How to Reset BIOS on Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo is one of the largest companies in the world that make computers. And as the demand for the products of this company is growing, the questions on the proper operation and operation of Lenovo equipment are becoming increasingly relevant for users. And for those who decided to reinstall Windows, at the very beginning of the process the question arises: how to enter BIOS in Lenovo?

How to Reset BIOS on Lenovo Laptop

First you need to figure out what the BIOS is and what it is eaten with. So, the BIOS on Lenovo is a special microscopic program that ensures the correct and stable interaction between all components of the PC and the OS and allows you to configure it. And BIOS setup is a standard PC setup that helps the system calculate the functions that need to be activated and how they should be loaded. There is a BIOS on any computer, be it Lenovo B560, Lenovo S21 or M5400.

To date, several different versions of BIOS have been created, which differ slightly in appearance, but with regard to functions, everything is identical here. Each version is used for initial setup of the computer and for checking it. BIOS’a functionality includes:

  • Setting the date and time;
  • Selection of the boot sector. the device from which the operating system will be installed or loaded;
  • Checking system components, including checking the health of RAM and hard drives;
  • Connection protection. password on your laptop to protect personal data.

How to enter BIOS

On different Lenovo models, the methods for entering BIOS on a laptop may vary. First, try the standard login method. when starting up a personal computer, you need to press the F2 button on the keyboard, sometimes holding the Fn key before. Next, the PC settings menu will be called up.

But this method is not always working. For some Lenovo models, BIOS does not load when you press F2 or FnF2. for example, Lenovo Legion Y520, Lenovo G70, G50-30 or G500. If you tried to enter bios using the method described above, and you didn’t succeed, the following instruction is for you:

  1. On the side of the laptop (where the charging socket is usually located) or right next to the power button there should be a special small button with a curved arrow. It is called Novo Button, One Key Recovery or One Key Rescue System. You need to turn off the laptop and click on it.
  2. If you pressed the right button, the laptop will start, and on the screen you will see that we are going to a special launch menu:
  • Normal Startup (normal download);
  • Bios Setup (parameters);
  • System Recovery
  • Boot Menu
  1. As you probably already guessed, to enter the BIOS on Lenovo, you need to go to the BiosSetup item. After you select it, you will see that the laptop has entered the BIOS and you can configure it as you wish.

Two secrets to running Bios

But if you still couldn’t start the BIOS using one of the methods described above, and the laptop is running Windows 8.1 or higher, we’ll tell you two secrets to starting.

  • You need to turn on the PC. In the running computer on the desktop, drag the mouse pointer to the lower right corner of the desktop (call the side menu).
  • We are presented with a menu where we select “Options”. “Update and recovery”. “Recovery”.
  • Here, in the “Special boot options” section, click on the “Restart Now” button.
  • Next, a blue screen with tiles opens. Open the “Diagnostics” tile, clicking on which you will be taken to additional parameters.
  • You need to open the “UEFI Firmware Settings” item and click the “Reload” button. Done! You are in the BIOS!

Second secret. Many users of Win 8.1 make an error when trying to enter the BIOS. Everyone knows how to get into the BIOS. you need to press a certain button on the keyboard. To do this, the user clicks on “Shutdown”, waits until the laptop turns off, and then presses the button to enter the BIOS, but the computer starts in the old way. the OS is loading.

The whole problem is that the Windows 8.1 operating system initially works with the quick start function, which is based on sleep mode. enter the BIOS, not turning off the PC, but rebooting it.

Some useful tips:

  • After logging in to Bios, go to the various settings of the system parameters and its loading in the BIOS itself. Be very careful and careful, and it’s better not to touch what you don’t know, as there is a risk of doing something wrong and completely losing your computer. And after making all the changes, go to the “Exit” section and select “Save exit ”(“ Save and exit ”). After that, the laptop will reboot, and with a new start all the settings that you had to set before that will already be taken into account.
  • If the above methods of logging into BIOS on a Lenovo laptop do not work, try holding down the F12 key while starting up the device until the BIOS’a starts. on some Lenovo models this method works.
  • Very rarely, but it does happen. in some models the F1 key works (you need to press it several times until the laptop turns on).
  • Manufacturers recommend that you configure PC settings in BIOS only with a fully charged laptop battery, since if your laptop shuts down during the setup process due to being discharged, this will most likely cause some system problems in the future.
  • Before you exit BIOS, be sure to save all changes so that they do not fail.

Remember that setting up Bios is a very serious action that requires maximum understanding of the process and great attention to detail. You should know that if the configuration is incorrect, some components of the system may not work correctly, which brings additional difficulties in operation. And if you doubt that you know how to do it right, it’s better to call qualified specialists, this will save money, time, and nerves. We hope that this article helped you figure out how to log into Bios.