How To Remove Pattern Key From Huawei Phone

These instructions will help you solve the problem with the graphic key on any Huawei Android device.

According to recent studies, the graphic key on smartphones and tablets running Android, is one of the most reliable ways to protect.

However, this method can add a headache not only to attackers, but also to the owners of the device (especially if they have children).

In this article, we have collected all the simplest and most reliable ways to reset the graphic key for Huawei Android devices and divided them into two categories: with data storage, and with the loss thereof.

Pattern Reset Methods Without Data Loss

One of the easiest methods is to repeatedly enter the wrong key. To do this, you need:

  1. enter the wrong pattern key several times;
  2. wait for the window with the Google account request form to appear;
  3. enter login (mailbox) and password.

After that, your graphic key will be reset. However, there is one thing here. it is far from always possible to verify your account information, since there may be no Internet connection. In this case, you need to:

  1. Find an active Wi-Fi hotspot
  2. start the dialer by pressing “emergency call”;
  3. enter the engineering menu call code in the dialer (for example ## 7378423 ##);
  4. select Service tests. WLAN in the appeared window;
  5. Connect to an access point.

If for some reason this method does not suit you, you can use the active window method. To do this, do the following:

  1. Download and install the proprietary HiSuite utility;
  2. connect the smartphone to the computer via a USB cable;
  3. run the utility and go to the “Contacts” section, and then “My e-mail”;
  4. Pull the curtain of the status bar after the notification appears and go to the system settings;
  5. disable pattern protection.
How to Remove Pattern Key from Huawei Phone

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If there is no PC in the vicinity or for some reason you cannot follow the instructions, you can wait until the battery runs out and when a warning window appears, use the shutter to call up the settings.

If your device is rutted and custom recovery is installed on it, you can try to delete the file with the graphic key data yourself. In this case, after a reboot, you can enter any gesture to unlock the device. To do this, you must:

  1. Download Aroma File Manager and place it in the root of the memory card;
  2. launch custom recovery;
  3. flash archive with utility;
  4. after Aroma File Manager starts up, go to the “system root / data / system /” directory and delete the gesture.key file.

If there is no custom recovery on your device or it starts only from the system, you can try your luck with stock recovery. To do this, you need to flash the script to delete the graphic key data file:

  1. launch recovery (volume up power button);
  2. select the item “”, “install” (or the like, depending on the device);
  3. select our archive and flash it.

That’s all. If none of these methods help you, you have to try extreme methods. If this does not suit you, you will have to contact an authorized service center.

Pattern reset methods with loss of user settings and data

These reset methods will lead to the loss of all system settings and removal of applications. Photos, melodies ands will remain intact. If you are morally resigned to the consequences, then proceed to action.

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To get started, you can try to make a full reset to the factory settings. How to do this is described in detail in our article “Hard Reset” on Huawei devices. If you did not manage to perform a full reset, you will have to resort to a flashing. To do this, you must:

  1. download archive with firmware package;
  2. unzip the package and place all the firmware files in the root of the memory card in the dload folder;
  3. turn off the device and insert a memory card;
  4. connect the charger;
  5. wait for the firmware to finish and remove the memory card (the device will reboot itself).


Guys! After Aroma File Manager starts up, go to the “system root / data / system /” directory and delete the gesture.key file. Attention. it helped me to delete all files in this directory with the extension.key

People tell me please what to do ?! Petty forgot the password for the screen lock, made a reset, after which he asks for a password from the lock screen which he does not know and cannot find a Google account! We entered the email address and tried the phone number, it doesn’t work, tried to reflash 0 reactions if anyone knows tell me the brand HONOR 9x

Good day to all!
I changed the language (English) on the Huawei P30 phone and decided to restart the phone, after rebooting, I enter my password manually, since the fingerprint does not open the phone. I remember my password, but still the phone is blocked, what should I do, tell me please?

I enter the wrong keys ad infinitum, but they are not reset. I don’t know what time it says “try again in an hour”.

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I forgot the font key. HOW DO I INSTALL FILES, ALE

Hello, help, please, forgot the graphic key on the HUAWEI phone, tried to press the volume and lock buttons at the same time 3 lines get out 1-Reboot system now
2-Wipe data / factory reset when you click here then there is also there are 2 Wipe data / factory reset and NO lines and you need to enter something and get out the buttons!?
3-Wipe cache parfition

Guys, just enter the pattern key until you completely block it, and there will be 2 buttons below, click on the backup like and enter your password, and the pattern will reset itself.

Thanks Valentine. Your method works.

Hello, tell me please, what are other ways to reset the graphic key and without an account because I just don’t remember it

Nothing helped but hard resets. It’s a pity, and so the article is useful.

Hello, I can’t remember the graphic key on the tablet. Tell me how to unlock it.

Good afternoon!
Method: “One of the simplest methods. repeatedly entering the wrong key.” worked!
Thanks a lot for your help!

Victor, what is your Huawei model?

But how, interestingly, will I connect the smartphone to the PC if the screen is locked on it and there is no way to select the connection mode to the computer?


What troubles, if I wanted to make a graphic key, then there should be no problem deleting it, since I remember my graphic key. Forever alone troubles with these stupid Huawei androids, a bucket and not a gadget!