How to Reset Settings on Samsung A3

How to Reset Settings on Samsung A3

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A3

Like any other surprise that may happen at the wrong time, a gadget that has blocked causes its owner not the most pleasant emotions. However, it is important to understand that the block is a serious answer that the electronic organism gives out for no reason. If an antivirus is not installed on the gadget, then picking up something harmful from the Internet is as easy as shelling pears. Plus, users often do not show much pickiness in the software, installing various dubious programs. Plus, it also happens that certain software elements simply conflict with each other. It happens that the most banal and simple thing becomes the reason for blocking: a forgotten Galaxy A3 graphic key or password that was entered “at random”. Several such attempts may result in a device failure. Then only such a thing as a hard reset Galaxy A3 can unlock the device. So specialized portals or advanced users call resetting, which is an unsafe procedure. Of course, you may not fully understand what dumping is. However, everyone who owns electronics knows what formatting is. The rigidity of the actions here will be similar.

Hard reset Galaxy A3 kills all user information, content, contacts, software, games, multimedia and all other entertainment. There will be nothing left. Therefore, do not rush to start returning your gadget to its original factory settings when you did not make any copies.

As a rule, an information reserve is created using portable media. These can be flash cards with a large amount of memory, USB hard drives with a large capacity, a stationary machine. However, they are not always available and free. While file storages on the Internet are always available, and there are a huge number of them: Apple cloud, Samsung. DropBox, Yandex drive. You can safely store a backup copy of your information there.
Now let’s get down to the immediate algorithm.

The first way to hard reset Samsung Galaxy A3:

We start work from the “Settings” directory;
Here we find such an action as “Backup, reset.” It should be located in the general list.
An additional window opens, which will be called “Reset All Settings.”
There will be a functionReset Device”.
At the end, you need to run the action “Delete all”. As a result, you will get an almost completely updated device that is ready to work again.

Another method that is deemed more stringent may also be necessary. Therefore, you need to carefully study what is written in the instructions below, so as not to make mistakes in the presses, and not to resort to pressing the keys clearly in turn. Otherwise, you may not achieve a hard reset.

The second way is hard reset Samsung Galaxy A3. It may be useful in case of a forgotten pattern.

Disconnect the device. You can do this forcibly by removing the battery and returning it.
Press and hold three keys: “Volume”, “Turn on”, and also “Home” (center key).

The Android logo has appeared, you can expand the buttons and wait until the “Android system recovery” directory appears.
Here you need to select the action “wipe data / factory reset”, which must be activated by the power button.

After there should be an action “Yes. delete all user data” and its activation.

The final touch is to select “reboot system now” from the directory that appears. This will be the final reboot. The reset is complete, the Samsung Galaxy A3 is reset to factory settings and is ready for use again.