How To Reset Settings From Samsung

Factory reset via phone hardware keys

This “zeroing” method will help if

  • Android OS won’t start,
  • Locked screen of Samsung device,
  • No access to settings.

So, in order to reset the settings without loading the Android OS,

  1. Turn on your mobile device by pressing the hardware Power button. It is usually located on the side or top.
  2. Press the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons at the same time. If there is no Home button, just hold down the other two buttons. If you have a Bixby button, you must also press it.
  3. Release the Power button as soon as Samsung Galaxy appears on the device screen
  4. Hold the rest of the buttons for another 15 seconds until Recovery appears.
  5. If there is no Recovery label, repeat the previous steps, holding the buttons for a longer time.
  6. Use the Volume Down button to navigate the menus. Find Factory Reset.
  7. Click on Factory Reset by pressing the power button.
  8. Press the volume down key to confirm the deletion (Yes).
  9. Pressing Power, restart the device.

How To Reset Settings From Samsung

After these steps, the data will be reset to Samsung.

Locking the phone after Hard Reset: what to do

Starting with Android 5.1, theft protection. Google FRP is activated on Samsung mobile devices. It works as follows:. When you perform a data reset without first deleting your Google account, the device is locked.

Let’s say you rolled your phone back to factory settings, forgot to delete your account data. And when you turn it on, the phone asks you to enter the login data that was entered before the reset. In this case, there are two solutions:

  1. Enter the correct username / password to enter your account
  2. Contact the service with documents that confirm that you bought the device.

In the absence of a coupon, check, agreement, you will be denied unblocking. Therefore, be careful and strictly follow the instructions when performing a hard reset.

How to safely reset Samsung Galaxy to factory settings (hard reset)

Step by step instructions on how to perform a hard reset on Samsung Galaxy mobile phones and tablets: J3, J5, J6, J7, S8, A5, DUOS, Galaxy Tab.

Resetting data, or hard reset. Deleting the recorded data from the phone. All messages, contact phone numbers, photos, music, audio, mail settings are deleted. In this case, the tablet / phone “rolls back” to the factory (that is, the original) state.

Resetting the settings helps when problems arise that cannot be eliminated by other means, for example:

  • If no applications are installed,
  • The device does not work correctly,
  • There are errors in Android after flashing.

It makes sense to hard reset before selling or transferring to another user. This way you are guaranteed to delete all confidential data.

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Preparing for a factory reset

Before doing a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy, please back up any data that is important to you, because it will be erased.

Be sure to delete the Google user profile. Otherwise, after a hard reset, the device will ask for a login password. If you (or the new owner) are unable to enter them, the Android download will fail. How to do this, read the link:

As a last resort, you can unlock the device in the Samsung branded service, but you need to have documents with you that confirm that you are its buyer.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Deleted account. The phone was reset to factory settings. After that, languages ​​disappeared, including Russian and Ukrainian. How can I get them back?

Go to Settings Language Input (respectively in English). If the Russian language is not found, on look for the firmware for Samsung Galaxy A5 and update the device manually. How to do this, again, check the Galaxy A5 forum thread.

I reset my Samsung Galaxy j6 to factory settings, now I can’t update Android. He dropped to 7.0. Very uncomfortable. How to return?

Try updating through Samsung Smart Switch. You cannot download directly on the Samsung website, however, on you can find firmware files and update the device manually.

Reset settings on Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. Restored my Google account after reset but lost access to the Google Authenticator app.

For information on how to restore Google Authenticator, see the article:

If the instructions do not help, contact Google support: Help Contact Google.

After the official update over the air, the phone on Android 8 became very discharged. Especially after a reboot.

Leaving the old version of Android is unsafe and pointless. The phone will be vulnerable to most current viruses.

  1. Pay attention to the information in the article, which lists the reasons for the rapid discharge of the battery.
  2. Analyze through the Android settings which processes consume battery power: perhaps it is a virus or a poorly optimized application.

I changed my phone. On the former phone, I reset the settings and switched to a new one. When I entered my cloud on mail.Ru there was not a single photo and.

  1. Check the contents of the Trash in the Mail.Ru cloud.
  2. Next, go to the sync settings and check if it’s enabled.
  3. It is also possible that the photos are stored on a PC. Try copying them to the cloud.
  4. If the photos were stored on a memory card, you can try to restore them using the Photorec program.

If I reset the settings to the factory settings, will I have a flash drive that is formatted only on my phone?

Yes, it will. If the flash drive is encrypted, then it can only be decrypted on your device. If we are talking about the file system of the sd card, then it can be selected in the application settings, for example, SD Formatter or in the standard formatter.

Factory reset via menu

1. Open the Android menu, and select “Settings”. “General”.

2. You need the option “Archive”, “Reset” or “Privacy”. The names are used differently, depending on the version of Android.

3. In the “Data Reset” section, click the “Reset” button to perform a Hard Reset.

4. The tablet / phone will restart automatically.

Everything, factory reset completed, data deleted.

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10. How to remove the pattern on Samsung phones using “Find My Mobile”

Owners of smartphones of the most popular brand have the ability to unlock the device if the Internet is turned on and a Samsung account is added. You need to go to, click “Login” and enter your login and password.

After detecting your tablet, Samsung phone, on the side in the options, click “Unlock”, then again “Unlock” in the pop-up window, and re-enter the password.

Done. A notification will appear in the Android curtain about removing the key or pin from the screen.

14. Backup PIN on LG

When installing a screen lock on LG, you need to set a backup PIN-code, which can be entered instead of a pattern or password, and unlock the phone.

To do this, draw the wrong graphic pattern until the message about blocked input for 30 seconds appears. Click “OK”, at the bottom select “Forgot your pattern?”, Enter your PIN and click “OK”.

11. Additional PIN-code on Samsung

On Samsung phones running Android 5.0 and below, when setting a picture, you need to set an additional PIN-code. And if you forgot the pattern, but remember the PIN, you can enter it and unlock your smartphone.

Draw any wrong pattern until the message appears that you can try again only after 30 seconds.

Then wait half a minute and click on the “Additional PIN” button in the lower right corner. Enter PIN and click “OK”.

The lock on the phone will be completely removed.

6. How to remove graphic lock via TWRP Recovery

TWRP Recovery has a file manager. Through it, files that display a password or a pattern are deleted, without installing Aroma File Manager. To do this, put your mobile gadget into recovery mode (see the previous method) and open “Advanced”.

Then click “File Manager”.

Go to the / data / system / folder and delete the following files:

  • “Gatekeeper.Password.Key” (in older Android versions the file is called “password.Key”)
  • “Gatekeeper.Pattern.Key” (in older firmware. “gesture.Key”)
  • “Locksettings.Db”
  • “Locksettings.Db-wal”
  • “Locksettings.Db-shm”

Tap on one of the files and select “Delete” in the list that appears.

Swipe right to confirm.

Then click “Back” and follow the same steps with the remaining files.

To reboot Android, go back to the main menu and select “Reboot” → “System”.

Method 1. Enter your Google account details

Working way for devices running Android 4.4 and below. Starting with Android 5.0, this option has been removed from many firmwares. But not all manufacturers did this, so check if it works for you or not.

When your phone or tablet is connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi, you just need to enter your e-mail and password to remove the lock. To do this, enter the pattern incorrectly 5-10 times, after which a warning will pop up about blocking the device for 30 seconds.

The button “Forgot your pattern?” Will appear on the screen, by clicking on which you can enter your data and unlock the device.

If you forgot your account password, you will have to restore it. Go to this page from a working gadget or PC.

Please note that this method requires mandatory access to the Internet. Therefore, open the quick settings panel by swiping down (the “curtain” can be opened directly from the lock screen on Android 5.0 Lollipop and newer) and turn on mobile data or Wi-Fi. The device will connect to the access point if it worked in this network before.

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13.How to remove the unlock key on Huawei and Honor: backup PIN

On Huawei and Honor, in addition to the pattern, a backup PIN is used. Therefore, to unlock the device, you need to draw the pattern incorrectly 5 times, and the message will appear on the display: “Please try again in 1 minute.” Wait 60 seconds for the “Backup PIN” button in the lower right corner to become active. Click on it, enter the PIN and the unlock key will be instantly reset.

Reset settings to Samsung

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Last updated: 30/09/2018

Do you have a Samsung smartphone and have you decided to sell or give it away for use? Or is the phone system clogged so much that the usual optimization does not work? In this case, it is worth resetting the settings to the factory state. What is it when you need to reset and detailed instructions on how to reset the settings on Samsung, we will consider in detail in this material.

What is a factory reset

Factory reset refers to the process by which the smartphone returns to its original state, as after leaving the assembly line or immediately after purchase. Installed apps and other user information on the internal storage will be erased. In this article

When to reset to factory state

Resetting allows you to quickly clear existing data, which is difficult or impossible to do manually. This is convenient when you need to prepare the device for sale or transfer to another owner. Another reset allows you to undo irreversible interference in the system, as well as remove unwanted consequences. In addition, full cleaning will speed up the mobile device by removing many of the resulting temporary files. Cache.

Full cleaning is an effective way to remove viruses and malware that cannot be removed by antivirus software. Exception. The virus is in the system application.

Instructions on how to restore factory settings from the system settings menu

  1. Go to smartphone settings. Options.
  2. Open the backup section and then “Backup and reset”.
  3. Check the box to reset to factory settings.
  4. Then confirm the action and enter the PIN code.
  5. Confirm the action again and wait for the phone to reset the settings.

How to reset settings on a Samsung: 2 ways

Cleaning is done in two ways:

  1. From the recovery menu.
  2. From the system settings menu.

Reset from the recovery menu, performed before the operating system boots, which is important when the device does not start, or does not allow entering the settings.

Cleaning up from system preferences is easier, making it easy for any novice user to do. In this case, you need to get to the corresponding section, which requires a working operating system.

Instructions for resetting settings from the recovery menu

  1. Power off your smartphone.
  2. Hold the “Volume Up”, “Home” and “Power” buttons until the smartphone starts.
  3. In the list of commands that appears, select the line “wipe data / factory reset“. To scroll, use the volume buttons, to confirm the action. The power button.
  4. In the next window go to the line “Yes. Delete all user data”.
  5. After cleaning, click the line “reboot system now” to restart and start the OS.

As a result, you will receive the phone in the same condition as immediately after purchase. All data will be deleted.