How to reset photos from a computer on iPhone

Import of photos and videos with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Apple products differ from products from other manufacturers of its own iOS operating system, which is protected from various kinds of interventions, which entails certain restrictions for the owners of gadgets. It is impossible, for example, upload files through the conductor. Therefore, if you need to import a photo or video, you have to use special methods.

Preparation of files on iPhone

Developers from Apple offer a convenient way to store and use your data using a special service. Icloud. Here you can both contain various data and use it using all your devices. Before working with iCloud you need:

  • Make sure your devices are connected to the Internet;
  • Set up or install the iCloud service on all devices, even if another operating system is installed on them, for example, Windows;
  • Enter from all your devices under your data in an account;
  • If there are any malfunctions-update the OS device to the latest version;
  • On the device, select “Settings”, then your name, icloud service, select “Photos” and turn on the service.

How to transmit photos from a computer to iPhone or iPad using iTunes

Open itunes. If the utility is not installed, download the latest version from the official Apple website.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer using a USB cable.

Select the device that appears on the top panel.

Select the “Photo” menu.

Click on a checkmark near the inscription “Synchronize photos from”.

To the right of this inscription is a button with the inscription “Images”. Click on it and select “Select the folder”

reset, photos, computer, iphone

Indicate the folder with the photos that you want to see on your iPhone or iPad.

Click “Apply” in the lower right corner and wait for the end of synchronization.

Clouds and file sharing

It is not necessary to throw away photos that should be on the iPhone in ICLOUD; The owner of the device can use any file exchanger or cloud server with free access-for example, Yandex.Disk. To copy pictures from a computer on the iPhone in this way, you will need:

  • Depending on the total volume of data and the current speed of the Internet, the process of exchanging information between the cloud and the iPhone can take from a minute or two to several hours-you do not need to turn off the device from the global network at this time.

Tip: using the “Download” option in the same menu, the IPhone owner will be able to independently set the catalog to save photos.

How to download photos from iPhone to a computer (the easiest way)

Go to the computer from the computer icloud.Com.

Select the photo “Photo”. All photos and videos that are available in your ICLOD media text will open before you. In simple words, you will see all the media files with your iPhone or iPad.

Squeeze the Ctrl key and click the left mouse button on all the photos that you want to upload to the computer. The selected pictures will be marked with a blue frame.

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Click on the “Download” button to download photos on a computer. Please note that the browser may ask for permission to download several files at the same time. The request must be given an affirmative answer.

reset, photos, computer, iphone

Ready! All the pictures you have chosen will immediately load on your computer into a folder into which the browser by default performs downloads. Note that the selection of pictures after loading does not disappear. This allows you to immediately delete pictures from a mobile device, thereby freeing a valuable place in memory.

Now you know how to throw a photo from a computer on the iPhone. The method with cloud storage is the simplest and most affordable. You do not need to configure synchronization on a computer, connect a smartphone via a cable and wait for the loading of photos. On the other hand, synchronization with a computer does not require a network connection, and the data transfer speed is higher, which is useful when transmitting volumetric archives photo.

And what method of transmitting photos do you use? Share your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under the article.

reset, photos, computer, iphone

Wailing options for posting photos from PC to iPhone

There are other ways how to copy photos from a computer to iPhone. For example, use alternative managers like ITOOLS or IFUNBOX. Consider both options in more detail.

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Copying using iTools

A simple way is enough to throw a photo on a computer through a USB with iPhone, it offers ITOOLS program. In terms of functionality and convenience, it is largely bypassing iTunes.

Please note that for the correct operation of the application before uploading a photo from a computer on the iPhone, it may be required to install a driver (it is included in iTunes and can also be installed separately directly by the program itself, however, you will need to connect to the Internet).

Connect the device with a cord and run the program.

Next, open the device tab. From the list on the left side, select “Photo” (or Photos for the English.Speaking version).

A specialized section of photographs will open. In the menu line, select “Import” item. Next, it remains to follow the instructions of the program and select the desired files for copying to the device.

Sometimes another option for applying the program is preferable:

  • Do not use imports, but manually open the DCIM folder through the file manager (section of the left menu conductor or Files).
  • Copy (for example, using classic drag) the necessary materials in this folder.
  • Go to the Photodata directory and delete the files located in it (just do not touch the subcatals and their contents!).

In this case, you can not prepare pictures in advance, but choose and copy them from different folders.

Download using IFUNBOX

Another option on how to reset photos from a computer on the iPhone is the IFUNBOX program. In addition to simplicity, it also differs in functionality, easily working with iPad/iPod devices.

Important! In specialized forums, information about the hacking of the official application website and the distribution of the version with a built.In virus appeared. Therefore, to download the installer, use sources that you can trust. For example, a 4pda resource.

  • Run the program.
  • Connect the device and wait until it is correctly determined.
  • Go to the Tools section (Quicktool Box).
  • Click in the file importing and data imports to the photo icon (Photo Library).
  • Follow the programs for copying.

Import of photos using cloud services

An excellent alternative to the second method, since by using recalling cloud services, you can quickly throw a large number of photos from the iPhone to a computer quite quickly. This requires a good Internet connection, as well as the availability of a registered account in one or more services: Yandex.Disk, dropbox, cloud with a small number of images, even email is suitable.

As you can see, copying photos from iPhone on a computer is absolutely easy. Having stuffed your hand, you can move the shot material in less than 5 minutes.

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