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How to restore deleted files on Android

Demanding files on the phone can be planned-if the owner has decided to get rid of them for some reason (and later he could change his mind), or involuntary-in the case of an accidental click of the “Delete” button, when formatting or updating the Android operating system or as The result of the activity of viral programs in the absence of sufficient protection of the operating system. In any of the above cases, the restoration of deleted files may be extremely necessary for the owner of the smartphone, so in this article we will consider all possible options to restore deleted files.

The users of the PC program “Basket” on Android by default is missing. However, the owners of smartphones should not despair. the Dumpster application was specially developed for them, which is a complete analogue of the “basket” and allows you to safely delete files from the phone with the possibility of their further restoration. The principle of the program is the same as on PC. the application allows you to temporarily store deleted files until the owner of the Android decides to get rid of them completely or restore files. If you want to restore the deleted file, then follow the following steps:

Download the Dumpster application with Google Play and install it on your Android.

After deleting, the file moves to storage to the Dumpster basket. Click on the application icon on the desktop of your Android to go to the files stored in it. The application allows you to filter deleted files by categories “All”, “Images”, “Video”, “Audio”, “Documents”, “Other files”, “Folders”, “Applications”, as well as sort them by date, size, type And the name.

Mark the file you need (files) and select “Restore” to move the file to the source folder on Android.

After that, you can restore the deleted Android file. You can also delete the file (files) selectively or all the files by clicking on “delete everything”, after which the data recovery will be impossible. The application also allows you to configure the function for the timely deletion of files stored in the basket. On the side panel of the application, click on the “Auto cleaning” section and mark the period after which the files will be irrevocably deleted from your device (1 week, 1 month or 3 months). The function can be turned off and cleaned by hand.

How to restore deleted files on the phone

Restoring deleted files on the phone is also possible using various special programs such as Disk Digger, Restoration, Undelete Plus, GT Recovery, Easeus Mobisaver, etc. It is worth noting that all such applications require the owners of smartphones Root-right, t.e. access to the account of the chief administrator. There are also versions of these programs that do not require a ROOT access, but the potential of such versions is quite limited. Programs are mostly free, and they can also be downloaded on Google Play, although there are also paid versions with advanced capabilities. The algorithm of the action of file restoration of all similar programs is approximately the same, we will consider it by the example of the GT Recovery program.

Download the GT Recovery application with Google Play and install it on your Android.

Click on the application icon on the desktop of your Android and select the type of remote file: image, message, contact, call, etc.

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After opening a window with the selected type of file, click “Start scanning” to start scanning the phone for remote files of this type.

The application will display a list of deleted files on the screen of your Android where you can either restore all available files by clicking on “restore” or selectively mark the files you need in this particular case.

A program for restoring remote files on Android. Ultdata for Android

In addition to the above methods, there is still one program to restore deleted files on Android. That is, Ultdata for Android. It has a high speed of work and an integral integral use. The distinguishing features of this program are as follows: the pre.viewing function of lost or deleted files to select the required file recovery; work with both the internal and external memory of the device; support for absolutely all mobile devices with Android; A variety of file types of file types: photos, videos, messages, call stories, contacts, office documents; the ability to create a backup of data and synchronization of data with PC. The program has a free trial version that can be installed on your Android and test its functionality, after which you can purchase a paid version of the program with advanced capabilities.

Step 1.Download and install Ultdata for Android on your PC or Mac.

Connect your Android phone to a computer using a USB cable.

After detecting your device, a request to access to root-right will appear on the screen. Click “Allow” for further work with the application.

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Next, click the “Start” button (“Start”) to start scanning your phone. Select the type of files that you want to restore: photos, messages, contacts, calls, audio, video, etc. You can also put a box opposite “All Files” to scan all categories of files.

Click “Next”. After the scanning process is completed, all available files will be displayed on the application screen, including deleted ones (highlighted in red). You can also select the function “display only deleted files”. All files will be divided for convenience by categories. At this stage, it is possible to pre.view files to determine the need to restore them.

Mark the files that you want to restore and click “Restore”. Save these files in the desired folder on your computer.

After scanning your contacts, messages, call history, etc.D. Save in txt, xml, xls formats. Multimedia (audio, video, images) are preserved in their original formats.

Recovery using Microsoft Word

If the file is damaged only partially, then the data contained in it is more convenient to restore according to the following algorithm:

  • Launch Microsoft Word
  • Open an empty document (Blank Document)
  • Press the “File” button in the upper left corner.
  • In the menu that appears, select the “Open” option (Open).
  • Select the damaged file on the disk
  • In the drop.down menu, the “Open” button (Open) must be selected “Open and Restore” (Open and Repair).

Microsoft Word can process a damaged file for a long time and as a result can open a document with restored data or report the impossibility of fixing the file.

If Microsoft Word is not able to fix the DOC/DOCX file, then you can use special programs or services.

Restoration using online services

The most convenient, simple and affordable online service is online File Repair Service.

This online service can restore more than 10 different types of files, including damaged Microsoft Word files. The online service operates on all platforms (PC, tablets, phones, etc.) and all operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS).

How to restore Word file online

Restoring Word file with an online service is a very simple operation, broken by several steps. The user needs:

  • Select a file on a disk/device;
  • Gain the characters of Captcha;
  • Enter email;
  • Press the Upload File for Recovery button;
  • If the service was able to restore the Word file, then you can familiarize yourself with the contents of the document, pay for the file recovery (5) and download the restored file.

Method 3.Is it possible to restore the Word Documented Document for Auto Movishment 3

You can also look for backups of the Word document to restore a disguised file.

These files are saved in the folder along the following path. C: \ Users \ Administrator \ Appdata \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Word

Here you can find files that have been automatically saved and which are a backup of your Word documents.

How to restore the Word Unfilled Document on Mac? To perform this procedure in MacOS, follow the following actions.

Open “Finder” and select “Transition” “Transition to the folder”.

Enter ~/Library/Containers/Com.Microsoft.Word/Data/Library/Preferences/Autorecovery and click “Go” to find out how to restore the Word document Unsman.

Open the folder and find in it a file that you want to restore.

Rename the file by adding an extension “.DOC “.

Twice click on the file to start it using the Word program for Mac.

Save the document under a new name in another folder.

You have restored the disguised file.

How to restore a Word disguised document from a document recovery panel

If you have the Avtoscravian option, this will be a real salvation, since this function ensures the periodic preservation of your Word document. If at the time you work on the document, the Words system will fail in the Words program without warning will start rebooting, you can panic. However, provided that the autosasurization function is included in almost all changes in your document will be saved.

When you open the Word document again, you will see a file on the left document restoration panel.

Open it and save it so that later it is not lost.

Restoring remote documents from backup files

Sometimes Word saves backup copies of the user’s remote files, so you can try to use this option to restore a disrupted document. Ways to find backup files will be slightly different for versions of MS Word 2013/2016/2010 and versions 2007.

Open the program on the PC and select the “File” menu (MS Word 2007 users need to click the Office button). Then select the Open option. Select in the window the folder in which your document was last saved.

In a line type of document, select “All Files”. The backup file usually has the name “Copy name of the deleted file”. Press this file twice with the left mouse button to open it in Word and save it with the extension.doc. In addition, you can use the search for files with the extension.WBK, with which the Word Reserve Copies are saved on the computer.

So, in this article we examined the TOP 5 effective ways to restore the Word disguised document. If you forgot to save a text document or lost it as a result of a computer or electricity shutdown, use the options proposed above. The universal assistant in any situation that is guaranteed to return the necessary files in just a couple of minutes is also at your service!

The best way to extract and restore damaged Word files (2003/2007/2010/2013/2016)

If you want to restore the Words or Mac, Aiseesoft Data Recovery, remote or lost Word. You can return the inaccessible Word document from any hard drive without a backup copy. Thanks to a powerful search function, you can quickly find all the remote, hidden and existing Word documents for further recovery of files. Therefore, if you do not know how to restore the damaged Word / Excel / PowerPoint file, you can contact Data Recovery to try your luck.

The main characteristics of software to restore files

  • Restoration of all types of documents (DOC / DOCX, XLS / XLSX, PPT / PPTX, PDF, CWK, etc. D.) In Windows / Mac.
  • Word recovery from deleting, formatting, damage and almost all data loss situations.
  • Scan your damaged, lost or remote Word document using Quick Scan and Deep Scan modes.
  • Restoring damaged Word documents from your computer, memory card, flash drive, hard drive and much more.

How to restore damaged Word documents using simple steps

Step 1 Run software for recovery files to restore damaged Word files.

Step 2 Mark before the “Document”. Then select the location of the Word file.

Step 3 click “Scan” to start quick scan mode. You can choose “deep scanning” to get more available Word files.

Step 4 Expand the “Document” on the left panel. Click “Docx” or “DOC” and see if it is possible to scan the Word file and display it on the main panel. If you find, congratulations! You can most likely restore it.

Step 5 Press “Restore” to restore the damaged Word file.

over, you can restore the previous version of the Word document here with ease. It is supported by the launch of data recovery to find the restored documents in Word too. If you cannot find a specific file, you can use data recovery to quickly scan and extract the desired file. But you should know one thing. No data recovery program can promise you 100% of successful recovery. Take your time to pay until you try. That’s all how to restore the damaged Word file in Windows and Mac. If you have other good solutions, just contact us.

Easily convert PDF in Word: PDF converter in Word can convert PDF files to the editable Word file and accurately save the source language.

Here are 7 solutions for correcting and restoring the damaged Excel file (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016).

Here are 9 solutions for you to restore and restore the damaged memory card.

How to quickly restore the Word document

Do not want to resort to the help of utilities? The internal parameters of the system provide several ways that you can use to save data:

  • Check the basket. Sounds stupid, but it works. It contains deleted files that were saved. It’s simple: open the basket, find the cause of the commotion and click on the “Restore the Selected Objects” button.
  • Find the source document. In this case, first enter the name of the document in the line located on the Start panel. You will have a list of files, the name of which contains the corresponding words. The loss was found? Click on it twice. Another option is to indicate the expansion.TMP: The desired may be in the list of temporary files. This method also works on computers with earlier versions of Windows, including 7.
  • If when setting up Microsoft you made a choice in favor of “always create a backup”, then you can search the folder in which the document was stored. To do this, enter the type of extension.WBK.
  • Start searching for auto.contamination files. Go to the task manager, find Microsoft Word and complete the process. Launch the program again: a window containing documents that are ready to restore will open. If it does not appear, you will have to act through the “File” menu. “open”. In the conductor, search for inexpensive files with extension.ASD.

How to restore the remote Word document using programs

The methods described above do not always work. Nevertheless, there is a large amount of software where you can restore the Word disprofitrated document.


Domestic soft. Allows you to easily restore remote texts, photos, videos, music and even emails in the most problematic cases, including malicious attacks and system failures. You will need only a couple of minutes to this process. regardless of how experienced you are a user. When developing phoenix, the latest algorithms were used, so the probability of damaging data is zero.

Word document has not been preserved? Follow the simple instructions below:

restore, word, document, phone, restoration

one. Download the program distribution and install. Nothing complicated. follow the instructions of the installer. As soon as the setting is completed, click on the label.

The starting menu will appear. At this stage, you must choose the type of drive. the place where the deleted file was previously located. It can be a computer, phone, tablet, camera or flash drive. Click on the corresponding icon.

Next, a list of available discs will open, where you must find the desired medium. If it was not among the options, use the update button.

four. Determine the recovery method. There are two methods of analysis in Phoenix: deep and fast. If the document is deleted a few minutes ago, then it will be advisable to make a choice in favor of the second. If a quick search does not give a result, you can always return and choose a thorough scanning of the disk.

A deep analysis will take more time

The process can be accelerated if you apply the search filters. Get rid of all checkmarks, in addition to the corresponding point “DOC, DOCX”. A little below is the area where it is proposed to specify the size of the desired file by designating the range. Typically, text documents weigh 10-100 kbytes. However, if you do not stint in the illustration, the picture will differ. the size can be dozens of megabytes. The settings are completed? Click on the “scan” button.

Is it possible to restore the disguised Word document quickly? Use filtration

The search results will open as a list. For a more convenient orientation, you can sort by name or size of the file. Put the checkmarks opposite the necessary documents and click on the “Restore” button. It remains to choose a saving place: folder on a computer, CD disk or FTP server.

Wait for the completion of the process. Ready? Now the wrath of the authorities does not threaten you definitely!

Phoenix will return all remote documents. Download the program right now!


One of the best analogues of Phoenix. If you have not saved the Word 2007 document and now you think how to restore it, download Recuva. Working with her is quite simple. To see the full list of remote objects, you need to determine the type of file and designate the media. Next to the names of the documents found, you will notice color markers of the condition: unfortunately, part of the contents are not subject to restoration. If the desired text escaped this sad fate, return it.

Recuva takes up little space and spreads absolutely free. However, it is ineffective in case of a large number of files, as well as in the case of formatting.

How to Recover Microsoft Word files unsaved & lost

Undelete 360

Undelete 360 ​​allows you to quickly and safely return remote documents. This utility works with such unpleasant factors as viruses or unexpected software failures. Restore any file from a computer catalog, from a flash drive, a memory card or a PEN drive. A distinctive feature of Undelete 360 ​​is the possibility of an irrevocable removal of an object: an ideal solution for those who do not want to keep their secrets behind three.story passwords.


If you are wondering: “Is it possible to restore the disguised document Word 2003 and how to do it?”. GLARY UTILITIES will be a good option. This application was created to improve the work of PC in general. When downloading you will open many useful functions: cleaning the registry and deleting temporary files, defragmenting the hard drive, as well as optimizing the auto.sailing process.

In Glary Utilities, you can return files from any devices, even if they were infected with a virus. You can easily sort the found by setting filters by name, date, size, or on the prospects of recovery. Of the shortcomings. some objects may not notice. The recognition of external media suffers.

Restoring the previous version of the Word document using the automatic recovery function

Autosion is a very useful function that will help you save your work every 10 minutes, depending on the settings. Therefore, you need to make sure that the Autorecover option is included. In this case, he will save the versions while you are working on the Word document. Then you can use the following guidance to restore the previous version of the Word document.

Restore the previous Word document if you save the file

Step 1 Open the Word file that you want to return to the old version. Click the file and then select the info.

Step 2 Find the Document Management and Click on it. In the opening list, select the file marked when closing without saving.

Step 3 click Restore the button to restore the previous version of the Word document in the top line of the menu.

Restore the previous version of Word if you do not save the file

Step 1 The first step will be the same, you need to press the file and then select the info.

Step 2 provides for two options: restore ignorant documents and delete all disguised documents. Here you need to choose the restoration of disrupted documents.

If you want to restore the old version of the Excel or PowerPoint file, you can select “Restore the Unthged Books” in Excel or “Restore Use Presentations” in PowerPoint.

Step 3 Select the file and click open. Then click Save how to save the file and go to the previous version of the Word document.

Directly find and restore the file of the previous word from temporary files

In fact, when you create and edit the Word file on your computer, many temporary files are saved. If you need to restore the previous version of the Word file, you can try to find these files in certain places.

The location of the temporary file on PC with Windows 7:

【2 Ways】How to Recover Saved Over or Previous Version of Word Document in Windows 10?| 100% Works

C: \ Users \ Name \ Appdata \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Excel \

C: \ Users \ Name \ Appdata \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Word \

The location of the temporary file on PC with Windows 8/10:

C: \ Users \\ Appdata \ Local \ Microsoft \ Office \ Unsavedfiles \

When you find the previous version of the Word file, you need to copy it on a different path. over, you need to change the file with.TMP on.XLS/.XLSX or.doc/.DOCX. After that, you just finish the restoration of the old version of the Word document.


Initially, let’s take care, as they say in medicine, prevention. In order for a chance to return the lost without a chance, you need to activate and configure in the editor a very useful function “Auto.Conservation of the document”. Its essence is that through each specific time interval to automatically preserve the document in the background, that is, without interrupting the user’s work. To include the function, first you need to get into the “parameters” of the editor. In different versions, the algorithm is somewhat different:

  • In 2007, you need to click on a round icon with colored hieroglyph, display the contents of the capabilities of the “Save as” and in the list of the List on the button below “Word Parameters”.

I will show the further sequence of actions on the example of the 7th version of the Word, since I work in it:

  • There is a list of tabs on the left side of the window of “parameters”. We find and disclose “preservation”. On the right side will be displayed, which can be configured.
  • Put a checkmark opposite “Auto.Caves” and set the interval. I write quickly, so for me the loss of even a five.minute result of work can be fraught with global remaking. Therefore, I have an interval costs 3 or 5 minutes. You choose the value at your discretion (by default, the program sets 10 minutes).
  • Click OK to activate changes.


Friends, in no case implore your knowledge and opportunities, but just in case in a nutshell I will tell you how to restore an important text document after its inaccurate removal from the basket:

  • There is a basket on the desktop, twice click on it to open and view its contents.
  • Find our remote file and click on it with a functional mouse key (right).
  • Choosing the “Restore” command.

Restoring a text file via Recover Text from Any File Converter

The “Restore Text from any File” converter allows you to extract text from any file. The file does not have to be a Word document.

Follow the instructions below to start using this converter.

Step 1 Press the Microsoft Office button, and then click the Word parameters “Additionally” tab, install the “Confirm the Confirm of the file format when opened” in the “General” section and press the “OK” button.

Step 2 Press the Microsoft Office button click “Open” in the “File Type Type” field click “Restore the Text from any file” (,) select the document from which you want to restore the text click “Open”.

Then Word converts and restores the entire text from the document.

In this post we talked about 4 ways to restore deleted text files on your computer. Select the most suitable for you to start restoring your text files.

If you have any questions when you do the recovery process, just contact us and leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

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