How to reset Samsung a50

USB debugging

The subsequent method will work if USB debugging has been enabled on the device in advance. Download the ADB Run program on your PC and install it.

  • Connect your device to your PC. The interface of the program is simple and straightforward.
  • Only one command is useful for you, press the number 6 on the keyboard. Unlock Gesture Key.
  • The device will reboot and a new password will be required on the lock display.

The method also works not with all phones.


This method will work for all phone models. you completely uninstall the operating system and install the latest version of the OS. Naturally, all data from the phone will be deleted. But in Android versions higher than 4.4, you can’t do without a Google account, but you don’t need to enter a pattern.

You can reflash your phone without the help of others.

  • A USB cable comes in handy for this.
  • Firmware for your phone: custom or global version (depending on which version you have installed).
  • Firmware and proper drivers.
  • Also, some knowledge so as not to transform the phone into an expensive brick.

If you are an inexperienced user and have not yet tried to flash phones without the help of others, you should leave this to a specialist.

Unlocking with a discharged battery

You can remove the unlock pattern if you forgot the password on the phone through the power management system. Because you can unlock Android using this method only on old phones with Android OS, you don’t have to try with modern accessories. Such security holes have long been fixed in new firmware. Owners of old phones will be happy. the method is usual.

  • Wait for your device to run out.
  • When the low battery message appears less than 10%. enter the power management options.
  • From there in security options and disable password.

How to unlock your phone if you forgot your password, PIN or pattern

Panic aside. These actions will help you unlock your Android and iOS device.

How to unlock a Sony Ericsson phone?

In the case of phones from this manufacturer, there are two possible unlocking methods: using the cable that came with the phone and using a special service cable. For the second option You will also need additional software (SEMCtool_v8.4 or TMS 2.45 program). If you plan to use the supplied cable, you will need the WotanClient program, which, unfortunately, is not free. There are also some phone models that can be used with the DaVinci client.

Service center

If you have tried all the methods of how to unlock the phone screen, if you forgot the password, but nothing helped and you still have a warranty card and a receipt after purchasing the device, then you can take your own phone to the service center and they will help you there. This pleasure will cost a certain amount, but you will save the data on your phone. Another flaw. it may take some time.

How to Unlock Samsung Phone?

The phones of this manufacturer are also equipped with an access blocking function using a special security code, which you can simply forget If you have such a case (well, or someone else has blocked your phone, anything can happen) and you do not understand how to unlock the phone, then install for yourself on your computer a program with the title Samsung @ home 9.41. With its help, you can simply cope with this problem. The functionality of this utility is quite simple, and you can easily figure out its options without much effort.

Unlock Samsung with an additional pin code

The exclusive method for unlocking the screen for Samsung phones, if you forgot your password, is the introduction of an additional PIN-code. When installing a pattern as a lock, the owner must also set an additional pin code.

Enter the incorrect unlock combination 5 times. After the message about the repeat of the sample appears after 30 seconds, select the “Additional PIN-code” option at the bottom of the screen.

Enter the pin code that you set when setting up the screen lock. Click OK. The screen lock will be unlocked.

As you can see, there is no reason to despair if you suddenly forgot the password from your own phone and do not understand how to get back access to all fundamental data. You can choose any of the solutions listed above. each method will return control over the phone to you within a few minutes. Share your favorite methods in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, also suggest your own!

Update 2020-05-15 / Update for Unlock Android Phone

Preparing your phone for a factory reset

Before making a hard reset Samsung, you need to save all the important information that is on it, otherwise you will simply lose them.

Also, I would advise be sure to delete the Google profile from the device, which is on it. The whole point here is that the latest versions of Android use a new security system aimed at preventing theft of devices. If you reset the Samsung A50 settings without unlinking your Google account, then after that it will require you to enter a password. If you forget it, it will be a disaster. the phone will not be able to boot into normal mode. Only the service center can help, and then only after the presentation of documents confirming the purchase.

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Factory reset via One UI

The easiest way to “zero” a smartphone to the factory state, for example, before selling, is to use the method built into the Samsung One UI proprietary shell. This is done like this:

Open the smartphone settings, go to the “General settings” “Reset” “Reset data”:

In the last menu we find the “Reset” button and press it. After that, the smartphone will once again ask if we are sure of our actions and if we really want to fulfill our plans. We agree and wait. The whole procedure takes on average 10-15 minutes.

How to factory reset Samsung A50

In the life of almost any modern person at least once, but there is a need to reset the smartphone to factory settings. The reasons are completely different. the device may malfunction or it needs to be prepared for sale. Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy A50 can be done by absolutely any of you. for this you do not need any specific knowledge, everything is simple and accessible. I will show you two ways to reset the Samsung A50 phone settings, which the manufacturer provides to us. through the operating system or using the engineering menu. Drove!

Wipe data on Samsung

This method will help you to reset Samsung A50 to factory settings in cases where the phone does not boot into normal working state. For example, after trying to get Root or installing some “crooked” application. The so-called “Vipe” can help in this case. It runs like this:

First of all, you need to go to the engineering menu. To do this, turn off your smartphone completely. Then press the volume down button and the power button at the same time. You need to hold for about 7-10 seconds. First, the logo will light up and as soon as the screen goes out, you can release the buttons.

Next, the engineering menu of the Samsung A50 should appear. You can navigate the menu using the volume buttons. We need to select the Wipe data / factory reset item and click on the power button to enter the section:

In the next menu, select the Yes item and again confirm the selection with the “Power” button.

The screen should blink black and after that you will be back in the main menu. Now you need to select the Reboot system now item to reboot the device.

Samsung galaxy A50 Hard Reset & Unlock Pattern|| 100% Working

Then you can put your Samsung Galaxy A50 on the table and go drink tea. for the next 10 minutes it will reinstall the system and erase old data. Good luck!

Second way

If your gadget hangs at the boot stage, you can use the “hard reset” through the system menu. To do this, you need to do the following.

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press three buttons on the device at the same time. “power”, “sound up” and “home” (center button on the panel). In some cases, you don’t need to press the third button.
  • After the gadget starts up and the “Samsung” logo appears, release the power button, but continue to hold the rest.
  • If the menu does not appear, then try another key combination.
  • In the Recovery menu, use the volume buttons to control the pointer and find the item Wipe Data or Factory reset.
  • Use the power button to confirm.
  • Click Yes to confirm.
  • In this case, the device will not turn off. After deleting the data, you will be returned to the main menu, where you will have to select the Reboot system now item.

Account deleting

Despite the fact that we are considering the question of how to reset the settings on “Samsung” in a quick way, there are a few things that need to be done manually. As we found out above, in order for the data to be completely cleared, on “Android” version 5.1, you need to manually demolish the “Google” account. How to do it?

  • Go to the settings in a way that is already known to you.
  • Next, you need the “Cloud.” Some models may not have it.
  • Then you need “Accounts”.
  • Choosing a Google account.
  • Press the “Menu” button of the phone or “Options” on the screen.
  • Tap “Delete Account”.

You can now delete your Samsung phone settings. How exactly to do this, we will describe below.

Remote reset

If you have lost your gadget and do not want someone to use your data, you can remotely wipe your phone. This option is also possible. But only on condition that the gadget remains turned on and with an active Internet.

  • Go to the main page of “Google” and log into your account.
  • Then open the app drawer and click “My Account”.
  • Next, you need to select “Phone search”. Despite the name, tablets are also easily detected.
  • Select the desired device and select “Delete all data”.

After that, you will need to re-enter your account password. If double authorization is enabled, instead of SMS, you can send a confirmation letter to your mail.

How do I reset the settings on “Samsung” to factory settings? Instructions

When using any technique, people often have various problems, because of which they involuntarily want to rewind time and not make this or that mistake. Fortunately, this does not apply to mobile gadgets. Knowing how to reset the settings on “Samsung”, you can roll back all changes to the basic (factory) settings and start using your phone or tablet from scratch.

Important information

Before resetting the settings to “Samsung”, be sure to check the version of your operating system (“Android”). The fact is that starting from version 5.1 “Google” has implemented an anti-theft system in its product. It lies in the fact that if the user does not delete his Google account in advance, then after returning to the basic configuration he will not be able to turn on the device until he enters the old data.

  • Turn on the device and go to the main menu.
  • Then you need to go to “Settings”.
  • Now we are interested in the “About device” tab
  • Scroll down the screen and find the line with the version of “Android”.


What else needs to be done before resetting “Samsung” to factory settings? Synchronize your contacts first.

  • Go to phone settings and select Google account.
  • Then specify “Sync”.
  • Synchronize all the data you need. This way you can restore all contacts and files on another device.

Before you restore the factory settings of “Samsung Galaxy”, you can reset all data from the flash drive to the corporate cloud. This operation is carried out all in the same tab of the “Cloud and accounts” settings. If you do not have access to the Samsung cloud, you can use Yandex.Disk or Google Drive. Remember that if you use data encryption for a flash drive, then when you reset to factory settings, “Samsung” will delete the passkey (decryptor) and the data will become inaccessible. So be sure to copy them to the cloud.

In addition to the above method, you can also use backup and restore. This method will also require you to be connected to the Internet and is no different from cloud storage.

The first way

So, we finally got to the method of how to reset “Samsung” to factory settings. There are two ways to solve this problem.

  • Turn on your phone.
  • Enter device settings.
  • Next, you need either “General”, or immediately the “Archive and reset” item. In rare cases, it can be “Confidentiality”.
  • After that select, respectively, “Reset device”. Item description may differ depending on phone firmware.
  • Next, you need to click “Delete all” or “Reset device”.
  • After that, the gadget will restart. As with the first startup of any device, it may take a little longer than usual.

Thus, you can easily delete all your data and fix a number of software errors.

The phone does not turn on

Now you know how to reset Samsung. If your device won’t start after a data reset, try the following tips.

  • Reflash your phone. If you are confident in your abilities, you can do it yourself using a computer. Or take it to the service.
  • Discharge your phone to zero and then charge to 100%.
  • The simplest and most technical bugs can be solved jointly on various technical forums.
  • If all else fails, contact the service center. It will be better if you do this before any serious manipulations with the gadget, since independent attempts to solve problems can lead to a denial of free service and void the warranty.

First way to factory reset Samsung a50

The first way is through internal settings and you can do it in different ways. It seems to me the easiest way is through searching.

To do this, open the settings and write in the search “Reset”. You will see several options for issuing, I recommend clicking on the second item.

There will also be more than one option. The most advanced, everything is completely like from the factory, this is not only resetting user settings, but also data.

The decision is yours, since I do not know the essence of your problems or desires. I showed the coolest option with the arrows in the picture above, although there is a less strong one (with the data saved, the first point).

Second way to factory reset Samsung Galaxy a50

Method 2- with buttons and it is not exclusively with the loss of your data, take care of them, then turn off your Samsung a50, complete shutdown be sure.

Next, press the power supply and make the sound louder at the same time. Hear the vibration or see the logo all let go.

NOTE: if the image of the android robot pops up with the inscription “No command”, you need to click on the screen.

The OSD menu appears. Use “make it quieter” to move (highlight) “wipe data factory reset” and tap “Enable” to select.

Then, in the same way, select “YES” or “Yes delete all user data”, wait until everything is over, select the line “reboot system now” and wait for inclusion.

ways to reset Samsung a50 to factory settings

Resetting Samsung a50 to factory settings is necessary if you want to sell or work as it was at the time of purchase.

Sometimes you just need to get rid of all your personal data from your phone, then this is a good way to clean it.

This option allows you to restore the phone to its original state no photos, no personal documents, nothing that you had.

NOTE: if you decide to return all factory settings, then the data collected during use, including information about the progress of the game, will be deleted, so take care of them, otherwise they will be lost forever.

The third way to restore factory settings on Samsung a50

The third method is through the Find My Mobile service, which allows you to remotely track your phone.

The reset procedure with Find My Mobile is very simple, just at the beginning it is important to make sure that you have configured it.

You will not be able to use the Find My Mobile service if you have not activated it on the device before the procedure.

If the service is activated, then you need to enter the official Samsung website with the same data and select reset. Happy reset!

How to reset google account on Samsung a50

Google account allows you to install applications from the market, so it is usually required to create one for everyone.

Without it, your Samsung a50 phone loses many of its capabilities, only it can create problems if you forgot your password.

In most cases, this happens after a factory reset, as Android 9 has built-in FRP protection, a new security method aimed at protecting our data in the event of a phone loss or theft.

You can easily delete your Google account by having access to the settings, but after resetting it is not. How to get around?

On older versions of Android, this prohibition was removed easily, now everything is more complicated. If you get ROOT rights, then in the data / system directory you can delete account.db.

You most likely do not have such rights, but there is a solution for a non-rooted Samsung a50. You do not need to contact the service for help.

Reset Google account Samsung a50 after reset

It sounds a bit absurd, but more than half of people with such problems do not remember the password of their Google account, as a result, they are looking for a way to unblock it.

So I decided to help them. I will demonstrate how to quickly / easily delete a Google account after starting with factory settings.

The aforementioned factory reset lock requires you to provide the account password that was previously registered on your Samsung a50. on your a20 phone | a30 | a40 | a60 | a70 | a80 | a90 to get rid of Google in this way, you can also.

It should be added that in order to avoid such situations in the future, you must first delete all accounts from the phone before resetting.

If you forget to do this, then later you should expect a request for a password to the account, but if this has already happened, then go here to download a special application (there is also an instruction there).

You will need to install the application from the link on another phone, so take care of it.

After that, it is sent from it to your SMS, only not a simple one, but with the authority of the operator and with a link to YouTube.

Therefore, the Internet must be. Further, after logging in to YouTube, you will have the opportunity to open the parameters and calmly delete your Google account.

From now on, you can start setting up your phone without locking Factory Reset Protection.

There are other workarounds, only unfortunately Google is constantly applying fixes to fix any vulnerabilities that could lead to FRP being removed, so the old ones no longer work on newer models.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment. I will always be happy to help. Success.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A50 Phone from Settings Menu?

Attention! Because of FRP (Factory Reset Protection, that is, protection against reset), Android will ask you to enter your account login and password, which was assigned before the Hard Reset procedure. Therefore, if you plan to sell a smartphone, you need to log out of your Google account (“Settings”. “Accounts”. “Google”. “Delete account”) before resetting so that the person who receives your phone can activate their profile on it.

Given the wide range of Android phones and the difficulty of describing the factory reset process for a specific model, we will show the guide using three fundamentally different devices and firmware as examples:

  • Mi A1 on pure Android, which is also used in Nokia, Motorola, OnePlus (has a slightly redesigned system) and in all devices released about the Android One program;
  • Galaxy S7 running Samsung Experience. Recall that the Korean corporation is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, so it makes sense to show this shell too;
  • Redmi Note 5 on MIUI. The products of this company are in great demand in the CIS, so we could not ignore it.

The easiest way to do Hard Reset is through a special menu in the system parameters. Note again that the location and name of the items may differ slightly depending on the phone used. The main thing is to find the main category for recovery and reset.

Factory reset (hard reset) for Samsung Galaxy A50 phone

There are many reasons why you may need to perform a Hard Reset on your Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone. Typically, this procedure is performed to restore the health of the system, which has been violated by viruses, deleting system files, “clumsy” firmware update and many other things. Hard Reset is very easy to perform on any smartphone, but you should be aware of the consequences of this action and be able to back up the system and files. We will describe all this in detail below.

Redmi Note 5 (MIUI firmware)

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Advanced Options” window.
  • Click on “Backup and reset”.
  • Select “Factory data reset”.
  • To remove absolutely all applications and files, check the “Clear internal memory”.
  • It remains to click on “Reset settings” and enter the password, if required.

Attention! As you can see, the main thing is to find the “Reset” section. In order to be guaranteed not to “wander” in all parameters in search of the desired menu, it is easier on the main page to enter the query “Reset” in the search box. Select the desired menu from the proposed list and you will immediately get into it. And then everything is as in the instructions.

How to create a backup?

Attention! Resetting will erase all data on your Samsung Galaxy A50 phone. If you have not backed up your contacts, images, videos, documents and everything else, then you must do so, otherwise you will lose all personal information that was on the device.

To avoid losing your data, follow these guidelines.

  • Transfer photos, documents and videos to your computer via USB cable. You can also use Google Photos to backup images, and Google Drive cloud service is suitable for documents and folders, but you can upload the number of files to it. You will have to pay to expand storage.
  • In order not to lose contacts and applications, activate cloud sync in the settings. Go to the path “System”. “Advanced”. “Backup”. Enable Google Account Backup.

Once done, you can Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A50.

Xiaomi Mi A1 (pure Android 8.1 Oreo)

  • Click on the “Settings” icon in the application menu or launch them using the icon in the notification shade.
  • Scroll down and go to the “System” section.
  • Click “Reset“.
  • Select “Erase All Data” (“Reset to Factory Settings”).
  • Confirm your intention by pressing the button below.
  • Enter the device PIN and click “Continue”.
  • Select “Erase All”.

The device will reboot and you will need to go through the initial setup again as if it were a new phone.

How to Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy S7 (shell Samsung Experience)

  • Go to the settings in a way convenient for you.
  • At the bottom, click on the “General Settings” tab.
  • Select “Reset” (“Backup and reset”).
  • Tap on “Reset data”.
  • Click on the blue reset button.
  • Enter the device PIN and click “Next”.
  • Click on “Delete All” (“Reset Device”).

Your phone will restart. It will remain to customize it as after purchase.

How to Factory Reset Samsung

Resetting smartphone settings from Samsung to the factory configuration (English name: Hard Reset) is a procedure that completely removes traces of user activity from the moment the device was used. Therefore, before proceeding with the reset, you need to figure out in what cases and for what purpose this is done.

All accounts, installed applications, passwords, photos, music, even set alarms will disappear. The mobile device will return to the state in which it was purchased.

Hard Reset is applied in the following situations:

  • the smartphone is preparing for sale and it is necessary to delete all personal data of the previous user;
  • after an unsuccessful update of system components or installed applications, if those caused problems in the operation of the device, and it is impossible to remove them pointwise;
  • to prevent theft of financial and other accounts if Samsung has been stolen or lost.

There are several options for carrying out such an operation. Let’s look at how to reset Samsung to factory settings using each of the available methods.

Hard Reset via menu

The easiest way to do a factory reset on Samsung. Its only drawback is that it is only available if the device boots and works correctly. In other words, it is used when carrying out a planned procedure (for example, pre-sale preparation).

It is believed that a periodic reset of the settings has a positive effect on the performance of the system. This is not the case in modern versions of the Android OS. It is enough not to clog up all the available space of the internal memory and promptly delete old unnecessary applications and media files.

Procedure for a factory reset via the menu:

    In the smartphone menu, select “Settings”. If in the list that appears there is an item “General settings”. tap it, if not. just go to the next step.

We select the required element for the operation. Usually it is called “Archive and Reset”, but in different versions of the interface the names “Privacy” or simply “Reset” are possible.

In the menu that appears, select “Reset data” (“Delete all”). A warning will appear on the screen with a list of the information that will be deleted. Read this list carefully to make sure that you have not forgotten to save something you need beforehand, and then activate the operation by clicking on the item “Reset device”.

  • The smartphone will take the necessary actions and automatically reboot. Confirmation of the return to factory settings will be the prompt that appears after the download to enter a Google account.
  • Preliminary actions

    Since when returning to the factory configuration, all user information disappears irrevocably, it is advisable to pre-save the data. To do this, it is recommended to take the following actions:

      Synchronize your contacts. In the “Settings” section of the smartphone menu, select “Cloud and accounts”. Go to your Google account and check the last sync date. If after that changes were made, we carry out forced data exchange. To do this, turn off and then turn on the sync option.

  • Dump the required information into the Cloud. This can be done using the proprietary free service Samsung Cloud in the same section of the menu “Cloud and accounts”. If the data is stored in encrypted form, the encryption key will be destroyed during the Hard Reset, so pre-copying is the only way to preserve the information you need.
  • Transfer information about calls, SMS-ki and favorite music will help the utility “Backup and Restore”, activated from the same section of the menu. All necessary data will be copied to the cloud service. Once the reset procedure is complete, you can restore them using the same program.
  • To carry out the above procedures, you must have an Internet connection on your smartphone.

    In the Android operating system, starting with version 5.1, there was a security function by linking to a Google account. It blocks access to data without entering the appropriate password. Therefore, when transferring a device running Android 5.1 or higher to another owner, be sure to delete your Google account. After returning to factory settings, the smartphone will ask for a new email address and password when turned on. If the account has not been deleted, you can unlock the phone only by entering the corresponding data. Why give outsiders access to your personal information?

    In case you have forgotten your Google account password, any Samsung service center can help you unlock your phone. However, keep in mind that you will have to prove ownership of the device by presenting a sales receipt, a completed warranty, or other proof of purchase.

    After successfully saving the information, go directly to how to do a factory reset on Samsung.

    Loading into SafeMode

    In cases where the smartphone does not load correctly, goes into an “eternal cycle” of reboots, or simply locks the screen, you can try to save your data before deleting the settings using safe mode. In this case, the OS is loaded in a minimal configuration and without third-party applications, which significantly increases the chances of getting a workable gadget.

    The technology for how to do a factory reset on Samsung in this way is pretty simple. You must turn off your mobile device completely. If the battery is removable, remove it for 30 seconds. Turn on the smartphone and hold the speaker volume down button.

    If you have a pre-Samsung Galaxy S3 phone that runs Android 4.0, additionally press the Menu button (bottom left row on the front panel).

    With a successful boot in protected mode, we carry out the standard Hard Reset procedure through the menu. If the device does not boot even in this way, there remains only the option of using Recovery, described below.