How to restore deleted photos on your Huawei phone

How to recover deleted photos and other data on your Android phone

I hate memory cards. Even if I ran out of space on my smartphone I would rather delete some data than use an external drive. Memory cards are not only slower than built-in storage 100% of the time, because their manufacturers use a less sophisticated standard, but they also frequently crash unexpectedly, leaving you with no data at all. But voluntarily deleting data is not the best solution. After all, along with unnecessary crap you can easily delete valuable information. But it can be recovered, which is nice.

You can recover deleted photos in several ways

Most often, users who want to free up storage space on their smartphone delete photos. Not applications that at any time can be downloaded again from Google Play, but photos that by default simply can not be restored. At least when we talk about the standard Android tools, which, if they exist, work with a number of serious reservations.

Recovery without a computer or software

Most of the existing ways to retrieve videos from Android memory involve the use of a computer and widgets to scan your smartphone. But some apps let you do without any additional hardware. To get the files back, it is enough to install similar applications on your phone and use their functionality. It usually allows you to search and save the data you need for free, but sometimes you have to pay for help.

In 2 mins How To Recover Deleted Photos in Android Phone Quickly 2020

Undeleter (Root)

The conditionally free Undeleter app allows you to access lost videos without any problems. Its use is the same as searching for videos through Dumpster, but the program requires obtaining root rights. But it is versatile and works with various file types.

Of the disadvantages is the presence of advertising in the free version of the service. You will either have to tolerate ad inserts or pay for a license.

GT Recovery (Root)

GT Recovery is almost identical to the previously described utility. The application allows you to recover various files, but requires ROOT rights, without which it is impossible to scan a smartphone. The program has limited capabilities: the later the user decides to return the video, the less chance to achieve the desired result, so you can’t put off looking for it. However, this defect is typical for all programs, including those that are installed on a computer or tablet.

Diskdigger (without Root)

The difference of the following service from the previously described is that DiskDigger allows you to restore videos on your Honor and Huawei phone after deletion without getting ROOT rights. But keep in mind that without them, the search area will be limited, and the chances of saving the lost video will be minimal, so it is better to worry about expanding the capabilities of the utility.

How to recover photos from deleted ones

However, some Android smartphones have a built-in photo garbage can. It is a separate album called “Deleted” or “Recently Deleted”. All pictures, screenshots, and videos that you want to delete are downloaded there.

They are stored there for 30 days after which they are permanently deleted. Keep in mind that this method does not allow you to recover data after an Android reset. But before the 30 days are up, you can still recover your deleted photos and videos on your own, without having to use any additional tools.

Almost every Android smartphone has a “Deleted” folder

After that the photos disappear from the album with the deleted files and appear in the album from which they were originally deleted. But, if you haven’t had time to restore them within 30 days, scribble. There will be no more photos in the album.

The only way to get them back would be with the UltData for Android utility. But if you think ahead, you can use the service “Google Photos”, which automatically uploads all your photos and videos to the cloud and stores them there permanently.

restore, deleted, photos, your, huawei

How to avoid losing data

Start by downloading a backup of Android Data. Install this or any cloud storage that will sync all new items on your phone. And the next time you lose data, just follow the cloud’s tips. The app doesn’t take up much memory. So it won’t get in the way on your gadget.

You can do anything with your own smartphone or tablet: reflash Android, clear space in the internal memory or microSD, and delete pictures and photos that have become unnecessary. It’s easy enough to do; it’s more difficult to restore photos and files that were accidentally “deleted” from the gallery. How photo recovery is carried out with the help of your phone or computer. Let’s try to figure out.

How to restore photos on Huawei and Honor after deletion

There are several basic ways to recover deleted media files:

  • Using the recycle garbage can or a replacement folder;
  • Using the backup function;
  • By installing an app on your Huawei that can recover irretrievably deleted data.

There are no other solutions, and the listed ones do not guarantee success, so before deleting a photo, you should think about whether it will be needed later.

How To Recover Deleted Photos On Android Devices?

Restoring from “recently deleted” in the gallery

The easiest way to recover deleted photos on Honor and Huawei is to remove them from the phone memory. To do this, you will need:

  • Open the gallery and find the folder with the image of the trash can;
  • Enter it and view the list of saved files;
  • Select the necessary ones and restore with the phone functionality.

Having recovered the missing data, you will be left to find them in the folders where they were before deletion.

From backup

Restoring photos and videos from cloud storage is only possible if the smartphone owner has not disabled the “backup” function. If it is active, all the pictures taken have been automatically saved in the cloud, so you only need to look at the contents of the virtual drive to retrieve them.

Also the photos could have been saved in the backup on the memory card. But this happens only at the will of the user, when he personally creates a copy or triggers the creation of a recovery point on a schedule.

With the software

To get back photos that have already been deleted from the Recycle Bin, it is worth installing DiskDigger. After installing the Android app will remain:

Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery is a counterpart of the mentioned application, which is used on PC. People who have installed the program will have to perform the same actions, but the main difference is that before restoring the photos the phone must be connected to the computer.

It is worth emphasizing that there are other similar services that allow you to recover lost data. They are usually similar, universal and suitable for all phone models, including Samsung, so no difficulties with their use will not arise.

Using an application

The most convenient way to return files. With the help of applications without third-party devices. To restore photos and videos on your phone download special software from the Google Play app store.

Without opening the root rights

When a smartphone opens root options, the warranty service of the device is terminated. It is better to use utilities that do not violate root rights. One of these utilities is considered DiskDigger Photo Recovery. Even a novice user will understand the app’s interface. Algorithm of action of recovery of digital information with DiskDigger Photo Recovery:

  • The software is installed and launched on the device.
  • After launching, click on the big button labeled “Start a simple image search.
  • Diskdigger Photo Recovery will start the search process. At the end of it will pop up a list of photos to be returned.
  • At the end of the smartphone owner specifies the place for saving the files.

The program is able to conduct a complete diagnosis, if you provide root rights. This method increases the chances of data recovery.

Restoring with root rights

Granting root rights to applications which return deleted photos and videos increases the chances of undamaged files being returned. GT Recovery asks for root access rights. The program is translated into Russian and has a user-friendly interface. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how photos are recovered with GT Recovery:

  • The smartphone owner then selects the media in which to search.
  • Root access is also granted by pressing the “Grant” button.
  • Click “Ok” after the search is finished.
  • In the opened list mark images for recovery.
  • Choose a place to save the photos.
  • Wait for the end of the process and click on “View”.

Restoring instruction

There are 2 main directions: use the cloud or applications to recover data from the phone memory.

Through cloud storage

If the smartphone was active synchronization of photos with the cloud, they remain on the service even after deletion in the phone memory. It is only necessary to enter the cloud storage with the help of a personal profile and to download the photos again.

Using special services

There are special utilities that can analyze the content of smartphone memory and retrieve already deleted photos.

  • Diskdigger photo recovery is a special utility for recovering photos on Samsung, Xiaomi and other smartphones. Its advantages include: does not require root rights, works with all media (both memory card and smartphone memory), can restore data from Dropbox and Google Drive;
  • Digdeep. Similar service with high accuracy of deleted files detection. All found photos are divided into groups according to the location of the files. All the restored data is stored in the RestoredPictures directory in the smartphone memory;
restore, deleted, photos, your, huawei
  • Photo Recovery is an interesting tool that supports 2 methods of detecting and restoring pictures. The first way implies a quick data search, it is relevant in cases when the photo was deleted very recently. The second way is a deep scan of memory. The procedure, although long, allows you to find many more files in memory. The application is more advanced and in terms of functionality, the ability to find photos;
  • Restore Image is another application with the same features as the previous ones. In terms of functionality the program corresponds to the first two options, but a little bit worse search quality. The utility has an additional feature to completely erase files without the possibility of restoring them;
  • Recovmy is very similar to the above programs, it doesn’t need any ROOT rights for repairing. A positive feature of the application is the preservation of the structure of files.

It’s hard to say which one is better. Each time the results are different. You may have to try several applications before you manage to find the right one.

How to recover deleted photos from the phone with the help of utilities:

restore, deleted, photos, your, huawei
  • Let’s download the application to your phone and install it (it’s better to install it on the memory card).
  • Open the program and start the procedure to search for photos in the folder where they were stored.
  • Choose the desired photos among those found and run the recovery.
  • Checking up the result.

Missing photos from the Xiaomi phone

Xiaomi smartphones also have their own peculiarities of finding the missing photos. The fact that in the application Gallery on Xiaomi sometimes there is a bug that can cause not all the photos are displayed in the correct form.

For starters, try going to Explorer and find the photos there. How to do this, written above. If the photos are there, but for some reason they are not in the gallery, try the following:

  • Open explorer on your Xiaomi.
  • Next, go to the folder where the photos are stored.
  • Highlight your missing photos by clicking on the three dots at the top.
  • Click Copy, then move them to another folder.
  • After that, put the photos back in the same way.

Copy the photo and send it back. That should help.

If you encounter any difficulties, be sure to write in our Telegram-chat or in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. If you know any other way to search for lost photos. Write too. Plus, don’t forget about our news channel, it has all the latest news from the Android world.

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