How to restart iPhone XS max

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How to turn on, turn off and restart iPhone XS / iPhone XS MAX?

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As cool as the new iPhones are, there is always the possibility that the device may freeze. This does not happen very often, but you just need to know what to do in this case.

Here, in principle, the same scheme as with computers. the gadget just needs to be rebooted and everything will start working like a clock. True, in the case of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX, you need to know what to press.

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How To Reset & Restore your Apple iPhone XS Max. Factory Reset

In recent years, a lot has changed, because the buttons have become much smaller. Today we will figure out what to press to turn on, turn off and restart new iPhones.

How to turn on / off iPhone XS / iPhone XS MAX?

The iPhone XS is selling like hotcakes, and the larger version is being bought much more. Most people love big screens and that’s a fact.

This is the second year that we said goodbye to the Home button. It feels like she wasn’t there. After all, iOS helps you forget about it thanks to gesture control.

Thanks to this, some moments have changed with turning the device on and off. But don’t worry, because everything happens exactly the same as on the iPhone X:

  • Turning on the iPhone XS. Press the button on the right until the cherished Apple appears. After a very short time, the gadget is turned on and ready for the first setup (if you just bought it).
  • Restart / Shutdown iPhone XS. If nothing hangs for you, but everything just lags a little and you want to restart the phone, just hold down the same button on the right, a slider appears and you boldly swipe it to the right.

Pull this slider to turn off the iPhone XS

Literally in 20 seconds you can turn on your device by holding down the right side button. Thus, a normal reboot occurs.

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Do not forget that you can also turn off any iPhone through the settings: Settings. General. Turn off. I think this method appeared for the case if your physical buttons fail.


How to Force Restart iPhone XS / iPhone XS MAX?

Anything can happen, so you should never rule out the situation that your phone may freeze. The picture on the screen does not move and you just do not know what to do in this case.

You definitely shouldn’t panic, because iOS versions are different and Apple has never been 100 percent perfect. Especially if you put yourself some kind of beta version.

For such a case, there is a special key combination that will help to force restart your iPhone XS or iPhone XS MAX:

iPhone XS Max How to Reset Back to Factory Settings

If it doesn’t work the first time, try again. After these steps, the phone restarts and everything works like a clock again.