How To Replace A Battery In A Smartphone

How to understand that the time has come to replace the battery of an android device?

Despite the fact that such an ultramodern gadget as a smartphone appeared relatively recently, many of us simply cannot imagine life without this truly functional and convenient communication device.

You can argue for a long time about which of the details of the smartphone is the most important, however, the battery is the most significant element of the device. Yes, yes, an ordinary battery that gives life and strength to your smartphone.

A modern smartphone has truly the broadest functionality. He is able to take excellent quality photos with a flash, download information using an LTE connection, display pictures on an impressive size bright screen and even look for a connection with GPS satellites. In order to cope with all these functions “perfectly” the device needs power, it is it that gives it a good battery. However, during active use, the battery life is significantly reduced. According to statistics, the smartphone’s battery can work out correctly for about a year. How to understand that the time has come in the gadget to replace the battery?

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We conduct a visual inspection!

It often happens that problems with the battery are visible to the naked eye. A faulty battery simply starts releasing toxic gas, which is why it swells and loses its original shape. Also, traces of corrosion. white-green spots may appear on the outer shell of the battery.

How to Replace a Battery in a Smartphone

It is difficult enough to detect symptoms of battery failure if it is non-removable. But when the battery starts to swell, it will certainly affect the case, it will simply deform. crack and change shape. Quite often, deformation of the case leads to cracking of the expensive screen of the gadget.

Please note: the battery does not always swell quickly. Consequently, in the early stages of the destructive process, you may simply not notice that the battery has already begun to gradually swell.

If your gadget is equipped with a removable battery, you can determine the problems with it using a simple test. For testing, you just need to remove the battery from the device and try to twist it on a flat horizontal surface. If, by inertia, the battery continues to rotate, you are dealing with a battery that has already been affected by the first symptoms of corrosion. The battery needs to be changed urgently!

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We observe and analyze

The vast majority of smartphones have a constantly visible battery indicator in percent. It’s even possible to install a colorful widget on the device’s screen directly on the desktop, so that you can see how the battery runs out.

With proper operation, a working battery should not be discharged during inactive use by more than 1-2%. If you do not sit constantly on the Internet and do not often play games, and the battery of your gadget is completely discharged from 100% in two to three hours, or right during a conversation, you urgently need to change it to a new one!

Please note: quite often, the battery life may be minimal, due to the presence of any malfunction in the smartphone. In this case, the battery can also heat up and discharge even when the device is completely turned off.

Diagnostic Tools

Full information about the battery of your device can be obtained by typing the following combination in the phone application: ## 4636 ##. If for some reason this combination did not work, it is rational to use the Battery application. You can find this application on Google Play. The application will allow you to find out the following parameters of your battery: voltage, temperature.

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Important: Do not download applications that promise to normalize a malfunctioning battery. Such applications are useless!