How to restore photos on your Samsung Galaxy

How to restore photos on your Samsung Galaxy M12 phone

Samsung Galaxy M12, like any other smartphone, has a camera. It allows you to take photos and record videos, but sometimes the user does not have enough space to store such files. Because of this, the owner has to delete photos, as it seems, without the possibility of recovery. But fortunately, there are several ways to restore photos on the Samsung Galaxy M12.

Deleting photos from an Android smartphone, files do not disappear without a trace. First they go to the so-called “Trash”, where they continue to be stored until the user decides to get rid of them completely. Therefore, the owner of Samsung Galaxy M12 try to restore the photo from the Recycle Bin:

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  • Open the standard “Gallery” or “Google Photos” (those are the two main applications for viewing pictures).
  • Start the dialog box and go to the “Recycle Bin” section.

Please note that depending on the application and firmware version used, the duration of file storage may be different. In this regard, it is impossible to guarantee 100% success of the operation.

How to recover deleted files on Android using special programs

DiskDigger app

The DiskDigger app is easy to use and comes with a free version that can find and restore old photos and videos on your phone.

How to recover deleted photos from a Samsung phone with this program

Restore deleted photos from your Samsung phone with UltData for Android without Root

If the first two methods did not help, it makes sense to try to recover your photos with Tenorshare UltData for Android. This program is easy to use and has good functionality, and as a consequence it is popular among people who are often engaged in restoration of lost or deleted information. Program is paid. You can always download the trial version from the official site, but the free trial version of the product will do for us at the moment. The new versions of the product have Russian language, which facilitates the work.

Using a USB cable connect your Android device and your computer. Now launch Tenorshare Data Recovery and select Recover Lost Data from the main interface.

The next step you need to take is to turn on the USB flash drive, which is important for the next steps of finding your deleted android photos. Follow the instructions on the screen to do so.

Check “Photos” when you need to select the type of files to recover. Then click “Next” again.

Once the scan is complete, you will see the photos that were lost, now you can recover them. Check the photos you want to restore and click “Restore”. All the marked photos will be restored in seconds.

Once the program starts, it will automatically search for all media where data recovery is possible. Once the search is complete, select the storage device from which you have deleted photos and press the Scan Device button If you know the format and at least the approximate weight of the files you want to restore, you can set the file search filter before starting the scanning (by default the application looks for all files weighing 100kb or more. That will greatly reduce the time it takes to locate deleted files and filter out unnecessary files.

After scanning, the app will show you all the files that are available for recovery. You’ll be able to see each file before you restore it. Select the files you want and click Save, then Done.

In addition to saving photos to your phone or Flash drive, the program can also send recovered files to your email account. To do this, you should press the Email button, not the Save button, after selecting photos. In the menu that appears, choose the service you usually use for sending emails. The application will create an empty email and attach an archive named archive which will contain the recovered photos. This feature can be very helpful for those people who were going to transfer their recovered photos to a PC. With the help of a letter it will be easier and faster.

And finally: there is a PC version of this program, so if you don’t feel comfortable with the mobile app, you can always download it to your PC.

Ways to recover deleted photos on your Samsung phone

Samsung smartphones. Samsung Duos, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy S5, as well as many other smartphones run the Android operating system. there is no standard way to recover deleted photos on this operating system, but this does not mean that it is impossible.

Deleting a file we actually move it to the memory area of the device, although it is not visible in the interface. And it is quite possible to recover these files.

The first way. with the help of special applications

To do this, there are special applications that can be downloaded from the market. These apps are designed to work with the memory cards that are installed in your phones, so you can manage all the data and files stored on your card. Main applications, with the help of which you can recover deleted photos. Android Data Recovery. CardRecovery, DiskDigger. The last one is good because if you have ROOT rights, you can recover many more photos and other important files. Detailed instructions for this program are described in the video above.

The second way is with PC

Also, you can recover deleted files using computer. To do so:

If everything is done correctly, photos should be recovered.

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Getting your Samsung photos backed up

It used to be that when we synced photos with our Google photo backup app, if photos were damaged or deleted, photos deleted from the trash were saved for 60 days, so we could quickly search the trash. The method is as follows.

Open the Google Photos app on your Samsung s10.

Open the “recycle garbage can” in the top left corner of the menu, and all deleted photos will be displayed in detail.

Tap the photo you want to recover for a long time and then mark it “recover” to find the deleted photo on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

How to recover deleted photos on your Samsung Galaxy

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From this article you will learn how to recover deleted photos on your Samsung Galaxy using Samsung Cloud, Google Photos or the third-party recovery program MobiSaver. You can restore deleted photos via Samsung Cloud and Google Photos only if you uploaded their copies to the cloud.

Open your Android preferences. Tap the pink icon with the white gear in the app bar. If you’ve recently made a copy of your data in Samsung Cloud, you’ll be able to restore it from your phone.

Scroll down and select Cloud and Accounts. It is almost at the bottom of the page.

Scroll down and select Photos. If you select only one category of data to recover, the rest will remain untouched.

Use a special app

If photos have been deleted from the trash by a user’s wish or after the amount of time set by the developers, the owner of the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G still has a chance to recover. True, he will have to turn to the help of special programs. DiskDigger, for example:

  • Download and install the application using Play Market.
  • Run DiskDigger.
  • Start searching for images.
  • Highlight the photos you are interested in and press “Restore“.

In the process of restoring photos through third-party apps, you also need to take into account a few peculiarities. So, you probably won’t be able to get your picture back in its entirety. Most likely, its resolution will not be comparable to the actual size of the photo, but to the resolution of the screen. A more thorough search requires obtaining root rights, but this has a number of consequences, so this method is not recommended.

Tips for preventing photo loss on your Samsung

Option 1. Backup and recovery of Android data

This is an effective and safe tool for Samsung users, with easy to back up and restore Android data, including photos, text messages, contacts, etc. Д. You can save files to your computer and restore back to your cell phone in a few clicks.

Option 2. Samsung Cloud

As you know, this is the default cloud service for Samsung users, which saves data so they can access files no matter where or when.

Option 3. Google Photos

It is designed by Google and specializes in uploading and downloading photos and other data, if you like. You can manage your mobile data, computer files, and other data with the right Google account and password.

That’s it. If you have further questions about this, please leave a message below.