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HONOR Band 5 Sport

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The HONOR Band 5 Sport Smart Bracelet is available in two unique colors 1. to highlight your unique style. Each strap is adorned with multi-colored thread weaving, which gives the sporty smart bracelet a distinct look. The HONOR Band 5 Sport weighs only 13 grams 2.It is a lightweight and comfortable fitness tracker that will become your assistant in leading an active lifestyle!

The HONOR Band 5 Sport reflects the brand’s commitment to making its products. the smart bracelet is made from fiber obtained from recycling plastic bottles 3. The use of recycled materials allows you to reduce the amount of hazardous plastic waste and take care of the environment.

The HONOR Band 5 Sport supports two wearing modes. on the leg and on the wrist.

Wearing mode on the leg. this is a breakthrough in the field of smart bracelets.

The 6-axis motion sensor of the HONOR Band 5 Sport allows the bracelet to track and process more data than conventional smart bracelets equipped with 3-axis sensors. Simply attach the wristband to your shoe using the mount and your running workout starts right away. The bracelet records your running performance with 97% accuracy 4.

HONOR Band 5 Sport recognizes 7 types of running training data.

The HONOR Band 5 Sport is designed for sports enthusiasts on the sports field and features a unique training performance monitoring system for more accurate data analysis.

The HONOR Band 5 Sport accurately estimates 10 types of motion data, 5 evaluating overall game performance in sports games such as tennis, basketball, or badminton. Use the Health app to keep track of your workouts and compete with your friends.

The HONOR Band 5 Sport is waterproof to 50 meters. 6 This means you can shower, dive in the pool and walk in the rain without worrying about damaging your device.

The powerful HONOR Band 5 Sport battery allows you to use the bracelet for two weeks in standby mode or 40 hours in continuous monitoring of physical performance after one full charge. 7

Distance traveled during training

HONOR Band 5 Sport has passed all the toughest tests for compliance with HONOR quality standards.

Drop test on marble from a height of 1.5 m

Temperature cycling test (10 ° C to 55 ° C)

Salt spray test (5% NaCl, 48 h)

Strap tensile test (2000 times)

Drop test from a height of 1.5 m (500 times)

How To Remove & Replace Straps on Honor Band 6 (and Honor Band 5). Quick Tips

Touchscreen durability test (800,000 clicks)

Profuse perspiration test (45 ° C, 120 h)

Bending test of the strap (50H, 3,000 times)

Storage at the lowest possible temperature (-40 ° C)

Simultaneous temperature and humidity cycling test (96 h)

Tensile strength (300 times, fixed load)

Test by installing and removing the case from the mount (2000 times)

Assembly and disassembly test (2000 times)

Storage at the highest possible temperature (70 ° C)

High temperature and humidity test (168h)

Strap sweating test (45 ° C, 120 h)

Test of the body falling out of the mount from a height of 20 cm (450 times)

The smart bracelet is supplied with a strap of one of two colors. gray or pink. Other strap colors sold separately.

Data obtained from tests at HONOR laboratories. Actual data may vary depending on measurement methods.

Recycled fiber for HONOR devices is made from PET bottles using state-of-the-art chemical and physical technologies for recycling and textile production.This innovative and environmentally friendly solution has allowed to obtain a new type of fiber raw material, improve the quality and functionality of the device, while reducing carbon emissions and saving energy.

This function is only supported by smartphones running Android 4.4 and higher.

Data obtained from tests at HONOR laboratories. The accuracy of recording exercise data can reach 97% even when the GPS function is turned off. Actual data may vary based on environmental conditions and running style.

The HONOR Band 5 Sport is 50M waterproof according to ISO 22810: 2010. You can leave the bracelet on when showering or swimming in shallow water (pool, river, lake, etc.). It is recommended to remove the wristband before going to the sauna, swimming in seawater and other situations where the device may corrode.

Data obtained from tests at HONOR laboratories. Actual battery life may vary depending on device settings and usage. Typical Energy Scenario: 2 hours of running or other sports every week, 200 screen activations (including wrist-up, tap activations), ten incoming notifications, ten alarm reminders, and three standard reminders.

Data is based on tests conducted in HONOR laboratories under controlled conditions and does not apply to all products. Actual product specifications may vary. HONOR reserves the right to finalize the content of the above information.

Notice: Product images and content displayed on the screen are for reference only. Actual product features and specifications (including appearance, color and size) and actual on-screen content (including backgrounds, interface elements, and on-screen icons) may vary. All data on the pages below are theoretical values ​​and are based on testing in HONOR laboratories under specified conditions. information can be found in the device information. Actual data may vary depending on product model, software version, usage and environment. All actual data are subject to usage. Due to possible changes to the scope of supply, manufacturing processes and delivery procedures, HONOR may make real-time changes to the description and images published on the above information pages. The purpose of the changes is to provide accurate information about the product, its characteristics and functions, and to ensure consistency between the information posted on the website and the characteristics and functions of the actual products, as well as the names in the actual shipment. Product information is subject to change without notice.

Steel and metal

Owners of gadgets with metal bracelets are advised to use one of 3 cleaning methods:

  • Soak in soapy water for 20 minutes. Rub with a brush and rinse.
  • Soak in a glass of water with 4 drops of ammonia. After 20 minutes, rinse with clean water.
  • Mix baking soda and vinegar in equal proportions. Apply for 2 minutes. Wipe with a soft cloth.

At the final stage, the metal must be wiped off. It cannot be dried naturally like silicone and leather bracelets.

How to remove correctly

The step-by-step instructions to follow when removing the strap from the fitness bracelet depend on the gadget model. This is due to the fact that each manufacturer uses their own fastening system. Fixation based on:

  • latches;
  • tension;
  • springs.

Ritmix RFB-400

To detach the strap holding the Ritmix RFB-400, you need:

  • unfasten the lock located on the side of the gadget case;
  • release the capsule by pulling it to the side, the trajectory of movement should be parallel to the edges of the retainer.

This type of attachment is the most sensitive. It is recommended to remove the capsule with sensors as rarely as possible, otherwise the lock will quickly loosen.

Silicone straps

Silicone wristbands can be cleaned in 2 ways. Mild involves washing with a mild soapy solution. If this did not allow removing the dirt, you need to resort to a tougher method: wipe with a rag moistened with glass cleaner. After that, be sure to rinse the bracelet with water.

Garmin vivoactive

You can remove the Garmin Vivoactive capsule only with a set of screwdrivers supplied with the gadget.

The bracelet for this device consists of 2 parts. Each of them is fixed on the sides with 2 screws that need to be loosened using the miniature tools offered by the manufacturer.

Cleaning rules

You can clean the bracelets, regardless of the material from which they are made, only after disconnecting from the gadget case. Wait until they are completely dry before installing them back.

Huawei Honor A2 Smart band

Such a gadget has a fastening design that is sharply different from others. In order to pull the monitor out of the belt, just press on the back of the case.

Why remove the strap from the fitness bracelet

Some models of fitness bracelets can only be charged when the clip is removed.

Method 1

This method is indicated in the official user manual.

  • We take the gadget in hand.
  • Press on the capsule on one side, and on the other, slightly pull the strap down until a gap appears.
  • Remove the bracelet. Ready.

Honor Band 5. How to Remove Strap

Method 2

For me personally, this is the most convenient and practical option.

  • Clamp the right side of the device with one hand.
  • With the second hand, lift the bracelet up and a little to the side until you hear a click.
  • Removing the capsule.

Removing a metal or leather bracelet

Such overlays are also in great demand. Using them, you can change the sports design of the gadget to a more business-like and austere one. It is very easy to remove the metal bracelet: press on the spring from the inside, and then on top of the capsule. Leather can be removed in the same way, only there is no spring.

Take all the steps with care so that the glass does not crack. Use protectors for extra protection. details in a separate article.

Removing the strap

Next, we will tell you how to remove the Mi Band 5 from the silicone strap. These are the most comfortable and budget bracelets that do not cause discomfort when worn.

Comparison with Mi Band 4

Mi Band 4, like previous generations of trackers, was also equipped with a removable bracelet. But this device did not receive factory magnetic charging, so it had to be removed every time to recharge.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has evolved significantly in this regard. The charger is attached at the back with a magnet, and you only need to pull out the capsule to change the strap.

Do the bracelets fit

The fifth Bend has a larger display, but strap compatibility is excellent. You can use the bracelet from the fourth or third Xiaomi fitness tracker. The only thing: the capsule will enter a non-native “seat” a little more difficult.

How to get Mi band 5 out of the strap

Xiaomi fitness bracelets are everyday gadgets for Android and iOS, the design of which is very simple. But many do not know how to get the capsule out of the strap. This procedure can be time consuming and inconvenient for beginners, so we have prepared clear instructions.

Insert the tracker into a new strap

There are two methods here too. First: we place one side of the capsule in the overlay, and on the other we press and pull the bracelet to the side. Second: insert the capsule from the bottom up and fix it firmly until it clicks.

As you can see, replacing the strap in the Mi Smart Band 5 is quite simple if you know the specific schemes. If you have any questions, please contact.

How to remove the strap from the Honor Band 6

Every year fitness bracelets and smart watches are gaining more and more popularity. Manufacturers of such devices regularly release new models in different colors. And so that customers can emphasize their individuality and stand out from the crowd of monotonous devices, strap adjustment and replacement are provided in many models. This article will explain how to remove the strap from the Honor Band 6. At first glance, this is a fairly simple procedure, but many users, especially those who do it for the first time, have difficulties. In what situations it is necessary to remove the strap from the Honor Band 6 and how to do it, is described below.

Answers to popular questions

The strap fastener on the bracelet came off

Now you know how to remove the strap from the Honor Band 6 and you won’t have any problems replacing it.

Silicone straps

The advantages of silicone bracelets are their practicality. The soft material does not damage the skin. Securely fixes the device on the hand and does not cause allergic reactions. In addition, there are many shades of straps made of this material, so everyone wants to collect a few so that they can be matched each time.

Removing the capsule from the silicone strap is easy. It is enough to perform the following sequence of actions:

The device will fall out of the mount and you can insert it into another wristband. However, you need to proceed with caution, because carelessness can damage the strap.

How to remove the strap from Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and not damage the bracelet

The latest models of fitness bracelets from Xayomi differ in a new way of fixing the device in the strap. The company has provided a secure mount that prevents the device from falling out spontaneously. That is why many users are afraid to take out the capsule, fearing to damage both it and the strap itself. However, there are simple rules to help you get the job done and change accessories whenever you want to match your outfit perfectly, transforming your fitness bracelet into a fashion accessory.!

Steel or metal straps

Straps made of metal usually look very representative and at the same time quite comfortable. They will look presentable even with business suits. To insert or remove a device from the strap, you need to perform a very simple action: each product has a special stop. You need to take it away. pull back the strap to insert or take out the capsule. Fixation will be notified by a characteristic click.

It is difficult to damage such a bracelet, however, it may seem a little cumbersome and not every user is comfortable sleeping in it, but Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is able to track sleep phases and delicately wake you up!

Depending on the design of the steel strap, there are different ways to adjust it. However, manufacturers usually provide detailed instructions to help make the bracelet length optimal for your wrist.

Leather straps

Nice and neat leather straps are suitable for both men and women. They come in a variety of shades, quality and look very stylish. Often they are made of modern material called eco-leather and has a number of advantages:

  • it is not made of genuine leather, so it is suitable for those who do not accept natural materials for ideological reasons;
  • soft and gentle to the skin, does not rub and is almost not felt on the wrist;
  • does not cause allergic reactions and is very comfortable.

To insert the capsule into such a strap, you need to pull back the two spring stops. It’s very simple, you don’t have to worry about possible damage to your gadget. If you want to remove the capsule from the strap, then you need to turn it over and inspect. There will also be additional lugs on the back that you need to pull back or push in. This allows the spring fixation to be removed, and the capsule will fall onto the table by itself.

Be careful, it is better to carry out manipulations of changing the straps above the table so that the dropped device is not damaged.!

Ritmix RFB-400

The capsule of the sports tracker has a special USB-mount to the bracelet. To get it out of the strap, you need to snap off the small lock on the side edge with a slight push. Next, you need to pull out the capsule in a parallel movement without damaging the contacts.

This capsule should not be removed too often (unnecessarily), as the latching mechanism can quickly become unusable. Users note that with excessive pressure, the lock may loosen, which affects the secure fixation of the tracker.

Huawei Honor A2 Smart Band

To recharge this model, you do not need to remove the body of the gadget from the strap. The charger resembles a kind of clothespin and is fixed with side holders on the back of the fitness bracelet.


Silicone straps can be washed periodically in mild soapy water. This procedure will remove the remnants of sebum, dust and small dirt from the surface. If you have a light colored strap or if the dirt is stubborn enough, you can use the intensive cleaning method. For this option, you will need a tissue napkin and liquid for washing mirrors (alcohol and other surfactants in the composition work as mild solvents).

Photo from

Moisten the strap with liquid after detaching and wipe with a tissue, paying particular attention to problem areas. Next, you need to rinse the bracelet and wait for final drying.

How to remove a strap from a fitness bracelet: rules and nuances

The variety of fitness bracelets in the electronics market expands design options every year.

Some trackers are monolithic designs where the strap is not removable. Alternatively, the sensor capsule can be removed to charge, clean, or replace the strap.

How to remove the strap from the fitness bracelet depends on the specific device model and material.

In this article, we will analyze the nuances of removing the capsule in different models, how to clean different types of straps. A step-by-step plan will help you quickly figure out how to install the gadget in the strap.

  • How to remove the capsule of a Smartwatch to clean it of dirt or put it on charge
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 1, 2, 3
  • Ritmix RFB-400
  • Huawei Honor A2 Smart Band
  • Garmin vivoactive
  • Do I need to remove the device from the strap to charge via USB
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 1, 2, 3
  • Ritmix RFB-400
  • Huawei Honor A2 Smart Band
  • Garmin vivoactive
  • How to clean the straps
  • Rubber
  • Silicone
  • Leather
  • Metal
  • How to install a gadget in place
  • Useful video
  • Main conclusions


Fitness bracelet straps made of different rubber densities are best cleaned with a melamine sponge. Sequencing:

  • Dip a clean sponge in cold water and squeeze out excess liquid.
  • Remove the wristband and use light pressure to clean the rubber surface. At the same time, the movements of the sponge should be of a sweeping type so as not to rub dirt over the surface.
  • Next, you need to rinse the strap in clean water and wipe it dry with a paper towel. Before installing the capsule, you should wait until the bracelet is completely dry.

Note! Melamine sponges quickly absorb any dirt. For this reason, for the next cleaning you need to use a new sponge so as not to grind the previous dirt.

Useful video

Ritmix RFB-400

You can recharge the battery only after removing the device case from the bracelet. Next, the capsule is connected to the USB connector. You need to charge the Ritmix RFB-400 bracelet within 2 hours, and the standard frequency. every 13-15 days, depending on the nature of use.

Honor Band 6 review: how it differs from Huawei Band 6 and how is it more convenient than Xiaomi Mi Band 6?

Fitness bracelets are being actively improved in 2021. Honor Band 6 in particular offers a new solution in terms of design. the screen of this tracker is wider than that of other models and is similar to the display of a smart watch. We spent two weeks with him and figured out how convenient and functional it is.

Design Externally, Honor Band 6 differs from its predecessors and competitors in a wider screen. at first glance it seems that this is a Smart watch, not a fitness tracker. When compared to wearable devices, they look more like the Huawei Watch Fit than the Honor Band 5.

Although fitness trackers generally increase the screen size, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has increased the resolution relative to the Mi Band 5 from 126×294 to 152×486 pixels. Xiaomi and Honor have chosen different paths. the first company made the display longer, the second one wider. As for me, the second solution is more practical. it is more convenient to read notifications on a wide screen. However, a longer matrix may be more convenient for training. more graphs will fit on it. Let’s see during operation.

The body is matte, made of plastic. Outwardly and tactilely, it resembles metal, it looks solid and expensive. There is only one physical button on the right side edge.

Rubber straps. They are of high quality and comfortable. they do not rub the wrist, do not cause itching and irritation. There is only one trench coat, its position is adjustable, with it the tail of the strap will not stick out.

The tracker is controlled by a button on the side edge or by swiping across the screen. It turns on in one of two ways. by pressing the digital button or by raising the wrist.

Case dimensions. 43×25.4×11.45 mm. The smaller Honor Band 5 has 17.2×43 x11.5 mm. The bracelet has become wider, but at the same time it is shorter and thinner. He now almost does not protrude on the hand, which makes it more ergonomic. The weight of the bracelet is 18 g, it is almost imperceptible on the hand. In general, the bracelet is extremely comfortable.

The hull is protected from water according to the 5 ATM standard, with it you can swim in the water, but you cannot dive to a depth below 50 meters. The permissible temperature range for using the device is 10 ℃.45 ℃, the tracker can be used in light frost and extreme heat.

Screen The screen is unusually wide for a smart bracelet. Outwardly, it looks even more like a smartwatch than a fitness tracker. However, the decision is correct. more data can fit on such a screen, the user will less often have to scroll the text.

However, the increased display area is not used everywhere. The text is displayed in the middle of the screen, while there is a lot of free space on the sides, the icons also have not increased relative to previous generations of the Honor Band. Depends on the application. for Gmail, the text of notifications is displayed in full screen, for Telegram, not. Perhaps the problem will be solved by a software update or in the next generation of Honor Band.

But the additional area is used in the analysis of physical activity. in the training mode, the scales and indicators are placed throughout the screen. Dials also occupy its entire area, as a result, it is easier for the user to see the data.

The screen diagonal is 1.47 inches, the standard value for a fitness tracker. Matrix type. AMOLED, resolution. 198×368 pixels, pixel density. 283 ppi. The last two values ​​are lower than the Xiaomi Mi Band 6. the competitor has 152×486 pixels and 326 ppi. However, on such screens, the difference will not be noticeable.

Five levels of brightness are available. at the lowest value it is convenient to use the tracker in the dark, the pixels do not hit the eyes. At the highest. on a sunny day, the data is clearly visible, the colors are not distorted.

Autonomy Honor claims six days of battery life with active use of the tracker (TruSleep and heart rate monitoring enabled) and 14 days of standby time. In practice, this is how it turns out. We turned on heart rate monitoring, the bracelet was discharged after a week of use.

The battery capacity is 180 mAh. It is larger than the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with 125 mAh. At the same time, the competitor’s screen has a higher resolution, so it consumes more energy. Therefore, it is natural that the Honor Band 6 works longer. The Honor Band 5 had a 100 mAh battery, which means its capacity almost doubled, as did the display resolution (from 120 x 240 to 198 x 368 pixels).

In terms of work without recharging, the Honor Band 6 is better than the Xiaomi Mi Band 6. Xiaomi assures that in the sparing mode the autonomy can reach 19 days. Only in this case, the tracker can be used only as a watch, with active use the indicators are many times more modest. Even technically, the competitor is upset. Its battery capacity is 125 mAh, it has not changed since the Mi Band 4 NFC. At the same time, the screen became larger. So, in an extreme mode of use (round-the-clock monitoring of pulse, oxygen in the blood, various other markers), the charge lasts no more than 4 days. Honor Band 6 improved more solidly.

The device is charged using a magnetic port. A full charge takes about 80 minutes.

Working in conjunction with a smartphone The bracelet is paired with a smartphone via the Huawei Health app. If you have a Huawei or HONOR phone, it will be preinstalled, if not, download it from Google Play or the App Store. Select the desired watch model, and on the accessory, open the “Search for a smartphone” section, then pairing will take place.

It displays your physical activity and tracker settings. The operating modes also change there. For example, you can enable continuous heart rate monitoring only there. The graphs of physical activity are also located there. There are many of them, each is detailed in the appendix.

The tracker shows notifications from all apps. The text is displayed in full and can be scrolled. The number of characters in the application name is limited. For example, the name of Visa Debit Card is not displayed in full.

Reminders and alarms are set in the Huawei Health app. You can control your smartphone remotely. for example, switch music or release the camera shutter.

If the tracker is taken off the hand, the display of notifications is blocked, access to them and other data and settings is also blocked. This increases the level of data protection. no one will see the correspondence if they take your accessory.

Health and workout monitoring Honor Band 6 automatically recognizes six types of physical activity: running, walking, rowing machine and elliptical trainer, etc. During the process, you can set training goals (cover a certain distance, burn a specific number of calories, etc.), the bracelet will collect data and show have you achieved the results you want.

10 professional workout modes supported: outdoor running, treadmill, outdoor walking, cycling, exercise bike, pool swimming, rowing machine, ellipse, walking, more.

Honor Band 6 does not have built-in GPS, so it will not work autonomously without a smartphone. Determine the exact distance, save data on time and speed of movement only with a mobile device nearby.

After writing the review, I still use the Honor Band 6. Such an inexpensive tracker is an ideal addition to a smartphone to read notifications without having to reach them once again. In this regard, the wide screen is extremely convenient. And it costs 4000 rubles, it’s easier to spend on it than on a Smart watch.

In terms of functionality, the Honor Band 6 has made no progress. Recognition of the type of workout, heart rate measurement, sleep analysis. we saw all these possibilities in the Honor Band 5. The difference from the Huawei Band 6 is one thing. the Honor Band 6 has a matte case, while the competitor has a glossy one. The new generation is trying to make the fitness bracelet more comfortable. Happened.

Review of the fitness bracelet Honor Band 6

In the middle of this fall, a new model of wearable devices from Honor was presented in the face of the Honor Band 6. This fitness bracelet boasts a large 1.47 ” Amoled display, SpO2 monitoring, HUAWEI TruSeen 4.0, HUAWEI TruSleep, and an autonomy of up to 14 days. There are also 2 versions of the bracelet, with and without NFC, the monitored model does not have contactless payment. Factory packaging in the general color scheme of the company:

On the back, the features of this bracelet:

  • fitness bracelet
  • magnetic charger
  • instruction
  • warranty card

The magnetic charger is new to the Honor Band line. Previous models (Band 5/4) were equipped with an inconvenient cradle that was hard to hit the first time.

  • Model: Band 6
  • Screen: touchscreen 1.47 “AMOLED display 368×194 pixels (283 PPI), 2.5D glass
  • Connection: bluetooth 5.0
  • Compatibility: Android / iOS
  • Vibration: yes
  • NFC: yes / no
  • Protection: 5ATM water resistant
  • Working time: 14-15 days
  • Battery: 180mAh
  • Dimensions: 43 x 25.4 x 11.45 mm
  • Weight: 18 g

The watch case is made of plastic, the strap is made of rough rubber. The appearance is similar to the advanced version of the Honor Watch ES, but in a more compact case (there will be a comparison later). Bracelet dimensions. 4325.411.45mm, weight. 18 g.

The governing body is unique and is placed on the right side. The button has a small stroke and sticks out a little from the body, so no false presses were noticed. We also removed the inclusion of the screen from the double tap, only the gyroscope and the physical button remained, which is not very convenient to press.

On the opposite side there is an engraving by the manufacturer, during normal wearing it is not noticeable.

The strap is removable, length. 21cm, width. 16mm. As mentioned earlier, rubber is not the softest and most flexible. If desired, you can replace it with a similar bracelet of a different color / style.

To replace it, you need to remove a special plug at the base of the strap and make the replacement itself.

On the inside there are pins for magnetic charging, as well as a heart rate sensor and a peripheral sensor for measuring saturation.

Compared to my Amazfit GTS they look like this:

Visual comparison with the “older brother”. Honor Watch ES. It has a slightly larger size and a larger screen diagonal. 1.64 ” Amoled, instead of 1.47 ” 2.5D Amoled in Honor Band 6.

The physical size of the screen in the Watch ES case is slightly larger than that of the younger model. What was surprising is the lack of AoD display in the Honor Band 6.

The set of sensors is the same and the biggest difference is the presence of GPS in the older version and less autonomy (up to 10 days). If you pay attention to the charging pins, unification is clearly visible. The Watch ES autonomy is. (all notifications and constant heart rate monitoring are turned on). 9-12% per day, while Honor Band 6 is 10%.

Let’s move on to the capabilities of the watch. To select the home screen, you need to download special themes from the Heawei Health app. There are 57 skins in total.

The shutter has become more informative and a number of additional settings have appeared: phone search, night mode, vibration off. To get into the settings menu, you no longer need to scroll through the main menu; for convenience, the settings shortcut is placed directly in the shutter.

As in the previous model of the device, Honor Band 6 has not lost the ability to control the music player from the bracelet. The player has no additional features, only duplication of the main controls.

The updated heart rate sensor. TruSeen 4.0, shows fairly accurate readings, although the fitness bracelet is not a medical device. For all the time of my tests, and this is Honor Band 3/4/5, Honor Watch ES, Honor Watch GS Pro, Huawei Watch GT2 Pro and a bunch of Amazfit devices (from the latest Amazfit GTS2), revealed that the updated TruSeen 4.0 shows readings ± equal readings with a stationary tonometer.

A peripheral SpO2 sensor for measuring saturation was available in the previous version of the fitness bracelet. During this time, no information was found about the sensor update, but the recent Covid19 illness made it possible to compare the readings of the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro with an ambulance medical device. In general, the readings were very close to each other (96% for the medical device and 95% for the GT2 Pro), so the Honor Band 6 readings were compared with the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro as a “reference”. The values ​​obtained for Honor Band 6 and Huawei Watch GT2 Pro are 95%. But as mentioned earlier, this is not a medical device and you should not rely only on a bracelet.

Otherwise, everything is standard: sports training, activity during the day, displaying information about sleep, measuring the level of stress, breathing exercises, smart alarm clock, timer / stopwatch. The mobile application cannot boast of many settings, but all the basic ones are available.

Displays sleep information. For those looking to track their daytime sleep, the Honor Band 6 won’t be a disappointment.

As a result, the fitness bracelet Honor Band 6 received minimal changes and cannot boast of many additional functions compared to the previous generation of Band 5, and the main difference is the enlarged display and greater autonomy (the previous Honor Band 5 had to be charged once a week). The question with the NFC version remains open, since it is not clear whether the bracelet will support the main services and banks. All the same, Honor Band 6 is a novelty, which was presented recently on the market.