How to remove the button on the Honor 10 screen

What does the circle on the phone screen mean??

Honor phones support multiple control methods. The most familiar of them is a panel with three buttons at the bottom. But he is not the only one. Here are all the methods available on Honor:

  • navigation bar at the bottom;
  • the white circle on the screen is the navigation button;
  • there are no elements, and control is carried out using gestures.

If, for example, you have a problem with the Honor display and the touch controls at the bottom have failed, then the navigation button is simply an indispensable setting. It is also useful if you need to keep the controls closer than the bottom bar. Perhaps the panel is bothering you, and the white circle will be more convenient or familiar. But if you turned it on by accident, then below I will tell you how to remove the navigation button from the screen on Honor 7a, 8x, 20 and other popular models.

How to remove the navigation button

You can disable the navigation button on Honor using the built-in options:

  • Open the Settings of your Honor phone in the standard way. through the gear icon on the desktop.
  • Go to “System and Updates”. Sometimes it is simply called “System”.
  • Open the “System navigation” setting in the menu that will open.
  • This is where you can fully customize the controls. It is enough to select the desired item. For example, to remove the circle on the Honor screen, go to Navigation Button.
  • Disable it by moving the corresponding switch to the inactive position.

This is a complete instruction on how to remove the circle from the phone if it appears on the Honor screen. After this action, it will disappear. But if this did not happen immediately, then restart your Honor smartphone. After reboot, normal operation will resume.

There is also a faster way to set or hide this button. Most likely, if you suddenly have a circle on the screen of your Honor phone, then you accidentally turned it on in this way:

Huawei Honor 10 Screen Replacement

  • Fold back the shutter of the Honor smartphone. swipe down from the top.
  • Click on the edit icon in the upper right corner, which usually looks like a pencil.
  • You can turn the navigation circle on or off by simply clicking on the corresponding icon. If you want, you can drag it to the main area. Now it will be even easier to turn it on and off, right from the curtain. This is the fastest way to remove the dot from the screen of Honor 10.

How to remove the navigation button in Honor from the phone screen

How to remove the navigation button in Honor? You need to go to the phone settings: item “System” and then “System Navigation”. Here you can customize the navigation button. a white circle on the screen. Including completely remove it. You can also hide the panel or turn it off completely by freeing the bottom of the display. I will tell you about all the nuances of this setting, as well as how to remove the dot on the screen of the Honor phone in the article below.

How to change navigation buttons in Honor 10 Lite

How to remove or return the navbar

If the instructions on how to remove the circle on the screen of Honor 10 with Android did not help you return to the usual control of the phone, then you may have a hidden navigation bar. This is an area at the very bottom with three control icons. On Honor phones, it is completely customizable: the location of the icons, their visibility, and so on. To do this, follow the steps described below:

  • Go to Settings on your Honor phone by clicking on the gear icon on your desktop.
  • Open the “System and Updates” or “System” option.
  • Click on the line “System navigation”.
  • Select “Three Navigation Buttons”.
  • Now you can hide or show them, and customize their appearance. For example, change the order of the icons. If the buttons are hidden, they will appear when you swipe up from the bottom border.
  • There is a way to completely turn off the navigation bar and remove the circle on the Honor display. in a word, completely free the display from any controls. To do this, go back and go to Gestures.
  • Here you can go through a little tutorial, and all control will be reduced to the movements of your finger across the display. The rest of the controls for Honor will be hidden. Even when swiping from bottom to top, the navbar will no longer appear.
  • Accordingly, if you cannot return the panel, then you need to go to this menu and disable gesture control.
  • After completing all the steps, I advise you to restart your Honor phone. Then they will fully take effect, and you will get rid of possible problems.

Now you know how to remove the white circle on Honor 8, 30 and other models, as well as how to customize the navigation bar, or get rid of it completely. I’m sure this knowledge will be useful to you. either to remove the navigation button in Honor 10 when it unexpectedly appears, or, on the contrary, to choose the most convenient way to control the screen for yourself.

How to remove on-screen buttons honor 10 Huawei

Getting the most out of the screen resolution is the priority of any Huawei Honor smartphone user.

Why have a large bezel-less screen if it is occupied by a half-centimeter wide strip that interferes with viewing and actions in games.

The latest version of Huawei Honor smartphones is equipped with a system setting function and, in particular, the ability to remove the on-screen buttons.

How to remove Honor’s virtual navigation bar

You can configure the collapse of the on-screen buttons in a minute:

  • We go to the “Settings” of the smartphone, then go to the “System” section (located at the bottom of the ribbon).
  • In the selected section, click the “System navigation” item, the settings menu will fly out, in it we go to the “Navigation panel”.
  • In the menu that opens, move the slider button to the enable position (it will turn blue-blue). Now the function. remove the button bar of Honor 10 is activated. Also in this submenu you can configure the location and combinations of virtual buttons for ease of use.
  • Now an additional icon-button will appear on the on-screen panel, which will minimize the menu. In order for the on-screen buttons to “pop up” again, you need to make a movement from bottom to top at the bottom of the screen. with a short swipe.

To disable this function, it is enough to follow the path described above and move the disabling slider in the navigation panel (it will stop highlighted and turn gray).

In the subsection of managing the smartphone system, dealing with the on-screen panel, you can also remove the navigation button Huawei.

Due to the slightly changed functionality, it can interfere and annoy, however, turning it off takes a couple of seconds.

How to remove buttons from the screen Honor mate / P6

With the new model of Honor smartphone based on Android, the scheme of actions is clear, but I would like to have such a useful function for Navbar on previous devices.

The application from Google Play will help with this: EMUI Tweaker (Tweaker for Huawei).

Unfortunately, the application is not Russified and only supports the English version, however, setting it up to remove the onscreen buttons will not be there:

  • Open the application (after downloading it to your smartphone).
  • In the list of possible settings, click the first line. Button to hide the on-screen keys. A pop-up window will appear with confirmation of the action and the OK button in the lower right corner. click it.
  • Next, a new window will appear. there is a slider that needs to be moved to the zero position. So we remove the prohibiting function from the actions of the on-screen buttons. To confirm, click. APPLY.
  • After completing the settings, close the application and see that a new button (on the left) has appeared on the virtual navbar, which minimizes the navigation. To return the menu of buttons to the screen, swipe your finger across the monitor from bottom to top and the menu pops up.

By the way, if you want to get a little confused, you can not download any applications, but just get Root rights for your Huawei smartphone and, through simple settings, enable the cherished properties to hide the menu.

The fact is that there were opportunities to remove the Navbar before, but for some reason they were hidden from users by the developers’ settings.

How to remove the on-screen buttons in Honor 10

The appearance of smartphones changes over time. The body is more and more monolithic, an external tray for SIM-cards appears, several cameras, a large screen, and instead of physical keys, users are watching the on-screen buttons.

Configuring the virtual navigation bar

There are owners who want to leave the virtual on-screen buttons, but cannot get used to them, and also want to change something in them. Especially for this, the developers of Honor 10 took into account all the nuances, allowing users to independently customize the navigation bar to their liking.

To configure the panel, go to “Settings”. “System”. “System navigation”. “Virtual navigation bar”. “Settings”.

This way, you can easily customize the navigation bar based on your personal preference. For example, using the settings, you can hide buttons, add the number of keys, and change their order as you wish.

About the virtual navigation bar

Honor understands how important the screen size is to smartphone owners, so it enlarges the display with such a solution, removing the familiar buttons on the virtual navigation bar. Thus, honor 10 users control the smartphone by touching the screen itself. For many owners, such an interface is inconvenient and unusual, especially after using ordinary physical buttons. By default, the navigation bar includes 3 buttons: Back, Home and Menu. These keys are located at the very bottom of the screen, taking up part of the workspace.

It really takes a while to figure out what the triangle, circle, and square at the bottom of the screen are for. If the triangle in any way resembles the “Back” button, then with the other two problems arise. There are only 3 buttons, but a lot of difficulties may arise at first.

The navigation bar looks like this:

Fortunately, you can edit the navigation bar or completely remove the on-screen buttons in honor 10.

Disabling on-screen buttons in Honor 10

Steps for disabling the virtual navigation bar:

  • Go to smartphone settings.
  • Select “System”.
  • Click “System Navigation”.

Here users are asked to make a choice:

  • physical navigation button;
  • on-screen navigation button;
  • virtual navigation bar;
  • navigation button.

When you select a physical navigation button, you will return back by pressing the center of the button, you can get to the desktop with a long press. Recent tasks are opened by swiping to the right / left. In this case, Google will open if you swipe up from the bottom and the virtual navigation bar itself will disappear, its functions will be performed by a fingerprint scanner.

The on-screen navigation button looks like this on the Honor 10 display:

Honor 10 LCD Screen Repair Guide | Replacement

With this selection, you can go back simply by pressing the navigation button. To open the desktop, press and hold the navigation button, and to view recent tasks, swipe left / right. The Google service, as in the previous paragraph, is opened by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, the button can be hidden by enabling auto-hide.

In this case, to display the navigation button, you just need to swipe up from the bottom of the smartphone display.

The virtual navigation bar is an on-screen button that you can customize to your liking.

The navigation button does not remove the virtual bar / physical button / on-screen button (whichever is currently enabled). It “dangles” on the screen, but at the same time it can be dragged by moving it to the desired and free place. Back. short press on the button, long press. view the desktop. To open recent tasks, you need to click on the button and swipe to the side.

remove, button, honor, screen

Disabling the navigation button is as easy as enabling it. This action is carried out in the settings (“System”. “System navigation”. “Navigation button”).

Thus, following the instructions, you can easily customize the navigation bar, as preferred by the Honor 10 user. In this case, you can remove any on-screen buttons using only one fingerprint scanner. :

How to remove navigation button from Huawei Honor screen in system settings

To remove the navigation button from the Huawei Honor screen, you will need to perform the following procedure:

  • Open the quick access panel to useful Android functions by pulling your finger down from the top of the screen.
  • In the panel that opens, click on the “Navigation button” icon. If your panel does not have such an icon, then you can look in the settings, below we will write the path of how to enable this button.
  • After you activate the “Navigation button”, a semi-transparent round button will appear on the screen as shown in the screenshot attached below.
  • Previously, when the smartphone had the Android 7 operating system, this button was semicircular and was attached to the side of the screen, but after the OS was updated to Android 8, the button became round and now it can be moved around the screen wherever you want.

In some models of Huawei smartphones, it is impossible to remove the navigation bar from the screen. The second method is suitable for this. with the help of special utilities that you can easily find in the Play Market.

Removing the navigation button from the Huawei screen

For a large number of smartphone owners, Huawei delivers certain inconveniences with the navigation buttons on the smartphone screen. In today’s article, I will tell you about two ways, using which you can easily remove the annoying system navigation buttons on the screen of your smartphone Huawei Honor any model.

The navigation button on Huawei can be turned on and off in two ways, the first through the quick access bar, the second through the settings. In our example, we’ll take a look at the navigation button on Honor and what it is. This function will also be useful for those who have stopped working the control buttons under the screen.

How to remove navigation button from Huawei Honor screen using utilities

In order to remove the navigation bar from the screens of the Huawei smartphone, we need:

  • Download a special utility from the Play Market. Activity Launcher
  • Run the utility and select at the top. all actions.
  • You should see a download bar for applications. After that, go down to the setting point.
  • After that, a list of settings will open in which you must select the item Navigation Panel.
  • We go into it and set it in the upper corner to activate with the switch.
  • You will have a button with which you can hide and show the navigation bar.

Well, that’s basically all! Now I think you yourself can easily control the navigation bar on your Huawei Honor smartphone