How to reset the ASUS tablet to the factory settings

How to reset the settings on the tablet

Hard Reset in direct translation means a hard reboot. The user turns to this method of the rebut of the system in different cases. Basically, when the system hangs, the graphic key or password is forgotten. Now we will figure out how to make Hard Reset on the tablet, but before that we should recall that all personal data and personal settings will be destroyed. True, there are some types of tablets (even on Windows RT), which provide special storage facilities for the personal parameters of the user. So, in ASUS, this provides for “Flash Disc” technology (not to be confused with a flash drive or ordinary internal memory), but in HP. IPAQ File Store. Again, there are not many such devices.

So you have a reset button on the tablet. The lion’s share of people is considered to be the Hard Reset button. In fact, this is not so. Basically, its action boils down to the usual reloading of the gadget and very rarely to reset to factory settings. Over, the latter is not guaranteed to you. The tablet can simply go to dough mode. Still, you need to use it if you just have a tablet or as the first way to help. True, there is a small snag here. For three years, almost all manufacturers have abandoned it, based on the non.Practicality of its use. The task can be carried out with other buttons, so the removal of a separate button is not logical.

Reset button is always inside the device. A hole of 1-1.5 mm is provided for access to it. This was done to avoid random pressing. Do the “reset” when the device is included. Squeeze the button with a thin object (pin, toothpick) for 2-5 seconds.

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Methods of reset to factory settings

The first way is to reset in recovery mode. This approach is most relevant when your device cannot be turned on at all or you cannot unlock it. This is done as follows. The tablet should be turned off. To get into the recovery mode, you need to use a special key combination. Depending on the model of the gadget, this combination can be of different. Try the following options:

  • Squeeze the buttons to reduce the volume and turn on.
  • Squeeze the volume and turning on the buttons.
  • Squeeze both volume switch buttons with Power.
  • If these combinations have not worked, try to repeat each, additionally holding the “Home” button also pressed.

When you get into the recovery mode, go to the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” item. To move, use the volume change keys, the choice is made using the power button. In the newest models, sensory management may be available. Next, click “Yes. Delete All User Data”. By choosing this item, you confirm the complete removal of data from the memory of the tablet (alas, without it). And after that, click “Reboot System Now”. The cleaning and restart procedure will start, which will take about a minute. After that, you will receive a “clean” and a working tablet, as if you had just brought it from the store.

The second method is good if you have access to the tablet menu, then you can discharge directly through the settings. It is recommended to back up the device. Go to the settings menu and in the “Personal Data” section, select “Restoration and Reset”. Next, click “Set of settings”. On the next screen you will be warned about which data will be erased from the memory of the tablet. Slide on the “Reset Tablet PC” button, and then “erase everything”. Expect for some time until the procedure is completed. As a result, you will have a tablet completely ready for work in your hands.

The third way is the simplest and fastest. All that is needed is to enter a special code in the set of the phone number. This option, unfortunately, is not suitable for all devices. It all depends on the manufacturer. The following is a list of the most common codes that you can use:

Using these codes, you can quickly reset the tablet on Android to factory settings.

As you can verify, rolling up android devices to factory settings can be very simple and fast. The whole process will take you no more than five minutes, and as a result you will receive a “clean”, a correctly working tablet. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if this article helped you, share your own experience and tips for restoring smartphones and tablets on Android with other users, ask any questions of interest to the topic considered.

How to discharge

The reset of the settings of the device to the factory can be performed with two main methods:

At first glance, both methods lead to the same result. The return of the tablet to the original factory state. However, some malicious programs and system viruses have learned to bypass formatting through the menu, so if the user uses the Hard Reset function to remove unwanted files from the equipment, it is better to use the keyboard reset.

Despite this, we will consider both methods of performing the Hard Reset function.


Climb reset

At the end of the case of almost all tablets of tablets, there are special keys to control the device. Usually these are buttons for adjusting the volume of sound and blocking equipment. Using these keys, you can go to a special system menu of a portable computer.

The procedure for pressing the buttons will differ depending on the tablet developer. Next will be considered Hard Reset on specific models of portable devices. The key combinations are usually used:

  • Decrease in the volume and button of the lock;
  • Sound increase and lock button;
  • Two volume control buttons and lock key;
  • One of the keys to volume control, lock and “home” button.

Click these combinations while turning on the portable device. A special system menu will appear on the working screen of the tablet.

In it it will be necessary to start the Hard Reset function, but it is better to consider the transition to it separately for each tablet, due to different approaches of the equipment developers.

Through the menu

The settings discharge function through the menu are present on all tablets operating on the Android operating system. However, depending on the version of the OS of the device, the way to launch the return of equipment to factory parameters will differ and.

For the Android version below 8.1 path to activation of the discharge is as follows:

  • First you need to go into the main settings of the tablet.
  • Go to the “Restoration and Reset” tab.
  • Click on the “reset of settings”.
  • Confirm the actions by choosing the tab “Reset the tablet settings”.
  • The last action is to click on “erase everything”.

If the equipment is based on an OS from Google.-android, while the version is better than 8.1, then the procedure will be slightly different:

  • We go to the tablet settings section.
  • Find the System tab.
  • Choosing the “Reset” function.
  • Click on the tab “drop to factory settings”.

If all actions were performed correctly, the system of the portable device is rebooted, and after it the tablet will turn on, returned to the original state.

How to reset ASUS to factory using service codes?

The last method of reset to the basic settings is the fastest. It is often used by employees of warranty centers and repair workshops. Actually, its implementation will require knowledge of service codes.

To enter the code, you will need to go to the phone mode. Then, dial a team on the digital keyboard and press the call key. If everything is done correctly, the smartphone will reboot and proceed to the discharge.

Reset of settings on the Android tablet by Soft Reset

Reset software is considered a soft way to reset settings. To reset the settings, you must go to the settings menu. Then select the recovery and reset point. After selecting the reset point. Return to factory settings and deleting all data from the span phone.

It is also recommended to clean the flash drive, as it can be viruses on it. If there are the necessary files on the flash drive, you need to save them, for example, on PC.

How to reset the ASUS router settings to factory: methods, instructions

To reset the settings on the ASUS router is obtained independently and is performed almost in the same way as on other routers. But in the ASUS devices you need to know some subtleties to avoid new problems. The article considers and instructs how to reset the configurations of ASUS routers, and also describes possible problems and their solutions.

Attention! Reset to factory settings will delete all data on the previous router configuration. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain existing parameters for the discharge and restoration.

Reset through the web-intake

The reset of settings on ASUS routers is more convenient to do via a Web-integer created by the manufacturer to control the device. The modem is connected both via Wi-Fi networks and by LAN. What you need to do step by step:

  • Enter the IP address of the device into the address bar of the browser. Standard address or 192.168.One.1 if the first does not work.
  • Pass authorization in the opening window. By default, login and password on the router. Admin. Values ​​are recorded on the ASUS case, and IP address.
  • In the “Additional Settings” section, select “Administration”. Next, go to the “Settings Management” tab, click on “Restore” opposite the Factory Settings field.

After reset, you should begin to change the parameters of the router.

Hardware return to factory settings (Reset)

When the login/password is lost or there is no access to some reason, there is a chance to reset the parameters directly. To do this, you need to turn the back of the case. Reset or Restore button-ASUS is a special icon-with a single press, it is responsible for turning on/off Wi-Fi. When clamping, it will drop the modem parameters to factory. In some ASUS models, the Reset and WPS buttons are separate. To make a return to factory settings, you need:

  • Connect ASUS to power, without it, the device is not able to reset configurations.
  • Press and hold Reset for 10-20 seconds until the WPS indicator on the front panel blows. It is better to use an emergency item for clamping and press the button carefully. In case of failure of the button, to lose the configuration will no longer be possible.
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ASUS will reboot, reset the password and login to the web-intese and the restoration of factory settings. This will take half a minute or a minute for this. After we managed to reset the parameters, begin to change the router configuration and configure the Internet connection.

Possible problems

Sometimes, in the process of resetting settings, different problems arise that put the user into a dead end:

It is not possible to open the Web-Inteatece page

If the user introduced the IP address into the browser, and the page was unavailable, you can solve this problem as follows:

  • First of all, you need to find out if receiving IP works when connecting. By default, receipt should be automatic.
  • Perhaps there is no connection with the modem due to an incorrectly connected, damaged cable or nest. To solve this problem, it is recommended to use another browser. And also check the correctness of the introduced IP address with what is written on the case. Make sure of the router connecting to the mains, turn off the antivirus and firewall (they can block the page), restart the computer and the ASUS router.
  • On a computer with Windows 10, use the “control panel”, go to the “Network” setting tab, there will be a router icon. Double pressing it or clicking with the right mouse button, the choice of the “View web page View” tab will open the authorization window in the browser.

Enters the authorization page, but the wrong login/password

In this case, you just need to drop the login and password hardware according to the instructions described above.

How to reset the tablet to factory using service codes?

The last method of reset to the basic settings is the fastest. It is often used by employees of warranty centers and repair workshops. Actually, its implementation will require knowledge of service codes.

To enter the code, you will need to go to the phone mode. Then, dial a team on the digital keyboard and press the call key. If everything is done correctly, the smartphone will reboot and proceed to the discharge.

Ways to discharge settings

Four different options are known:

Reset the settings via recovery

This option is suitable for those whose device does not want to respond to an attempt to turn on or hangs on the logo that appears during the initial auto.Loading of the logo. You can also use it with a forgotten password or shape of the column.

In order to indicate access to the recovery mode, with an absolutely disabled tablet, hold a certain button combination at once. It is different for different models:

Hard Reset ASUS Memo Pad 10 “- HardReset.Cz

  • The most commonly encountered is “volume down” (Power)
  • When working with LG, the previous order is used, but when displaying the logo, the Power button needs to be released and pressed again
  • The Samsung buttons “Power”, “Home” and additionally “Volume Up” are simultaneously pressed and retained
  • If the Samsung does not have the “home” key, then the “power” and “increase in volume” buttons are clamped together, and when the logo appears, the Power button is released
  • On some Sony Xperia, you need to click “Volume Up” plus “Volume Down” and in addition “Power”.

In general, the following options are used to enter the Recovery mode:

  • “Power” with “Volume Up” plus “Home”
  • Power on, home “Home” at the same time as the VOLUME UP button
  • With the combination of the VOLUME UP button with the power button “Power”
  • VOLUME UP button with the VOLUME Down button.

In any version, these keys must be kept before displaying the recovery menu we need (this is about 5-15 seconds).

The shoeing inside the Recovery Mole is produced by volume keys down and upwards or sensory control, as usual. To confirm the choice, press the power button or on the touch screen menu key.

You can reset the settings to factory through recovery in several ways

After the section “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” (either “Clear EMMC” or Clear Flash), you need to click on it, and then confirm by pressing the “Yes”. The data removal procedure will begin, after which we select a system reboot. “Reboot System Now”.

Reset the settings through the menu

This option will take place in those who can approach the “Settings” section in the system.

For Android 4 devices.0 Search algorithm is as follows: from the “menu” we move to “Settings”, then “Restoration and Reset”.

The first thing to do is to find a discharge point that can be called differently

Accordingly, for Samsung: from the “menu” we move to “Settings (General)”, then to “Archives and Reset” or “Archives and Reset”, possibly “Confidentiality”.

If you have a samsung device, then you need to look for the name “Archives and Reset”

For Huawei models: Settings/Extended settings/restoration and discharge.

  • The second step. Accordingly, for different models, we find the item “Reset of the settings” or “Database” or “Reset of the device”.
  • The third step. After choosing a reset for data settings or device (see. The previous step) the system will warn about the deletion of existing data, accounts (with their transfer), as well as request confirmation of the chosen action. In response to subsequent confirmation, the system will re.Ask about your desire. And only after the secondary command, the data will be deleted and reboot will begin.

Reset the settings through the phone application

Another simple way in which there is no special skills of skills in finding discharge points.

To implement it, you need to go to the dialer (the “phone” application) and using the buttons of set of the phone number we enter one of the codes:

The result will be the beginning of the data discharge process. All information from the tablet will be deleted.

In addition, we say that there is a special “Secret Codes” application, which allows the user to access the secret functions of the installed applications, and also provides access to secret codes for the device.

Link for downloading the utility “Secret Codes”. Https: // Play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = FR.Simon.Marquis.Secretcodeshl = ru.

Secret Codes Special application allows you to open access to the secret application of applications to the user

Restore the settings with a special button

Sometimes on the devices there is still a separate button for reset. It is performed in the form of a small hole, it seems to be like a “toothpick”. Most often, it is enough to press a thin object on it.

Now you know how to install factory settings on the tablet and fully cope with this. Do not forget to save your data before making the recovery of settings. Share the experience with your friends in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.