How to remove Vivo browser from a smartphone. Android software

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Go to the settings → Additional settings → Application management → The display system process, delete the software that can be removed by the first

Of course, this step can also be missed directly into the second step.

The second step

The mobile phone opens the developer → Open USB debugging → Connect to Line Line Chance → Open Cable Brush → Command Brand ADB

The third step

1, as part of the ADB command line, enter the “Adb Shell PM list list list” (delete the quotation margin), install the travel road, this time you display all the software in the phone.

2, the mouse is selected, then the right mouse button, copy it, get information, insert it into TXT or Excel.- Standby

The fourth step

Open the previously installed package viewer, confirm the application name to remove one by one, for example, deleting “Game Magic Box”, you can see the name “Game Magic Box”. “Com.Vivo.GameCube “,

The ADB command line team deleys the application first enters the “ADB shell” and checks the return of the carriage. Then enter PM Uninstall.K. User 0 apply the name “Enter Enter to remove.

To delete the “game magic box”, you must introduce PM Uninstall.K.-user 0 com.Vivo.GameCube “

To delete the “Sogou Vivo input method”, you must introduce PM Uninstall.K.-user 0 “

At this time, use the data obtained in the third step, I find keywords quickly located to the application name, copying the paste to achieve quick input.

Using store, Jovi, I Music, I Josebeeper, Vivo Desktop, Photo album, Vivo official website, Vivo account, Vivo, Vivo Vivo Service Build-in Global Search, Browser, App Store, Read Clocking Service, Service Service, Suspenders,

After removing the in vivo service, the status line will not be yellow when the developer’s option is enabled.

And quick applications, electronic warranty maps, this category cannot be deleted.

It is recommended to view the official description of Vivo software (https: // www.Vivo.COM/Preloaded-App).

Exterior, hidden virtual buttons and slipped.

Enter “ADB shells” Settings, put a global policy_control immersive.Navigation = Apps “,

If you are not successful, you can try the “ADB shell parameters”, put the global policy_control impressive.navigate = “

Separate applications cannot be installed, please, find the “Go-Toy Ty Tyse” limit edition for installation

How to clean the smartphone on Android from extra pre.installed programs (even “unstable”)

Mobile manufacturers have long lost a sense of proportion (and sometimes fear), so they stuff each new phone with more and more software. Not all of the programs imposed on us are useful, and some even harm the speed of the mobile phone. Today we will tell you how to get rid of useless preinstalled applications in a smartphone.

A set of things that are always needed in a smartphone is not so great: calls, SMS, camera, application store (although geeks do without it). Everything! The rest of the “joys” can be installed from the store or never use if they are not needed.

But in this form, no one has been releasing smartphones for a long time. Manufacturers of cheap mobile phones earn on Herbalife, that is, they receive money for the application pre.installed in the firmware. Those who are fixed in a more expensive segment are developing branded “whistles” so that there was something to justify the high cost and there was something to mention in advertising.

Therefore, do not hesitate to delete everything that you consider unnecessary from the smartphone. a modern smartphone cannot be unusable with the removal of applications in a standard way. And if it happens that you deleted some new Pokemon GO!”, according to which the world will soon begin to go crazy, it does not matter. your ears will buzz you and show how to install the application or game again.

How to remove Alice

If the voice assistant works as an independent application or it is not possible to turn it off, then you can simply remove it from the phone or tablet. Instructions:

Open the “settings” and select “All applications” (depending on the version of Android, this item can have different names). Here find the right application in the list. In our case, this is Yandex.

On the page opened, click on the “Delete” button (depending on the Android version can be in different places) and confirm the action.

If you cannot find the right application in the list, then you can delete it differently. To do this, return to the main screen and make a long press on the icon of the voice assistant. After that, drag it into the “Delete” field and confirm the action.

Now you know how to delete Alice from Android phone. If you do not like that a voice assistant is built into your favorite application by default, then instead of completely abandoning it, pay attention to simplified versions of applications. Such as Yandex.Lite browser.

How to remove browser from the phone?

The process of removing the downloaded browser is not particularly difficult. The procedure is the same as when removing any application. It is enough to walk along the “Settings”-“Applications” paths in Android telephones, select the “third-party” tab (or “loaded”), find the required application in the list (for example, Opera or UC Browser) and click on the corresponding line. Next, it remains to press the “Delete” button and confirm the desire to remove the browser from the Samsung phone or any other brand whose devices operate using the Android system. The image with a demonstration of the above actions is located below.

Removing on iOS is approximately the same. The iPhone user needs to go to “Settings”. “Basic”, select the “iPhone” storage section, find the required application, and then select the “Delete Program” option twice. You can also remove the browser even easier. just find it on the desktop, then press on the icon and hold it until the occasion of the cross in the upper left corner. Then it remains to press the cross near the browser icon and confirm the removal.

How to delete system applications using ADB

This method is similar to the previous one, it is only executed through ADB, and to deactivate the application, you must enter the ADB command. The method is relevant when Debloater refuses to work.

Important! Do not block responsible system applications and services, as this will violate the integrity of the OS.

    PTP cable. Install the drivers and ADB.

  • Include “USB debugging”, the item is located in the settings section for developers.
  • Launch the ADB utility and write down the command. Adb Devices. With successful conjugation with the phone, a corresponding notice will appear. A window will appear on a mobile device with a request for confirmation.
  • Then we drive a command. Adb Shell.
  • To delete the program, you must alternately enter the PM UninStall command.k –USER 0 “and the name of the package. View the name of the package will help the Appector program. For example, delete live wallpaper. PM Uninstall.k –USER 0 com.Android.Wallpaper.Livepaker.
  • Upon successful removal, a notification will be required. SUCCESFUL.

The main disadvantages:

  • Inactive application takes place on the internal drive.
  • It is required to first clarify the name of the package and enter the command.
  • The presence of PC is mandatory.
  • With a thoughtless shutdown of programs, it is easy to violate the integrity of the OS.

Removing system applications through Titanium Backup

The application works on Android OS and needs Root Rights. In this case, it allows for various manipulations with applications. freezing, removal, backup, etc.D.

Important! Beginning users are recommended to freeze applications. Be sure to create a backup copy of the removed application.

  • Install Titanium Backup. Launch and allow the use of Root rights.
  • Click on the “Reserve Copies” tab.
  • Open applications for freezing, removal and preservation alternately.

How to delete applications downloaded on your own

If you no longer need the application, you can delete it.

Removal can be performed in several ways. If you want to do it easily and quickly, you can also download a special application from the store to help you remove unwanted applications. In particular, we recommend that Easy Uninstaller remove the application and the deinstal. Delete the application.

From the application manager

Now you will see a list of installed applications.

Before removing the desired application, respectively, before performing step 4, clean the cache and clean the data.

Depending on the version of your OS, you can find the option “Clean data and / or cache” in the Options “Storage” after clicking on the desired application.

From Google Play

If you want to delete the application, you can also start removing from Google Play. In this case, act as described in our article.

Vivo browser ko disable kese kare / How to disable Vivo browser / Shivam techone

  • Open Google Play on your smartphone.
  • Click “My Games and Applications” on the menu on the main page of Google Play.
  • Click the application that you want to delete and then click “Delete”.

How to disable the application from the system

The factory version of your Vivo already contains some applications, including some that you do not even need.

As a result, they simply take up a lot of space for storage.

However, as already mentioned, you can delete applications preinstalled on your smartphone.

Although you have to be careful. We do not recommend arbitrarily delete any applications from the system.

You can cause irreparable damage to your smartphone.

Our advice: it is better to deactivate the application from the system than to remove it.

Thus, you do not risk breaking your smartphone. In addition, this unloads your Vivo RAM.

  • Open the “settings” on your smartphone.
  • Then click “Applications and notifications” in the menu.
  • Click “All applications” and select the application you want to disable.
  • Remove all the updates of the application before pressing “disconnect” when it appears.
  • Then click “Disable”.
  • You will see a message that the removal of your chosen application may interfere with the use of other applications.

Do not worry if this is true, you can re.activate the application, since it was not completely deleted. So you can just click OK in this message.

How to delete the application from the system

Applications that can be turned off can also be completely deleted.

In this case, you should have a ROOT access.

For example, ruting applications King Koron, Kingo Root and OneClickroot. We would like to note that you are taking full responsibility for the routing of your smartphone.

To obtain detailed information on how to get a ROOT right to Vivo, refer to our article “How to get a ROOT Rights on Vivo”.

Prevented applications that can be safely deleted depend on the model of your smartphone.

  • To find out what kind of applications are you can open an application review.
  • Select “Delete / Disable the application” in the upper right corner.
  • Minus sign will appear next to all applications that can be deleted.

How to restore system applications

If some applications have stopped working as usual or have other problems with Vivo, reinstalling can help.

If you have Root rights, we recommend using fast reservation that you can download here from Google Play. This application allows you to make a backup copy of system applications before removing them. Then you can restore them as necessary.

If your Vivo has restrictions on use, you need to drop it to factory settings.

In particularly difficult cases, it is necessary to restore all firmware. Be careful, in most cases these operations can lead to cancellation of the guarantee and breakdown of your Vivo. We strongly recommend talking to a specialist before ruting and removing the firmware applications on your Vivo.

Removing pre.installed applications

It is much more difficult to eliminate system applications. The fact is that some smartphone manufacturers are pre-promising some games and programs in order to receive money from their developers. Most often, such programs cannot be deleted, otherwise it would not be possible to make money from the creators of smartphones. But in fact, there are bypass maneuvers that still allow you to remove system applications.

However, be careful! You always need to understand which standard applications can be deleted and which is better not to touch. The fact is that the elimination of some of them will entail unstable operation of the entire operating system. If it is quite possible to get rid of any browser or navigation application, then the “calendar” or “camera” is better not to disturb.

You can delete built-in applications only by bypass ways using Root-right.

If you have the rights of a super sex user, then download ES conductor or some other serious file manager, and then perform the following actions:

Launch ES conductor or its analogue.

Use the point of the ROOT conductor, at the same time providing the ROOT access utility.

Go in the internal memory along the path /system /App.

Select the APK file of an application unnecessary for you. If there is an ODEX file with the same name nearby, then highlight it.

In the context menu, select “Delete” item.

On Android 5.0 and later versions of the operating system all standard programs are in folders. This does not change the essence of the matter. you just need to delete the entire folder, not individual files.

Next, follow the path /DATA /App. Updates of pre.installed applications may be stored here. They should also be removed. On devices with Android 5.0, again, updates are stored in separate folders. But this only facilitates the task.

You can also delete (and even necessary) the database of system services and applications together with the cache. All this is stored along the path /DATA /DATA.

Disconnecting system applications

If you do not have a ROOT-right, then you can’t delete the system applications. However, you can turn it off, clean all the data. Then they will not be updated and spend system resources. Instructions:

Step 1. Open the settings and find here the item “All applications” (or “System applications”). A list of available components will be displayed. Select the application you want to disable. For example, a browser.

Step 2. Click on the “Delete update” button and confirm the action.

Step 3. After that, the “Disable” button will appear (the names may differ depending on the characteristics of the device). Click on it so that the application does not load updates anymore and does not spend system resources.

In the same window, you can configure additional parameters, clean the cache, delete temporary data.

How to delete the application on Android?

Before we move on to the essence of the issue, we will recall how to delete applications on the Android Smartphone. On some smartphones, just press the application icon with your finger and hold a couple of seconds. In the menu that appears, select or disable the item:

All Vivo Mobile System Apps Uninstall Permanent 2021 | 100% Working | New Tricks.

But, in most cases, to delete the application, you must go into the smartphone settings, there select the application item. After choosing the desired application, open it and click it (or turn off). Depending on the brand of the smartphone, everything can look a little different, but the principle is the same:

List of applications that should immediately be deleted

Today we will consider the most common pre.installed applications that can be safely removed from your brand new smartphone, not only freeing additional memory, but thereby increasing the time of the smartphone (since extra applications can work in the background and waste the battery charge).

So, check if you have applications from our list:

This is a cloud storage from Google. The application allows you to store some files / documents on the Google server to access this data from any smartphone or even through a computer browser. If you do not use the cloud storage. feel free to delete / turn off this application.

Samsung application that allows you to hide various files or even applications from strangers. You can get something from this folder only by password \ fingerprint. If you do not work on, with this application you can part.

If you do not use navigation on your smartphone, then it is better to remove this application immediately. In addition to navigation, this application is quite actively discharging the smartphone battery, since, firstly, all the time monitors your movement and retains the history of the places where you were daily (a rather fun function that allows you to “rewind the time back” and find out where and in what and in which The moment you were a certain number). And secondly, this application constantly monitors the situation on the roads to warn you about traffic jams.

The laconic name hides Google Assistant (Apple Siri analogue). This service is usually launched on any Android Smartphone by a long press of the home button. If you do not want to communicate with virtual assistants or is simply not interested in the information that they provide. delete this application!

It is also often found on Samsung smartphones. This application is, no matter how difficult it is to guess by name, a dictionary. The principle of operation is as follows: you download the dictionaries you need, then selecting any text, in addition to the commands to copy / insert / select, you will have a dictionary command, selecting which the selected word \ text will be translated in a pop.up window. If you do not need this function. delete the application.

A rather useless application for most people, which, moreover, consumes a battery charge. This is a special news table. It can be opened by making a swipe to the right on the main screen with icons (not on all smartphones). If you do not use this news reader, delete! over, there are much more convenient applications and methods of obtaining news.

This application can safely give the title of the most useless application from Google. Of course, the idea itself (the implementation of video calls) is excellent, only no one uses this application, since there are much more popular analogues: Skype, Viber, WhatsApp or Messanger. Feel free to delete!

You have smart mines or fitness bracelet from Samsung? If not, delete this application, as it is used only to connect to the smartphone of wearable devices from Samsung.

This is a mail client from Google. And here not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance. The fact is that almost every smartphone manufacturer provides its own application for working with mail, and Google is trying to keep everyone on its client. As a result, on the vast majority of smartphones, two mail programs are installed and operate, each of which separately consumes the battery charge, checking mail in the background. Therefore, leave one application (from the manufacturer of the smartphone, or from Google), and be sure to delete the second. If you do not use mail, remove both applications at once.

This application should definitely be removed only if you really do not need it. Thanks to him, all photos and videos from your smartphone are unloaded into a cloud (on server) Google and an unlimited amount of time is stored there. Convenience here is obvious. Changed \ lost a smartphone or some kind of failure occurred-all this will not affect the safety of the photo, they will always be available via the Internet or from another smartphone (according to your password). If you really do not need this function, then be sure to delete the application, since it consumes the battery charge relatively strongly.

Very comfortable list of listening to music. The only problem is that you need to pay for its monthly subscription. And if you do not listen to music by subscription, there is no point in this application, because to listen to your MP3 there are many more convenient and functional analogues.

If the previous application for music still makes sense to leave (and very many, including me, use it), then this application can be safely deleted. Unless, of course, you do not mind paying for watching one movie 10-20 (or rent it for 450), and even without translation (many films go only with the original path).

To put it mildly, not the most popular social network in the Russian.speaking world largely due to the narrow “specialization”. the search and establishment of business contacts. If you are not registered there, feel free to delete this application.

A little higher, we examined the Google Disc app. OneDrive is its analogue from Microsoft with one advantage-this application has already been installed on each Windows-non-circuit. But, if you are not interested in keeping files on microsoft servers. delete it (moreover, such applications constantly work in the background to synchronize any changes).

The last time you created or looked at your smartphone PowerPoint presentation? Feel free to delete this application if it was installed on your smartphone from the store.

Samsung application designed to transfer all data from its previous smartphone to the new Samsung. If this is not necessary. delete the application. over, now almost all important data (contacts, mail, application) are stored in the Google cloud and will automatically appear on a new device after adding their accounting account to Google.

We delete applications, method number two. ADB AppControl application

The principle of operation of the ADB App Control application is exactly the same as described in the first method. You also need to get a developer mode, configure ADB. The application creates and supports the enthusiast, you can find a page here here.

In the basic version of the software there is everything we need. The beauty is that there are presets when you can immediately choose a number of programs and save them just in case for yourself for the future (unloaded on a computer as an apk files, then they can be returned to the place in the device-but the application data not at the same time Save, keep this in mind). Instructions for using the program as detailed as possible, and in it you will find everything you can imagine, read the instruction online.

This software offers a convenient way to freeze entire programs of programs in the smartphone’s memory, delete them if necessary. But as well as in the previous case, you do it at your own peril and risk, except you, no one is responsible for the consequences.

As a conclusion

When we buy a device, we want to be able to manage it and definitely do not want to see the software imposed on us, especially when it is done non.alternatively and do not allow it to remove it. This is wrong and causes rejection literally all people. It is rarely when you can meet such unanimity, people do not like this approach, and this is understandable.

Of course, we will try to ensure that the rules of the game become more transparent and officials are fixed on paper, made such “pranks” as in the case of Yandex applications impossible. The user of the device must have the right to delete any software, those applications that are not part of the system. I am pleased that a discussion of this issue arose in society and it is so significant that all officials are as one, as well as the managing director of Yandex, they reopen from unsteady applications. The case remains for small ones, officials need to explain to the manufacturers how exactly they see the installation on software devices. Until this is done, all manufacturers will be in one form or another by violators, since the law contradicts in many ways to itself, it corresponded and changed so that in the end it looked like a patchwork blanket. Circus Shapito, somehow it is impossible to call it this.

Share that you deleted and why. Also tell us what feelings you have in your applications that put the devices in memory and make them unsuccessful.