How to Repair Google on Android

How to Repair Google on Android

We got the most questions to one of our publications, in which we talked about how to untie an android phone from a Google account. After analyzing the received requests, we realized that many, therefore, are trying to access the phone, even if they just forgot the password from their google profile or cannot log into it for any reason. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you how to restore access to your Google account on android. You can perform all the presented steps from the phone, but we will show how to do this on the computer.

A huge number of people use the password entered and saved by default on the phone for years, so it is not surprising that after a long time or in case of the loss of your favorite android, with all the data, you can not remember it. In this case, do not panic and try to hack into the system, most likely, it will not lead to anything.

We offer, get acquainted with the step-by-step instructions for restoring access, recommended by Google itself.

Step-by-step instruction

To begin with, what contacting the official support form is the only working way access recovery.

We follow the links to the recovery form. You will see the following window

What to do if you forgot your username and password, but remember the attached phone number?

Take the included phone in your hands and boldly enter its number.

Next, enter your password option, otherwise, click “Another question”, and proceed to confirmation via SMS. Enter the received code there. Now you need to enter a new password, which you will use.

I only remember the mailbox (login), but I do not remember the password.

Enter it. The system itself will determine the attached phone number and will send an SMS at your request in order to confirm that this Google account belongs to you.

See the for more details:

Do you remember nothing?. You have forgotten your password.. You remember the username and password, but you cannot log in to gmail.. You think someone else is using your account.. There are two-step authentication issues.

In this case, the procedure is a bit more complicated. Before you start, try to remember as many details as possible about your account (additional address, entered last name and first name, etc.). Follow this link, if possible using the same browser and computer with which you usually log in or log in for the last time. Google stores all the data of visits and, if necessary, this will be a decisive argument in your favor.

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The support form will look like this:

Everything is elementary here. Just select the desired item and get the appropriate instructions in order to restore access.

After all this, we hope you have received the missing data. Now enter them on your phone.

You can get more information in this:

In the end, we just note that you should not store the recorded login data and password in one place. This will help protect you from hacking or unauthorized access. And if you have something to add, write in the comments.

For full use of the services in the phone, Android 6.0, Android 7.0 or another, you need a Google account. All you need is a login with a password to access your email

What if we forget the password and in no way can restore it in the traditional way?

A significant portion of Google services requires login. This allows you to use their capabilities. Until we remember the username and password, we won’t be able to use it.

Most often it happens like this: “I reset the settings on android; I don’t know how to restore Google account”. There is a solution. on that below.

The standard way to restore google account on android if you forgot your password

You forgot your password on android. Naturally, the first thing to do is try to send it to an alternative email address.

You can do this directly on your Android smartphone, but I would still recommend doing it through a PC. The computer has more features.

If this happened after the Android reset and your Google account doesn’t matter to you, but the phone requires a Google account linked before, then this can be bypassed. How? Here is the instruction.

If you are determined to restore your Google account to Android, then I recommend that you go to the address below on your computer.

Then click on the link “Forgot your email address. Mail? “.

Now, if an android phone is attached to the mail, you can keep it; if not, write the email address and click “Next”.

You will be asked to enter a password, but since you do not remember it, select forgot. You will be prompted to enter any password that was used in this account.

If you remember, enter and execute what the recovery wizard will indicate to you. If you don’t remember, click on another method.

There are many options for recovery, for example, keep a name, surname., phone number, alternative email address or answer to a secret question.

In a word, if you remember something, you can recover a forgotten password. But what if you don’t remember anything? Then try the following solution.

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The second way to restore google gmail account on android if you forgot your username and password

Suppose that somehow you lost access to the second Google gmail account, and you do not have the opportunity to answer the “secret question”.

Does this mean that you have lost access to your Google account contacts, email, photos and all other data?

In the event of such emergencies, the Google Password Decryptor application comes to the rescue.

This program is able to detect and decrypt passwords that were used when logging into various services using applications such as gTalk, Picasa, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

After starting the program, just click “Start recovery”, and the program will begin the process of recovering missing passwords.

After a few minutes, a list of account logins will appear, as well as the passwords that were used to log in.

Password Recovery Tips for Google Accounts

If you have forgotten your data on an android, it’s the same as having lost your keys. You can no longer enter your house.

It can be even worse if your Google account is hacked. A thief can change it and you won’t be able to log into your account. It is as if someone had stolen your keys and then replaced the locks on the door.

If you forgot your Google account password, you need a way to get to it and get all the information from Gmail, Maps, Google and YouTube.

To help you, Google must make sure that you are the rightful owner of the account, even if you did not enter the information correctly.

There are some simple ways you can use to allow yourself a quick recovery.

To do this, add an additional email address. Then if you don’t remember your password, Google can send a link to your second email address and you can assign a new one.

Add the smartphone number to your Google account. Your mobile phone is the best way to regain access to your Google account.

Then, if necessary, get a text message to the number that you registered.

Your phone is a safer and more reliable tool than other ways to help you regain access to your account.

Methods such as secret questions, your mother’s maiden name, in which city you live, where you were born, can have easily remembered answers, but at the same time they can be easily decrypted by third parties.

Over, through your phone number, you will gain access to your account much faster and more efficiently than through alternative email.

You will also receive a text message if Google discovers that something suspicious is happening in your account. Successes.

If a user forgets the password for a Google account, he will lose access to many features and services of his Android device. Given that Android remembers the password after the first entry and does not require constant confirmation in the future, problems with its recovery arise mainly after the user completely reset the settings. In the event that access to your account is lost due to a forgotten password or reset, do not despair, because access can always be tried to be restored.

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From the article you will learn

We restore access

To recover your password, you will need to use the Google Account Recovery service, which was created specifically for account recovery.

It is worth noting that Google is always engaged in the refinement and improvement of its services, so the recovery process is always quick and easy.

Important! Before using this instruction, make sure that you have a spare email address attached to your Google account at the registration stage or that you now have access to the mobile phone number that you provided.

  1. The first thing we do is open the page.
  2. Next, in the menu that appears, select the line with the name “I do not remember the password”, then click the “Hard to Answer” button.
  3. At this stage, we select the recovery method using the phone and enter it in the appropriate form.
  4. After a few minutes, you should receive an SMS message containing a digital confirmation code.
  5. In a new window, you must enter this code from SMS and confirm it.
  6. Now we invent and enter a new password.
  7. Everything, the password for the account has been changed to a new one.

In the event that there is no connection to a mobile phone or that number is no longer relevant, then you can use the spare mail, which will receive a letter, with instructions for recovery. Just follow the link that will be in the letter, and follow the instructions above.

Set up account sync after recovery

After the password is changed, the account must be synchronized on the device.

  1. The first thing you need to go into the “Settings” of the device.
  2. Next, open the “Applications” item and select “Gmail” from the list.
  3. Having opened the application settings, it must be forced to “Stop” and “Clear the cache”, using the advising options.
  4. Close the settings and launch Gmail from the application menu, Google user data will be requested.
  5. Now it is important to create a backup copy of all data, as well as installed applications, since further actions will permanently delete them. To do this, you can use the standard capabilities of the device or special applications.
  6. Open the phone’s settings and go to the “Accounts and sync” submenu.
  7. In the list, select Google and then “Delete account”.
  8. After the account is deleted, it must be added to the system again, after which the settings will be completely updated.


If it is not possible to carry out the recovery yourself, this can always be done by contacting the user support service, where you can get the necessary instructions.

Important! Never use various “special” resources for recovery, because because of them the account can be permanently banned.