How to Reset Password on Sony Vaio Laptop

In general, if you need to reset the BIOS settings in a laptop, little depends on the name. almost all alone. This could be for example:

  • Asus, x550c, k50c, h81m k, k551l, x552cl.
  • Lenovo (Lenovo) 10160, v570c, c260, g580, g50, g570, b590.
  • HP pavilion, 620, g6 1210sr, 4510, compaq nx6325, msi z77a g43.
  • Samsung (samsung) np355v5c, np350v5c, rc530.
  • Acer aspire (acer) v5 471, v3 771g, v3 571g, 5742g, 8951.
  • Dns (dns) 0170703, dell, packard bell, sony vaio, vgn ns31er.
  • Toshiba satellite (Toshiba) a60, prestigio 141a03 shell, msi h110m pro vh.

The difference can be in the BIOS manufacturer, if you want to reset it to the factory ones. by default from the manufacturer.

In the same way, it absolutely does not depend on the version of windows: windows 7, windows 10, windows 8 or xp. this is the prerogative of the BIOS itself.

Below we consider several options for what to do, including on laptop models.

The first way to reset BIOS settings in a laptop is to remove the battery

On the laptop motherboard there is a small battery that powers the CMOS chip. When it discharges after several years, the laptop does not remember the date, forgets the settings and, in some cases, refuses to work at all.

If you pull it out, you can instantly reset the BIOS, just unplug the power cord and pull out the battery.

Then unscrew the housing cover, and then with a match or a toothpick carefully move the small mounting bracket and the battery will pop out of the socket.

Usually this is a 3-volt lithium battery with a CR2032 label (costs about five dollars).

How to Reset Password on Sony Vaio Laptop

ATTENTION: on CMOS laptops, the battery is sometimes soldered. In this case, it is better not to touch it, but to use the following method.

If your laptop is modern, then unscrewing may not be necessary. Turn the laptop upside down and see if there is an inscription “CMOS”.

If there is, then a hole should be nearby. Put a paper clip or something in it and hold for about ten seconds.

The second way to reset the BIOS in a laptop is with a jumper

The second method is to reset the jumper, which is close to the aforementioned battery.

The jumper is described as “CLEAR CMOS,” “CLR CMOS,” or “RESET BIOS,” depending on the motherboard installed in the computer. The appearance of the jumper also depends on the laptop model.

By default, it closes two contacts. the first and second. To reset the BIOS you need to close the second and third contacts, wait a few seconds and move everything back to its original position.

If you do not have a jumper, you can use a conventional screwdriver holding it in this position for several to tens of seconds (the longer, the better).

The third way to reset the BIOS in the laptop to the factory settings by entering it

In this method, you need to enter the BIOS and find the line “Load BIOS Default” in the settings. So you can restore the default values ​​or factory settings.

You will have to confirm your choice with the “Enter” key, and sometimes the settings with the “F10” button.

To enter the BIOS, you must immediately press the “Del”, “Esc” or “F2” key at startup, although other options are possible.

Please note that in new versions of laptops there may not be a text screen, but a graphic one. But in general, the scheme is general.

Next, select the desired menu item. usually it is called “Set BIOS Default” or “Use Default Settings”.

Select it and press “Enter”, and then confirm your decision. press “Yes”. In principle, both how to enter the BIOS and how to reset it. all this is also in the documentation for the laptop.

As mentioned above, often resetting the BIOS on a laptop must also be confirmed by saving. that is, select the menu item. “Save Exit, save everything, and then perform an overload.

Reset Asus Laptop to Factory Defaults

To do this, immediately after starting the PC, press the F2 key to enter the BIOS settings.

Next, use the arrow keys to go to the “Boot” tab, select “Boot Booster” and select “Disabled”, then save the changes and exit. The laptop will restart automatically.

In some Asus, to return to the factory default settings, turn it on and press the F9 key, you should see the boot screen.

The recovery program will prepare the necessary files, and you will be prompted to restore the factory settings. All your data will be deleted.

Then the recovery process will be done automatically, without user intervention. During the recovery process, the laptop will reboot several times.

Reset your HP laptop to the factory default settings

To return to the factory default settings in HP, turn off the laptop and disconnect everything connected to it.

Press the F11 key when you start the laptop and hold until it appears, HP Recovery Utility. Recovery Manager.

Select System Restore. You will be asked to save the data you need, you can do it.

After completing the recovery process, you get HP with Windows preinstalled, all HP drivers and software will be installed.

Reset Acer Laptop to Factory Settings

To restore Acer to its factory settings, turn it off, and then turn it on while holding down the Alt key and pressing the F10 key about once every half second.

The system will ask you to enter a password. The default password is 000000 (six zeros). Select Factory Reset from the proposed menu.

In addition, the Acer laptop can return to factory settings using the Acer eRecovery Management utility.

Reset Samsung laptop to factory settings

In Samsung, to restore the factory settings, you can run the Samsung Recovery Solution utility if you did not delete it.

Press the F4 key to begin restoring Samsung factory settings. Then follow these steps:

Checkpoint “Restore” (Restore). Select Restore Full

Select a point to restore the computer to its original state (factory). You will be prompted to restart the laptop. answer “Yes”, then follow the instructions.

Reset Toshiba laptop to factory settings

To restore factory settings in Toshiba, do this: press and hold the 0 (zero) key on the keyboard (numeric keypad on the right).

Turn on the laptop. Release the 0 (zero) button when it starts to sound. Then a program will appear that will allow you to restore the laptop to the factory settings. You just follow the instructions and follow the instructions.

Of course, the written recommendations are far from ideal (you can additionally ask in the comments. I always answer).

Fully detailed with all the pictures, can be described only for one specific model.

In this note, I wanted to describe the options for all models. How did you decide.

However, if something is not clear. write in the comments and I will give you a detailed answer. Successes.


Is it possible after resetting the beech to the factory settings to extract data from an old system? There are pictures of children.

If you do a full reset, then all personal files will be deleted.