How to reset the phone to the Huawei factory settings

The easiest way to drop Honor to factory settings

Smartphones users often ask how to drop Honor to factory settings, which buttons or menu items are used for these purposes, and in what sequence to act. The process itself will not take much time, but keep in mind that before doing work you need to prepare. Make a backup or transfer data to PC. Below, consider the instructions that are relevant for different devices. Honor 7a, Honor 10 and others.

In practice, reset to the Honor factory settings is an action aimed at removing all data from the phone. During the cleaning process, photographs, applications, music, mail, alarm and theme settings are deleted. In other words, all user settings are removed from the moment of the first inclusion to the reset of Honor to factory settings. After completing the work, the smartphone returns to the appearance that took place before the purchase. In this case, the version of the android and software, as a rule, does not return to the original level.

The need to reset the phone to factory settings arises in the following situations:

  • Problems in the work of a smartphone, slow loading, “brakes” when working in applications.
  • A long answer to user needs (longer than this happens in normal mode).
  • The inability to use certain functions of the apparatus.
  • Informing the owner of Honor about the shortage of free space. This despite the fact that the device’s memory is cleaned manually.
  • Involuntary shutdown or discharge from different applications.
  • The inability to save photos or videos made by a camera.
  • Self.Deleting files and t. D.

In these and a number of other cases, you need to discharge to factory settings using a menu or via Hard Reset.

What you need to know before reset to factory settings

Before making a smartphone rollback to factory settings, you need to take into account the following:

All data will be deleted from your smartphone: photos, videos, games, applications, files, etc. In other words, he will return to the state in which he was when buying.

In this regard, if there is such an opportunity, be sure to back up the data, then to restore it from a copy.

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If you use the Google account, then make sure that you know exactly its data, otherwise after reset you will not be able to enter the system.

If the reset is done before the sale of the phone, it is better to get out of the Google account at all.

Emergency reset

This is the most extreme method and it makes sense to use it only if the first two methods did not fit. The method is similar to the previous one, but the launch of the smartphone must be made by clamping both sound keys and inclusion. When you appear, release the sound key, continuing to hold both sound buttons until the reboot occurs.

If all these three methods could not help you, then it makes sense to think about flashing the smartphone, how to do this without resorting to the services of a specialist, is described in detail in the article “How to flash Huawei”.

You can ask a question to the masters from our service center by calling on the phone or writing your question on the feedback form.

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How to reset Huawei settings to factory

The EMUI operating system, like any other, over time can slow down a little. In such cases, the system reset helps to factory settings. Also, reset is necessary before the sale of your Huawei. How to do this, I’ll tell you now.

First you need to go to the “Settings” and select the “System” item at the very bottom of the list.

Next, find and click on the subparagraph “reset”.

Here the system will offer you several options to choose from: “Reset all the settings”, “Reset of the network settings” and “Reset of the phone”.

“Reset all the settings” will lead to dumping the settings of the Huawei smartphone itself, but at the same time will save all your data (photo, video, documents, etc. D.).

“Resetting of network settings” will lead to reset only Wi-Fi settings, mobile network and Bluetooth. Everything else will remain.

And the “phone reset” will lead to the complete discharge of the above and deleting all your data, including photos, videos, music, applications, etc. D. Such a reset is extremely useful if you want to sell your smartphone Huawei.

After you choose the right point, at the bottom of the page you should click on the settings reset button, whether it is the setting of the network, the phone or all the settings.

Then the system will ask you to enter a password from your Huawei phone if it is.

And once again it will give a warning where you need to click on “reset the phone settings” (the button will also change, depending on the settings of the reset of the initially selected).

After this, the settings will be successfully reset, and your Huawei device will be rebooted (in the case of resetting the network settings, the reboot is not required).

Data reset with buttons

The best option, if, for example, the sensor does not work and there is a suspicion that the problem will be solved by resetting data.

Turn off the smartphone by clicking on the shutdown button. On the screen click “Turning off”.

After turning off the smartphone, at the same time press on the inclusion and increased sound keys.

When the smartphone turns on, release the inclusion key, but hold the sound enlargement button until the recovery menu loads. The menu is downloaded. Using the sound control keys, select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset item and confirm the action by pressing the inclusion key.

On the next page, select Wipe Data/Factory Reset once again and, if necessary, enter the words Yes.

How to HARD RESET Huawei P30, Lite & Pro

Data reset will begin. Wait for the end. Then select Reboot System Now.

The smartphone will be rebooted as a new mode.

By the way, if you do not untie the device from the Google account, the next time the device is turned on after reset, you need to enter the password from it. Make sure remember the password.

How to drop Huawei to factory settings

Two basic methods are distinguished, allowing to restore the performance of the smartphone by reset. Through a conventional menu when the smartphone is turned on or using a recovery. Consider each of the solutions separately.

In the phone settings

A common option to reset Android settings to the factory on Huawei is to use the usual functionality. This method is used in a situation where the user has access to the menu, but the smartphone works incorrectly. After creating a backup, you can proceed directly to the reset.

The name of the menu items that allow you to reset the setting on Huawei to factory ones may vary slightly depending on the model. Here you already need to navigate yourself, taking into account the names. This moment, as a rule, does not cause difficulties among owners of smartphones.

Through Recovery

If the device has turned into a “log” and does not turn on, you can use a more rigid method. Hardware. This method of discarding Huawei on factory settings is also suitable if you forgot the password and there is no way to enter the usual menu. To “treat” the problems, take such steps:

  • Complete the phone. To do this, click on the shutdown button and wait 5-10 sec. If the Huawei has a removable battery, take it out, and insert it after a few seconds.
  • At the same time press the power buttons and reduction buttons. In the devices that have a central button, hold it together with the specified keys.
  • Wait for the appearance of Huawei inscriptions in English, and then release the power button. The rest should remain clamped.
  • Now go to the Wipe Data/Factory Reset item, click on the on/off button or the central key as confirmation of the operation, and then select Yes.
  • Wait for the completion of the reset and return process to the technical menu, and then select the Reboot System section.

Knowing how to drop Huawei to factory settings, you can always return the device to the original parameters. After completing the work, do not forget to return the data established earlier (if a backup is made).

Reset of settings on smartphones Huawei and Honor

Causeless brakes and freezes, inadequate operation of the sensor and sensors, stopping the load on the Huawei/Honor logo after an unsuccessful update and other problems can be solved without flashing the device, and by returning its settings to factory. About how to do this on smartphones, tablets Huawei and Honor and this article will tell.

Reset of settings will help get rid of causeless freezes and problems with loading.

The pumping process to the settings is automated and does not require any additional actions from the user except launching.

The procedure itself can be performed in 4 ways:


In order to prevent the phone from turning into “brick” and not lose important data, before starting the discharge, 3 actions need to be performed:

  • Charge the battery of the phone or tablet to 60-70%;
  • Make a backup with the help of the proprietary utility of Hisuite;
  • Manually delete Google and Huawei ID, if possible, or restore their login/password if they are forgotten.

In the latter case, after reset at the first launch, the system will require the login and password from these accounts to unlock the device.

  • Open “Settings” and go to the “Security and Privacy” section.
  • Enable the option “Allow Hisuite access to HDB”.
  • Connect a smartphone or tablet to a computer.
  • Open Hisuite and wait until the device model is automatically determined.
  • Click on “reserve”, select sections for copying.
  • Indicate the storage folder on the hard drive and click “Reserve”.
  • Agree or miss the creation of a password for the archive with a backup copy.
  • Wait for the completion of the procedure and complete it by pressing “ready”.

Hard Reset All Huawei 2019 | Remove Screen Lock/Pin/Pattern/Password/Finger Lock

In order to restore all the data from the created backup after the rollback: you need:

  • Copy the archive to the memory card.
  • Open “Settings” = “System” = “Reserve Copy and Restore” = “External Drumber” = “memory card/USB drive”.
  • Indicate the path to the backup on the flash card.
  • Click “restore” and then “ready”.

Standard reset of the system from the “Settings” menu

  • Launch “Settings” and go to “System”.
  • Select “Reset” and select the subparagraph “Restoration of factory settings”.
  • Confirm the start of the procedure and wait for its completion. Reloading the device.

Hard Reset or Reset from Recaver

  • Turn off the phone or tablet.
  • Set the power button and volume.
  • After the Huawei logo appears, release only the power button. Hold the volume key until the launch of the recovery.
  • Select Wipe All/Factory Reset in the menu opened menu. The volume keys are used for navigation, and to choose. Power.
  • Confirm the action by entering Yes in the field that appears.
  • Wait for the restart of the phone or tablet in the recovery. This will indicate the completion of the discharge.
  • Restart the device by choosing a reboot system.
reset, phone, huawei, factory, settings

Service code

This method is easier than the previous ones, since you only need to dial in the standard “Phone” Code: 2767 3855 # and click the “Call” button. Everything else will do the phone itself.

reset, phone, huawei, factory, settings

Reset from ProjectMenu

Set of combinations of numbers in the “Phone” application.

  • Open the standard application “Phone”.
  • Dial a combination # # # and press a “call”.
  • Select the Restore Factory item in the ProjectMenu opened.
  • Launch the discharge procedure and wait for the phone to restart.

Service codes

Some Huawei phones have hidden settings, access to which can be input in the telephone application input in the telephone.

    The first option is the so.Called ProjectMenu, in which the reset tool is available. You can open it like this: call the nomerum and enter the following sequence in it:

After entering the last symbol of the combination, the menu will open. Slip in it according to the “Restore Factory” item.

If an error appears, this means that the phone with Google services is connected to the corresponding account. To use this function, you will need to get out of it.

Open “Settings”, go to the “Users and Accounts” section, where slip through the “Google” version.

Select “Delete” and confirm the action.

Important! When entering this code, the system does not display any warnings!