How to remove ok from your phone

Whether the person can learn, that with it the friendship has been stopped

At the moment, excluding a friend happens without sending them a notification about it, and it’s unlikely that such a feature will be added anytime soon. But your friend can still find out what you’ve done:

  • If you delete a person from your list of virtual friends, you will automatically disappear from his friend list, too. If the person has a small number of friends, and you often correspond with him on OK, he may notice your profile is missing.
  • The person can go to your page and see that you are not friends.
  • You may give yourself away if you decide to become friends again after breaking up a buddy relationship. He will see the application and realize he was previously deleted.
  • Also, a former friend can open the list of people he’s subscribed to and see you there. This will clearly indicate that he has been removed.

Everyone you remove from your friend list will appear as a follower and be able to see your posts and photos. To see all the people you have crossed out of your virtual life and those whose application for friendship was not accepted, you can in the section “Subscribers. To get there, go to “Friends” page and choose “Subscribers” in the menu on the left side of the screen.

In the list of subscribers you can see only those who have not yet withdrawn their application.

To remove the person not only from friends but also from followers, add it to the black list. A blocked user will not be able to view your posts and photos, and will not be able to write you private messages, rate classes or leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев under your posts. Your page will be completely closed to any member you choose to send to the Dashboard.

If you do not want your profile to be seen by people you do not know, set your privacy settings accordingly or activate the Closed Profile service.

What’s IMPORTANT to know and do before deleting your Odnoklassniki account

When deleting an account in Odnoklassniki, the user needs to know that:

  • Full and final deletion of the page in Odnoklassniki is made only after 3 months, after the initiation of this procedure. This is so that if someone changes their mind you can reactivate your profile;
  • In view of the three-month window that provides the opportunity to return their page intact, the user may face an unpleasant situation if paid services and subscriptions are connected to the account. They can be valid for all 3 months until the complete deletion of the profile. So it is strongly recommended to go to “Payments and subscriptions” section and disable all paid services. Also unlink your bank card in the “My bank cards” section;
  • If the user wants to create a new page with the old phone number, it is first necessary to detach it from the page to be deleted. As it will not be possible to use this number in the new account during the next 3-month period;
  • If you are not sure if you want to delete your Odnoklassniki page forever, it is not recommended to unlink the phone number from the page. Because only profiles with a linked phone number or email can be restored;
  • When you delete a page, all the information on it is erased, including: photos, pictures, videos, personal correspondence with friends and acquaintances, Комментарии и мнения владельцев, ratings, and created groups. Therefore, if the page contains important and necessary information, you need to download it to your computer, phone, cloud storage or removable drive.

How to delete a page if you can’t access it

You may be hacked, or the administration has blocked your account for breaking the rules, and you can’t restore it. Your old login and password don’t work. In this case, you can still delete the page from OK, but you will have to make some effort and spend more time.

First way

Go to the ok website.You should see a menu bar at the bottom of the page. We are interested in the rules.

Scroll down the text and click on “Contact Support”.

Choose a topic and click on “I have another question”.

Now fill in the fields of the form and send the request to the administration of the social network. Specify your real and active e-mail, explain the problem in details, and give proof that the page is yours and you have the right to dispose of it.

It may be an old account information, a description of recent photos, videos, publications, the date when you lost control of the account, the device and the place where you last went online.

The second way

If you can not find the “Rules” section, click on the word “Help” in the upper right corner.

Now expand the instructions by clicking on the corner next to “How to contact Support?”

In the text, find the link and click on it.

Then we fill the form, as described in the first method.

How to delete a page in classmates from the phone

Hi! Today I will show you how to permanently delete a page in classmates from your Android phone or iPhone. Generally, it’s impossible to delete a classmate account from your phone, but if you don’t have access to the main version of the site from your computer, I’ll explain how to do it. It’s very simple and fast. See instructions below and write your Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you don’t understand anything. Let’s go!

Open the mobile site on your smartphone ok. On your profile page, tap on Menu at the top left.

In the window that opens, click on the Help tab at the bottom.

Next, at the top of the page, click on the Find Answer box.

Start typing in How to delete your profile. You will see an appropriate tooltip, click on it.

Read the information on this page carefully.

Note at the bottom it will say: If you can’t access the site from your computer to delete your profile, please contact Support. At the bottom, click on Write us and ask to have your page removed.

Two ways to delete your page in Odnoklassniki forever

Odnoklassniki allows two options for blocking: through regulations or with the assistance of technical support.

delete your profile through a special regulation

The procedure is performed by the following actions:

  • To log in to the website through a cell phone and enter the password and login;
  • open the menu and go to the full version of the site;
  • Go to “regulation” at the bottom of the page;
  • delete via “unsubscribe” button.

Confirmation of actions is made with a password.

Delete your profile from the social network without entering your username and password

To delete a page you just need to write a letter to Support. In it you have to specify:

After the question is solved, the user receives a confirmation e-mail. This method is suitable when there is no access to the page.

Delete an account without authorization data

Users often wonder: How to delete an account in Odnoklassniki through the phone, if I forgot the password? OK Support will help:

  • Open the authorization page of OK.
  • Click on the “Sign Up” link.
  • On the next page, click on “Need help”.

How to delete a page in classmates from your phone forever 2020

Hi! Today you will learn how to delete a page in “odnoklassniki” from your Android phone or iPhone, permanently. You can easily delete your profile or your odnoklassniki account. It’s very simple and fast. See instructions below and post Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have any questions. Go to!

Pay attention! Deleting an OK page is only possible from a computer! But at the end of the post, I’ll show you how to do it from your phone via feedback if you don’t have access to your account on your computer.

How to delete your Odnoklassniki page from your phone forever

Recently, more and more users want to delete their page in Odnoklassniki.

You can only do this in the full computer version, the app and mobile version do not have this option, which in my opinion is wrong.

In order to get rid of the page in Odnoklassniki from your phone, you need to switch from the mobile version to full, and make the removal.

How to do this, I’ll detail in the new, step-by-step 2020 instructions, taking into account that the button doesn’t work.

How to delete a page in Odnoklassniki from the phone step by step instructions

Launch any browser on your phone, then type odnoklassniki in the search box and go to the site.

In the opened window, we are offered than to open the social network, choose the same browser, and if necessary authorize (enter username and password).

Click on the Menu button in the upper left corner.

remove, your, phone

At the very bottom of the menu, the Full Version of the site, click on it.

In the opened Go to full version window, click Go to.

In the window that opens again, select the browser that you used to enter the mobile version.

At the very bottom of the left column of the site, you must click on Help.

At the top of the page How We Can Help You, type the word Regulations into the search box.

In the appeared prompts, click on the What is a license agreement and where to find it.

How To | Disable OK Google Android | Turn off OK Google

A page describing the license agreement will appear and you should click on the link to read it.

Once again, specify the same browser.

At the bottom of the agreement page, there is a small noticeable link Refuse Service, enlarge the page and click on it.

It remains to specify the reason for deleting your Odnoklassniki account, enter your password from the page, and click Delete.

Note, if you have a monthly subscription to music in OK. Cancel it in your Google Play or App Store account, otherwise you will continue to be charged for this service.

The deleted profile can be restored within 90 days, in case it was done in haste.

After this period, the page will be permanently deleted, with all its contents, and you can not restore it anymore. Read also about how to delete a page from your phone.

How to remove from the group

I have some good news for the lucky band owners. To get rid of photos in the group, you do not need to do any additional steps. All of the instructions for the profile are relevant to communities as well.

remove, your, phone

There is also a minimum of difference in the interface. Except that to go into album editing mode, you’ll have to click on “Edit, reorder” instead of just “Edit” as it was on the personal page.