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Huawei phone reset tutorial with settings menu and restore mode

While Android smartphones are popular because of their open operating systems, there are problems with them, such as devices starting to lag over time. This is probably why people want to know how to reset an Android phone, such as the Huawei P9. How to properly reset your Huawei phone? You don’t need to look it up on the product menu or Google, because we’re going to share this guide in this guide. Huawei phone uses the mobile operating system EMUI, based on Android. But don’t worry, it doesn’t complicate the workflow. On the contrary, you can easily reset your Huawei phone by following our instructions.

Regardless of how to perform a Huawei phone reset, a backup should be the starting point, because a factory reset will destroy all personal data on your phone. If you are looking for an easy way to back up your device, we recommend Apeaksoft Android Backup and Restore, Its basic features:

  • Back up your Huawei phone in one click.
  • Users can decide to back up types of data such as contacts, messages, WhatsApp and others.
  • This program allows people to open and view a Huawei backup on a computer.
  • Restore and recover lost data from backups at any time.
  • It supports all Huawei phone models, such as the flagship Huawei Mate, Huawei P series, Huawei honor and others.
  • And it works on Android Oreo / Nougat / Marshmallow / Lollipop and earlier versions.

In short, Android Backup Restore. The best way to back up your Huawei phone before you reset it.

How to back up your Huawei phone before rebooting

Download and install the correct version of Android Data Backup Restore on your computer. There is one version for Windows and Mac, respectively. Connect your phone to your computer with the original USB cable.

Click “One-click backup” button, when your phone is detected, Huawei’s best backup tool will start backing up automatically. This may take a few seconds.

To check the backup, select the last backup file when you enter the results window, and click the “Start” button at the bottom. Then you can view all your data by category, including contacts, messages, photos, WhatsApp and more.

Reset via Android menu

You will need to enter the standard menu of the smartphone, select the “restore and reset” section. Next. “reset”. Agree with all the system requests, after the reboot you will get a clean startup system.

If the operating system does not boot correctly and the first method is not available to you, try the following:

Take the battery out of the phone for about 10 seconds and put it back in

  • Start the phone by holding down the “volume up” and “power” keys. In some models instead of key “sound” you need to use “sound.”.
  • Once the logo appears on the screen release the power button but continue to hold down the volume key
  • Run it in the menu that appears. wipe data/factory reset
  • All you have to do is select the reboot function and wait for your Huawei smartphone to reboot

How to properly do a full reset on Honor and Huawei

Gadgets from Huawei run on the Android operating system, so there are no difficulties with how to reset to factory settings. The conditions for zeroing data are approximately the same on all devices.

There are several ways to return to the initial state:

  • Through settings, and the user can choose to delete all information or only personal data.
  • Using Recovery. a mod to restore the smartphone. The recovery menu is opened with combinations of the volume and power buttons.
  • Through the program HiSuite. a proprietary program from Huawei on your computer to manage your Android device.

Regardless of which method of zeroing is used, it is impossible to restore the data after it has been completely erased, so before you reset the phone to the factory settings, be sure to save your accounts, passwords, photos and videos.

Via phone settings

There are two ways to reset Huawei via settings, depending on how much information you want to erase.

Partial reset

If you need to delete partial information, you’ll need to:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the menu.
  • Select “System” menu item.
  • Find “Reset” and open it.
  • Select “Reset all settings”.
  • Confirm the action.

This data deletion saves all applications, media information in the memory of the device. Deletes network data, fingerprints, registered faces, and screen unlock password.

Full reset

You can completely delete data and restore factory settings as follows:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Open “System” tab.
  • Go to “Reset” mode.
  • Click on “Reset phone”.
  • Then press “Reset phone settings”.

In this case all information previously stored in the gadget memory will be deleted. Programs, photos or contacts cannot be restored. Everything is deleted in its entirety.

Through Recovery (with buttons)

Thanks to the Recovery mode, you can do a full factory reset, even if you forgot your smartphone picture password. No matter if your handset is protected by PIN-code or not, Hard Reset destroys all saved data.

Resetting data via Recovery usually applies in two cases:

After reloading, the system demands to enter the password from the linked account, otherwise the device cannot be used. Fingerprint or facial recognition does not work after a reset until the first password is entered.

Regardless of the reason for resetting data, EMUI owners are protected from a long search for the right menu item.

To turn on the phone in recovery mode you need to:

  • Press the volume key up and the screen lock (power on) key.
  • Release lock screen key after logo appears.
  • Wait for the menu to fully load.
  • Press Volume button and Power button to select “Wipe data/factory reset” option.
  • Confirm selection with the lock button.

On some Huawei devices, the menu of the recovery works with the touch, so you can select the menu item by tapping on it. After that you need to type “YES” in the appeared window using the keyboard. confirmation of user’s actions and press “Wipe data/factory reset” several times.

Through Your Computer (HiSuite)

In the usual sense, through the program Huawei HiSuite for PC Hard reset is not possible. You can delete files manually for each menu item.

  • Run the program on your computer.
  • Open e.g. contacts. On the left side will appear the whole list of menus where you can delete data.
  • After deleting contacts, you can delete photos, videos, documents and apps.

It is not possible to fully restore the standard appearance of the device in this way, but you can get rid of unnecessary applications and garbage. HiSuite works by connecting any Huawei device from Honor 10 to Mate 20 Pro.

Answers to Popular Questions

Found someone else’s smartphone, you can reset?

Someone else’s smartphone is recommended to return. You can reset your phone via recovery and use the device at your own risk. The owner of the phone can report the theft to the police and search for the phone via IMEI. In addition, the phone may require you to enter your Google account username and password for further use.

After factory resetting Huawei asks for password

After resetting all the data the phone may not require the PIN code, if the requirement is there, it is possible that nothing has been reset, and after the reset the system requires the password. Another situation is data protection from Google, but in this case you will need to log in to your Google account and link it to the phone again.

It is not possible to launch the recovery, what to do?

Most likely you are releasing the volume up key after Huawei appears. You can not do this, after the logo appears, you can only release the lock key, “volume” must be held until the menu recovery appears.

Now you know that it’s quite easy to reset Huawei and Honor phones to factory defaults. But if you do not know the password from the linked account. to do such an operation is quite risky. Therefore, we advise you to restore the password in advance and then do a reset.

The just bought Honor or Huawei smartphone works perfectly. It literally flies, applications open lightning fast, response to commands is instantaneous. The memory is not only filled with useful information, keeping extra data causes the gadget’s reaction time to slow down. If the smartphone began to slow down, it is not a verdict, there is no need to run immediately for a new one, you can perform a Hard Reset. reset to factory settings.

The operation in a few minutes will return the Huawei or Honor smartphone to the state it was immediately after purchase. The previous speed will be restored, the memory will be cleaned and the newly installed applications will “fly” again. Minus in this process is one, not only will be removed from the system junk files and all useful information, including the phone book. To restore it quickly it is recommended to make a backup copy in the cloud service Mobile Cloud.

Reset your data with the keys

The optimal variant if, let’s say, the sensor does not work and you suspect that the problem will be solved with a data reset.

After turning off your smartphone press the power and volume keys simultaneously.

When the smartphone turns on, release the power key, but hold down the volume up key until the recovery menu loads. The menu is loaded. Use the sound control keys to select Wipe data/factory reset and confirm by pressing the power key.

On the next page choose again Wipe data/factory reset and if you want you have to enter the words yes.

The data reset will start. Wait for it to finish. Then select Reboot System Now.

The smartphone will reboot normally as new.

By the way, if you don’t unlink your device from your Google account, the next time you turn your device on after resetting it, you have to enter your password. Make sure you remember your password.

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Resetting of Huawei USB modem settings and password via web interface

If you have access to the settings of the modem, or a mobile router, you can perform a factory reset in the web interface. Especially when you do not always have access to a modem. To do this, go to the settings by IP-address

Next, you must enter the “Settings” section, the “Defaults” tab and click on the “Restore defaults” button.

After the reboot the modem will be as good as new.

If you can not reset, can not enter the modem settings, the password does not fit, or something went wrong. ask questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Only be sure to specify the model of the modem and describe the problem in detail.