How to reset iCloud without password on iPad. What you need to know before the sale of iPhone

How to delete ICloud account without a password and how to leave Aylaud without a password

How to leave Aiklaud without a password ? Sometimes you can simply forget your passwords or change the email of their ICLOD account and just want to delete the old one without any problems.

If your device is running iOS 7 or later (including iOS 15), the process of deleting the iCloud account without a password will be quite simple for you.

Using Passfab iPhone Unlocker. Your best choice is because it will take you only a few minutes. Passfab iPhone Unlocker is specially designed to unlock the Apple ID and block the screen with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, even if “Find IPhone” is turned on.

How to leave Aylaud without a password with Passfab iPhone Unlocker

In order to hack your password on your phone, you can use Passfab iPhone Unlocker. Follow the following actions to get around the activation lock screen and activate the iPhone.

Next, you can familiarize yourself with the video assistance for working with Passfab iPhone Unlocker:

Reset iPhone to factory settings

The easiest way to reset the iPhone buttons using a standard tool built into iOS. It is hidden in the settings, so its use suggests that you have access to the contents of the smartphone. In other words, you have a password to unlock it. Otherwise, nothing will work out:

The iOS settings have a special button to reset and delete all data

This action will lead to a complete reset of all iOS settings and data stored in your iPhone memory. They can be returned by restoring a backup copy. However, for this it is necessary to take care of its restoration in advance and at least have a quick access password for the Apple ID account account. Nothing will come out without it either.

How to reset iPhone through itunes

As an alternative method, a way (conditionally, of course) is a way to reset the iPhone through iTunes is suitable. It provides less conditions than the previous one, but it requires the ability to introduce a smartphone into the recovery mode. If you do not know how to do this, read our instructions. everything is there, and when you learn, come back and you will succeed:

  • Enter your iPhone in the recovery mode;
  • Connect it to the computer via Lightning;
  • Run itunes or finder (depends on the version of the OS);
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iTunes allows you to reset the iPhone without a password, but requires it to transfer it to DFU mode manually

Unlike the previous method, this one is good because it allows you to reset the iPhone if you forgot the password. That is, if you forgot a combination to unlock your smartphone or, worse, you don’t know at all, you will have a chance to restore access to it. True, without the Apple ID account, to which the device is tied, you can neither restore the backup, or disconnect the “Find iPhone” function or remove the activation blocking.

reset, icloud, password, ipad

Removing Apple ID

In addition to the above, the program allows you to delete the Apple ID used on the mobile device in order to subsequent the integrated disconnection of the following services: ICLOUD, App Store, IMessage and Find My (Locator).

note! This procedure is fraught with loss of data stored on the device, so a backup should be made before execution.

Read more: how to make a backup copy of data on iPhone master and leadership

The software under consideration has an extremely simple and understandable intensity, the difficulties with the development of which should definitely not arise. over, each action performed with its help is accompanied by prompts and illustrations, including by solving possible problems, and on the official website of the developers you can find exhaustive guides with screenshots, so that the ICLOD unlock procedure and/or disconnecting the “locator” will seem elementary elementary Even for those users who perform such manipulations for the first time.

Restore access to iPad

When unlocking the iPad, the system does not give any tips if the user cannot remember the password. Therefore, you have to resort to restoration from the backup of Tunes and ICLOUD or throw a tablet to factory settings with the loss of all information.


The iCloud service will work only if the “Find iPhone” function is activated and the device has access to a mobile Internet or Wi-Fi, that is, it is connected to the network. For this method we need a computer.

Please note that as a result, all the data will be erased from the device, including the Parol code for blocking. However, if the function of creating backups of iCloud in the settings is enabled, then later the user can restore all the information with its help. Read more about this function in the method 3 of the next article.

Full discharge

If the user does not have backups of iCloud and iTunes, you can resort to dumping the device to factory settings. over, all data will be lost.


This method is similar to the method 1 from this article. It differs only in that here we will use the backup iTunes, which is created every time the device is connected to the computer and synchronizes with it. It can also be created manually. To begin with, we will need to take steps from the article below to create a backup in the program itself.

After the backup copy is created, you need to load it to the iPad.

If the iPad includes the “Find iPhone” function, then go to the method 1 of this article, since it must be turned off to restore from the ITUNES backup copy.

If the password from Apple ID is forgotten

The login and password from the Apple ID account will be needed when the user decides to go to the ICLOUD website or to the iTunes program. This password can be restored in several ways, each of which is described in detail in a separate article.

To avoid problems with the restoration of the forgotten password from the iPad, regularly create and synchronize backups of iTunes and icloud. This will help in most situations to maintain all important data.

reset, icloud, password, ipad

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How to get around the activation of iPhone

Despite the fact that in absentia this procedure seems very difficult and even partly a hacker, in fact, bypassing the activation of the iPhone is very simple. See for yourself:

You can bypass the activation lock using the 4Mekey utility

To get around the activation block, you will need to install a jailbreak

Jailbrack here is the most common. from Checkrain

  • Download a special utility for Jailbreak (Checkra1n) and click “Next”;
  • Following the instructions on the screen, perform the Jailbreak procedure;
  • Confirm the fraud of the Apple ID account from the iPhone and wait for the completion of the procedure;
  • Restart the computer and turn off the activation lock via 4Mekey.

Important: Jailbreak in this case is a prerequisite for removing activation blocking. Still, this is not a legal procedure, and in order for everything to work, it is necessary that the iPhone be hacked. But, if this method is not suitable for you, we have two alternative ways for you.

Go around the iPhone activation lock using DNS

  • Reboot the iPhone and wait for the appearance of the setting screen;
  • Choose the Russian language and the region of your residence;
  • Then go to the Wi-Fi Settings and click on the icon “i”;
  • Here, select “Configure DNS”. ​​“manually”;

This method is the most unreliable, so do not have great hopes on it

  • Click “Add the server” and enter the address:
  • Save the settings, return to wi-fii click “Connect”;
  • When the device tries to activate, click “Back”;
  • Wait for IClouddnsbypass and continue setting.

Well, and, the easiest, most low.efficient way is to contact Apple and ask for support for support to remove activation blocking from the iPhone. To do this, call the number 8-800–555–67–34 and describe the problem. But remember: if the iPhone, which you want to untie from the Apple ID, does not belong to you, they will almost certainly refuse you.

Typically, in such situations, the user is required to provide either a check or a bank card confirming the payment, as well as packaging from this device, which is clearly distinguished by its identifier. So, if the iPhone is not yours, you have to use the methods that we described above.

How to reset the password on the iPad when it is blocked / disabled

To restore the IPAD factory settings in recovery mode:

    The function “Find iPad” is disabled on your iPad.

Launch iTunes on your computer. Then connect the iPad to the computer using a USB cable.

Download iPad to recovery mode. You can press and release the volume increase button, and then the volume decrease button, press and hold the sleep / awakening button in the upper part of the iPad and hold the sleep / awakening button until it goes into recovery mode mode.

If you want to try the DFU mode, follow the following actions:

  • Make sure the IDEVICE is turned off.
  • Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.
  • Holding the power button, press and hold the volume reduction button. Then hold two buttons for 10 seconds.
  • Release the power button and continue to hold the volume reduction button for 5 seconds. If the screen is black, then it is in DFU mode.

iTunes will determine the iPad status and open a window for restoration or updating iPad. Click Restore to lose the iPad to factory settings.

Now itunes will begin to restore the factory settings of your iPad. It can take about 15 minutes. Wait patiently.

Upon completion, your iPad will get out of the recovery mode, which means that the reset to the factory settings has been completed successfully.

Restoring the IPAD factory settings using Passfab iPhone Unlocker

If you are not familiar with the work with the iPad / iPhone or want to easily reset iPad settings to factory settings, this will inevitably happen using a program. In this case, Passfab iPhone Unlocker is great when your iPhone / iPad is blocked or disabled, or when it is a used device, to understand how to drop the password on the iPad.

To restore the IPAD factory settings using Passfab iPhone Unlocker:

    01 Download Passfab iPhone Unlocker to your PC with Windows or Mac, if you first try this software. Launch Passfab iPhone Unlocker.

How to untie the iPhone from Aylaud without password

The iPhone binding to the Apple ID account is called “activation blocking”. Its essence is to prevent outsider from obtaining full control over the device belonging to another person, even if they gained access to him. Initially, this mechanism was an iPhone protection tool from theft. After all, if it cannot be tied to another account, then there is no point in stealing it. But sometimes it happens that the real owners have to untie the smartphone from old accounting.

In this, another utility from Tenorshare will help us. 4Mekey. It is she who knows how to get around the lock of the iPhone activation:

You can bypass the iPhone activation lock, but it’s not so easy

Be sure to strictly follow the instructions on the screen

Perhaps this method is not suitable for everyone, since Jailbreak requires the execution of the procedure, that is, in fact, hacking. However, this is the only working way to turn off the activation blocking on the iPhone and untie it from the Apple ID account without entering a password that you can use at home. But it must be borne in mind that Jailbreak is the reason for refusing warranty service. So, if something goes wrong, you will not be able to contact the official SC.

How to erase the iPhone without a computer

However, there are other ways to erase the iPhone without a password from the Apple ID account. If you know the unlocking code or your biometrium, you can use the device, you can use the discharge through the “Find iPhone” function. Few people know that for some time, Apple does not require entering access password when authorizing in iCloud, offering either to use the code-paralle, or scan the face or fingerprint. We will use this.

reset, icloud, password, ipad

To reset the iPhone via iCloud, you do not need a password from an account

This action will lead to the complete removal of data from the iPhone memory, but, as in the previous case, it will not provoke an exit from the Apple ID account account. After that, you will be offered the opportunity to activate the smartphone again, but without using a backup copy. That is, you can use it further, but only as a new device, filling it with content from scratch on your own. As a rule, many such an approach does not suit many, so the only way out for you is to perform the unit unit activation.

Trust contact (iOS 15 and above)

Important! The next decision is not suitable for cases when the password was already forgotten. This is rather a reliable insurance for those who have a tendency to forget the data for entering.

In the current version of the Apple mobile operating system, there is the possibility of adding a trusted contact. a user whose device and phone number will be used to restore an account. Such a person will not have access to your personal data, but it is with his help that you can return access to them.

note! This method is available only for devices with iOS 15 and above. A trusted user must have an Apple girl and be older than 10 years.

Apple service center

It is extremely rare, but it still happens that to restore the password from the Apple ID or completely delete this account with the iPhone does not work using the official tools proposed by the developer, or with the help of a third-party. Fortunately, even such an unpleasant situation is far from always critical. it is quite possible that the solution to the problem will be found in the certified service center Apple, where should I go.

IPHONE Remove Icloud Without Password (forgot password ) | How to Recovery forgot Icloud password

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get out of the account via icloud

This is the optimal way for cases when you bought used equipment, but enlisted the support of the previous owner who is ready to meet and unlock the device for you. This is completely safe for both sides: you will receive a smartphone or tablet untied from the Apple ID, while the seller will not have to disclose your account data.

[3 Ways] How to Factory Reset iPad without Apple ID Password 2022 | iOS 15

This can be done in three ways: through the iCloud website, Apple ID settings on any other device (for example, Mac, iPad or other iPhone, which is still at the seller and uses the same account), or the locator app to iOS / MacOS.

If he has another “apple” device, ask him to open the Apple ID settings on it (suitable for Mac, iPad or other iPhone. the main thing is that the account is the same).

Next, you need to find the desired iPhone in the list of available devices, go to the tab with it and click “Delete from the account”.

This allows you to untie the smartphone from the old Apple ID so that you can configure it with your own account (or create a new one).

What to do if the iPhone was noted as lost

It is worth noting that all of the above works only on condition that the device is at the stage of activation blocking or simply requires the Apple ID and the password that were used to activate it. If the screen displays the “missing iPhone” with the message of the previous owner, there is a high probability that you purchased a stolen gadget, or became the victim of scammers who deliberately blocked the smartphone after they sold it to you.

The only thing you can do in such a situation is to contact the police and try to contact the previous owner if his contact details are displayed on the screen. It is not possible to unlock it before turning off the loss mode, and the Apple technical support rarely helps to resolve such situations without access to Apple ID, even if you have a purchase check and a “native” box.