How to restore messages in viber on iPhone

How can I restore messages in Viber after deletion

You are using Viber and you accidentally deleted something from messages? Figuring out how to quickly restore messages and conversations in Viber from your computer and via the app after deletion. Consider all effective ways and prevent possible data loss through settings. Here are some useful services for recovering messages.

Viber has long been popular and is regularly used by thousands of users for work, family, friends, etc.Д. But what to do if an important message was accidentally deleted? How can you restore it??

Why recover deleted messages

There’s a joke: “A page from a magazine you’ve been keeping for 10 years will be needed the day after you throw it away.”. This is quite applicable to correspondence in the messenger.

Information in the deleted correspondence may be needed again at any time: you pressed the wrong item in the action menu, a child got to your smartphone and “played” with it by resetting the settings to the factory, you lost your phone or bought a new one. There is a solution to this unpleasant problem.

The program records all created dialogs in a special database on the device. Photos, videos and voice files are not available, but the text version is saved. That being said, sometimes the piece of information that is on offer is enough.

You will be able to find the necessary subscriber’s contact, mailbox address, Internet links, etc. The plus side will be the absence of spam, which is dumped from various groups and publishers.

How to find the path to the database and see deleted messages in Viber, depends on which platform the device works.

    For Windows computers: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\ViberPC\ Phone Number.

How to save your correspondence

Before reading deleted messages in Viber, you need to make a backup copy. This option is available to all Android and iOS smartphone users. When you create a new backup, old options are deleted from memory. Keep in mind that not all messages can be restored. Only text part of correspondence and list of subscriptions to public accounts are returned. Also there is an opportunity to save videos and photos.

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How To Backup Viber Messages | Viber Account Chat History Backup | Viber App Backup Help 2021

Backup via the cloud

Before viewing deleted messages on Viber, it’s important to take care to back up. This process is different for different operating systems.

For Android

On an Android smartphone, do these steps:

  • Log in to the program;
  • Open ;
  • Go to Settings. And then Account ;
  • Go to Backup ;
  • Click on the Create copy button ;

Before saving messages in Viber, make sure the software is connected to Google Drive. If you are not connected, click the link in the message about Google Drive and select the “account” you want to save the SMS under.

You can set up automatic backups for convenience. In this case it is easier to restore the correspondence in Viber, if necessary. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Go to and select Settings;
  • Go to Account and select Backup ;
  • Click Backup and select how often you want to save the message.

From now on, Viber will make copies on its own.

On iPhone

To create a “save” on your iPhone, follow these steps:

Make sure that Viber is connected to iCloud before doing the work. If access is not available, go to iPhone Settings, select iCloud and turn it on. There, find Wyber in the list of apps and activate access.

To set up automatic copying, do the following:

  • Go to the screen. And after Settings and Account;
  • Go to Backup and Create automatically ;
  • Set the desired period (every week or once a month).

Additional method

As an option, you can send the correspondence to email or social networks to quickly restore the data later. You can use a special program for this task (mentioned above).

Specialized software

Download and install the Super Backup app. Feature. Creating backups of messages and the whole Viber. Save the data to your SD card, Google Drive, email. In the menu of the utility, select: Tick the checkbox next to Viber, and click “Save.

We’ve looked at how messages are restored in Viber. Learned how to create a backup. Make a backup in advance. It will save you the trouble of losing information. If your data has been erased from your memory card or PC, Hetman Partition Recovery can help.

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Creating a backup

As noted, there are two ways to backup on your smartphone to restore your Viber messages after deletion. Using Viber’s built-in methods and using other programs. See each method in detail.

Built-in features

Depending on your mobile device’s OS, the approaches to recovering from deletion are slightly different. First and foremost, this is about backing up.

For an Android phone, do the following:

Here’s information about the last backup. If there is no Create Backup button and the system says No connection to Google Drive, then you need to change the settings. Press the Settings button, select your account and press ok. The next step is to create a copy and then you can restore chats in Viber after deletion.

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If you only have your iPhone at hand, do the following:

  • Click the button. And then go to Settings.
  • Go to the Account section. There. Backup.
  • Click the Create Now button and wait for Viber to copy the information to iCloud.

Below we’ll figure out whether you can restore a deleted chat in Viber using the aforementioned backup, but for now let’s focus on another option for creating a copy. Using apps.

Add-on programs

Another way to back up important information and later restore it after deletion is to use third-party programs. Let’s explore a few options.

  • Titanium Backup. Install the program, and then in the backup settings set the necessary options. The disadvantage of this software is that you need to have superuser privileges. Without it, the application is almost useless.
  • Backup Text for Viber. This program is no longer available in official stores, but it can be downloaded online. After installation is complete, go to settings, choose a backup file format and export it to your SD card. The principle of using the application is intuitive and we will not dwell on it in detail.

What to do if there is no Viber backup

Without Viber backup you can not recover your lost messages. On the Internet you can find a lot of applications that supposedly promise to restore. But in the best case it is a recovery of a backup that was deleted from a computer, disc or removable memory card.

The thing is that Viber itself does not store your chat history. And if the backups have never been saved anywhere, there is no way to recover the correspondence.

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If you care about your Viber messages, then make sure you have a reliable backup system. By “reliable” we mean the fact that the built-in backup solution for Android Viber does not save multimedia files. So, if you do not want to lose them, use additional applications to save backups.

Restore received and sent files

The previous items were designed to recover text messages, take care of media attachments differently. All sent and received videos, photos and pictures are saved in the folder /viber/media (can be found through the phone search engine).

If you need the information, copy it from time to time and send it to Google-drive or iCloud as described above. If you do not do this and accidentally clean the folder, the files will be lost forever.

Let’s summarize: information storage in Viber takes place only on our devices, you can correspond without fear. We can clear not only calls and SMS, but also all the archive data. When you visit the program it is desirable to make a backup, because only with it we will be able to restore the history.

Correspondence in Viber as evidence in court

Keeping messages, it turns out, is sometimes very useful, because they can become excellent evidence in the courts.

They can be used to confirm threats, insults, agreements and other facts.

But you can’t just take a screenshot and go to court with a printout. In order for the correspondence to acquire the status of reliable evidence, its notarization is required.

There are also cases where a person provides a copy of the conversation and a carrier (smartphone) with it. The judge in that case appoints an expert to certify the authenticity of the message history.

Synopsis. As evidence in court can be used and voice correspondence. To do this a transcript must be made.

Now you know how to protect yourself from data loss in a popular messenger. You don’t have to worry about losing valuable information or potential court evidence. Choose what suits you: a screen, a backup, a special program or the history of correspondence to the mail.