How to Return Old Meizu M3 Firmware

How to Return Old Meizu M3 Firmware

Sometimes it happens that the installed firmware does not get up smoothly enough. there were problems during the installation, or it was damp. some applications or sections may not work, and the smartphone itself may periodically turn off for no apparent reason. And it happens that everything is fine with the firmware, but the user does not like it. the developers made the unusual interface. In such cases, the question arises of returning the old firmware that smoothly works as usual for the user. Therefore, in this article there will be a solution to the problem. how to roll back the firmware to Meise on your own, without wasting time and money on the service center.

Solution of problems

When it seems that the situation is hopeless, the previous version of the firmware will come to the rescue. working in the normal mode, familiar and proven. How to return the old firmware?

Where to start

The correct solution to the problem would be a complete flashing of the phone. Fortunately, Meizu took care of this, and each user without any difficulties can independently change the firmware on the phone. To do this, you will need to use the official firmware called Flyme OS.

It is not recommended to install firmware created by users or other companies. You cannot be 100% sure that in the future the phone will work.

Preparing for flashing

It is necessary to roll back the official flyme firmware in Meizu. We need an archive in the form of The developers made sure that users did not wander around the Internet in search of the desired file, and added these archives (to various phones. from mini to notes) to the official website (

Smarts are finicky, it is worth checking on versions M and L (you can find this on the smartphone’s serial).

If the phone version is Chinese, then you need to go to another site ( and select the desired phone version. If you try to install the global version, errors may occur. It is not recommended to work independently with phones intended for use in China, because they can cause great difficulties.

Also on the official sites you can see what the developers have changed in a specific version of the firmware and decide which one works and will be able to answer the phone. It’s not worth updating just because it is the latest firmware (so you don’t have to roll back later).

You need to look at which model the firmware is being downloaded to. Otherwise, it will be difficult to bring the smartphone back to life.

It is not recommended to update the phone using firmware from third-party sites, because this can lead to the smartphone becoming a “brick”.

Of course, before returning the old version of flyme, you must roll back the device to the factory settings so that there are no errors during the reinstallation process.

User data. such as photos,s and music, are not lost during the backup process, so you can not worry about it. However, previously installed applications will be deleted. So the phone is cleared of unnecessary data so that the firmware does not get “crooked”.

Attention! In the event of some errors, loss of user data may occur. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, you can first download them to another device, such as a computer.

Where to look to download the desired firmware archive

There is a section on the site called support. Next, it is necessary to select the model of phone that you want to reflash. Then the file is downloaded. Common. Flyme

Firmware. how to roll back flyme 6

The whole rollback process begins with connecting the phone to the computer. The previously downloaded archive file with the update must be downloaded “deep”, into the “heart” of the phone. into the internal memory.

It is important to remember that the archive should be called, because otherwise the phone will not be able to find the desired file and reset the firmware. If this happens, the phone will report a “Firmware not found” error.

After that, the phone must be turned off.

Next, you will need to hold two keys simultaneously. For example, in m3s or laptop versions, these keys are the volume rocker (plus) and the on / off key of the smartphone. You can try this combination in other smartphones.

After that, a screen should appear, which includes two items:

Experienced users recommend choosing the second item so that there are no errors in the process when the user returns the previous version of the fly.

If root-rights were previously installed, then it is recommended to select both items. Although user data will be deleted, it is unlikely that a problem will occur.

What errors may occur

It may happen that this window does not appear. This may occur due to the fact that the downloaded archive is damaged or not found on the phone (the user could put the file in the wrong place). To do it again, you must exit this mode by holding the power button for a few seconds and go back to the point when you need to download the archive to your phone through a computer. Version 6 of the flyme may not work smoothly enough, so do not be scared when errors occur.

How to understand that everything is going well

If everything turned out and there were no errors, the phone will ask you to enter a password (if any). You need to confirm the actions and roll back flyme to meizu.

After that, you need to click on the restart button, which appears at the bottom of the screen (in some cases it may have the name start. no need to be scared, the meaning does not change), and then the rollback to the previous version of Mays will go. It is recommended to install 5.1, because it was noted by users that it works well and does not produce errors.

It is worth remembering that the phone needs to “come to its senses” after such a setting, so there is no need to worry if it will turn on for a long time. This is a normal occurrence. On some forums, users of this company write that their installation took place within a few hours, so you should be patient.

After some time has passed and the phone starts up, you can start using it. if everything is correct, the phone will turn on like a new one and will ask you to select a language, connect to the network and accept the user agreement.

A short on how to roll back firmware to Meise to the previous version:


Below are some small but helpful tips that may help.

  • Save all data before installation.

Most likely, if you select “Clear Data” during the installation of the old firmware, the phone will lose all internal data. If applications and games can be downloaded again, then photos ands will no longer be returned. Before starting the rollback, it is better to save all this data to a computer.

  • Flash a charged phone.

Updating the system is an energy-intensive process, so you need to make sure that the phone has a good charge.

Another option is to connect the smartphone to a computer or network to be sure that it does not turn into a brick.

  • Do not attempt to abort the installation.

As mentioned above, it is necessary to wait a certain amount of time (in some cases it may take more than half an hour) for the phone to come back to life. Therefore, do not interrupt the installation process, otherwise the firmware may get up clumsy, and it will be difficult to reinstall.

  • Seek help from programmers.

If you have questions, you can look at thematic forums and find out what experienced users have already done to roll back the firmware. In addition, there you can find out which of the latest versions is in demand among users, so as not to later regret the installed firmware.

In an emergency, you can contact the service center with programmers who will do everything on their own for a certain cost. Yes, you have to spend time and money, but you should do it in a situation where it seems that the phone is already “not save”.

  • Install firmware that matches the phone model.

If you look at the forums, you can read that people often get a brick. This happens when they install firmware that does not match the phone model.

  • With established root rights, you must clear drive C.

A little reminder to “advanced” users. If root-rights were previously installed on the smartphone, then the mandatory point is to clear the data so that the phone does not give an error and does not re-open this menu each time it is turned on.

  • Do not install beta versions.

Every tenth user wants to roll back the firmware, because he installed the beta version of the new one. a curve and working “once in a while”. Therefore, to prevent this, you can wait for smoothly working versions.

  • Use official sites to download archive files.

Although thematic forums can help put the smart in order, it’s advisable to use official resources to get the necessary archive files.


It is possible to roll back firmware on various phones to Meise. It is not difficult to do this, the necessary files for installation are given on the official sites, but the process itself takes a little longer than rebooting. Each user will be able to do this if he clearly follows the manual and listens to the tips from this article.