How to remove the keyboard from the Packard Bell laptop

How to disassemble the Packard Bell BG45 laptop

Sometimes it may be necessary to make out your laptop. For example, to clean it from dust and dirt, to replace RAM or a hard disk, for lubricating the cooling cooler or replacing the thermal paste of the central processor. In this article we will consider the procedure for disassembling the laptop Packard Bell BG45.

First of all, turn off the BG45 laptop from the power supply and take out the battery. Now we unscrew all the screws on the lower surface of the laptop. Fold the screws in some container so as not to lose.

Remove two covers from the bottom of the case. The smaller of the covers closes the compartment of the hard drive and wireless Wi-Fi adapter, and the big. The compartment in which the RAM and the central processor with the cooling system are placed.

We take out a hard drive. It is attached in special sledges. To take it out, you need to pull the flexible tongue in the direction from the connector. We take out the cooler (cooling fan), which is fixed with screws and glued with a sticky tape to the radiator. Unscrewing the screws and peeling off the tape, it is easily removed.

It was the turn of the keyboard dismantling. We turn the BG45 laptop with a keyboard to ourselves. To remove the keyboard, you need to gently lift it and raise it from the side that is closer to the laptop display. The keyboard is fixed with plastic latches along all this side. Therefore, be careful not to damage them when removing the keyboard. When the latches are weakened, raise the keyboard slightly by pulling. Carefully disconnect the plugs connecting the keyboard with the motherboard of the laptop BG45.

The upper cover of the Packard Bell BG45 laptop (on which the touchpad is located, the inclusion button and the LED indicators of the wireless network and the hard disk) is connected to the motherboard with several loops. Disconnect all the loops and remove the top cover.

Now let’s go along the perimeter of the upper cover with a plastic screwdriver or other tool (not metal so as not to damage the case) and reveal all the latches. After that, the top cover of the laptop can be removed. We have become completely available to the Maternal Pack of the Packard Bell BG45 laptop. The laptop is completely disassembled.

How to disassemble the laptop Packard Bell Dot S

The disassembly of this laptop begins as always by extracting the battery. We turn the laptop and move the capture of the compartment where the battery is openly. To remove the battery, you need to push the latch to the side and hold it while you take out the battery.

It will not be much superfluous to get rid of the memory cards. Tenderly pressing it, release the plug and pull it out. This simple procedure is shown in the pictures below.

The next step is to extract RAM. It is located under the lid, not quite correct shape. Unscrew it and open it.

We begin the procedure for removing memory planks. Bending special latches that hold the bar, we take them out. Below there is a detailed photo of this process.

The next step in disassembling the laptop, this remove the cover from the compartment where a hard drive is installed, followed by the seizure of the disk itself. The procedure is not complicated, but if anyone has doubts, we look at the photo below, everything is clear there.

remove, keyboard, packard, bell, laptop

There are also two modules under this lid, which also need to be removed. This is a 3G module and Wlan wireless module. We disconnect the wires that are antennas, first from the Wlan module. Remember what kind of wire went where. Unscrew one screw that holds this module, and remove the module as shown in the picture. Nothing complicated.

We start extracting the 3G module. There is no point in commenting on a lot of commenting on. The process is similar to the process of extracting the WLAN module. Turn off the antennas, unscrew the screws, pull out the 3G board. In the photo, this process is captured in detail.

Remove the keyboard of the laptop Packard Bell Dot S. Find the latch that holds the keyboard. It is located on top of the keyboard, strictly in the middle. Click on the latch and push the keyboard. Raise the left and then the right corner of the keyboard in turn to separate the latch below. The keyboard should be freed. But do not pull it, it is connected by a train with a laptop.

How to disassemble the Packard Bell Easynote LJ75 laptop

Let’s begin to disassemble this miracle with the fact that we will turn it on and put it on the top cover. Remote the battery and unscrew several screws attaching the compartments cover where the hard drives stand and where the RAM is located. Hard drives on this laptop model already as many as two.

After removing the lids, pull out hard drives from the laptop.

Unscrew all the screws that are shown in the photo above. These screws hold the upper and lower housing cover, as well as the matrix and overlay above the keyboard. We pull out the RAM, carefully bending the latches holding it.

We take out the optical drive. To do this, unscrew the screws, as shown in the picture, the lower drive and extract it. It may turn out that the drive will go tight. Without forcing events, you can help him with a screwdriver by pushing him. The process is imprinted in the photo.

With DVD the drive finished. Put it on the side and forget about him for a while. Let’s take care of the wi-fi module with removing. The board is on only one screw. Having unhooked the wires going to the antenna and unscrewing this same screw, we extract this module.

With the lower part of the laptop we figured out. It should turn out such a “lightweight” version of the Packard Bell Easynote LJ75 laptop, as shown in the picture.

It is time to take up the disassembly of the upper part of the laptop. I propose to start from the panel above the keyboard. Gently picing it from the left edge, as shown in the figure, then we follow the latches located behind, under the LCD monitor. This is shown in the photo.

Now from left to right we try to raise the pad. Without applying any destructive methods. We raise the pad on ourselves and find a train under it, leading to the touch buttons located on the panel itself. Turn off this train and the panel is released.

The keyboard is removed not in a tricky way. Putting her with your fingers from the right edge, then from the left edge, we move it over and see the Swing connecting the laptop with the keyboard. Turn off this train and on this the keyboard is completed.

Now our laptop with a keyboard removed like this looks like this.

We dissolve the connector going into the power button. Then we take out all the wires from the highways.

Do not forget to disconnect the large connector going to the laptop display, as well as the connector, which, in my opinion, goes to the webcam. We free the wires.

How to disassemble the Packard Bell Easynote TM89 laptop

We start as always by the fact that before disassembling the laptop we de.Energize it and turn it off.

You need to remove the battery. Moving the capture of the compartment in which the battery is located in an open position, we move the lock and take out the battery.

This laptop has a built-in SIM card. It is inserted and taken out through the battery compartment. Light pressing on the card, we seek its extension from the slot. Then we just take the map and pull out. She for some time, while we are doing the disassembly of the laptop, is no longer needed.

We do similar actions with a slope of the slot for reading memory cards. Click on it, it moves forward, take it and extract. Extremely simple task.

The next step will be the extraction of an optical drive. Up the only one screw, we take it out.

The DVD drive procedure is completed. Remove the lower lid of the laptop under which they hide: Winchester, wireless module and RAM. By unscrewing the three screws, we bend the lid, as shown in the figure and now we have the opportunity to get to the desired elements of the laptop in order to remove them.

In this laptop Packard Bell Easynote TM89 there is also a 3G module, which we also immediately remove. The process in all details is visible in the photo below.

Disconnect all the wires leading to this 3G module, and unscrew the screw fastening it. We extract the module.

Let’s go back to the non-completed procedure for the seizure of the hard drive, Wi-Fi board and RAM. We start with memory. How to take out the laptop’s RAM I think no one needs to tell anyone. If there are people who are a novelty, I will explain briefly. We bend the latches holding the memory planks, then pull out the strips from the slot. Nothing complicated.

Start turning off and extracting a wireless module. Everything is like with a 3G module here. Turn off the wires from it, not forgetting to notice what went where. We unscrew the screw and take out the module.

Now it’s easy and not forced, we are dealing with a laptop hard drive. Pull the edge and take it out. Details are shown in the photo below.

How to disassemble the Packard Bell P5WS0 laptop yourself, clean the dust and replace thermal grease.

Today we will poet out and clean the cooling system of the laptop of the Packard Bell P5WS0 model.

We turn the laptop with the bottom up and unscrew the fasteners (in the photo they are indicated in red), remove the lid from the latch, this can be done with a screwdriver, simply tidying and pulling on yourself.

Next, remove the hard drive (t.E hard drive). It is removed by a displacement in the direction opposite to the connector of the connection. There is a special tongue on the hard drive, pulling which you will remove it without any efforts.

Now we will twist the remaining bolts. Pay attention to the marking of the screws so that they would not confuse them when assembling.

Now we release the drive. To do this, we unscrew one fastener (in the photo it is indicated).

Remove the battery. To do this, it is enough just to move the battery clamps to the right.

Packard Bell PEW91-TK85 Keyboard replacement. Αλλαγή πληκτρολογίου σε Packard Bell PEW91. TK85

Under the battery, we unscrew five more screws. Again pay attention to their marking, they are shorter than all screws.

Now we extract Wi-Fi module. Gently disconnect the wires and unscrew the only screw.

Now put a laptop so that it is convenient for you to remove the panel. Using a screwdriver, pry the panel, open it. We do everything carefully so as not to damage the panel.

Disconnect the train from the touch and remove the panel.

We eliminate the latches for which the keyboard holds and move it up. Next, remove the keyboard and power buttons. Tails. The part is very fragile, so do everything with maximum frugality.

Now we see a motherboard. Now our task is to remove the adhesive tape and wires on it.

Unscrew and remove the left speaker.

Unscrew the bolts with which the motherboard is attached.

Disconnect the right speaker. There we also disconnect the microphone connector.

Disconnect the USB loop and monitor train.

Now we remove the motherboard. To do this, it needs to be raised and moved to the right. But do not take it out, because under it there is a power connector that must be disconnected.

Now you can remove dust from the fan and cooling system, you can do this using a vacuum cleaner or brush.

Stage 18.Disconnect the fan. To do this, disconnect the wires and twist the screws. Do everything extremely carefully, do not damage the motherboard.

We disassemble the fan, for this we unscrew three screws. Remove the remaining dust. We do this again with the help of a vacuum cleaner, or wash it under a stream of water.

We remove the old thermal poll and apply a fresh thin, uniform layer.

It remains only to assemble the cleaned cooling system and continue to use the laptop.

You will receive more detailed instructions in the video instructions on how to independently disassemble the Packard Bell P5WS0 laptop, clean from dust and replace thermal grease.

How to remove the keyboard in a laptop

A computer is a capricious thing that requires careful care, which consists in regular cleaning its insides, lubrication (if necessary) of various parts of the computer thermal, replacing or repairing faulty parts. With the laptop the situation is more difficult. So a faulty or broken keyboard of a conventional desktop PC can simply be replaced by a new one (they are cheap), but the laptop keyboard will be replaced as a problematic. It remains to remove and repair it.

You should immediately warn you: the removal of the keyboard is not one of the simplest procedures. Therefore, if you doubt your abilities, it is better to consult specialists. If you have enough skills for such work, then you can start.

In most laptops, regardless of their manufacturer, the keyboard is held by the latches entering the housing. Most often there are four of these latches: two on top and sides. Although in some laptops there may not be a latch. In this case, you will have to remove the upper front panel above the keyboard.

Now let’s talk about the process of removing the keyboard. The first step is to push the upper left latch with a thin screwdriver, and then slightly lift the edges of the keyboard. To do this, you can put it with a needle or carefully pull it up for the extreme keys. If one or more keys flew off, this does not matter. They can be glued.

Lifting the edge a little with a needle, press the next latch. Then move the needle to the place of this latch and slightly lift the second edge of the keyboard. Freed a third. Latch, you can already support the keyboard with your hand. Now you have to free the last latch, and then pull the keyboard.

But that is not all. To disconnect the keyboard from the laptop, it is necessary to pull the train out of it by turning up the black frame up. This is the question of removing the keyboard from the laptop can be considered closed.

Parsing and cleaning the Packard Bell Easynote TS11 laptop from dust.

Today we will clean the Packard Bell Easynote TS11 laptop from dust and dirt.

First of all, we extract the battery.We move the orange latch in the opposite direction, this can be done with a screwdriver and remove the battery from the battery compartment.

We unscrew the two screws holding the lid of the hatch, but the lower laptop panel.Put up the lid of the hatch and remove it.

Packard Bell EasyNote TE69KB series disassembly [no audio].

We move the hard drive from the connector and remove it from the compartment.

We pull out the RAM.We move the fixers of the mount in different directions, after which the memory will rise and it can be pulled out.In this laptop there are two memory modules, we pull out both.

Disconnect the antennas of the adapter Wi-Fi, they need to be raised upward.We unscrew the adapter, it is attached with one screw.Then we raise it, and with a movement to the side we pull it out of the connector.

We unscrew the screw holding the screw.Pull the drive out of the laptop.

Then we unscrew all the screws in a circle on the back wall.We release the antenna wires.

We pull out the cap of the cartrider.

Now we open the laptop.Squeezing the touch panel by the mediator.

Gently bend the touch panel, do not tear the train.Now you need to turn off the train, raise the lock on ourselves and release the train.The panel can be removed to the side.

After which the keyboard can simply be lifted.She is no longer fastened.Gently bend in your direction, it is also connected by train.Turn off the power, move the train with tweezers up.

Turn off the keyboard train, move it with tweezers up.Then we remove the keyboard to the side.

To get to the cooling system, you need to disconnect all the train from the motherboard.They turn them off in the same way, put it out of the connector with tweezers.The antenna wire is pulled from above, it will prevent the extraction of the board.Disconnect the speaker right and left.Turn off the display, move the train to the top.Turn off the microphone.The motherboard is attached with two screws, which also need to be unscrewed.

We raise the board, start on the right side.We pull out the board carefully at an angle without damaging the connectors.Raise the fee and turn off the wire that goes to power to the motherboard.The wire is under the motherboard.

Thus, we rented a fee.Now you need to unscrew the four screws of attaching the radiator to the processor and two fastening screws to the graphic chip.We also unscrew the three screws of the cooler mount to the motherboard.Disconnect the fan power.

Remove the fan and radiator.Brush gently clean the fan lattress.We remove the old thermal pavement from the graphic chip, processor and radiator.This can be done with a cotton pad.

We apply a new thermal poll to the graphic chip and on the processor.The layer should be thin.You do not need to apply thermal pulp on the radiator.

Dismantling the laptop Packard Bell Easynote TE11 HC 060ru

Today we will disassemble, clean and collect the Packard Bell Easynote TE11 HC 060ru laptop.

Let’s start disassembling by extracting the battery.

To do this, we turn the laptop and with some sharp tool open the battery compartment cover.

Then we take this very battery out of it.

Next, unscrew the two screws fixing the compartment cover, in which there are a hard drive, a Wi-Fi module and RAM chips.

To do this, you need to pull to the right by the tongue, which is located on the right edge of the hard drive, and extract it.

Located on the case. There are only seventeen pieces, each of them is eight millimeters long.

After twisting the screws, we carefully check whether they are all twisted.

Two screws are five millimeters long at the top left. We unscrew them too. They need to be removed separately from long screws.

Then you should twist three small screws that are in the battery compartment.

After that, you need to extract the drive of the optical discs and remove it somewhere to the side.

Next, turn the laptop, carefully open it and proceed to the opening of the latches that attach the keyboard to the body.

It is recommended to do this with a small thin screwdriver, which must be stuck into the gap formed by the surfaces of the housing and the laptop and the keyboard of the laptop and. Slightly pressing, unfasten the latches.

After that, raise the keyboard, and see its train, which should be disconnected from the motherboard.

After that, the keyboard with the laptop does not connect anything, and it can be removed.

Then turn off the touchpad loop and power buttons.

Then you need to take a plastic card and put it from the side of the drive into the gap between the upper and lower parts of the laptop, and open with this card fixing latches.

Then raise the top panel and remove it.

Our gaze opens the motherboard with the cooler (radiator on the reverse string), battery of the CMOS chip, cardrider, audio separator, USB, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet connector, connector for connecting the charger (note that this connector in this laptop model is mounted on motherboard).

On the other side there are two connectors for connecting USB devices that are mounted on a separate board.

There is also a connector of the right dynamics, a microphone connector, a train on a matrix.

The disassembly of the laptop is completed, and in the second part I will tell you how to clean it from dust and replace thermal grease.