How to Reset TV

Without exception, all TV models have a lock function. Sometimes it is needed, for example, if there are children in the house and they are used to using the remote control, which they do with pleasure, forgetting about lessons and simple children’s games. To push them away from the screen, without locking the TV is difficult. But it happens that even having a password does not save, because the lock can be removed. Then parents come up with a more complex pin code, but manage to forget it.

What to do in this case? Either do not watch your favorite TV shows at all, or try to deal with the problem. Of course, you can call the wizard, but after all, the owners of the TVs are sure that they will cope with the situation without any help. This happens quite often. But if you see that nothing works, it is better to call a professional.

How to understand that the TV is locked

If you did not specifically install the unit on the TV, then this happened by accident. Perhaps the children pressed a free key combination, in connection with which the device ordered to live for a long time, or the system itself began to fail, which is why the unit was installed. There can be many reasons, but you can’t leave everything as it is.

How to Reset TV

How to understand that the LV device did not break, and there is a block on it? It’s very simple because on any TV the presence of a unit is accompanied by one of these signs:

Nothing is visible on the screen except the blue background and the key pattern. There is no sound or picture of the broadcasts;

Instead of the expected image, the field for entering the password is shown on the monitor;

Only one channel works on the TV, and the device does not respond to attempts to switch it with the remote control or on the panel of the TV itself.

In general, the signs are obvious, so confusing the presence of a block with some other problem is quite difficult. Nevertheless, if you know which password is used, then the situation is solved simply. If you do not know him, and the blocking happened by accident, then this very combination of numbers can only be guessed by a very lucky person.

When luck is a problem, you will have to use other methods that will help if you forgot the password on the LG TV or did not know it at all.

Causes of malfunction and how to neutralize them

There are a ton of troubleshooting options, but the most popular are the following:

Use the remote control by pressing a special key combination on it. True, this combination still needs to be known, because different manufacturers of TV often use non-standard instructions. Although if you are sure that you did not make any changes, you can always try the combination 0000. It is standard for most models. If it doesn’t help, there is an alternative, albeit not so popular with manufacturers. Press combination 1234;

It happens that the TV is working and no one pressed the remote, but when the device is turned on, it does not work, and the message flashing on the screen indicating that you need to enter a password. Most likely, the fact is that you need to configure the channels. In this case, try to conduct a new search for TV channels, and they will restore their broadcasting;

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If we are talking about Smart TV, then it may be outdated software. The system reacts to an increased number of errors that block the system, including channel broadcasting. To fix this drawback, you need to urgently reflash the TV by updating the software online or using a flash drive.

Both last options are much less common than the first, but if entering a password or resetting it to the factory settings does not help, then it makes sense to check the last two ways to restore broadcasting.

How to unlock LG TV

Even if the owner of the TV has never encountered a lock problem and has not used the unit, he may need to remove it. But how to do this if the principles of action are unknown. If so, then you need to take instructions. As a rule, this piece of paper can significantly help, because it indicates standard passwords, as well as how and in what order to use them.

If there is no instruction, then it can be found on the Internet, knowing the TV model. You can watch it on the back of the TV. Then download it and use it. In addition, you need to take a remote control, and preferably the one that came with the TV, well, or similar.

So, the instructions indicate a special set of numbers that are pressed to remove the restriction on the search for channels. In addition, the block can be removed by pressing the button with the painted key on the remote control. This button should be pressed and held for ten seconds, and then the password is either removed or reset to the factory one.

How to reset the pin code to the factory

If you can’t remove the child lock from the TV using standard methods, you can go to the cardinal methods of resetting the settings to factory settings. You can do this on LG TV by following these steps:

Open the menu and select “Settings”;

Go to the “Security” section;

A further password reset is to select the “Reset PIN” menu;

But this is also not enough. After this path is completed, the following manipulations should be carried out:

Enter the password digits incorrectly, and click on the confirmation (OK);

Successively press the following combination: Up. Up. Down. Up;

Enter the code 0313 and click OK.

After that, you can check whether the password was reset. This is desirable because it is necessary to clarify whether the procedure was successful. If everything went well, then no matter what the password used to be, now it will become standard, and to remove the block you need to enter four zeros.

Here is another way to reset your password:

For a keypad:

Press the POWER button and turn off the power;

Further, the following actions should be carried out: MUTE. 8. 2. 4;

Be sure to press POWER to turn on the power.

For Smart Touch Control:

Turn on the power with the POWER key;

Press the sequence MUTE. Increased. Volume. RETURN. Smart. Volume. RETURN. Increased. Volume is RETURN.

These are great ways to unlock your LG TV if you forget your password. Be sure to try each one and then you will know exactly how to act if the children are again too oversized and block the TV.

How to change the password on LG TVs

To change the password on LG TVs, without resorting to trying to reset the pin along with resetting all the settings to the factory settings, you can use the following method:

You need to enter the settings menu;

There is a blocking subsection, and the user should click on it;

In the process, a window pops up where you need to enter the password;

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You need to enter not standard values, but a combination of 0325;

Next, a window appears prompting you to enter a new password twice to confirm it.

If having done these procedures, the situation has not changed, which means that the child who set the password turned out to be a much more sophisticated user than his parents. In this case, it is better to stop the experiments, and seek help from a telemaster. Thanks to his services, the TV will begin to work normally with an absolute guarantee.

If the TV constantly reboots, then the problem is probably due to a software failure. This type of problem is due to system problems. There are several different ways to restore the correct operation of the device, but without a doubt, the best option is to reset the settings.

How to restart Samsung TV? The algorithm for rebooting the operating system of the equipment directly depends on the model and series of the device. Now we will analyze the specifics of resetting the basic parameters on Samsung TVs of various models, and also analyze what such drastic measures are fraught with.

What will happen to the TV after resetting?

Here you can draw as many different analogies as you like with any other equipment. Of course, that absolutely everything will be erased, so you have to set the parameters again. To some extent, this can be compared to reinstalling Windows on a computer or laptop.

In principle, a complete reset of Samsung Smart TV has three significant consequences, we will analyze each of them. Of course, there are less significant consequences, but they can be omitted and left without additional attention.

Firstly, there will be a complete rollback to the factory parameters. The exception is network settings. Let’s try to understand in more detail what exactly the user is losing. Of course, manual adjustment of sound, brightness, contrast and other image parameters will fail.

It is clear that after resetting the parameters you will have to set everything up again. This is especially inconvenient if you spent a lot of free time manually adjusting the color rendering.

The second truly significant consequence is the deletion of all previously saved channels. Regardless of which brand device you use: LG or Samsung, the information will be erased. This applies to both previously found channels, and the selected location, blocked transmissions, etc.

Unfortunately, many users are comparing Samsung TV reset to a software update. It is clear that an equals sign between these two processes cannot be placed in any case. If you roll back to the default settings, the firmware version remains the same, there will be no changes.

Basically, this is all the user should know about. If the consequences do not scare you, you can safely proceed to the reset of the basic parameters.

Reset to factory settings

To find out why the TV reboots arbitrarily, you need to establish the cause of the software failure. Often the problem is precisely the incorrect user settings. Therefore, it is not an update of the operating system that is carried out, but a regular reboot and zeroing of the settings set by the user.

Consider a real example. Users prefer to install firmware updates automatically, which is actually a big mistake. Due to the use of this function, the TV starts to turn on abruptly in the middle of the night or reboot directly while watching your favorite movie, series. Attempts to return the default settings for sure will not succeed. The only way out of this situation is to reset the Samsung TV.

As noted earlier, the rollback to the default settings will directly depend on which TV model you use. Consider all possible scenarios and supplement them with step-by-step instructions.

D Series

As practice shows, rollback to the default settings on all Samsung TVs is approximately the same. The difference is only in the names of the menu items. We’ll now determine how to reset the settings on the Samsung D Series TV.

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First you need to open the TV section, then press the button on the remote control “Exit”. Hold this key for about 10 seconds. As a result, a new dialog box opens. The alert text indicates that all defaults will be restored. This applies to both the parameters of the TV itself and Smart TV. To start the reboot, click on the button “OK”.

First, experts strongly recommend updating Smart TV, if the error persists and the TV reboots arbitrarily, then reset the user settings.

Series K

Take the remote control and open the main menu, for this press the button “Menu”. Alternative option. Press the button on the remote control “Home”, and then on the TV screen, select the section “Settings”.

Select subsection “Support”, namely a team “Self-diagnosis”. In the list that appears, select “Reset“.

To confirm the return to the factory values, you need to enter a PIN code, by default it is 0000. After that, the TV will reboot itself.

J series

To reset the TV and restore the default settings, follow the step by step instructions:

  1. Take the remote control.
  2. Click on the button “Menu / 123”.
  3. In the menu that opens on the screen, select the section “Settings”.
  4. Go to tab “Support”.
  5. Click on command “Self-diagnosis”.
  6. From the proposed list you need to choose “Reset“.
  7. Enter your PIN and click yes.

The TV will reboot itself.

H series

You can reset the values ​​according to the same principle as on the Samsumg J series, open the settings, select “Self-diagnosis”,and then click “Reset”.

Before rebooting, the device will ask you to enter a PIN code to confirm the action.

F series

The settings on the TV are reset as in the H series in accordance with the following instructions:

  1. Click on the button “”, which is located in the lower left corner of the screen.
  2. Choose “Menu”.
  3. Section “Support”.
  4. Tab “Self-diagnosis”.
  5. Reset“.

The process of changing user parameters to factory settings is identical in all cases; only the name of the buttons on the remote control changes.

E Series

In order for the parameters to be automatically reset, you need to follow the same principle as in the step-by-step instructions for the J-series models.

  1. Take the remote control.
  2. Click on the button “Menu”.
  3. In the menu that opens on the screen, select the section “Settings”.
  4. Go to tab “Support”.
  5. Click on command “Self-diagnosis”.
  6. From the proposed list you need to choose “Reset”.
  7. Enter your PIN and click yes.

When you turn on, you will notice that the settings you set were erased.

M, Q and LS Series

  1. Push button “Home”.
  2. Choose a section “Menu”.
  3. Go to the subsection “Settings”.
  4. Switch to the tab “Support”.
  5. Choose a team “Self-diagnosis”, and then “Reset“.

Before you return to the default settings, you must specify a PIN.

Reset via Smart Hub

An alternative way to zero engineering parameters is Smart Hub. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Take the remote control and press the button Smart.
  2. In the appeared window of basic parameters select subsection “Reset“.
  3. As in the previous methods, to confirm the return to the factory settings, you need to enter PIN. 0000.
  4. When all actions are confirmed, click on “OK”, as a result, the television equipment will reboot.

After performing this procedure, all applications, programs and extensions will be deleted, and previously set values ​​will be reset. You will also have to create a new account.