How to Reset Password on a Samsung Tablet

Attention. Everything that you do with your phone, you do voluntarily at your own peril and risk! The site administration is not responsible in the event of a malfunction of your device! If you have a new smartphone that is under warranty or you are afraid that your phone may deteriorate by using this method of resetting settings, then you can contact the service center. Good luck.

In this article you will learn how to make hard reset on samsung galaxy j5 and similar devices on android. Perhaps you can reset the settings using this method not only on Samsung androids, but also on smartphones of other companies. The information on the page will help unlock the Samsung Galaxy, which blocked due to repeated attempts to enter the graphic key on the screen incorrectly, forgotten password etc. Sometimes, even knowing how to enter the pattern key correctly, it fails and asks to enter the Google account and password to unlock the Galaxy J5. Usually, many simply forget their email account, not to mention the password for their Google account. If you read this article, then I think your Samsung is also blocked and you are looking for a way to unlock it. Of course, you can refer the smartphone to specialists, but then you have to pay a tidy sum from your wallet. If you want to unlock your Samsung for free yourself and you are not afraid to take risks, you can do a full reset and reset all passwords by reading the information below on this page. Know

Attention! Remember to save all important information! Having made a hard reset on your device, all information including contacts, files, messages, installed applications, etc. will be erased, your smartphone will become as good as new. If you are afraid for your phone, then it is better to take it to a specialist in a service center and not risk it.

To unlock Samsung J5 do the following:
Turn off the smartphone and on the turned off device hold and hold three buttons at the same time: “home button”, “volume up button” (that is, as if you are adding volume) and “phone power button”. (For those who cannot understand which button on the Samsung Android means home, then usually this button is located below the center under the screen.)
In this pressed state, hold all three buttons until you see the menu on the screen.

Attention! Perhaps, on some Samsung androids, to display the menu on the switched off smartphone, you will have to hold only two buttons instead of three buttons. This is the button. “home” and “power button”, and all other actions as described in the article below.
After you see the menu, release all the buttons. (If the smartphone automatically restarts, then try not releasing the buttons, slide your finger on the volume up button down, that is, to decrease the volume, and only then you need to release all the buttons.)

How to Reset Password on a Samsung Tablet

Now in the menu with the volume control button, select wipe data / factory reset on the Samsung J5 screen. To confirm the actions, press the home button. (You may have to confirm with the on / lock button.)

Next, using the volume control button, select Yes —— delete all user data and confirm our choice. To continue Reset Unlock Settings Samsung J5 select the line reboot system now on the screen. Confirm with the corresponding button.

Now your android will reboot and after that it will fully boot. We wait a little and see how the already unlocked Samsung Galaxy turned on, which no longer asks for a password for a non-Google account, not a graphic key.
After unlocking, we lose everything that was in the memory of the smartphone or tablet, including personal settings, contacts, files and other information.
Next, the language settings should appear on the phone screen and if you want to change, then select “change” and look for the desired language, if everything is fine, then click on the green android display and go to the following settings.

After that, you will be prompted to enter your Google account or will be given the opportunity to create a new account. You can also configure this item later by selecting “skip”. Next, you will have to confirm some more points, after which you can configure the phone for yourself. Now your Samsung Galaxy Ji5 is unlocked and ready to please you. In the future, do not forget to create a Google account and save it with a password in a safe place, so that you no longer have problems unlocking the android when the children play block your phone or you forget the graphic key and password on your smartphone.