How to Reset a Phone to Samsung Factory Settings

A hard reset is used to fix complex failures with the gadget software on Android that cannot be fixed by updating the firmware or system. In the English version, the method is called hard reset. Unlike the usual restart or on / off of the gadget, it involves cleaning user data, the cache of the Android operating system and removing programs installed through the Google Market. After you perform a Hard reset on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and earlier, the device will return to the factory settings.

How to make a hard reset on a Samsung phone using Android

This method is available to users with minimal training. No need to clamp key combinations and perform complex operations with the gadget. Most often, the system itself successfully restores the phone and eliminates the conflict of settings made by the user.

How to find hard reset in the phone

To complete the procedure, you must go to Settings and select General. The Reset section contains three operations:

How to Reset a Phone to Samsung Factory Settings

  • Resetting the settings on the Samsung Galaxy to eliminate randomly set checkboxes by the user in many options on Android.
  • Fix network settings to resolve issues with Wi-Fi or cellular.
  • Reset data to perform a hard reset of Android with the deletion of accounts, programs, music and photos.
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Choose the last of these options

The fact that the settings are reset and returned to the factory settings can be determined by the invitation to specify a new account when you turn on the device (first start). Feel free to transfer it to another user or log in again with your account.

What to do before a hard reset on a Samsung smartphone

All user files are deleted from the device. Therefore, before returning the phone to the factory settings, we recommend that you perform the following operations before starting this necessary procedure:

Check contact sync

Go to Settings, click on the Cloud and Accounts section.

Select a Google account and check the date Sync Contacts.

To force synchronization of mail or contacts, turn off and on the desired option again. Two arrows moving in a circle will tell you about the beginning of the process.

If an error occurs while trying to synchronize, check the network connection. An internet connection is required for this operation.

Flush files from a flash drive to Cloud Storage

If you use data encryption on an SD card, then with a hard reset, the file access key on it will be deleted. Decrypt them will not work.

Solves the problem of transferring data from an encrypted card to the Cloud. Use Google Drive or Yandex drive.

Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, J1 and A3 phones and brand tablets have the option of backing up corporate cloud storage free of charge for the user. Find the Cloud and accounts section and select Samsung Cloud to drop a backup of your data.

Make a backup using Android

In the Cloud and accounts section there is a Backup and Restore item that allows you to dump important data into the cloud service.

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Use the Archive now button to save information about calls, music and SMS.

After the reset, it will be possible to restore data through the same mode.

How to Hard reset on Samsung galaxy S3, S4, A5 and others, if the system does not boot

If the Samsung Galaxy phone does not boot, try the following options.

Download in safe mode

  • Turn off the gadget completely and remove the battery for 30 seconds if it is removable.
  • Turn on the device and hold down the speaker down button.
  • On older Duos phones released before Samsung Galaxy C3 and working on the second version of Android, you need to hold the Menu button, the leftmost one in the picture, when turning on.

The gadget will go into Safe mode, which will allow the user to make a hard reset as described above.

Recovery mode boot

This option is suitable when the Samsung Galaxy phone does not boot in any other mode after installing a third-party firmware or unsuccessful update. Hard reset will lead to the return of the gadget.

Turn off the gadget completely. It is better to remove the battery for 30 seconds. This applies to most phones, but for Samsung N8000 tablets and the latest flagship smartphones, this is not possible. The battery on them is non-removable.

Press the Power, Volume Up, and Home buttons at the same time.

After 5 seconds, the power key must be released, but the remaining buttons are held for another 15-20 seconds, until Android recovery appears on the screen.

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You can select an operation to make a full reset to the factory settings and data on Samsung using the volume down key. Each press moves the cursor on the engineering menu. The English name of the desired item is Wipe data / factory reset.

The described method allows you to restore the gadget and make a reset to the factory settings on Samsung with severe damage to the firmware and software when the phone does not boot or constantly reboots.

How to hard reset on a Samsung phone remotely

This method was created for lost mobile devices that cannot be found anymore. Remote hard cleaning of user files to prevent potential theft of logins and passwords from the gadget.

Go to Google.

Find My Account in the Russian version of the interface. Then select the phone search mode. It is also available for any devices running on Android that are signed in with a user account.

Selecting Delete all data from the device allows you to clear its memory without direct access to the gadget.

What else to try to restore your phone

If Hard reset did not restore the gadget, then the following options remain.

  • Sew your phone by connecting to a computer.
  • If the battery is removable, leave the phone for a long time without power. Before new actions on it, fully charge for an hour and a half.
  • Share a description of the problem and ask Samsung gadget users for advice on online forums. Often there is a solution for typical bugs. The discussion is often attended by technical experts and representatives of the manufacturer.
  • Contact the service center to diagnose the device. Perhaps there is a serious breakdown, which the user cannot restore.