How to restart a Samsung Galaxy phone

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Shutdown and restart of smartphones Samsung Galaxy A31, A41, A51, A71, M21, M31, M31s, M51, S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra and others

With the release of its own voice assistant, the specialists of the South Korean company had a need to assign the launch of Bixby to one of the physical keys. Initially, the function was the privilege of flagship models. they were equipped with a dedicated button responsible for calling the built-in voice assistant.

Modern Samsung smartphones, both flagships and mid-range devices, are also equipped with the Bixby assistant, but lack a separate key for interacting with it. Samsung decided to abandon the fourth button on smartphone cases, assigning the Bixby call to one of the familiar keys. For this purpose, the power button was chosen and, for sure, not by chance. Most likely, the power-lock key received a new function due to the desire of Samsung engineers to improve the ergonomics of mobile devices.

Since holding the lock key for a few seconds began to call the Bixby voice assistant, the developers of the Samsung One UI firmware had to reassign the shutdown and restart of the device to a combination of two buttons. The same keyboard shortcut is used to force restart the frozen phone.

The innovation has been implemented in all Samsung smartphones and tablets released in the second half of 2019 and early 2020. Turning off or restarting such a mobile device is performed as follows:

First, you need to simultaneously hold the power button and the volume down key for a few seconds.

restart, Samsung, Galaxy, phone

After the screen displays a vertical menu consisting of three options, you must select the required action (shutdown or restart) and confirm its execution by clicking on the corresponding icon again. Depending on the option selected, the smartphone will turn off or restart.

There is another way to reboot and turn off your mobile device. you need to open the quick settings panel by making a swipe down from the top edge of the screen and click on the switch icon. Then you should select the required action.

The procedure for turning on the phone remains the same. just hold the power key for a couple of seconds until the Samsung logo appears on the display, and then enter the PIN code of the SIM card and unlock the device.

How to turn off or force restart your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

By purchasing one of the new Samsung phones (including Galaxy A11, A21, A21s, A31, A41, A51, A71, M11, M21, M31, M31s, M51, S20, S20, S20 Ultra and others) and trying to turn it off for the first time or reboot, an ordinary user will encounter certain difficulties. On smartphones 2019-2020 Release, a long press of the power button brings up the Bixby voice assistant, and not a menu with options, which usually include shutdown, restart and activation of emergency mode. How, then, to restart a frozen device, or how to turn it off in the standard way? We understand all the intricacies within the framework of this instruction.

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet is frozen and unresponsive

If your mobile device freezes, you need to perform a forced reboot. To do this, simultaneously press the power button and the volume down key and hold them for 7-10 seconds, after which the device turns off and on again. On some older models, you need to additionally hold down the volume up key.

To restart a Samsung smartphone with a removable battery, just remove the back cover, pull out the battery, then insert it back, hold down the power button and hold it until the Samsung logo appears on the display.

How to take a screenshot

Astute readers may have noticed that the keyboard shortcut for restarting or shutting down new Samsung Galaxy phones is the same as the “classic” button combination used for taking screenshots. How do you take screenshots then? It’s simple. you need to press the same buttons, but do not hold them, but immediately release them.

There will be a clicking sound similar to the sound of a camera shutter, and the display will turn white for a fraction of a second. At the bottom of the screen, a panel with additional options for managing the captured screenshot will be displayed. In a few seconds, the panel will “hide”.

Other helpful instructions for owners of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets:

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If frozen

You can try to reanimate a stuck Samsung A 50 with a simple but very effective method: pry off the cover and remove the battery from the device. A cardinal solution will not eliminate the failures that have arisen, but will return the smartphone to work.

If the freeze problem persists, then you need to eliminate the root cause. Think, are there any dubious applications or programs installed on your smartphone that can conflict with Android? First, you need to delete them, and then reset them, removing their traces in the system:

  • Open the “Settings” Samsung A 50.
  • Tap “General settings”.
  • Select the item “Archive and reset”.
  • Tap “Reset”.

We are waiting for the phone to reboot and enjoy a clean system that works without crashes due to conflicts with installed dubious applications. Reset allows you to troubleshoot the functioning of Android without affecting user files.

How to reset Samsung Galaxy A50

You may need to restart your Samsung Galaxy A50 if the device malfunctions, often freezes or does not want to turn on at all.

How to restart a smartphone

The method of how to restart a Samsung A50 smartphone does not fundamentally differ from the restart methods of the entire line. For this:

  • Hold down the Power, Volume Down and Screen Activation buttons at the same time.
  • Wait until the phone prompts you to select an action and tap “Restart“.

The Samsung Galaxy screen will go out, and after a while the screen saver will appear and the phone will enter the operating mode again, getting rid of the existing Android crash.

Features of the model

The budget model burst into the market and immediately impressed users with its technical characteristics, which are not inferior to the flagship lines. Features of face recognition and fingerprint protection against unauthorized access appeared in inexpensive devices only from Samsung, and this is a significant breakthrough. Two microphones and a unique noise cancellation system make the use of a budget gadget convenient and comfortable, and the high performance, economical battery consumption and fast charging with the original charger were immediately appreciated by the owners of the novelty.

The smartphone supports the functions of custom settings, in addition, the gadget has a night mode, perfectly takes pictures and shoots videos tolerably. A 50 has standard security and privacy features, and also allows the owner to have multiple social media accounts and clone applications.

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A large number of positive aspects do not protect the smartphone from malfunctions. Often the device requires a reboot, and this can be done in different ways.

If it does not turn on

A reboot is sometimes required for a smartphone that has stopped turning on, although it is definitely charged. To restart and fix the system crash, follow these simple instructions:

  • Clamp the power and volume down buttons together.
  • Do not release the keys and hold them for at least 7 seconds.

The device should then start up, and the legendary Samsung screensaver will appear on the screen. If the problem recurs frequently, we recommend that you reset your phone to fix system problems.

Possible problems

Samsung A 50 is a fairly new model, so serious malfunctions in its work, despite careful study, often occur. Some of them are of a temporary nature, for example, problems with the rapid consumption of the charge, which gradually disappears by itself. Users also note failures in the detection of fingerprints, but even here the craftsmen have found a way out. instead of three different pads, they scan the same one, which allows Honor all the nuances of reading.

Other problems arise already during the operation of the device due to the fault of the users. Samsung may freeze and require a reboot due to full memory, mechanical damage to internal parts due to the fall of the smartphone or deformation, moisture ingress. Malfunctions of Android may also occur against the background of installing dubious applications or not yet stable updates on the device.

If you suspect damage or a factory defect, it is advisable to seek professional help. On the official website of the manufacturer, a list of service centers is presented, where qualified employees of the company will diagnose the device and identify the real cause of constant malfunctions.

What else to try

If the problem persists by restarting, try the following operations.

How to set up automatic restart on Samsung smartphones

Restarting Android can improve the stability of applications and system programs. In the latest firmware, engineers have provided a mode to automatically reboot the device once a week.

To enable it, open Settings, General and Reset.

Check the box next to the option to automatically restart the gadget.

Remove the hanging program

Try to determine the reason that led to the freezing of the smartphone. It could be a specific application or a failed system update. Try to look for a solution on the Samsung J5 Prime smartphone user forum.

If the problems are related to a separate application, uninstall it through Settings, the Applications item.

How to Force Restart Android on Samsung

This method is suitable if you decide to reset dependent applications on your phone without waiting for the system to free up enough memory for them to work.

Hold down the power button and the speaker volume down key. If it freezes, you will have to wait 5-7 seconds holding the buttons down.

When the phone asks to restart or shut down, select Restart. The screen will go blank, then a message will appear stating that Android is starting to boot.

How to restart a Samsung Galaxy phone

Modern mobile operating systems are designed to last a long time without rebooting. A restart is required only at the time critical updates are installed. But sometimes smartphones and tablets on Android crash: the program freezes and does not respond to system requests, the gadget slows down and does not work as it should. In this case, it becomes necessary to restart your Samsung phone. One of the methods described below will help.

How to Restart Samsung Phone with Complete Shutdown

The method of restarting with a complete shutdown is used to eliminate software failures that cannot be eliminated by restarting using the technology described above. This approach is also applied when the device overheats too much.

Hold down the Power button and wait 5-7 seconds. In the case of a gadget that is frozen tight, you need to wait longer.

Do not turn on the phone immediately after turning it off. Wait at least 30 seconds. Experienced service center specialists recommend removing the battery from the gadget if it is removable.

To do this, turn the phone upside down and open the back cover. What to do for this on smartphones Samsung Galaxy A5 and J5 Prime is shown in the figure.

Update your software to the latest version

Update your device to the latest system version. Update apps via Google Market. Perhaps the developers have fixed the freeze or abnormal operation of the program in new releases.

Reboot Samsung S7 phone with factory reset

The Android operating system implements a simple factory reset that does not confirm user data: contacts, letters, music and photos, but eliminates software problems.

The method will work if you set some option that caused the programs to work abnormally.

In Settings, select General, section Reset.

Find Reset settings in it and confirm the operation.

After restarting the Android system, all options will be set to the factory default values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are obviously not conflicting.

How to Force Restart Android on Samsung

This method is suitable if you decide to reset dependent applications on your phone without waiting for the system to free up enough memory for them to work.

Hold down the power button and the speaker volume down key. If it freezes, you will have to wait 5-7 seconds holding the buttons down.

When the phone asks to restart or shut down, select Restart. The screen will go blank, then a message will appear stating that Android is starting to boot.

restart your Samsung phone in safe mode

You can reboot your Samsung phone to Safe Mode if you cannot enter the home screen. It only downloads basic system software, so you can uninstall malicious apps.

Press the Power button to boot up your Samsung phone. When the start starts to display, release the power press and hold the Volume Down button immediately.

Keep holding the Volume Down button until your phone restarts. Then you will see Safe Mode in the lower left corner.

How to restart “Samsung

There are several ways. So, how to restart “Samsung” if it freezes:

  • Hold the lock / on / off button for 10-20 seconds. The phone will turn off and reboot, its further work should be stable.
  • If your phone’s battery is pulled out, then you can remove the back panel and take out the battery, wait a couple of seconds and insert it back. It remains to collect and turn on the phone. But often you cannot do this, since both the battery and the phone itself will deteriorate.
  • If the back cover cannot be removed, then you must simultaneously hold down the lock / on / off and volume down buttons and hold for 5-7 seconds.

How to restart a Samsung phone if it freezes: the sequence of actions

Samsung Phone Standard Restart

It is required to restart the Samsung smartphone, everything is in order with it, the control works fine.

Reboot methods

  • The reboot method depends on the specific situation and phone model.
  • Here are some common solutions:
  • We use the system software and do a restart
  • Using the hardware buttons, turn off the device, it does not help. we take out the battery

Instructions for Enabling Auto Restart on Samsung Phone.

Launch the “Phone Settings” application from the Application Screen.

Screen. click on the “Settings” icon.

In the Settings you need to go to the “General Settings” section.

How to hard reset your Android phone (Samsung)

Screen. click on the “General settings” section.

In the “General settings” section you need to enter the “Reset” subsection.

Screen. click on “Reset”.

In the “Reset” subsection, at the very bottom of the page, enable the switch for the “Automatic restart” service.

After enabling this service, you can configure the day and time of the forced system reboot. To do this, you need to click on the text of this item and hold your finger on it for a few seconds. After that, you will be taken to the Automatic Restart settings page.

Screen. enable the switch for the “Automatic restart” item. Screen. to go to the service settings, you need to click on the text of this item and hold for a few seconds.

Here you can select the day of the week and set the time.

To change the restart time, you need to click on the line “Time”. And after setting a new time for rebooting the system, you must not forget to click on the “Finish” button.

Screen. click on the “Time” item. Screen. set a new time and click on the “Finish” button.

  • automatic
  • turn on
  • Operating system
  • reboot
  • restart
  • smartphone

How to restart a smartphone Samsung A70

How to reboot a Samsung A70 mobile phone using the standard Android method:

  • squeeze the power button of the smartphone;
  • wait a few seconds;
  • 2 sensors will appear. One of them is Reboot;
  • click on it. The restart process should start.

Force restart smartphone

How to force restart a phone like Samsung A70:

  • on the right side of the device there are buttons for turning on and off the power and volume. Squeeze them out at the same time;
  • keep the device in this position for a few seconds. When the display dims, a restart will begin;
  • wait for Android to work normally again.
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Hard reboot

If in the course of how they began to reboot their Samsung A70 phone, the brand logo appeared:

  • press simultaneously and lock the volume and power keys;
  • hold it for a while;
  • if you release them, the system recovery partition will appear. Navigation here is carried out in the same way as adjusting the volume level. Select “Wipe data / factory reset” and press the power button;
  • select “Yes” and fix it through the power button of the device;
  • when the recovery mode boots, specify “Reboot system now” and confirm the command.

The described aLGorithm is used to force a reboot. Upon completion, all settings will be reset to their original state.

How to forcefully restart Samsung Galaxy a70

How to restart Samsung Galaxy A70, if technically it is a candy bar, and you cannot remove the battery from the case by simply opening the back panel? The manufacturer has provided several ways to restore the model’s performance using hardware and Android 9.0 Pie settings.

When the Galaxy turns on and returns to normal mode, it’s worth looking at what could have caused the program to freeze and fix the bug. Probably crashed due to one of the recently installed applications.

How to restart Samsung without a button or with a non-working screen

How to restart a Samsung mobile phone in the Galaxy A70 version if the button control does not work and the screen does not respond in any way:

  • call the phone;
  • wait for the device to receive an incoming call;
  • press the power on immediately and very quickly;
  • the reboot menu should come out. Further, it is operated as described earlier.

Another option, how to reboot the Samsung Galaxy A70 model if it is impossible to control from the keys, is to wait until the battery is completely discharged. The operation is long and it will not work to speed it up if everything is frozen. When disconnected, the system will stop, as well as those processes that initially led to the failure of the equipment. When the screen goes out, the Galaxy is put on charge.

On some models, a special Reset service button was made. If you enable it, then a reboot is forced. The necessary recess will be either near the USB connector, or where the SIM is. This function is handled very carefully using a fine needle (toothpick).

Possible startup problems

If the boot menu appears on the screen for too long after turning on the hardware, then Android is frozen. In the simplest case, fixing the start button for a couple of seconds helps. When released, Android starts downloading again.

If it does not help, then the equipment is put on charge and they try to start again in the usual way. This eliminates malfunctions caused by a dead battery.

If simple resuscitation actions are ineffective, they switch to the methods of rebooting the device described above: through the commands in the boot menu. If the result is still zero, contact the service center.

Reboot with factory reset

If you need to return the parameters to the default state, use the special Recovery menu. On most Samsung models, you can log in as follows:

  • Turn off your phone. To do this, hold down the power switch for a few seconds and select the “Turn off the phone” option.
  • The necessary information on entering the Recovery can be found on various forums, in the topic of your specific device. Universal option: hold down the power, volume down and Bixby buttons on the turned off gadget for 5-6 seconds. After the Android icon appears, release all switches.
  • You will be taken to the Recovery menu. Navigation through it is carried out using the volume buttons and activating the screen lock. Select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option if you want to perform a hard reset, as well as delete all data from the internal memory.
  • After completing the uninstallation process, select “Reboot System Now”. Samsung will restart.

After a full factory reset, all personal files and installed applications will be deleted, and it will not be easy to restore them. Use Factory Reset with care.

With this method, data is erased only from the internal memory, the information on the SD card is saved.

Reboot any Samsung smartphone. detailed instructions

If the gadget started to work slower, the virus scan did not find anything, and the memory is clean. a simple restart of the smartphone can help. In addition, this action sometimes needs to be performed for other purposes, for example, when the device hangs. In this article, we will tell you how to restart Samsung without the abstruse tricks.

How to set up automatic reboot

Latest Samsung models may reboot on their own from time to time. This process will only happen when the screen is off and when the device is not in use, it usually happens at night. This function can be disabled in the device parameters.

  • Go to gadget settings.
  • Open the “Reset” tab, then click “Automatically restart Samsung”.
  • In the menu that opens, you can set specific days and exact time for restart. It should be noted that the device will be restarted only if the battery charge is above 30%, the SIM card lock is disabled, and the internal memory is not encrypted.

It should be understood that automatic restart increases the performance of the device only slightly, and it can happen at the most inopportune moment. when the phone is urgently needed.

Regular reboot of Samsung phone

What if my smartphone or tablet is OK and no forced power off is required? Follow these steps:

  • Hold the lock button for 1-2 seconds.
  • Click “Reboot Device”.
  • In the window that opens, confirm the selected action. After a few seconds, the gadget will turn off.

Now you know how to completely restart your Samsung device.

How to Reboot Samsung Phone in Normal Mode

To restart the smartphone, simultaneously hold down the power key for 1-2 seconds. Then select the “Reboot device” option. After confirmation, the smartphone will be turned off and on again.

If the gadget is frozen and does not respond in any way to touching the screen, for Galaxy models. hold the power switch and volume down for 7-10 seconds.

Reboot methods

Depending on the specific situation and model, there are several main ways:

  • Restart using the system software.
  • Force device shutdown with hardware buttons or remove battery.

Restarting the system through the Recovery environment

To restart Android via Recovery, follow the instructions:

  • Turn off your smartphone using the procedure described above.
  • Enter the Recovery environment using the instructions in the previous method. If required, do a hard reset or clear cache.
  • Use the volume controls to select “Reboot System Now” and press the power button.

Restart via Recovery can be used only after performing certain actions in this menu, otherwise it is absolutely useless, since it takes 2 times more time than a regular restart.

If your Samsung phone freezes, you can try to reboot it to restore its functionality. If you need to clear the cache or Factory Reset, the Recovery menu will help. It is better for inexperienced users not to enter it, otherwise you can accidentally make an “unplanned” deletion of all your data. If the restart does not help, you should contact the official Samsung support center, the wizards will definitely help.

FoneLab Broken Android Data Extraction

Fix your frozen, broken, black screen locked or locked Android system as normal, or recover data from broken Android phone or SD card.

FoneLab Broken Android Data Extraction

Fix your frozen, broken, black screen locked or locked Android system as normal, or recover data from broken Android phone or SD card.

restart your Samsung phone in recovery mode

If you are unable to boot into Safe Mode, try Recovery Mode instead. Allows you to troubleshoot by restoring factory settings and erasing a partition

hold the power increase the volume of the home button at the same time. For Samsung S8 and above Button Combination Power Volume Up Bixby.

When you see the recovery mode screen, release the buttons.

Use the Volume Up and Down buttons to highlight the erase cache section option and press the Power button to execute it.

If your Samsung phone still cannot reboot, select the data wipe / reset option in Recovery Mode.This will reset your phone to factory state.

Note. Please be aware that a factory reset will erase all of your personal settings and data from your Samsung phone.

How to Force Restart Samsung

Unlike a soft restart, a hard restart can fix various software issues on your Samsung, so this is sort of a troubleshooter. When your Galaxy phone freezes, crashes, or gets stuck on Samsung logo, you can force restart Samsung to make your phone work again.

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Make sure your phone has at least 5% charge; otherwise it is better to charge it for a while.

By holding down the Volume Down and Power button for about 7 seconds.

After that, your Samsung phone will restart and display the Samsung logo on the screen.

Extract data from Samsung when it is in a reboot loop

Even if you cannot restart your Samsung phone, you can still restore your files. That is why we recommend FoneLab Broken Android Data Extractor.It can not only restore your Samsung phone, but also restore important files.

  • Recover data from Samsung phone when it’s reboot cycle.
  • Software issues can cause your phone to crash on reboot.
  • Support for almost all types of data, including photos, videos, SMS, etc.
  • Available for Samsung S8 / S7 / S6 / S5 / S4, Galaxy tablets and more.
  • No damage to existing data on your phone or tablet.

In short, it is the simplest solution to fix Samsung crash, restart your computer and get your data back.

How to soft restart Samsung

Soft reboot. this is the easiest way to reboot Samsung S8 / S7 / S6 / S5 / S4 and other models. It does not require any additional software or hardware, but it is only available when your phone is working well and is available.

Keep pressing the power button on the phone until the power off screen appears.

Tap the Power off button to turn off your phone.

Wait until the screen turns black and then press the power button to turn your phone back on.

Note: If you can find Restart or Restart on the power off screen, tap it to restart your Samsung phone directly.

How to Recover and Extract Data from Samsung

After downloading and installing the software on your computer, launch it and select Broken Android Phone Extraction.Connect your Samsung phone to the computer with a USB cable and it will be detected by the software.

Fix software problems

Click Start on the left side and select your name and phone model in the information window. Hit confirm to move on.

Then follow the onscreen instructions to put your device into Download Mode and start troubleshooting software issues that are causing your phone to get stuck in a boot loop.

When the recovery is complete, you will be presented with the recovery interface. Here you can view all data on your phone by type. Check the files you want to get back and click the Recover button at the bottom right. When prompted, select a specific folder to save files and start extracting data from Samsung phone.

This article showed you how to restart your Samsung phone or tablet in various situations. First, a soft reboot. this is the easiest way to reboot your phone. The only requirement is access to your phone. If you can’t, try to force restart. Sometimes your phone won’t restart due to software issues.


FoneLab broken Android data extraction can help you get rid of the troubles. It has the ability to fix software problems as well as simply recover files from the phone. If you have any other questions about restarting your Samsung phone or unfreezing a Samsung, please leave a message under this article.

How to restart Samsung with two buttons if it freezes?

You can solve the problem with the freezing of your Samsung smartphone by restarting it. This method may seem very primitive, but it can temporarily fix the failure of the device.

In order to reboot a frozen phone, follow the steps described:

Press and hold the power off and volume down keys at the same time (more than 10 seconds).

Wait for the Samsung logo to appear and the phone starts to boot normally.

This simple method will allow you to use your phone until the next freeze. To prevent further freezes, follow the tips below.

Clear cache and uninstall suspicious apps on Samsung

I know this is easier said than done. However, if there are applications on your phone that can cause it to freeze, try resetting them sequentially by clearing the cache and deleting data. If this method did not work, then I would advise you to uninstall applications.

  • From the home screen, select the Apps icon.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select Applications and Application manager.
  • Display a general list of applications.
  • Find and click on the name of the suspicious application.
  • Force the application to stop (Force Close) by clicking the corresponding caption.
  • Select “Storage”.
  • Clear the cache and data by clicking Clear and Clear data.

If you have hundreds of applications installed on your phone, and you do not know which of them may cause freezing, then you should first archive your data (especially photos and videos) and then reset in the settings menu.

Here’s how to do a factory reset on Samsung:

  • From the home screen, select the Apps icon.
  • Go to Settings, then select Backup and reset.
  • Click on the “Factory data reset” button and then “Reset device”.
  • If the protection of this function is enabled on your phone, then enter your password or PIN-code.
  • Click Continue.
  • Confirm your actions by selecting “Delete all”.

How to enable safe mode on Samsung with two buttons?

There is no guarantee that your phone will boot 100% in Safe Mode, as this mode differs from normal mode only in that third-party applications are not loaded or are temporarily disabled.

The point of this procedure is to confirm that third-party applications have something to do with the freeze issue. If so, the phone may freeze again when booting in normal mode. In order to boot the phone in safe mode, do the following:

Press and hold the power off button.

When the Samsung logo appears, release the button and immediately press and hold the Volume Down key until the restart is complete.

After the message “Safe mode” appears on the screen, release the volume down key.

If your device has booted, then the next thing you need to do is identify the application that is causing problems with the phone.

What to do if Samsung Galaxy freezes? 6 tips

As noted, there are many reasons for Samsung phones to freeze. However, by using the tips below, you should be able to fix this problem. They can be viewed as guidelines to keep in mind when using your phone every day.

Remove unnecessary and heavy applications

Heavy apps take up most of your phone’s memory, shrinking free space and hindering the CPU. Many users have a habit of installing unnecessary applications. Make sure you uninstall all such applications to free up additional space and make the system easier to operate.

Open the Settings menu and find the Application Manager or Apps section.

Select the app you want to uninstall.

To uninstall in the list of options, find and click “Uninstall”.

On some smartphone models, you can uninstall heavy apps directly from the Home Screen or from the Google Play Store.

Why Samsung phone slows down, glitches and freezes, reasons?

Samsung is a well-known brand, whose products have been on the market for many years, and during this time, users of Samsung devices often complain of sudden freezes.

Samsung phones can freeze for a variety of reasons. For convenience, we have listed some of the more common ones that can cause this error.

Clean up partitions in order to update the system cache

After the update, you may have cleared the cache created when running remote applications. However, the remaining applications continue to use it, and this can prevent the device from booting normally. Now you will learn how to update the cache.

Follow this step if you were unable to boot into Safe Mode, uninstalling applications had no effect and your phone may boot into Recovery Mode.

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press and hold the Home and Volume Up buttons, then press and hold the Power Off button.
  • When the Samsung logo appears on the screen, release the power button while continuing to hold the rest.
  • After the Android logo appears, you can release both buttons. Leave the phone for 30-60 s.
  • Using the volume down button to navigate the menu, find the item “Wipe cache partition”.
  • Press the power off button to select.
  • Find the option “Yes” and select it using the volume down and power off keys.
  • Wait until the end of clearing the cache partitions. When finished, select “Reboot system now” and press the power off key.
  • The phone will take longer to boot up than usual.

If this procedure did not help, then there is no other option but to reboot the device.