for example, is an iPhone 3G with firmware 2.2, you can restore the old firmware if you have already installed a previous iPhone firmware package. Use iTunes to install previous iPhone firmware.

How to revert to old firmware on iPhone 3G 2.2 (version as an example) or instructions on old iPhone firmware

Create a folder on your desktop where you will download and save the old iPhone firmware file. Right click and select “New Folder”.

Download the previous firmware. There are several sources for downloading iPhone firmware. Use Google to search and download a file with any suitable iPhone firmware. Make sure to save the file in the folder you created.

Download iTunes and connect iPhone to computer. Click on the iPhone icon in the left column and then on “Summary”.

Right-click the “Restore” button in the “Summary” window. A pop-up window allows you to browse the file system looking for the iPhone firmware you want to download to your iPhone.

Select the firmware you downloaded and saved in a folder on your desktop. Your iPhone will have the old iPhone firmware installed.

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IPhone Firmware Note.

Back up your iPhone files to save settings before installing old iPhone firmware.


Help with another model, I downloaded the settings from the previous phone to the iPhone 4c how to get the new ones back I can’t figure it out

Oh well, and I did not suffer with these firmware. It’s good that at least you have found how to install the old firmware on the iphone. I recently started reading your news and had no idea that the blog has more useful recommendations on phone settings. Cool! 🙂

Yeah, here you can dig up a lot of instructions and not only about how to restore the old firmware on the iPhone 3

How do I get the latest software back on my iPhone if I restored it? I don’t really understand if the instruction is suitable.

Can I stop downloading the software installer on iPhone? If the download has already started.

I’m new to the firmware business. Why can’t I figure it out. I want to watch a free video on how to install an older firmware when you have a newer one on iphone 4. Publish or discard the link to the video, please!

Hello! If I have changed the settings on the iphone 4 and my theme has changed, how to return the previous version? So that without losing personal mood and data in the phone

I have a problem popping up.

I turned on my iphone, it shows iTunes connect icon, iTunes starts. it detects my iphone, and then asks to restore. Click OK. I click the restore iphone button. I click restore and update in response to the “are you sure you want to restore iphone” warning message. Installing the software but at the end of the installation fails and displays an on-screen message.

How can I successfully go through the process to restore my iphone, can anyone help?

To factory reset your iphone 4:

Well, you need to turn off the iphone and connect it to the computer, and then, for five or ten seconds, hold the home button on the screen with iTunes open. It will recognize it and you can just click the “restore” button like “restore”.

If you want to do a factory restore, but keep your media content, then in my opinion, if I’m not confused, you can do this:

Go to “Setting”. “General”. “Reset” and click “Reset All Settings”.

I am writing instructions at work, from old memory, and I also have an iphone 5, so just in case, make a backup copy of the iphone. you never know, good luck friends!

How to Roll Back an Update on iPhone 7

If you have any additional questions, write in the comments, just describe the problem in detail, I am not a telepath and I can not guess what you did or meant.

I updated my iPhone how to return the previous version 6, almost immediately a question arose. I wanted a six because I did not like version 7 of ios at all. Thank you for the guide on how to reset iPhone software!

So if anyone decides to install version 7 on iPhone 4c, really take care of saving the data before resetting the 6th one (the backup copy never interfered with, so as not to worry about what will be deleted after program updates). Or maybe the seven will not work for you either and you will wonder how to get back the old software (previous system update on the iPhone).

Salute to everyone! Here is a similar problem. I downloaded the new version 7.0 on the iPhone how to return the old version 6.1.3 to the iPhone I thought. thanks friends!

Who can help make the setting with another phone? I bought fly bl7201, how to reset all mobile settings if the phone is locked

I bought an iPhone copy a long time ago, but I don’t know how to return the old firmware version on a Chinese iPhone?

After restoring iPhone 4, photos disappeared, why, how to get apps and photos back after iphone firmware update? Please consult in detail

Is there any difference in iphone assembly? I want to reset my American iPhone. How to return the old settings to the iPhone before the smartphone was updated?

The article reads: “Click the iPhone icon in the left column and then click” Summary. “. where is this “SUMMARY”? I cannot find this window. There are “Update” and “Restore” on the right side. is that it? Tell me, pliz!

Hello! I installed the latest ios 7.0.2 software on iphone 5, changed the theme, and even the ringtone. How to downgrade without losing personal settings and without damaging your phone.

Hello everybody! I have an iPhone 4! he updated the software and installed version 7. tell me is it possible to return the old version? and tell me where to see if I have a backup copy of the old version?

I wanted to flash the iPhone now writes that SIM does not work how to return the old firmware, you need to format?

7.0.2. established, did not dare for a long time, but did it and turned yellow, he even began to work more slowly. works slower in any program. I would rather make a new update or version the old one, how can you help me)

There was a similar problem. After downloading the update, changes have occurred in the iPhone 4 settings menu, since I figured out how to return to the previous settings. thanks!

Strange situation, the version from another iPhone was loaded with iTunes. How to get your?

Good day!

I was very disappointed in version 7. Bullshit. I do not advise her installation, everything is stupid and thinks unbearable!

Today I will try to return the old version back, I will write the result in the comments within a few days!

Hello! I installed the latest iOS 7.0.3 software on iPhone 5 and it doesn’t suit me. I would like to return to the previous version, which was at the time of purchase! Please tell me how to do this ?! Thanks in advance;)

If you return the old firmware to the iPhone, then the photos will return?

Hi, I have updated the iPhone 4 and the menu is different. How to return the old menu back?

Big request, help on iPhone weighs connect to iTunes how to get everything back

I restored the iPhone, but the pictures of the program disappeared in the iPhone. How can an iPhone return it all to its previous state??

And if the setting on the iPhone 2g has been reset, now it asks for another SIM how to get back the working capacity of the mobile phone?

Hello people! What’s the situation? I connect my iPhone to my computer at home, and it asks me to restore factory settings

I have a problem. After restoring the iPhone, half of the photos and applications disappeared, I don’t know how to get it back. There is at least a chance to recover missing files?

Don’t know if old iTunes firmware can restore iPhone 3G?

Help, whoever please, in the problem. The iPhone5 turned off and I can not turn on the mobile phone. Apple flashes only when I connect iPhone to charger.

Does anyone have an address where a step-by-step video instruction on how to return an old ios 6 firmware to an iphone 4?

Well, news, well, comments! I already started to think, is the firmware on the iPhone scary?

What can you do with iPhone 5 if it is locked for loss?

If there is no summary.summary what to do.

Reinstalled software 7 on iPhone 4. Very inconvenient and iPhone stupid after the update! Tell me how to return version 6 to your phone?

Thanks for the advice on the phone

Hey. I updated the version on iPhone 5, but there they asked for a password. And what to do? I don’t know the password, and how to return to the previous iOS. who knows, write to the teapot where to start and how to finish the return of the operating system on the top five

Need expert opinion whether it is worth updating the iPhone 5s to ios 8.1?

Hello, I really need your help, help please explain everything, I updated the iPhone 4s yesterday, it turned on for me, but at the second stage of recovery, the sensor stopped working in words (slide to the side for updates) and the screen neither here nor there. what to do? how can i get the old firmware back?

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How to get everything back

To redirect the device back to the correct update server, just delete the installed tvOS 10 profile along the path Settings. General. Profiles.

After rebooting, the smartphone or tablet will see all available firmware updates.

Why is it needed

Although Apple insists on the need to update the software on the device to the latest current version, we know that this is not always necessary.

For example, the first-generation iPad Air still does an excellent job of tasks and runs briskly on the latest versions of iOS. But after a couple of updates, he will start to think, lag and freeze. At the same time, the device will not receive all the new features of the system, which, as always, will only work on top models.

The situation is similar with the iPhone 6. The smartphone is still pretty good, but by iOS 11 Apple will definitely try to “kill” it in order to force the owners of the device to buy new models.

So why not just stop updating the firmware on your device?

If earlier it was possible not to connect an iPhone or iPad to iTunes, now the Over The Air update arrives on the device and reminds you of the need for an update every day. You have to regularly abandon the new firmware, and the update files have already been downloaded and take up space on the device.

There is an exit

Enthusiasts have come up with a curious way to trick the iOS update system. Using a special profile, you can redirect your iPhone or iPad to the tvOS update server. The device will not find the required firmware there and will not offer to update.

Everything is simple and legal, the method will work on any device, even without jailbreak.

Here’s what to do

Delete the update downloaded to the device if it has already arrived by air. To do this, go to Settings. General. Storage and iCloud. Management (storage), find the update and delete it.

Copy link

and go to it in Safari on your mobile device.

Save profile in iOS settings (password required).

Reboot iPhone or iPad when prompted by the system.

Now you can safely go to Settings. General. Software Update and check for a new version of iOS. The device will not find any updates and will report that the installed firmware version is current.

Unfortunately, the annoying red badge will not disappear, but these are little things.

CHIP How to disable and prevent iOS updates on iPhone and iPad

All Apple technology owners are constantly being pushed to update their software. This is how the company is fighting against the fragmentation of gadgets and firmware that Android suffers from, and is collecting startling statistics for the next presentation. However, at the same time, our devices are slowly killing us so that we run after new and fast gadgets.

It turns out that you can turn off the intrusive prompts to update iOS on any device, even without jailbreak.

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