How to Remove the Protective Glass from the Phone

A protective screen in the form of tempered glass on a smartphone is an opportunity to protect the gadget from mechanical damage. And what to do in a situation when such protection has already performed its actions, is cracked and interferes with the operation of the device? Of course, you will need to remove the protective glass from the phone and install a new screen. over, this work must be done carefully and following certain precautions so that the new bulletproof glass lies on a display that is clean of glue and fragments.

How to Remove the Protective Glass from the Phone

Features of protective glasses for phones

The protective glass does not just provide protection for the smartphone, but distributes the impact over the entire surface, avoiding the point impact. To protect the touchscreen from damage, the screen takes a hit, weakening it to a minimum. As a rule, the damage to the protective glass takes the character of cracks and chips. Because of this feature, it will be extremely difficult to tear off the tempered glass from the display, because even a single fragment can lead to scratches already on the touchscreen.

Do not try to raise the edge with your fingers, fingering with a fingernail. such an action will not lead to the desired results. It is possible to carry out the removal procedure or even replace the protective coating with a new one correctly and without additional damage after thorough preparation.

What do you need to remove?

Protective glass does not become unusable so often that every gadget owner has at hand special tools to facilitate replacement. However, such tools or part of them can come with the protective glass itself. If you didn’t have anything else complete with protection. do not despair, you can remove the glass using some items that are easy to find in any home.

In order to peel off the protective glass and carry out the entire procedure, not allowing damage to the display, you will need to prepare in advance:

  1. Napkins. Choose wipes that do not have lint, such as microfiber. After wiping with such napkins, you should remove any splinters and glue from the screen, and not add new rubbish.
  2. Sucker. An ordinary silicone suction cup will greatly facilitate the removal of even broken glass. You can do without this auxiliary tool, but its use is desirable.
  3. Plastic scraper. Alternatively, you can use a card, pick, or similar items. The main condition is that the material should not damage the touchscreen during the procedure.
  4. Alcohol-containing liquid. Cologne, glass cleaner or even vodka. any of these fluids is suitable to remove any glue and completely clean the display before replacing the protection.
  5. Gloves. This item is optional, but it will allow you to change the glass with the least chance of appearing between the new protective screen and the display of garbage or grease stains.

How to remove the protective glass on the phone: detailed instructions

Correctly repair, or rather, replace the protective screen that has fulfilled its task, can be done at home. The main thing is to carefully study the entire sequence of actions in advance, and not to carry it out, looking at the instructions. For convenience and as a visual aid, you can also watch a in which all actions are performed in stages and with accurate comments.

All work on removing damaged glass should be carried out after preparing the place of work and even the room (carry out wet cleaning). You need to remove and install the protection in a clean room, which will prevent the fluff and dust from getting on the display, as well as the appearance of new damage, but already a touchscreen.

Having prepared all the tools and the room, all subsequent work will be divided into five stages:

  1. Wear gloves or wash your hands thoroughly, and then dry them with a towel. Gloves will prevent stains and fingerprints when you need to stick a protective glass on a display cleaned from fragments of the old screen.
  2. Examine damage and choose the place that least crashed, protecting the mobile phone. It is in this place that you should install the suction cup (if you will use it), firmly pressing it to the screen. It is important to choose one of the corners of the gadget, which will greatly facilitate the procedure.
  3. Gently pry the edge of the protective glass closest to the attached suction cup. While raising the edge of the glass, pull the suction cup. Be careful not to push fragments of protection that could damage the surface of the touch screen. If the display is large enough. use a wider paddle or a plastic card, which will allow you to remove the protective glass from the iPhone over the entire width, rather than a point impact.
  4. Without making sudden movements, press the display with a plastic card, removing the protective glass with a suction cup or taking it by the edges. The protection itself should completely come off when all the grip points on the smartphone display are disconnected.
  5. Clean the display of glue and small particles of glass using a cloth. A small amount of alcohol-containing liquid will make it easy to remove all debris and glue residue, preparing the surface for a new protection.

Special cases

If removing the film on the phone requires only accuracy so as not to tear off the sensor with it, then in the case of a protective glass, more complex problems may arise. In particular, you will need to remove the screen, given the degree of damage, configuration, and many other conditions.

How to remove a broken protective glass from the phone

If the protective glass is not just cracked or covered with cobwebs, and the damage is much deeper. you will need to carry out the removal procedure in stages. First remove the largest fragments, and only then remove the small particles. To remove, you need to use only soft materials. a scraper, a plastic card or similar items. Do not drag glass fragments across the display. this may result in scratches.

How to remove the protective glass on an iPhone

For iPhone, most manufacturers provide a set of tools that make it easy to install and replace in case of damage. Removing the protective glass should be carried out starting from the top of the display. so you do not damage the button at the bottom of the smartphone. As a rule, protective screens on iPhones are highly durable, and the reaction to shock will not lead to the appearance of fragments. Due to this, you can carry out the removal procedure without additional steps for cleaning small particles.

Precautionary measures

Use only plastic scrapers or cards for removal, without using a knife or similar tools that could damage the screen of the device. If your chosen angle is difficult to detach from the display. go to another.

Remember that the display is connected to the protective glass due to two factors. electrostatic attractive force and adhesive base. To separate the glass and the touchscreen, you will need the force of two tools at once. a suction cup and a plastic card, which will significantly reduce the likelihood of damage to the display.


It is difficult to find two identical cases of damage to the protective glass due to the different properties of the screen and the force with the direction of impact. In some cases, you can remove the protective glass from the phone in just a few seconds, and another situation may require long work and great effort. We hope that the information provided in the article will help you again provide protection for the gadget. You yourself can share the experience of removing or replacing the protective glass, as well as the tools or improvised items used for this, leaving comments.