How to remove password from Samsung

Flash a smartphone or tablet

By flashing an Android phone or tablet, you will remove the lock or password. On our website there is a detailed instruction on flashing Android devices of various manufacturers, separately Samsung using Odin and LG via KDZ Updater.

Enter your Google account details

Working method for devices running Android 4.4 and below. Starting with Android 5.0, this option has been removed from many firmwares. But not all manufacturers did this, so check if it works for you or not.

When your phone or tablet is connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi, you just need to enter your e-mail and password to remove the lock. To do this, enter the pattern incorrectly 5-10 times, after which a warning will pop up about blocking the device for 30 seconds.

The button “Forgot your pattern?” Will appear on the screen, by clicking on which you can enter your data and unlock the device.

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If you forgot your account password, you will have to restore it. go to this page from a working gadget or PC.

Please note that this method requires mandatory Internet access. Therefore, open the quick settings panel by swiping down (the “curtain” can be opened directly from the lock screen on Android 5.0 Lollipop and newer) and turn on mobile data or Wi-Fi. The device will connect to the access point if it worked in this network before.

We use the service “Find device”

Google has created a Find My Device service that has a Hard Reset feature. The lock is reset accordingly.

If the device is not connected to the Internet, open the quick settings panel and connect to a mobile or Wi-Fi network (open or the one to which you have connected before).

From a computer or other device, go to and log in.

The service will locate the phone and when it was last online. In the list of options, select “Clean device”.

To confirm the deletion, click on the “Clear” button.

When the device is offline, Wipe will be done when connecting to the Internet for the first time.

How to remove the pattern on Samsung phones using “Find My Mobile”

Owners of smartphones of the most popular brand have the ability to unlock the device if the Internet is turned on and a Samsung account is added. You need to go to, click “Login” and enter your login and password.

After detecting your tablet, Samsung phone, on the side in the options, click “Unlock”, then again “Unlock” in the pop-up window, and re-enter the password.

Done. a notification will appear in the Android curtain about the removal of the key or pin from the screen.

Additional PIN on Samsung

On Samsung phones running Android 5.0 and below, when setting a pattern, you need to set an additional PIN code. And if you have forgotten the pattern, but remember the PIN, you can enter it and unlock your smartphone.

Draw any wrong pattern until the message appears that you can try again only after 30 seconds.

Then wait half a minute and click on the “Additional PIN” button in the lower right corner. Enter PIN and click “OK”.

The lock on the phone will be completely removed.

Unlocking the pattern on Chinese phones with MTK processors

Smartphones Meizu, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Fly, Elephone, Blackview, ZTE, Bluboo, Doogee, Oukitel, UMI and other Chinese manufacturers running on MTK chips are flashed with the SP Flash Tool. With it, you can easily install custom Recovery without clearing the rest of the partitions, and through TWRP or CWM you can delete the files “password.key” (or “gatekeeper.password.key” in new versions of Android), “gesture.key” (“gatekeeper.pattern.key “),” locksettings.db “,” locksettings.db-wal “and” locksettings.db-shm “.

(!) For some Chinese smartphones with a locked bootloader running on Android 7.0 Nougat and higher, this method will not work. They need to activate the item “Factory unlock” (“OEM unlock”). This is done through the menu “Settings” → “For Developers”, which cannot be reached on a locked phone.

Download the current version of the program from the official website:, a link to USB drivers for MTK chips is in the Fastboot installation instructions. Download the Recovery image file and ” scatter.txt” for your processor. they can be found in the topics of the corresponding models on forums such as, XDA-Developers, Needrom. Place the files in one folder so that the path does not contain Cyrillic characters. Rename the image to “recovery” with the extension “.img”.

Unzip SP Flash Tools to the “C: \” drive. Open the folder and run “flash_tool.exe” as administrator.

Click on “Scatter-loading”, go to the folder where “recovery.img” is located and select the scatter file.

Only the “recovery” section will be marked. At the top, click “Download”.

Now turn off the smartphone, remove the battery (if possible) for a few seconds, insert it back and connect the switched off device to the PC via USB.

A red bar “Download DA 100%” will appear.

Next is yellow, which will show the percentage of the firmware process completed.

At the end, the “Download Ok” window will appear, which means the successful installation of Recovery.

Then you need to immediately start Recovery so that the stock does not overwrite the custom one when you turn it on for the first time. Usually, on Chinese phones, you need to hold down the power and volume up keys until a special menu appears. Use the Volume “UP” button to move to the “Recovery” item and confirm with the Volume “Down”.

Now we go to steps 5 or 6 (depending on the installed Recovery: CWM or TWRP) and delete the forgotten password.

5 points

Many users use only 5 dots when creating a picture password. And some even less. only 4.

Selection of the lock pattern in accordance with common models

Many smartphone users install fairly simple graphic keys on their gadgets, for example, if the lock is placed not to protect data, but to prevent actions caused by accidental touches of the screen or buttons. In addition, a simple graphic combination is easier to reproduce each time the device is unlocked, while a complex drawing requires more time and attention and therefore is not always convenient. This fact allows us to highlight the most common patterns for creating graphic keys. If you also prefer to put an uncomplicated graphic pattern on your Samsung, then you can try to guess a password for your locked device using one of the options described below, and, perhaps, you can easily remember your key! To learn how to remove your Samsung unlock without losing data, refer to the descriptions of popular key patterns below.

Key starting at the top left corner

It is found that about 44% of smartphone owners come up with a graphic design that starts from the upper left corner.

3 other corners

In addition, the study found that 77% of users start their pattern from the other three corners.

Reset Samsung pattern using 4uKey for Android

If you are looking for a way to remove the pattern on Samsung as quickly and easily as possible, then you should turn to specialized programs designed directly for carrying out such operations. Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is a professional program capable of removing any type of screen lock on almost any Android device with just one click.

Key features of the program:

  • Unlock your Samsung phone with just one click
  • Instantly remove any type of password: pattern, password, pin code, fingerprint on any Android phone
  • Remove Google Account from Samsung Phone without Password
  • Supports 99% of Samsung models, including Samsung Galaxy S10. S10
  • User friendly interface
  • Prompt work, safety of use and effective results

To learn how to remove the unlock pattern from Samsung using this program, follow the guide below.

Step 1 Download the installation file of the program from the official website of the developer to your PC and install it. Open the program by double-clicking its icon on the computer desktop, and then connect your Samsung phone to the PC using a USB cable.

Note: if the program cannot find your device, click on the question mark icon in the program window for instructions on how to proceed.

Step 2 After the program detects your phone, click on the “Delete” button.

Step 3 When a warning appears about deleting all data on your phone, click OK. Next, follow the on-screen prompts to enter recovery mode on your Samsung phone.

Step 4 Then click on the “Next” button and also read the instructions in the program window and follow the steps indicated in them to restore the factory settings of the smartphone and restart the device. After that, you can use the unlocked device again.

How to remove the unlock pattern on Samsung if you forgot it?

A pattern is one of the most common ways to lock the screen of Samsung phones, as it helps you avoid confusing your device lock password with other passwords (for example, passwords for accounts, apps, websites, etc.), which are mostly alphanumeric. option. Nevertheless, the lock pattern is also quite often forgotten, and then smartphone owners rush in search of answers on how to reset the pattern on Samsung. In this article, we will look at several solutions that you may find useful if you find yourself in a similar situation. Use any of them or try each of the options in turn to ensure you get an effective result. Each of the methods will provide you with a guaranteed result. resetting the graphic key on your phone, they differ only in ease of use or in the conditions of a particular situation.

Now we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the detailed descriptions of each of the listed options. Step-by-step instructions for each of the methods will help you easily perform all the necessary actions on your own and in an extremely short time.

Block VPN on smartphone to deactivate password

VPN (or Virtual Private Network) is a virtual private network created for secure access to the Internet. When VPN is active, all information transmitted over the network is encrypted for security. It would seem a useful thing. But this function requires special protection, therefore, before activating the VPN, you need to set a password to remove protection, and this key is not disabled in the usual way.

J1, J2, J5, J7 Samsung Galaxy Forgot password How unlock

How to remove VPN on Samsung:

  • Select “Connections” in the gadget menu;
  • Click “Other settings” and select “VPN”;
  • Click on the gear image, then. “Delete”.

After that, we reboot the device and remove the password in the usual way.

Unlocking your phone with a google account

If you have forgotten the pattern or password for your gadget, access to the device can be restored through your Google account. You will need access to the account associated with this smartphone.

It should be noted that this method works only on those devices where the operating system Android 5.0 or lower is installed.

So, after the 5th attempt to enter the key, a message will appear about the need to enter an additional PIN-code. If you don’t remember it, then there is a function. recovery using your Google account. You need to enter your email address and password, and then check your incoming messages in gmail. Then reset and restore access to Samsung.

Reset Data on Samsung to Remove Password

As it turned out, forgetting the password from a smartphone is not difficult, and it can be quite difficult to restore access to the device. If none of the above methods helped you, there remains one more trump card that will help. resetting your Samsung phone to factory settings.

You need to be sure that you do not mind deleting all data from your smartphone, because this action cannot be marked!

Instructions on how to unlock Samsung using Hard Reset and remove password:

  • Turn off your phone;
  • Press and hold the Power, Home and Volume Up keys at the same time to open the recovery menu;
  • After you have entered the menu, press the volume down key to move down to the line “erase data / reset factory settings.” The power button, in this menu, is used to confirm the selection;
  • Select the “yes. delete all user data” option and press the power button to select;
  • After going through all the steps, user data, including PIN code, pattern, password and other settings will be deleted. It takes time, so
  • You need to be patient;
  • After completion. select “Reboot the system now”.

After the performed manipulations, your gadget will be like new, the phone needs to be configured and the pattern and password activated. But in this case, it would not be superfluous to remember the information necessary to access the device.

Disable administrator rights on the phone

Some applications require administrator rights to activate. Often, the provision of such rights provokes errors when removing a password from Samsung.

Following the instructions, you can easily fix this problem:

  • In the gadget settings, we are looking for the “Lock screen”;
  • Select “Other parameters”, then “Device Administrators”;
  • We see a list of all applications that use administrator rights. Disable rights for everyone.

It so happens that the disable sliders are inactive. This is a signal that there is a virus in the device. Using the mobile antivirus, you should first clear the gadget, and then remove the administrator rights on Samsung to reset the password.

A way to remove the password using the “Find my mobile” function

This method will work if you have previously created a Samsung account.

  • Go to Samsung Find My Mobile.
  • Log in using your data.
  • On the screen on the left, you should see your smartphone. This means that you are registered with the service.
  • On the sidebar, find “Unlock Screen”.
  • Press and wait for a while for the process to complete.
  • You will receive a notification that your gadget is unlocked.

Removing third-party certificates on Samsung

Some applications use security certificates in their work. These are special files that provide additional security for your data. During the installation of applications that use additional certificates, the gadget may be prompted to set a password. While certificates are in active mode, there is no way to bypass the password.

Password lock Remove Any Samsung Mobile without Data Loss

Therefore, before removing the screen lock on Samsung, you should delete the downloaded certificates:

  • Find and open the “Security” menu;
  • In the “Other security settings” section, select “Delete credentials”;
  • Confirm deletion.

If the “Delete” button is grayed out, it means that there are no third-party certificates on the device. And you need to look for other options to remove the screen lock on your Samsung phone.

Why Can’t Remove Password From Samsung

There may be several reasons that may prevent you from removing the password on a Samsung smartphone:

  • installing security certificates for third-party applications;
  • use of the VPN network in the smartphone;
  • encryption of internal memory;
  • use of administrator rights;
  • software malfunction.

Let’s figure out how to disable the screen lock on a Samsung phone on a case-by-case basis.

How to remove the password from the phone? Removing and recovering a password on your phone

To protect their information, they install graphic keys and digital passwords on the phone. But if you change the combinations often, then there is a possibility of forgetting which one was installed last. In this case, questions about how to remove the password from the phone and whether it is possible to restore access to the mobile phone in a short time become acute. Consider the problem of accessing a smartphone using Samsung products as an example.

Secret code from the manufacturer

In order to enter the engineering menu, to which only developers and service center specialists have access, you must enter a special combination. You can remove the password from your Samsung phone using the command 27673855 #. It is worth preparing in advance for the fact that in this case you will lose all personal information that was stored in the device’s memory. over, it will be possible to make calls and write messages from the phone again. The attractiveness of this method is that you do not need to have special knowledge and spend a lot of effort and money to restore the device’s performance.

How to hack a phone with a password using software

Another program is designed to alternatively reset user settings. But you don’t need to delve into the engineering menu. Install the Adb Run program and use it to roll back to factory settings. This way of solving the question of how to remove the password from the phone can replace contacting the service center.

After starting the program, in the main window, type the command 6, and then enter 1 or 2 to select the rollback method. If unlocking does not help, then you need to do manual debugging or use another method.

Google account

Some models may use your Google account information after entering an incorrect password several times. This method of how to remove a password from a phone is suitable for all users of Android devices. Account data, login (in the form of email) and password, must be additionally saved in a notebook or desktop computer.

Restoring access will take a few seconds. In order for it to be successful, you need to have an active connection to the network using Wi-Fi or mobile. If you forgot your password from mail, then you can combine both processes and restore access to mail and the device at the same time.

How to disable password on Samsung

The algorithm for canceling a security and privacy feature is quite simple:

  • We go into the settings of the smartphone on Android and look for the item “My device” in the menu.
  • We enter the section and look for “Lock Screen”.
  • We tap on the tab and evaluate what protection methods are used by the smartphone. So that the phone no longer asks you to enter the pattern / numeric key, select “No”.

The standard method does not always work: in some cases, the screen block is not canceled, and then you have to look for the reason: the enabled secure network, running memory encryption, the use of administrator rights and other technical nuances prevent the service from being disabled.

Disable administrator rights

A number of applications require administrator rights for stable operation, but providing them with this functionality sometimes leads to errors when trying to remove the smartphone screen block. It is easy to fix the problem by following the instructions:

  • Go to Samsung settings and look for “Lock Screen”.
  • Here we stop at “Other parameters”, then tap on “Device Administrators”.
  • The list contains all the “privileged” programs. Next to each, we move the sliders to disable administrator rights for them.

In standard cases, all sliders move, but if one of them is inactive, a virus is sitting on the Samsung device. Remove it using a mobile antivirus, and then perform the manipulation to disable administrator rights again. The culprit program, of course, will also need to be removed from the phone, thoroughly cleaning up its traces on the device.

Top Reasons to Remove Password from Samsung Phone

There may be several reasons to learn how to remove a password on an old Samsung:

  • you keep forgetting your pin;
  • you gave your smartphone to relatives who find it difficult to enter the key;
  • you were given a smartphone or you bought it from your hands;
  • the key was installed accidentally and is absolutely unnecessary;
  • the smartphone screen is damaged, due to which the touchscreen does not respond well to touch.

Another reason is the presence of an outdated smartphone that has already worked out a sufficient period of time, and the touchscreen reacts with malfunctions. Entering a password in such a situation becomes a real torment.

Removing certificates

Another “culprit” of the impossibility of unlocking in the standard way through the settings menu is the once installed applications, which demanded, in the name of security, to put a digital or graphic password on the smartphone being used. One of the applications that you once downloaded from the playmarket contains special security certificates, and while they are valid on your smartphone, you will not be able to remove the key.

There is only one way out. to remove the notorious security certificates, following the step-by-step instructions:

  • We open “Security”.
  • Looking for ” options”.
  • Click “Delete credentials”.

The system will ask you to confirm the deletion, after which it remains to wait for the cleaning to complete, reboot and try to remove the pin in the standard way through the menu.

Third-party security certificates are not always to blame: if the line “Delete credentials” is not active when opening a section, it means that there are no programs on Android that make it impossible to unlock.

How to remove password from Samsung phone

How to remove password from Samsung phone? A seemingly simple task, sometimes not feasible due to malfunctions in the smartphone. The article provides working methods on how to get rid of the service that has become unnecessary.

Decrypting a device or memory card

Almost always, security manipulation is the culprit for the inability to remove the lock from the screen. For example, built-in encryption algorithms may be the cause of the problem. In an effort to protect the configured settings and personal data from hacking, you are forced to put a password on the gadget, but in order to subsequently disable the PIN, you must first abandon encryption:

  • Open the menu and go to “Options”.
  • Choose “Security”.
  • We are looking for the section “Encryption and tap on it.
  • We select “Decrypt.
  • Go through the line “Encrypt external memory” and click “Disable”.

To successfully complete the changes made, open the “Lock Screen” and tap “No”. After disabling encryption, the key will be removed.

Via google

If a person has forgotten their password, they can unlock their Samsung phone through their Google account. For unlocking with your Google account to be successful, several conditions must be met:

Using a shared Google account is very convenient because, if necessary, you can control the gadget remotely, for example, from a computer.

  • On the Google website they are activated under their username.
  • In the section “My devices” find the desired device.
  • Among the settings, select the item “Passwords” and click on the line to reset the protection.

If you reboot the Samsung smartphone after performing such manipulations, turn on the device, the main screen will appear, but without a window for entering the password.

When to unlock

Often the owners of the Samsung model are faced with the problem of removing the pin code or pattern. The reason that the Samsung phone is locked is different situations:

  • the user has forgotten the pattern or pin code;
  • someone from outsiders changed the key (usually children do this);
  • system errors and crashes;
  • all unlock attempts were used, it is impossible to remove the password.

Before you go to a service technician for help, you can try to restore the work yourself.

It will not be possible to find out the password from a Samsung phone or other models, since this information is available only to the owner. Can reset password on Samsung if user has forgotten it.

Samsung Find my mobile

Using the official service Samsung Find my mobile, they reset the password without losing personal data. But this method is suitable for those users who have previously been activated in the Samsung service and have their own account.

  • On the official page of the application indicate the email address that is linked to the account.
  • Choose your smartphone from the proposed list.
  • In the list of possible operations they find “”, in the list that opens, click on the line “Unblock my device”.
  • To start unlocking, confirm the selected action.

After opening access, the user sets up a new protection.


A special program that helps to unlock an Android smartphone if the user has forgotten the Samsung password. Download the product on the official website of the application. After installation, follow simple steps.

  • Connect the phone to the computer.
  • Open the application.
  • Select the item “Manage Android Lock Screens”.
  • In the section that is responsible for data recovery, select the “Password reset” procedure.

If the procedure is performed correctly, then nothing will be deleted except for the pin code or pattern. All personal data will remain intact.

Incorrect manipulations lead to the fact that users choose to restore to factory settings instead of resetting the password, and this leads to a complete cleaning of the internal memory.

Using ADB

To implement this method, you need a computer and the ADB Run program pre-installed on it. Its main function is to ensure the interaction of two devices. With it, you can reset the settings to factory settings or simply remove the password from the locked Samsung.

How to remove password or lock screen on Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile, AT&T Verizon or Sprint

  • Download and install software.
  • Run the utility.
  • Connect the device to the computer.
  • Select the item Unlock Gesture Key.

When downloading the software, the model and type of smartphone are taken into account, since there is a unique version of the utility for each device.

Special programs for unlocking

There are many third party programs that are used to unlock phones. Each of them has features of use.