How to remove the password from the phone Samsung

Unlocking Samsung screen via Find My Mobile service

Find My Mobile service can be an invaluable service for Samsung owners in situations where the device password has been forgotten or the device has been lost. To use this feature, you need to have a pre-registered Samsung account, as well as a network connection on another phone or computer. The main advantage of this method is the preservation of all data on the device.

Go to and log in to your Samsung account.

On the right side of the window, click. and from the full list of options, select Unlock my device.

Enter the password for your account in the blank line and confirm your decision by clicking Unlock.

After that, the phone will be unlocked and you can set a new password on the phone.

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy, if you forgot your Pattern, Pin or Password

Samsung is one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers. So the question how to unlock the phone “Samsung”, worries many lucky owners of devices of this brand. Let’s tell about how it can be done.

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How to unlock your Samsung phone if you forgot your password: step-by-step instructions

You are trying to unlock screen, but in the menu you can select only pin code, password or picture, other items are unavailable.

How to unlock your phone by discharging battery

First of all you have to wait until the battery is completely discharged. To speed up the process, constantly touch the device. Make sure the screen is always active. Increase the brightness, turn on communication modules such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS.

When the charge remains a few percent, a notification will appear. Tap on it to open the device’s power settings. This way the lock will be unlocked, but don’t waste time, so the phone doesn’t shut down because of the lack of charge. In the menu, quickly find the section with security settings and disable the password. After that, charge your phone.

This works on devices released later than 2018. On modern smartphones, the system will take the user to a window for entering a PIN or picture password. If you can not unlock your phone this way, go to the following.

How to unlock phone if you forgot its password

A simple combination of numbers often falls out of memory, even writing it down on a piece of paper and keeping it with you is not an option. It’s easy to lose. Here are effective ways to unlock your phone if you forget your password. simple and quick steps will allow easy access.

Today’s mobile devices are secured with a password and fingerprint recognition system

Remove third-party certificates on Samsung

Some applications use security certificates in their work. These are special files that provide extra security to your data. While installing applications that use additional certificates, you may be asked to set a password on your gadget. While certificates are active, there is no way to bypass the password.

Therefore, you should remove the downloaded certificates before unlocking the screen on Samsung:

  • Find and open the menu ” Security “;
  • Under “Other security settings” select “Delete Credentials”;
  • Confirm deletion.

If the “Remove” button is inactive, it means there are no third-party certificates on your device. And you need to look for other options to unlock the screen on your Samsung phone.

The process of unlocking your Samsung is as simple as possible. you have probably seen this item in the settings of your smartphone!

  • Click on the gear icon;
  • Go to “Lock screen” ;
  • Select the desired unlock option or check the “No” option.

How to remove the screen lock on Samsung you know. what to do if you do not find the necessary items in the menu? You need to fix the problem!

Disabling Certificates

Another reason why it is impossible to disable the screen lock on Android Samsung in the standard way is the presence of additional security certificates. They were installed as a result of downloading from Play Market some programs that require you to set a graphical or numeric password. And while security certificates will be active you will not be able to cancel pin code in your Samsung phone.

That’s why you should delete all active certificates first. To do this, do the following:

  • Select the “Security” section in the menu;
  • In it, find the “Other Security Settings” tab and select the “Delete Credentials” line;
  • confirm the deletion with “OK” button.

For your information!

There are not always active certificates on the device. Therefore, when the necessary line is displayed as inactive when you perform all the steps, it means that the smartphone is missing. In this case, the locked Samsung should be turned off in another way.

How to Bypass Password/Pin Code to Factory Reset for ALL SAMSUNG GALAXY PHONES

After completing all the steps of removing the certificates, the smartphone is rebooted and the security key is removed in the standard way.

Decrypt the device or the memory card

Encryption protects the information on the device or memory card from hacking. To encrypt the device or the memory card, you need to lock the screen with a pin code, password, or picture. So as long as the device or memory card is encrypted, you cannot unlock the display.

To remove the lock, decrypt the device or memory card, depending on what is encrypted on your device.

How to decrypt a device or a memory card

If the memory card is encrypted, selecting “Encrypt External Memory Card” will display “Memory Card Encryption Enabled”.

If the memory card is unencrypted, selecting “Encrypt External Memory Card” will result in “memory card encryption disabled.

To decrypt the device or the card, select the appropriate item and follow the instructions on the screen.