How to restore bookmarks in chrome on a computer. Restoring bookmarks from a backup file

How to save tabs in Google Chrome when reinstalling the system

Bookmarks in Google Chrome are a very convenient tool, and users quickly get used to the fact that it is always at hand. And if it is planned to reinstall the system, you should take care in advance about maintaining a set of favorite bookmarks.

It is useful to do this not only before reinstalling, but also without a reason, for prevention. Such prudence will help save a lot of time and effort, and if the system suddenly stops working due to a failure, you do not have to restore all the information from zero. The reinstall may be needed at the most unsuccessful moment, and you will be very grateful for yourself for taking care of the preservation of bookmarks in advance.

Is it possible to save bookmarks in Google Chrome

Google Chrome allows you to save all the necessary tabs in a special file, which can be easily transferred from one computer to another. At the same time, the user gets access to all saved information. you just need to unpack the file with bookmarks after reinstalling, and all data will be restored.

This is only one way, there are an alternative. for example, you can use synchronization with the Google server to save bookmarks.

If the option with creating a file is used to transfer the bookmarks. you need to copy the document in advance to the external medium.

If it is only on the disk with the reinstalling system, it will not work to save information about the tabs. It is recommended to review the list of your favorite tabs from time to time, clean it and save it again. this will always be fully armed. And even if something happens to the system or device suddenly, you will be ready for this, and the restoration of the tabs will take only a couple of minutes.

Why are the tabs in Google Chrome disappear

Most often, bookmarks disappear for very prosaic reasons. for example, they went into an account from someone else’s device without prior exit from their account.

Or the browser was removed in the process of formatting a disk. there can be many similar reasons.

The main thing you need to know is the bookmarks should be saved in advance so as not to lose the necessary data when changing the device or system.

How to restore remote bookmarks

There are two main ways to restore remote bookmarks. this can be done directly in the OS from the BookMarks file, or use special programs.

From the Bookmarks file

A simple and quick way, you do not need to download and install anything to use it.

  • Press Winr. this team opens the command line;
  • Here we write the command C: \ Users \ (User Name on PC) \ Appdata \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default;
  • As a result, the folder in which you need to find the BookMarks file opens;
  • With the right button, click on this file and select the line “Restore the previous version”.

You can also go to the desired folder through a file manager. for example, a standard “conductor”.


One of the most elementary methods for restoring tabs in Google Chrome is the use of synchronization. To do this, you need to perform the following steps:

  • We launch a browser, go into the settings;
  • We go to the item “Additional Synchronization Settings”;
  • We remove the mark, which is located near the bookmarks;
  • We go through the conductor into the Default folder;
  • Here we find files with the names “Bookmarks” and “Bookmarks.BAK “.

Bookmarks saved existing settings in Bookmarks.BAK “. information on tabs that are deleted and require recovery.

To restore bookmarks, you need to remove the old Bookmarks file somewhere, and “BookMarks.BAK »Rename in” BookMarks “.

  • Close the conductor and open the browser;
  • We check whether the restoration of the lost data has been normal;
  • If everything is in order. again put a mark at the “Bookmark” item.

This method allows you to return both standard and visual bookmarks.

Restoration of visual bookmarks

Most often, visual bookmarks disappear after Google Chrome is updated. and this always happens at the most inopportune moment. Restore all bookmarks again. tedious and ungrateful lesson. Fortunately, there are ways to accelerate and simplify this process.

The problem with the loss of visual bookmarks can be solved as follows:

  • We open an empty page;
  • Enter into the address line Chrome: // Flags/and press Enter;
  • Using the search line, we find the Enable Using The Google Local NTP item and put a mark around it;

Next, you need to restart Google chrome. and visual bookmarks will be restored.

Through the settings

When restoring bookmarks on the main device, it is necessary to stop synchronization. this is done through the settings.

In the settings menu we find users, in it we find synchronization and turn off this parameter.

At the same time, bookmarks and other information will be removed from chrome servers, but subsequently it can be restored from another device.

Search for bookmarks on PC

Sometimes the necessary bookmarks can be moved into hidden folders-this can happen due to Google Chrome deinstal, updates installations and for a number of other reasons.

In order to restore these tabs, they must first be detected.

To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Go to the control panel;
  • Select the section “Fands parameters”;
  • Select the line “View”. Here under the command “show hidden folders” and files, click “apply”, then “ok”.

When the bookmarks are moved to the right place, it is worthwhile to restart the browser and make sure that they are all in place. If regularly used resources are periodically updated, they need to be checked and recalculated as often as possible. Read more about the preservation of tabs in our material here.

Using the section “History”

This method of restoring tabs can be called classic. it is not the fastest and most effective, but very simple.

How To Backup Chrome Bookmarks (2021)

In the section “History”, all data on visiting web resources over the past three months are preserved.

Any of these options leads the user to the “History” section, where you can find any site that has been visited in the last 90 days.


The presence of a backup is the only way to guarantee to restore remote bookmarks. It is very advisable for all users to periodically make backup in order to always have access to data that can be accidentally destroyed.

  • Enter Chrome: // Bookmarks/into the address line, follow the link;
  • We go to the menu. an icon with three points at the right on the right;
  • In the menu that opens, select the “export” line;
  • Indicate the path and save the file.

Data will be restored from the moment the last backup is created. therefore, the procedure should be repeated more often.

Using programs

There are special programs that help quickly restore lost information.

  • Recover My Files;
  • R-Undelete;
  • OO Diskrecovery;
  • Auslogics emergency recovery;
  • Hetman Unerase;
  • Handy Recovery;
  • Recuva;
  • Objectrescue Pro.

The functionality of most of these programs is approximately the same.

First you need to download and install the program. Next, you should specify the path to the folder in which the Bookmarks file lies. this is done in the software window; or the path is copied from the address line of the conductor. As a result, the program independently finds and restores the desired file.

Check the Chrome panel

Using the Chrome monitoring panel, we can see which of our data related to the Google account is currently stored on Google servers, and is it possible to restore the lost.

You should know that Chrome saves bookmarks in a file with the name BookMarks, without expansion of JSON, that is, it can be read by a conventional notebook.

The browser periodically creates a backup copy of this file with BAK extension. This copy is usually created when Google chrome is completely closed.

Restoration of Chrome bookmarks

We proceed from the fact that our Bookmark file.BAK contains your favorite bookmarks, which are no longer in Chrome.

Depending on the operating system we use, we need to find the Bookmarks file.BAK in the folders below:

  • Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10: %Localappdata %Googlechromeuser Data
  • Mac: ~/Library/application support/google/chrome/
  • Linux: ~/.Config/Google-Chrome/

In this folder, you must find Default’s unstable and all PROFILN folders, where n is an integer number. Try to understand which of these folders is associated with your profile in Google Chrome. If you are the only Browser user, then open the Default folder.

Usually in this folder you can find a file named Google Profile Picture.PNG. which will help you determine the profile associated with this folder.

Here you will find the Bookmarks file and Bookmarks file.BAK:

  • Copy both files on the desktop
  • Open both files in a standard notebook and check the contents. Thus, you can check how much and what bookmarks are contained in the file.
  • If it seems to you that in BookMarks.BAK there are many of your remote bookmarks, then use it to restore.

If the Bookmarks file.BAK contains all or some of the remote bookmarks, follow the following steps to restore:

  • Delete BookMarks from your desktop. We needed it only to check its content.
  • Rename the Bookmarks file.BAK copied to the desktop, deleting Bak.
  • Copy the resulting BookMarks file from the desktop to the Chrome profile folder, open earlier.

    We completely leave Chrome, pressing the icon in the tray with the right button and selecting the output point.

How to recover?

Top panel

You have disappeared URL and folders with their selection from the top panel located under the main menu of the web browser? Then do the following:

Install the cursor in the upper part of the FF window, in which there are no options (for an empty place).

In the list by clicking the right button, install the “checkmark” opposite the “Bastard Panel” item.

Miniature pictures in an empty tab

If the addresses of sites in visual windows under the line search are posted for you, they can be fixed. Thus, you will prevent their accidental disappearance. To perform this procedure, bring the cursor into the upper left angle of the bookmark and click in it that appeared “hairpin”.

Accidentally removed URL from graphic blocks of an empty tab, you can immediately return to the place using the “Restore everything” button “. It will appear at the top right.

How to return bookmarks manually

The above “recipes” did not help restore visual bookmarks? Then try to do the following:

  • Make sure that the bastard panel is enabled.
  • Click the key combination. ctrl b.
  • In the side panel “Bookmarks”, clap alternately the links that you want to transfer to the fast access panel.
  • Then copy the URL from the target line.
  • Climat the right button in the panel area. Select “New Bookmark” or “New Folder” (to create a thematic selection of braces).
  • Make a copied address and name in the form.

Attention! If there is nothing in the side list (by pressing Ctrl B), open a journal of visits to web resources (CTRL H) and try to find the necessary addresses in it to add to the visual integration.


If you have used special extensions to control the bookmarks, but you want to return the default settings (integrated miniatures on the tab), then do this:

Clement in the menu: Tools → Additions.

In the addon column, click “Delete” or “Disable” (for temporary deactivation).

Open the “Tools” section and click “Settings”.

On the “Basic” tab, set in the field “When starting” the value “Show windows and tabs” so that Firefox displays recently open websites.

To return the mini-panels of links in the “Home page” option, place the command-Yafd: Tabs.

Additionally, you can use the “Restore” button by default “. After its activation, Firefox will automatically perform a global reset of parameters (they will accept the values ​​set immediately after the browser installation).

Option 1. Enter the Google account

If you use the Google account when shoeing (you log in in the mail, in YouTube or in any other service from Google), then there will be no problems with restoration of bookmarks. you just need to go to the account in the browser. Click on “include synchronization” in the upper right corner

Next, enter the login and password from the account and all

Option 2. Add manually through the file

If you do not use Google’s account when working, it will be more difficult. Google Chrome tabs are stored in a separate file. Bookmarks. Located on C: \ Users \ [User Name] \ Appdata \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default. Important: the user’s name we are looking for the one that was before the Windows reinstall. The only moment is if the disk was formatted, then, of course, nothing will be able to restore anything. This option works only if Windows has been installed on another local disk, then this file will definitely remain in the system. Looking for a file along this path

And we copy it into the folder where you installed the browser (in the new folder created by the browser). For the future, it is better to save this file somewhere separately, before the next reinstallation of Windows.

Media converters are devices that allow you to connect various types of media together. They can transform

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How to restore remote bookmarks in Google Chrome? The first thing to note is that restoration is possible only if the user has created a backup copy. Backup is a useful function that allows you to access accidentally remote information. Here’s how to use it:

  • Click on three points in the upper right corner of the screen
  • The menu opens in which you need to select the “export” item
  • Save the file anywhere on your device

Recovery methods

So, how to restore old bookmarks in Google chrome after removing the browser and pr. There are two ways. directly in the operating system (from the BookMarks file). or using programs.

From the Bookmarks file

Google bookmarks disappeared, how to restore them using the resources of the operating system?

Here’s how to return the bookmarks in chrome if they disappeared:

  • Go to the Default folder, as we described in the previous instructions
  • Find Bookmarks and Bookmarks files.BAK. In the first, current bookmarks are stored, and in the second. sites added to the “favorites” at the time of the last backup

It is recommended to disable synchronization with a browser on the Android device before the restoration, if any. This can be done in additional browser settings.

Gazing tabs in Google Chrome how to restore?

Almost every PC user has ever worked with browser bookmarks. These components help to quickly go on intelligent pages, which means life. But with a browser’s peer stock or guardian, the laying systems compare.

This can happen for other reasons. Therefore, each user should know about the restoration of intelligence pages in the surveillance. The back will talk about how to restore bookmarks in “Google Chrome”.

What are the sorts of things will help to quickly find and sing on an intelligent page on int?


Thinking about the REALLIALICE TASK, it is worth paying attention to the fact that problems have no problems. All depends on the use of the user of the user.

How to restore bookmarks in “Google Chrome”? Can:

  • perform synchronization;
  • shout visual bookmarks;
  • take advantage of the import and export of bookmarks;
  • copy the file with bookmarks manually;
  • Open the linings of the touched SEAN;
  • you need to find pages in history.

On the very day, all up and clear. The all these designs are told by Dalee!


How to restore bookmarks in “Google Chrome”? The best to use the browser synchronizer with Google’s synchronizer. In this case, when input, in the system from any PC, all the saved bookmarks will be copied automatically.

To realize the idea, it is trained:

With clock synchronization, a list of data is reached, which can be tied to the profile. Putting a checkmark near the “bookmark”, the user reaches the studied problem. All that remains is to add intimate pages to bookmarks, and then with inconsistency to condemn the entrance to the browser from the selected profile.

Settling settings

How to restore bookmarks in “Google Chrome“? A descending acceptance will help to rejoice the task with the preserved intelligent pages of even the deletion of the browser. But this reception is not ongoing to use the downtime.

The Google Chrome Est Spacial Settings, which allows you to import and export of bookmarks. This is what we need!

The guide to preserve the intimate pages looks like this:

This reception is maintained by the bookmarks in the programs in the program. It can be used in the future. Nakrimet, Eshli Svelelov deleted “Google Chrome”. How to restore bookmarks?

Not exactly the SECund of the application of the user request will be able to enjoy the restored pages.

Visual bookmarks

NECTERS INTERED how to restore visual bookmarks in “Google Chrome”. This question does not arise so often, but it will take it away from it.

For visual bookmarks, it will be diverted. To restore us, you will have to contact the Google store. The installation of appropriate attachment is carried out and the installation of the corresponding is the following Survis begins to work.

Search for PC

How to restore the tab “Google Chrome”? You can find a file with interethnic pages on PC. This Document is preserved in the OS, which, with incompetence, is inserted along the concrete path.

Chrome bookmarks are stored according to adre: c: \ users \ user \ Appdata \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default. We will have a “bookmarks” file. It is copied to PC, the following is the same on the indicated path to the desired mome.

By the way, if you click on the PKM and select “Restore the Proceedings”, then it will be possible to yell the wounded saving bookmarks.


There are no words about how to work with the restoration of bookmarks (tabs) with a touched.

Ready! From now on it is clear how to restore bookmarks in “Google Chrome” in one or another case. To make it a novice user will be able to.

How to restore, load google chrome bookmarks from Bookmarks.bak file

How to restore missing bookmarks in Google Chrome

Currently, modern users have a fairly large number of bookmarks from different Internet pages. This is also often visited social networks, videos, necessary pages or just source that has been preserved for some case.

Many create these lists during the years. And due to the fact that the Googlechrome system cannot provide complete Spectra protection, viral programs can intervene in the correct work of the browser and in all data saved on it. In this article we will consider how the missing or remote bookmarks can be returned to Google Chrome.

Restoration of bookmarks

The creators of Google have created a large cloud storage of information where all Google profile settings can be saved, as well as bookmarks, including visual ones, so that it is possible to resume them if necessary.

To have free access to the service, you just need to make a small registration, which is free.

You only need to have a Google personal mailbox:

  • Open the Google Post page
  • Select Create an account (at the top of the angle).
  • Enter all your personal data: name, last name, date of birth, mobile phone number, login, password.
  • Then you will need to enter the captcha and confirm everything with the button further.

After all the procedures completed, you will have an account in the hum, which will serve to authorize on many sites, as well as in the browser itself Chrome. To log in, you will need to follow below the above points:

  • Download Google Chrome browser.
  • Open the settings menu in Google (horizontal stripes located at the end of the search line, right).
  • Open the settings.
  • There is a line of entry into the Google system on top. Select enter and indicate all your personal data specified during registration.
  • Then you will need a button to enter Chrome.
  • In the new synchronization window, select the storage location on the server.
  • Confirm the end of the operation by the OK.

Now, when brewing a browser or the actions of virus programs in the case of disappearance of bookmarks from a computer, it will be possible to take a copy from the cloud and without unnecessary costs and problems restore data.

What are HTML backups for

No program can provide reliability, including Chrome synchronization can fail. To be sure that nothing threatens your bookmarks and you can restore them at any time, you need to make their backups from time to time, or as they are also called. backups.

How to restore remote bookmarks in Google Chrome

Chromkak restore remote bookmarks in chrome

Almost any user is familiar with the situation when a whole collection of very necessary bookmarks (links to sites) is assembled in his browser, which he is used to using.

In general, bookmarks in browsers is a very commonplace and familiar thing, we perceive them as something proper. It is worth losing our bookmarks, as we immediately understand how much we were dependent on them and how hard it.

If you have lost your bookmarks, or they were removed. do not despair, you can restore them and now we will tell you how to do it!

First we make a reservation, some people confuse browser tabs with his tabs. We remind you: laying is a saved link to the site, and the tab is a window with an open site!

By the way, it should be noted that in all modern browsers, whether it be “Chrome”, “Yandex”, “Opera”, “Mozilla” or “Chrome” there is a function of quick opening of the tabs that were accidentally closed. That is why, in the event that one or another tab was accidentally closed, then at the next launch of the browser, all pages can be

How to restore bookmarks in Mozila (Firefox)?

In order to restore bookmarks in the mosile, you need to open the Start menu, and then click on the user’s name. Next, you need to open the Appdata folder. Then you should go into folders. Roaming. Mozila. Firefox. Profiles. Passing along this path, you will see another folder with an extension.Default. Then you should open it and find the BookmarkBackups folder. All the backups of this browser are stored in this folder.

Knowing the location of backups, they are very easy to apply.So, first you should click on the Firefox button, and then click on the “bookmarks”. After that, click on the “Import and Reservation” and “Restore” button. Next, you need to select the last backup, or click on the “Select File” item. After the confirmation window appears, it is necessary to click “OK”.

Tabs on Firefoxmozilla will be restored.

How to restore bookmarks in the “Opera”?

As in other browsers, the loss of bookmarks in Opera is a very annoying event. This can happen with a general system failure, as well as as a result of errors of the Internet browser itself. How to restore bookmarks in Opera? The simplest solution is to periodically save the BookMarks file.Adr.

This file is located in the directory: C: \ Users \ User (User Name) \ Appdata \ Roaming \ Opera \ Opera \ or C: \ Documents and Settings \ User (User Name) \ Application \ Opera \ Opera \ Opera \ Opera \ Opera \ Opera \ Opera.If the user has a copy of this file, then even after he reinsures the browser, you can quickly and simply restore all lost bookmarks.

You just have to copy the file that is in this directory.

In addition, in the event that the “Operation” is not subject to restoration, you can use the loading disk with the file manager. Exactly in the same way, finding the Bookmarks file.Adr, you can make a copy.

For new versions of Opera, the restoration of tabs has become even easier. All recent versions of the browser have a special service called “Operalink”. Thanks to this service, you can save both passwords and other useful browser settings. In order to use this browser option, you should click on the Opera menu on the Synchronization button. Then you need to register. AND….All your bookmarks will be reliably saved.

To restore data, you should use the “Synchronization” button. By using this method, at any time and from any device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone), find the desired bookmarks.

How to restore bookmarks in “Google Chrome”?

In order to restore bookmarks in this browser, you should not leave the account and restart it. Firstly, you should go to the Appdata \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default folder under the user under which you work in Windows. Next, you need to find the file. BookMarks.BAK. This is the reserve storage file. The browser preserves it after the opening if something changes in bookmarks. Also, this folder has another BookMarks file.

This file is precisely the file where all bookmarks are stored. It changes during the creation/removal of bookmarks. In the event that you, for some reason, did not have time to restart the browser after you lost the bookmarks, you only need to copy the Bookmarks file itself.BAK and delete expansion.BAK, and then copy to the Appdata \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default folder with file replacement. Next, it is necessary to restart the browser.

After that, all your data will be in place!

How to restore bookmarks in Yandex Browser?

Quickly and simply restore bookmarks in I.a browser can only be from a previously saved copy. Two recovery methods are available: 1. Import from the file. T.e. First we export our bookmarks to the file (save the file in a reliable place). To export the bookmarks, you need to make the following path. the menu of the Bleads Manager to streamline export bookmarks.

If something happened to our bookmarks-we restore them with an import from the file.2. Cloud. As soon as you installed and began to use Yandex Browser. in its settings, install synchronization (data coordination) with your account on Yandex. After you make such a settings. all your settings (including bookmarks) will be preserved in the cloud (on Yandex).

If you lose your bookmarks or reinstall the system, you can import your bookmarks from Yandex, without any problems.

How can we restore randomly deleted bookmarks in Chrome and Firefox

I can happen to anyone accidentally remove the entire folder from the laying-like to the browser is used by accident or because of the “disasters” of natural ones (here we turn on in particular a pet) or even intentionally, but then you understand that even some bookmarks were important.

For Firefox users, restoring remote bookmarks, this can be very simple thanks to the backup operation, made a regular browser, which are stored for several days, and the button to unfasten the brake manager, instead of chromium users must act immediately and make recovery for operation by the re.launch of the browser, Otherwise, remote bookmarks are lost without the possibility of recovery.

Restoring bookmarks in the browser

In what cases is the restoration of instructions required? Most often it is an infection of the browser itself by harmful code. Or reinstalling the system, then the browser (in this article we will talk about Google Chrome) will need to be installed again. Naturally, no saved sites will be there. Or you need to access the usual bookmarks from another device. And going to the network from someone else’s computer, through the browser, let it be chrome too, you will need to look for your sites through the search engine, which is not always convenient.

The first option is the restoration of all bookmarks through an account in Google. This method will work if you have already created an account and synchronized your Google browsers on other devices. And now, after reinstalling the OS, it will be enough to enter your username and password, connects to your account and all your settings and pages will move to the browser.

over, the locations of the preserved pages and buttons in the bookmark panel will be identical. All settings introduced earlier in the observer on another device will also be transferred.

Restoring bookmarks with regular means

This is the transfer of bookmarks and settings from another browser or html file. For example, you have a observer. any, not chrome, and you want to transfer all your saved pages to Google Chrome. Here you can use the function. “import of bookmarks”.

How it works?. Pages will be in one click automatically moved to Google chrome and placed in the folder “imported from”, which will be displayed on the brake panel under the target line. If there is no one, it can be turned on. note the item “Show the Bikement Panel” in the settings.

Preservation of bookmarks.

In order to save bookmarks in the Google Chrome, you need to go to the bookmarks dispatcher by pressing the key combination Ctrl Shift O

Or enter the main menu of the browser, select the bookmarks. the slaughter manager.

The bookmark dispatcher window opens, in which all your current bookmarks will be displayed.

To preserve the bookmarks, click by the word to streamline (1) and at the very bottom, select “Export tabs to the HTML file” (2)

Now we need to give the name a file saving file and choose a place. The name can be left as we are offered or introduced. For example, “Google bookmarks”. We recommend that you add the date of adding to the name. Suppose you have saved bookmarks today, and have added several bookmarks in a week. And again they kept. Therefore, to know where what tabs, add the date to the saving file. For example: “Google 25 bookmarks.ten.13″. After that, click on the button to save. Save in a separate folder on a local disk, but not on C (since when reinstalizing the system, all files are deleted from it) or on a flash drive. Now you can always restore your bookmarks.

How to restore tabs in Google after reinstalling the system?

The reduction procedure of bookmarks is very similar to the preservation procedure. Again we go to the Bleanings Manager (Ctrl Shift O), click on the ordering and select the appropriate item “Import the bookmarks from the HTML file”

Find a previously saved bookmarks, select it and click the Open button

All your bookmarks will be displayed in the bookmarks panels.

That’s all. Now you know how to save bookmarks and how to restore them.

Today you can do without it. Modern browsers make it possible to enable synchronization. How to do this, read in this article.


Before performing the instructions, disconnect synchronization in Google chrome. Only three clicks. and you will avoid a possible error.

Go to “Settings”. In the first section, click on “Additional synchronization settings”.

Remove the mark from the “Bookmark” item and save.

After that, you can proceed to the following actions:

  • Go to the Windows conductor (the window in which the crossing is carried out) and open the Default folder, as described in the first method.
  • Check, you have BookMarks and Bookmarks elements.BAK. Bookmarks acts as a file that stored bookmarks and BookMarks.BAK. an option in which old sites are stored.
  • Transfer BookMarks to your desktop. Next, change the name BookMarks.BAK., Having removed the extension.BAK. Thus, you made the old version of the bookmarks relevant.
  • Return the Wonder and configure synchronization again.

How to make a backup?

You will copy the data in several clicks and then you can not worry about the accidental loss of information at all.

one.Follow the link to the address bar: Chrome: // Bookmarks/.

2.Click on “Management” and in the menu that appears to select the last item “Export tabs to the HTML file”.

3.Save the file in any place convenient for you.

You can return the bookmarks with all your desire if you made backup copies earlier. There is only one conclusion: it is better to play it safe and export everything to a separate file. By the way, he can be stored anywhere, and on the desktop, including. Then the missing elements will reappear in your browser after those three simple instructions.