How To Restart Windows 7 On Asus Laptop

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You may need to restart your computer for a variety of reasons: for example, so that changes or settings in the Windows OS (which you recently changed) can take effect; or after installing a new driver; also in cases where the computer starts to slow down or freeze (the first thing that even many specialists recommend doing).

True, it is worth recognizing that modern versions of Windows are less and less in need of a reboot, not like Windows 98, for example, where after each sneeze (literally) you had to restart the machine.

In general, this post is more for beginners, in it I want to touch on several ways how you can turn off and restart the computer (even in cases where the standard method does not work).

1) The classic way to restart your PC

If the START menu opens and the mouse “runs” around the monitor, then why not try restarting the computer in the most usual way? In general, there’s probably nothing to comment on here: just open the START menu and select the shutdown section. then from the three proposed options, select the one that you need (see Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. Windows 10. shutdown / reboot PC

2) Reboot from the desktop (for example, if the mouse does not work, or the START menu hangs).

If the mouse does not work (for example, the cursor does not move), then the computer (laptop) can be turned off or restart using the keyboard. For example, you can click Win. the menu should open START , and in it already select (using the arrows on the keyboard) the off button. But sometimes, the START menu also does not open, what to do in this case?

Press a combination of buttons ALT and F4 (these are buttons for closing the window). If you are in any application, it will close. But if you are on the desktop, then a window should appear in front of you, as in Fig. 2. In it, with shooter you can select an action, for example: reboot, shutdown, exit, change user, etc., and execute it using the button ENTER.

Fig. 2. Reboot from the desktop

3) Reboot using the command line

You can also restart the computer using the command line (for this you only need to enter one command).

To launch the command line, press the key combination WIN and R (in Windows 7, the run line is located in the START menu). Next, enter the command CMD and press ENTER (see fig. 3).

Fig. 3. Run the command line

In the command line you just need to enter shutdown –r.t 0 and press ENTER (see fig. 4). Attention! The computer will restart in the same second, all applications will be closed, and no saved data will be lost!

Fig. 4. shutdown –r.t 0. immediate reboot

4) Abnormal shutdown (not recommended, but what to do ?!)

In general, this method is best resorted to last. With it, it is possible the loss of unsaved information after a reboot in this way. often Windows will check the disk for errors and so on.

A computer

On the case of the most ordinary classic system unit, usually, the Reset button (or reboot) is located next to the PC power button. On some system units, to press it, you need to use a pen or pencil.

How To Restart Windows 7 On Asus Laptop

Fig. 5. The classic look of the system unit

By the way, if you do not have a Reset button, you can try to hold it for 5-7 seconds. computer power button. In this case, usually, it just shuts down (why not reboot?).

You can also turn off the computer using the power on / off button, next to the network cable. Well, or just unplug the plug (the latest option and the most reliable of all.).

Fig. 6. System unit. rear view

A laptop

On a laptop, most often, there are no specials. buttons for rebooting. all actions are carried out by the power button (although on some models there are “hidden” buttons that can be pressed with a pencil or pen. Usually, they are located either on the back of the laptop or under some kind of lid).

Therefore, if the laptop freezes and does not respond to anything, just hold down the power button for 5-10 seconds. After a few seconds, the laptop usually “squeaks” and turns off. Further it can be included in the usual mode.

Fig. 7. Power Button. Lenovo Laptop

Also, you can turn off the laptop by unplugging it from the network and removing the battery (it is usually held by a pair of latches, see Fig. 8).

Fig. 8. Latches for removing the battery

5) How to close a hung application

A frozen application may not let you restart your PC. If your computer (laptop) does not restart and you want to calculate it, check if there is such a hung-up application, then it can be easily calculated in the task manager: just note that it will say “Not responding” (see Fig. 9). )

Remark! To enter the task manager, hold down the CtrlShiftEsc (or CtrlAltDel) buttons.

Fig. 9. Skype application is not responding.

Actually, to close it, simply select it in the same task manager and click on the “Remove task” button, then confirm your choice. By the way, all data in the application that you forcefully close will not be saved. Therefore, in some cases it makes sense to wait, it is possible to apply after 5-10 minutes. sag and you can continue to mc him work (in this case, I recommend immediately save all the data from it).

I also recommend an article on how to close the application if it hangs and does not close (the article also understands the way how you can close almost any process):

6) How to restart the computer in safe mode

This is necessary, for example, when the driver was installed. but it did not fit. And now, when you turn on and start Windows. you see a blue screen, or you don’t see anything :). In this case, you can boot in safe mode (and it loads only the most basic software that you need to start the PC) and delete everything unnecessary!

In most cases, for the Windows boot menu to appear, you need to press the F8 key after turning on the computer (moreover, it is better to press it in a row 10 times while the PC is loading). Next you should see the menu, as in fig. 10. Then it remains only to select the desired mode and continue downloading.

Fig. 10. Option to boot Windows in safe mode.

If it fails to boot (for example, you don’t see a similar menu), I recommend that you read the following article: