How to Replace a Charging Socket on a Phone

When the phone stops charging, the problem is probably with the power connector. This is one of the common reasons. At first, it is important to make sure that the damage is actually only in it. How the charging connector is replaced, expert advice will help you figure it out.

How to identify a charging malfunction?

There are several ways to check if you need to replace the charging connector of iPhone, Samsung and other models. First you need to play back the events that preceded the device stopping charging. If the smartphone fell or the power cord was suddenly pulled out, dust or dirt got into the power plug, then all this could lead to a breakdown of the power connector.

How to Replace a Charging Socket on a Phone

It is necessary to visually inspect the phone. His reaction after connecting the device to the network may reveal the need to replace the charging connector. If there is no reaction to this action, then we can talk about a malfunction of the connector.

The main reasons for failure

Replacing the charging connector iPhone 5S, Nokia, Samsung and other types of phones may be required in several cases. Some common problems include:

  • The plug is inserted incorrectly and the contacts are damaged.
  • The power cable is pulled out sharply from the telephone.
  • A foreign object was inserted.
  • Drop or hit on a hard surface.

Pollution. Dust can enter the devices. It can also be foreign parts that interfere with charging and working normally.

Moisture or liquid has been spilled. A plugged connector is often a malfunction. This causes the device to malfunction.

Marriage at work. The connector paths were not soldered. After some time, a malfunction appears.

Often you have to face an already broken device for charging. Using such a device or experimenting with it is incredibly dangerous. you can break the technique. It is important to remember that replacing the power connector on the phone includes a certain list of actions, depending on the type of phone. For example, in devices manufactured today, everything is incredibly small. The location of the parts is tight. This makes repair somewhat difficult.

How to change the connector on the phone?

When the device does not hold charging, the malfunction is often determined precisely in the power connector. This type of equipment has very small details. They fit tightly together. Therefore, it is important to exercise caution during the repair process. The master must have at least minimal experience in this matter. Otherwise, you can not only not repair the phone, but also break it completely. Replacing the charging connector Samsung, Asus, iPhone and other brands is made according to a special scheme.

At the very beginning, you need to disassemble the smartphone so that you can remove the system board soldered to the USB connector. Among technologists and professional repairmen, this charging socket is called micro-USB. It belongs to the most common power connectors.

There are also non-standard types of devices. For example, these are phones manufactured in China. Many Asian manufacturers have recognized the need to standardize equipment. They try to produce only phones with the presented connector. However, there are difficulties in repairing such types of smartphones. Although the socket on all phones may be the same, the attachment to the system board is sometimes different.

If the phone is completely disassembled, the master inspects the damage and determines the actions required during the repair process.

Simple breakdown

Replacing the charging connector iPhone 5 or other popular brands of smartphones has a number of nuances. The power connector may not be damaged, but its contacts are removed from the system board.

This often happens when a mechanical force acts on the apparatus. Perhaps they drastically pulled the cord when it was disconnected from the phone. In this case, you do not need to change the entire connector. Repair will cost much less. Contacts can be soldered independently, having the appropriate equipment and a certain experience in similar work.

Complex damage

Samsung, Lenovo, and other phone brands can be replaced with more sophisticated technology. This will be necessary if damage to the charging socket is noticeable. In this case, it must be changed.

It is even more difficult if damage is visible in the socket, but it can be replaced only in combination with other parts. Today’s devices are becoming even more subtle, miniature, and the electronic components in them are less and less. For example, the bottom board, to which the power connector is soldered, is very thin in certain models. It cannot withstand heat and is deformed. Then there is only one solution. to replace the connector only complete with this board. This increases the cost of repairs. There are often cases with new phone models where the power connector is built into the cable. Therefore, there is a need to change it complete with a cable.

Certain phone manufacturers have created a new design in which to disassemble it is first necessary to solder the screen. Therefore, you can’t do without turning to a specialist of a service center for help. In order to replace the charging connector, it will be necessary to heat and carefully remove the display module of the device. In this case, there is a high probability of harming the screen. The cost of replacing the power jack is increasing.

If a layman does the work presented, he can simply break down complex equipment. It’s better not to take risks, but to contact a trusted specialist.

How to charge the phone when it is urgently needed

When there is an urgent need to call, and the telephone jack is broken, do not despair. Before replacing the charging connector, you can charge the phone using improvised tools.

The plates need to be buried in the ground, having previously wrapped them with copper wire. Salt water is pouring on all this. This is the charger. When there is no iron at hand, it can be obtained from improvised materials. For example, metal pins are inserted into lemons or apples. A wire is wound on them.

Having familiarized yourself with the features of replacing the charging connector, you can make the right decision on how to fix the malfunction.