How to restore correspondence in whatsapp on Android

Is it possible to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp: 6 ways

Hello all! Today we solve another problem or question. How to restore WhatsApp correspondence, find and return contacts, message history, as well as photos and videos. I faced this problem when I deleted quite important correspondence for work, where I stored important photos and documents. And, oh wonder. I did it. If you have any questions while reading the article. Ask them in Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Let’s go!

On Android and iOS phones there is such a thing as backup storage. All installed applications save their data there, and in case of removal of the program or some unforeseen situation, the data can be retrieved from there. In Android smartphones the data can be stored both on the phone memory and on the SD card. Also, the information can be saved in the Google cloud or iCloud. Now let’s try to recover WhatsApp messages.

NOTE! Next I will show you using an Android phone as an example. For those who have an iPhone or iPad, you need to do about the same. Just uninstall the program and install it again.

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  • So, first of all, you need to completely uninstall W To do this, you can press your finger on the application icon on the home screen, and after that drag and drop to the trash. The second way is to go to “Settings” (the gear icon), find the “Applications” section, highlight the program you want, click on it and select the “Delete” button.
  • Now look. How to restore deleted messages from WhatsApp. Go to “App Store” or “Play Market” and enter the name of the program in the search box. Then you’ll have to go to the page and install the messenger.
  • After installing it, open the application and press “Accept and continue”. Then you’ll need to enter the number of the cell phone to which watsapp was registered. You will also receive an SMS message with the verification code. Another warning window will pop up, click “Next”.
  • After that, “WhatsApp” will ask you for permission to use the internal memory and the cloud. Press “Allow” twice. In theory, all the data should already be in the cloud, and you will see another message about it. Press “Restore”. Now you will be prompted to set up a backup of all correspondence that will be sent to you in the cloud. The best option is “Weekly”, but you can also set “Daily” if it is important for you to save data in a permanent mode.
  • After that, select the account to which the data will be saved in the cloud. It’s best to use the one on this phone, but you can also put in a different address. Click “Allow”.

After that, you should see all the saved data, videos, pictures, SMS that were uploaded during the last data synchronization. If the correspondence you want is not there or the message is not visible, then go to the next method.

Restore WhatsApp correspondence from the cloud on your Android phone or iPhone

If you have set the automatic saving of chats, then it is possible that the necessary chat was saved in the cloud and it will be possible to return it. For example, a regular backup to the cloud on iCloud or Google Drive was done at midnight, and the next day you deleted the correspondence. The entire image of the chat history at the time of backup will be saved. However, if any messages in the messenger came in the morning, they will be lost. What you need to do step by step to restore the chat from the cloud:

restore, correspondence, whatsapp, android
  • Delete WhatsApp on your smartphone and clear the cache.
  • Go to Google Play or App Store and download the messenger.
  • When installing the application, specify the phone number to which WhatsApp is tethered.
  • The messenger itself will offer you the option to restore your chat history from the cloud storage. For Android it will be Google Drive, and for iPhone. Icloud. Press “Restore” button.

These simple steps will give you back the entire chat history that you accidentally erased.

Ways to recover correspondence

The main way. Restore from local or cloud copy.

The method is to uninstall WhatsApp, reinstall it and press the “Restore” button, which appears on the screen during reinstallation.

Local copies are stored in msgstore files.Db.Crypt c different dates. You can try to open such a file so that you know what copy to restore. The cloud copy is always the same.

To open the msgstore file.Db.You need a special program which supports working with SQL-files. One of these is the “Recover messages” program, which gives the owner of a smartphone a number of possibilities. You can restore the information in it by following these steps:

  • Connect your phone to the computer with the cable;
  • Left-click twice on the “WhatsApp” folder, find “Databases” and the msgstore file.Db.Crypt;
  • Call up a menu with the right mouse button and select the copy function;
  • Copy the file to the desktop by pressing the “paste” key;
  • Launch the “Hetman” program and use it to open the desired file.

In a few minutes all the information will be copied to the PC and the user will have full access to it. Whatsapp gives the user the possibility to recover deleted correspondence.

Recover deleted messages in WhatsApp

restore, correspondence, whatsapp, android

You can also use a special program Notif Log (notification history) to view deleted messages.

To do this, perform the following actions:

  • Download the application by finding it on Google Play;
  • Set the special lever in it to the active state;
  • Find the “Click to enable” button;
  • Check the “Notification history” box.

So the program will access notifications of incoming SMS, and deleted messages received in all messengers will appear on the phone screen. This function is only available for devices running on Android.

Beware of untested programs. Some utilities not only recover deleted SMS, but also monitor the personal data of the phone owner, sending the collected information to criminals. Before installing from Play Market, read user reviews.

Software to repair messages

Special software helps to restore messages even in complex cases, when standard methods do not work.

Owners of Android devices have it a little easier in this respect. There are many applications designed specifically to recover and read deleted messages of any type.

For the iPhone, there are far fewer such possibilities, they are reduced to the recovery of data with the help of software installed on the PC.

For android

The most popular apps for adroid devices:

  • WAMR is one of the most popular apps for recovering text messages and media files sent over WhatsApp. You can download it in Google Play for free. With ads, or for a fee. Without ads.
  • Whatsremoved in its functionality resembles WAMR, with this application you can also recover text messages, photos, videos, voice messages. But WhatsRemoved has an additional advantage. This application allows you to control access to the messenger by password or fingerprint.
  • Notification History. This program allows you to read the messages that the interlocutor deleted after sending. After installing the program, messages will be saved in the system logs, not just in the messenger itself. For the correct operation of the program you need to enable notifications from WhatsApp. Notification History cannot recover deleted photos and videos, it works only for text and voice messages. The program is designed for Android devices.
  • Deleted Whats Message is a completely free application with which you can restore both text messages and photos, videos, stickers. It also allows you to import/export backups to other devices.

All these applications may show different performance on different devices. Much depends on the device model, its “age”, firmware etc. You may need to try a few options to find the best one. It will take some time, but in the future your correspondence will be reliably protected from unauthorized deletion.

For iPhone

Tenorshare UltData is a program that allows you to restore WhatsApp correspondence on iPhone, if there are no backups.

You can use it to recover deleted data, although the results will vary, depending on the version of your iPhone and how long the data has been deleted. Text messages are the easiest to recover, with media files the chances of success will be lower.

Program is downloaded to PC, you need to connect turned on iPhone to restore data.

  • Launch the program and wait while it finds the device;
  • Open the recovery menu;
  • Select the items you need and click Restore.

The program is free, you can install it on a PC with any OS. Macos or Windows.

Features of message recovery

The task of restoring access to correspondence can be a little more complicated. For example, the user has inadvertently deleted a backup copy of messages or wants to return photos and videos instead of the chat. Let’s consider such cases in details.

Without backup

The good news is that it is possible to restore WhatsApp correspondence on Android without a backup. First, you should check if the file is really lost. It can be stored both in the internal memory of the smartphone and on the SD card. Search your device using the msgstore key. Second, you can check the Google Drive trash.

Search for files with the request “msgstore”

  • Go to the Google Drive app (it is installed on all Android devices);
  • In the panel on the left, find the Recycle Bin icon and click on it;
  • Find the desired file in the Recycle Bin, select it;
  • Select the “Restore” option when opening the context menu.

Once you have access to the backup copy, you will be able to restore the correspondence in the way described above.

If in the WhatsApp settings the user has selected the “Do not save a backup” option and in doing so accidentally deleted the chat, there will be nothing to restore it from.

All that remains is to contact your conversation partner and ask him or her to forward messages. You cannot restore deleted messages by yourself if you do not have a backup copy.

Restoring voice and photo messages

Audio and picture files are restored in the same way as text messages.

Chat history for a specified period

How to restore a chat that took place on a specific day? If the conversation took place less than 7 days ago, uninstalling and reinstalling the app will help. If messages were sent earlier, you must rename the backup by deleting the date of the last save. Other conversations will be restored along with the desired chat, but you will be able to delete them.

Correspondence with specific contacts

No selective access to deleted conversations. Messenger saves a backup copy of all messages, unless the user has disabled this option. Using the methods described above, WhatsApp will return all chats.

If the message was deleted by the other party

“This message has been deleted”. This inscription appears on the screen if the interlocutor changed his or her mind and decided to delete what was said or sent. However, there is a way to recognize such messages. To do this, you need to uninstall WhatsApp, and then reinstall it on the smartphone. In the process, the deleted correspondence will be automatically downloaded from the Google Drive backup and become available.

restore, correspondence, whatsapp, android

Messages deleted by the interlocutor in WhatsApp

After uninstalling the application

Access to WhatsApp messages will be preserved even after uninstalling the app, as long as the user has enabled periodic backups to Google Drive. Google Drive allows you to restore all messages saved from WhatsApp. To do this, you need to install the app again. During the installation process, the user will see a message that there is a backup and a request to restore them.

Important! Returning data is only possible if you save the phone number to which your WhatsApp account is registered, and if you log in to Google Drive, where the backups were saved.

Restore when you change phones

The same way the correspondence is restored when you switch to a new smartphone. You should make sure that:

  • Backed up to Google Drive;
  • Phone number remains the same;
  • The user has logged into a Google account, which stores a backup copy of chats.

When you install WhatsApp, the app will tell you there is a copy and offer to restore messages and media from it.

Restoring from archive

The archiving feature is available in the messenger. Conversations placed in the archive, it is easy to return to the main menu of chats. To do this, you need to log in to the app and scroll down all the conversations. Under the last of the chats will be labeled “In the archive”. Click on it, select the conversation to unzip, and click on the rectangular icon with an arrow pointing up. The icon is in the upper-right corner of the screen. After that the chat will be moved to the main field of the messenger.

Как восстановить историю чатов WhatsApp на Android

Restoring chats from the archive in WhatsApp

How to restore WhatsApp history on iPhone via iCloud

To restore the correspondence history on your iPhone, the “Documents and data” section must be activated in the iCloud settings. In the WhatsApp menu, under “Chat Backup”, you can see the time when the last copy was created. To restore chats, simply uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. Use the same phone number as before and follow the instructions of the application itself.

If you are not offered a backup, your iCloud storage was probably full and backups were not saved. In this case it will not be possible to restore. Therefore, we advise you to delete unnecessary files from the cloud in time so that there is always room on it.

How to restore correspondence on Android if you haven’t backed it up

It’s almost unrealistic to get it back without them, but there is still one option you can try. It will require the help of the contact to whom the messages you are looking for were sent.

This is due to the peculiarities of the messenger, unlike others, in WhatsApp chats of the interlocutor are stored in the memory of the device. So you can ask the person to forward them. It will be left to select the desired message or photo, then press the arrow pointing to the right and select the contact to send from the list.

Back up in WhatsApp

You can also create your own backups of messages and conversations and choose where to put them (on a memory card, virtual drive, or primary drive). The instructions for creating them are as follows:

  • Open WhatsApp. Click on the vertical triple dot, which is located at the top left of the screen. From the context menu, select “Settings”.
  • Then go to “Chats”.
  • Now click on “Chat Backup”.
  • Press “Backup”. If you don’t have Google Drive installed and authorized, the default copy will be saved on your phone. In that case, however, you will be prompted to associate WhatsApp with Google Drive.

Deleted WhatsApp conversation can be recovered even if a long time has passed since it was deleted. These instructions apply only to common cases, so they cannot always guarantee a 100% result.