How to remove the repeat repetition on the iPhone. Training

How to remove the repeat repetition on the iPhone?

To stop the repetition of the iOS or iPados device, open the control point, press the “Repeat of the screen”, then click “Stop repetition”.

AirPlay (repeat) is a branded Apple technology that gives much more opportunities. With its help, you can start the video broadcast in several touches, or a photo on the TV directly from the “Photo” application. Or completely duplicate the iPhone screen on the TV.

How to display an image from phone to TV

To begin with, I propose to make out how to connect the iPhone to the Samsung TV (I use it, therefore I will explain by its example):

  • Run the TV and connect it to Wi-Fi;
  • If you want to display the iPhone screen on the TV screen, call the control point on the ples from top to bottom;
  • Click on the icon of the “repetition of the screen” (two rectangles imposed on each other);

If your TV supports AirPlay, it solves a lot of problems

  • In the window that opens, find the name of your TV and click on it;
  • After a second conjugation on the TV screen, your iPhone screen will appear.

Since 2018, many televisions with the Smart TV function have received AirPlay support. Thanks to this technology, iPhone users can display images from their screens on TV.

However, if your goal is to reproduce a movie, a series or video from a popular video hosting on the TV screen, you can do it directly. I’ll show you on the example of YouTube:

You can play video from the iPhone on the TV directly from the video content application

This method is described on the official website of Apple, so you can not worry about its legality and safety. If it is interesting to familiarize yourself with the instructions for the myrrout of the iPhone screen on the TV, you can read about this on this link. everything is described there in all details.

How to connect Screen Mirroring to iPhone

And what to do if your TV does not support AirPlay? You can do without additional equipment like the prefix Apple TV, Chromecast and Yandex.Module. Only one application will be enough. But, before we move on to describing its features, I propose to take care of the safety of image transmission from the iPhone screen to TV just in case.

After all, this type of information, as well as any other, is subject to interception. Therefore, it will be better if you use the reliable VPN, which will encrypt your traffic and will not allow you to intercept it for outsiders. Be sure to read why you need to hide your IP.

    on the iPhone app from the App Store;

  • Launch the application and scroll through the starting screens;
  • Turn on the TV and wait for its appearance in the tab in the application;

TV CAST allows you not to draw up a paid subscription. It is easy to press on a cross in the upper right corner

TV Cast allows you to display a video from YouTube to TV by pressing this link

  • Do not choose any tariff, but click on a cross in the upper right corner;
  • Make sure the smartphone connected to the TV (Green Circle opposite it);
  • Press on Cast Photos, Cast Videos, Cast Musics, depending on what you want to bring to the TV screen;
  • And, if you need to display a video from YouTube, click Cast YouTube, log in and play the necessary videos.

Naturally, the use of TV Cast is a compromise. Compromise for several reasons. Firstly, this is not the most convenient way to transfer the image from the iPhone screen to the TV due to the need to perform a number of intermediate actions. Secondly, the free version of the application is limited by functionality. And to remove them, you need to buy a paid version. But since there are no other alternatives that are favorably different from TV Cast, I leave SIM for SIM.

Broadcast video from a computer Mac

To stop streaming playback, click the icon in the section with reproduction controls and select the option “turn off AirPlay”.

Repeat iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Use the “Repeat of the screen” function to entirely view the screen of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device on the Apple TV device or compatible with AirPlay 2 Smart TV TV.

  • Connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device to the same Wi-Fi network as the Apple TV or Smart TV TV compatible with AirPlay 2.
  • Open the control point:
  • On the iPhone X or later model or iPad with iPados or later, brush down from the right upper edge of the screen.
  • On the iPhone 8 or earlier model or in the iOS 11 or earlier version, brush up up from the lower edge of the screen.
  • Click “Repeat of the screen”.
  • Select the Apple TV device in the list or compatible with AirPlay 2 Smart TV TV. Need help?
  • If the AirPlay password appears on the TV screen, enter it on the iOS or iPados device.

The screen of the iOS or iPados device will be displayed on the TV screen with current orientation settings and parties ratio. To completely fill the TV screen, change the ratio of the parties or the scale in its settings.

To stop duplicating the screen of the iOS or iPados device, open the control point, select “Repeat of the screen”, and then “stop repetition”. Or click the “menu” button on the remote control apple TV Remote. support TVs AirPlay

At the beginning of 2019 (this is a few days ago, at the time of writing this article), news appeared on the Internet that some TVs will receive support for AirPlay 2 (as well as iTunes). This is an official statement from Apple. Why did they do this, I don’t understand. After all, it turns out that if you have a TV with AirPlay and iTunes support, then there is no need for Apple TV. It will be possible to duplicate the screen, broadcast music, or start watching videos and photos from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac on TV right away. Without additional devices. And it’s very cool!

At the moment, it is known that AirPlay 2 support will receive TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio. Of course not all TV models. A list of televisions has already been published in which the support of AirPlay 2 will appear. Some TVs will be released in 2019, and in some (2018 models), support for this technology will appear after updating the firmware.

iOS : How to wait for an repeating CAAnimation to finish a cycle before removing it

Perhaps later information will appear about other manufacturers and models. The news is good, we will observe this topic. If some TVs really receive support for AirPlay 2 and iTunes with firmware updates, then I think this will happen in the near future.

Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев how you connect your iOS devices with a TV, which method of described in the article you use, and what do you think about the AirPlay function and the iTunes service in the TVs listed above.




Apple iPhone/iPad

To broadcast the screen of my Apple devices, I use Apple TV 3. It is very convenient and simple-the speed is sufficient for broadcast FullHD video (connected via Wi-Fi and only-there are no wired connections, although it was provided but not useful)-copes.

Before that, a variety of options were tried, but I agree with you, the best solution for such broadcasts is Apple TV.

Total scheme is this: MASOS machine controls iTunes with a collection of films, music, clips, photos it pumps all this from Time Capsule and broadcasts on Apple TV, which is connected to FullHD projector (the projector can be replaced with any TV or monitor with HDMI).

And super conveniently, Apple TV receives a signal by AirPlay from any iOS device without converting or preparing a video. friends want to show photos or videos from their device. please connect them to the guest network (the capsule can create a separate segment with another password) and by the projector displays the screen of the mobile device.

over, I suspect that I will not change Apple TV (for 4 generation and above) for a long time, because the Full HD projector and replacement will not improve the quality of the video is somehow pointless. Well, several other “buns” from Apple TV-the channels of the main sources of video (YouTube, Netflix, films trailers and much more, if signed)))) in the post-Soviet space are already built-in, but renting films in Apple is not very customary TV, for example, justifies itself. the cinema at home is much more convenient. )

How to broadcast the screen from iPhone on Windows 10?

At the control point on the iPhone (opens with a gesture up from the lower edge of the screen), click on the “Repeat of the screen” item. In the list of available devices for transmission you will see Lonelyscreen, click on it. After connecting, the iPhone screen will affect the computer in the program window.

  • Insert the micro USB connector into the phone connector, its specific configuration depends on the smartphone model.
  • Connect the USB connector to the port of the TV
  • Turn on the TV and go to the main settings menu.

How to turn off the screen of the screen on the iPhone?

To stop the repetition of the iOS or iPados device, open the control point, press the “Repeat of the screen”, then click “Stop repetition”.

The connection diagram is very simple: insert one end of the HDMI/VGA cable into the TV, and the second into the adapter for Apple devices, and then connect the iPhone to the adapter. You can also connect to the second Lightning charging connector so that the battery does not sit down during operation.

How to disable the screen on the phone?

On the main page, select the “Status Strite”, then “Auto.Celebration”. After a second or two application, the application will display a new page with all the values ​​of the status line available on your Android 11 device, including the hidden screen of the screen record. Disconnect the switch next to the Screen_Record option, and everything is done!

  • Spend twice down from the upper edge of the screen.
  • Click on the “screen recording” icon
  • Choose what you want to write down and click the button to start
  • To stop the recording, draw down from the upper edge of the screen and click on the notification with the video recording icon.

How to connect iPhone to TV via Wi-Fi

To connect your phone to TV via Wi-Fi, it is necessary that the TV support Wi-Fi Direct technology. Before performing the procedure, be sure to read the instructions for your TV. Ideally, if you find specific instructions for Wi-Fi Direct, but if your TV has a Smart prefix, most likely everything will work as it should.

IPhone screen broadcast on a TV without wires.

First you need to connect the TV to the Wi-Fi home network. All TVs are different, so it is difficult to give universal instructions. In general, she will look something like this:

  • We go to the settings.
  • Next, click on general settings, network.
  • Then select a wireless connection method.
  • Next, TV will offer to choose a Wi-Fi network, select a home network.
  • Enter the password using the remote control.
  • Click ready.

Next, we connect to the same Wi-Fi network on the iPhone and broadcast the screen of our phone on TV. Everything is much easier here:

  • We go to the settings, wi-fi.
  • Next, select the same network as on the TV (important).
  • We connect to it (enter the password, if necessary).
  • Next, we move to the iPhone to the control point (the pile from the right upper corner for the iPhone X and older or the swipe from the bottom for the iPhone 8 and younger).
  • Click on the icon with two screens and select the TV.
  • Ready.

First, we are convinced that both devices were connected to one network, and only then we look at the control point.

Now you can easily broadcast your smartphone screen on your TV. There are not so many scenarios here, but show photos from the vacation. the very thing! Well, you can also play, although it seems much more convenient for me to connect the iPhone to a computer.

If the screen of the screen does not appear in the window of your TV, then TV does not support this chip and you will have to act in the old fashioned way. Don’t be scared, everything is simple there.

How to connect iPhone to an old TV

Yes, HDMI loses a wireless data transfer, but he still has advantages.

If your TV does not support Smart TV, but I still want to connect the iPhone, I have one old but proven way for you. Yes, as you probably already guessed, I’m talking about HDMI.

iPhone 12: How to Create a Recurring/Repeating Calendar Event

There is one thing: for the implementation of the chip we need a special cable. On the one hand, he will have Lightning, on the other. HDMI connector for TV. You can purchase this anywhere, personally I settled on this. After you have a cable, everything can be done in a matter of seconds:

  • Combine a smartphone and TV using a cable. If the wire also has a USB, stick it in TV.
  • Select the HDMI signal source on TV.
  • Then the image will automatically appear on the big screen.

Ready. Now you can view photos, play games, watch YouTube right on your TV. I honestly say a big hate Smart TV, so I’m used to working through the wire. over, to broadcast the iPhone on TV has to infrequently. My colleagues, for example, think differently. Recently, the KIVI, which the guys appreciated highly in our office, was in our office.

View photos, watch videos, play games using iPhone broadcast on TV.

Of course, experts will say that there are some more methods, but I categorically do not recommend contacting them. The screen broadcast via DLNA works very clumsy, and if you connect the iPhone via USB, then you will not get anything except the drive.

I ask you to write about my experience of connecting the iPhone or iPad to our telegram chat or in a comment below, it will be interesting to read. Maybe there are those who use DLNA and do not know grief?

How to display the iPhone screen on macbook

Despite the fact that both devices in this bunch are “apple”, Apple did not create the opportunity to broadcast data from one to another without auxiliary tools. You can display the screen on the TV from the macbook, from the iPhone. too. Between the iPhone and Mac. no, if you do not use programs.

The most affordable and popular software capable of turning a macbook into a receiver is an airServer. It is installed on MacOS above 10.eight. It has only 1 minus: the program is paid, therefore, either buy or look for a key to hack. For trial use, it can be downloaded from the official site: for several transactions of the screen this will be enough. The trial period lasts 31 days.

  • Download the image of the software, run, go through the installation procedure (tug of icons in Applications).
  • Launch Airaserver, give the resolution to the system and select Use in Tial Mode in a pop.up window if you are not going to buy a license. There will be a notification that the trial period has begun.
  • In the window that appears, only the password has a value (it can be set as desired). Also in the AirPlay block, you can configure the resolution of a mirrorless screen: make it as a specific device or choose a quality quality.
  • After the Airserver was launched, pull the control panel on the iPhone from below or from the upper right angle (for models without the physical button “Home”). Find the “Repeat of the screen”.

In the broadcast mode, record video from the iPhone screen. You can also do not only a regular repetition of the contents of the display, but also the stream reproduction of media content.

  • Go to the Mediatek, select the right video to open it on the big screen.
  • Below on the left, select the element “share” (a square with an arrow looking up).
  • In the list of actions, find the line “AirPlay”. The system will offer available devices. select MacBook.

To demonstrate photos from the iPhone screen on a macbook scheme Similar. If there is a desire to share music, in the mode of playing the song you need to click on the “Airdrop” icon: there will be a block “Audiosystems and TVs” below. MacBook is defined as Apple TV.

What are the best screen duplication applications for iPhone and iPad?

There are several different applications that you can use for a mirror display of your iPhone screen on a large display. They are all easy to set up and use with various TVs. Let’s look at the top ten.

  • Screen Mirroring. TV Cast
  • Chromecast Streamer
  • Rock mirror
  • TV Assist
  • Mirecast. mirror display of the screen
  • Screen Mirroring TV Cast
  • CHROMECAST screen mirror
  • Replica
  • ApowerMiroror
  • Mirror display of the screen. LetsView

AirPlay does not work on Mac

Not only the TV, but also on the MacBook itself you can broadcast the image

Not only iPhone or iPad support AirPlay, but also Mac computers. If you want to convey the image from the iPhone to MacBook, but you can’t do it, you need to check the following.

  • Find in the MAC Brandmower settings, remove the “block all incoming connections” flags and select “automatically allow the incoming connections”.

Update your Mac. The fact is that the new versions of the Personal improvements or correction of bugs of previous updates. It is probably the time to renew, even if you didn’t really want to.

Brakes AirPlay. what to do

If your device still connected through AirPlay to an external monitor or a Bluetooth column, you may notice that sound or image can be stirred. This is naturally not. That’s what you can do.

AirPlay image can slow down

  • Check the connection and disconnect other devices from it: smart speakers, smartphones or computers that currently do not need to connect to the network.
  • If you connect to the TV, check that unused applications are closed on it. Especially if it is an inexpensive TV on Android TV.
  • If the sound brakes on the column, try turning off the iPhone from other devices: Smart hours, headphones, fitness scraps.
  • Иногда подвисания звука — предвестник того, что колонка скоро разрядится. Put it for charging.

Some experts recommend disabling Airdrop or Bluetooth on the iPhone: To do this, open the control point, click the “cell data” icon, tape Airdrop and click “Reception of the digging.””.

The long.awaited Stage Manager function will appear in the new iPados 16. Told in a separate article on how to turn it on and use it.