How to Remove Lock Screen On Xiaomi

How to make notifications appear on the lock screen?

Depending on which notifications you want to receive, you can configure settings for specific applications or for the device as a whole.
Option 3. In the application

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Tap Apps & notifications Notifications.
  • Turn on or off the Show notification icons setting.

How to view the notification log?

  • Hold your finger on the desktop and go to the “Widgets” menu.
  • In the list of available widgets, hold down the “Settings shortcut” and drag it to the desktop.
  • In the menu that appears, select “Notification log”.
  • Open the notification log using the icon of the same name on the desktop.

How to Remove Pop-ups on Samsung Phone?

How to turn off notifications on Android 5.x

  • Press and hold on the notification that appears for a few seconds.
  • Select the “i” icon.
  • Uncheck the box “Show notifications”.
  • Click “Yes”.
  • Done.

How to prevent messages from appearing on the iPhone screen?

How to hide text in all lock screen notifications on iPhone or iPad. In order to disable the preview function in all notifications, you need to open the “Notifications” section in the “Settings” application and select “Show thumbnails”. There are three options here. “Always”, “No blocking” and “Never”.

How to make notifications come to the Xiaomi lock screen?

How to enable display of notifications on the lock screen on Xiaomi (MIUI 11, 10, 9)

  • Xiaomi lock screen notifications.
  • Open the “Applications” item in the settings
  • We select the item “All applications”
  • Select the application whose notifications you want to see on the lock screen
  • In the application menu, select “Notifications”

How to open settings on a locked phone?

Quick settings menu

To open quick settings on the locked screen, swipe down with two fingers. To access quick settings on the unlocked screen, swipe down with two fingers.

How to turn on the backlight on notification?

All we need to do is go to the Play Store and install the Screen Notifications app. After launching the application, we need to activate the “Screen Notifications” service. To do this, check the “Screen Notification Service”.

How do I display messages on the lock screen? How to reply to messages on the Android locked screen?

Reply to a message with an app preview

  • Click on the notification. Click Reply if necessary.
  • Enter your answer and click on the “Send” icon

How to change the image on the Windows 10 lock screen

In Windows 10, when you turn on and when you lock the computer, a splash screen appears with a random image. You can change the image shown on the lock screen and in today’s article we will tell you how.

Previously, we looked at how to turn off the lock screen and make Windows 10 automatically log in, and we also described how to find images that appear automatically on the lock screen. Today we will describe how to set your own images on the lock screen. The article will contain a couple of ways that will not take you much time # 128578;

Change the background image of the lock screen in settings

Go to “Start” = Options;

3.On the left side, select “Lock Screen”, and on the right next to “Background” you can choose three options for the background image: Windows Interesting, Photos, Slideshow.

  • Fun with Windows as a lock screen background

Windows Fun is available in all editions of Windows 10. It’s a feature that gives you a controlled flow of information. For example, “Windows Interesting” will show various images (not from your computer, downloaded from the Internet), and you can mark which of them you like and what you don’t, thereby teaching this service so that it will show more images that you like in the future. The images loaded in this way can be found in the% LocalAppData% \ Packages \ Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy \ LocalState \ Assets folder in more detail in the instructions.

If you want images on the lock screen to be loaded from the Internet and changed automatically. next to “Background” select “Windows interesting” and close the settings.

  • Use photo as lock screen background

If you have a photo and want to set it as the background of the lock screen on a permanent basis. next to “Background” select “Photo”, and also disable the function “Display funny facts, jokes, tips and other information on the lock screen”. Below you are offered to choose a photo from the existing ones (by the way, they are located on your computer in the C: \ Windows \ Web \ Screen folder). To select your photo. click “Browse”

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find and select the desired photo = click “Select picture”

  • Slideshow as your lock screen background

You can also choose to show the photos (images) from a folder in turn on the lock screen. That is, for example, I have a folder with a selection of the best family photos, I install a slideshow, and then all the photos from this folder appear on the lock screen alternately changing each other.

Next to “Background” select “Slide Show” and click “Add Folder”

Find the folder with the images that we want to set for alternate display on the lock screen, select it and click “Select this folder”. Also turn off the “Show fun facts, jokes, hints and other information on lock screen” feature.

If the list contains folders from which you do not want to watch the slideshow on the lock screen. click on the unnecessary folder = press the left mouse button on the “Delete” button that appears

On the same screen below, select “Advanced Slideshow Options” and customize the slideshow display to your preference. When you set the desired parameters. just close the settings.

Change the lock screen background image in Photos

By default, all images in Windows 10 open through the Photos app. Open the image you want = click on the three dots in the upper right = select “Set as” = Set to lock screen.

That’s it, we looked at several ways to change the images on the lock screen and they should be enough for you. If there are additions. write comments! Good luck # 128578;

How to remove the lock screen on Xiaomi (Redmi) and the clock from it

Smartphone users Xiaomi (Redmi) must protect access to phone data by all possible methods, in the modern world information is the main tool and engine of progress.

How to Remove Lock Screen On Xiaomi

Choose a convenient way to lock Xiaomi: password, PIN-code, graphic code, fingerprint, face recognition and use it to prevent data leakage.

But in some situations, protection must be disabled, in this post I will show you how to do it.

Go to general settings, click on the line “Blocking and protection”. Enter the menu “Device protection”, you will be required to confirm that you are the owner of the smartphone, do it. Now go to “Disable protection” and confirm your choice. After going through the mentioned path, you will disable protection, but the screen will remain, to remove it, you must activate the developer mode. You can do this in the “About phone” section by pressing 8 times in a row on the line “MIUI version”. Now go to the “Advanced Settings” menu. Find the item “For Developers”. Turn on the “Skip screen” switch.

How to Remove Clock from Xiaomi Lock Screen

It is possible to completely remove the clock through the installation of a third-party theme, which does not have them. This can be done in the “Themes” section in the general settings. However, if you do not want to change the style, there are 3 options for displaying the clock, one of which you may like. To get to them, in the “Blocking and protection” section, click on “Settings”. Now select “Clock Style”. One of the three should suit you.

Wallpaper carousel

“Wallpaper Carousel” is an application that allows you to be sophisticated in every possible way over the shell wallpaper, but it so happened that in the MIUI 11 version it is not by default. Even in version 9, it is not there, because after the update, Xiaomi for some reason removed the function from the user’s field of view, but still it can be returned again by performing certain manipulations.

  • First you need to set the device region as “India”. To do this, go to the settings, item “Advanced options”. “Region” and select the desired country. Don’t worry if your smartphone starts “living its own life” by installing games and applications. they can be removed later.
  • Then you need to go to the item “Lock and Protection” and find “Wallpaper Carousel”;
  • Move the slider to the right to enable the option;
  • Then go to the settings again. “All applications” and find “Wallpaper carousel”;
  • Go to Application Permissions and give absolutely all carousel permissions;
  • Go back to the carousel settings and set the refresh rate, turn on the “Update via mobile Internet” function and select the categories that you like (there are about 16 of them there). You will then notice that the pictures on the lock display change to your liking.

If a third-party theme is installed, the wallpaper carousel will not work. The theme itself should not be completely changed to the factory one. You need to change the lock screen theme in the Themes app. In your personal profile, you need to go to the “Lock Style” item and put the stock screen.

How to resize Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite icons

In this process, we will teach you how to resize the icons of the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite phone.

Step 1 The first step is to enter the “Settings” option in the main window of the phone.

Step 2 Now you are going to select the “Display” option, which is found in the options that are reflected for you.

Step 3 You must select the “Advanced Settings” option, which is usually at the bottom of this window, as the last option.

Step 4 Now in advanced settings you should select the “Screen content size” tab.

Step 5 You will notice that there is a small strip on the back that you can move from right to left or vice versa so that you can resize the icons. You will also have a “Preview” option which will allow you to directly observe the size.

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Step 6 Finally, you can see the difference in the size of the icons compared to the previous time, regardless of whether you chose larger or smaller.

Remember that if you are going to change the size of your mobile device’s screen content, the icons will actually be larger or smaller, depending on your choice, but the same will happen with the font size.

By following these simple steps, you can change both the size and shape of the icons, including the letter of the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite phone.

Xiaomi was founded in April 2010, and already in August 2010, Xiaomi officially launched its own MIUI shell, based on Android and combining the Samsung TouchWiz and Apple iOS corporate styles.

The organization grew at a rapid pace, and the first Mi1 smartphone was announced in August 2011. In August 2012, Xiaomi announced the Mi2 smartphone. A year later, the company announced the sale of over 10 million Mi2 devices in 11 months. Some Xiaomi devices are manufactured in Foxconn factories where Apple iPhones and iPads are made.

Xiaomi symbol. a hare in a hat with earflaps with a red star and a red pioneer tie around the neck.

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is well known for its ability to organically combine laconic design, quality materials and versatility. At the beginning of 2015, about 35 million smartphone models were sold worldwide. Stylish, modern Xiaomi devices are among the best-selling gadgets. With its own research and development headquarters, the Chinese company conducts research in the field of IT technologies and applies fresh ideas to the development of gadgets. At the same time, the price for Xiaomi is democratic: availability to most users is one of the principles of the brand.

Initially, the target audience for Xiaomi was students and geeks (people who are very passionate about modern technologies). All thanks to the positioning of the company itself as a brand offering top-end features at affordable prices.

At the moment, all segments are interested in Xiaomi technology, due to brand awareness, its widespread use and pricing policy.

Due to the low cost of smartphones, in comparison with the main competitors, Xiaomi smartphones can be afforded by almost any buyer.

About Xiaomi CEO

A key figure in the company is CEO Lei Zun, who previously worked for Kingston for eight years. Here the man reached professional heights. he went from an ordinary engineer to the president of the enterprise. Thanks to his activities at Kingston, the future director of Xiaomi gained experience. Zun was always interested in new technologies and actively invested interesting startups in his opinion. In April 2010, Lei Zun and seven other technology innovation aficionados registered a company called Xiaomi Tech.

Abbreviation of the phrase “Mobile Internet” (mobile Internet). There is one more value. “Mission impossible” (mission impossible). This is due to the fact that Xiaomi faced constant challenges that only a real winner could handle.

Xiaomi facts

On Xiaomi smartphones, you can change not only the theme, but also the icons (icons) on the desktop. In the case of icons, only the style of application shortcuts changes. Why is this needed? For example, you liked the style of icons in a theme, but you don’t want to change everything else. After all, changing the theme changes the design of the lock screen, screensavers, notification curtains, fonts and much more.

Choose your own watch color

When you return, open the Colored Clock app, which you will now find in your drawer.

From here, you will notice that there are three different aspects of the clock widget that you can customize: the digital clock widget, the analog version, and the digital widget alarm part.

Select the aspect you want to add to the theme, then you will see a full color RGB color picker. Use this menu to find your perfect color, then click on the preview color at the bottom right of this popup to apply your changes.

You can repeat this process for other types of widgets or elements, and if you get carried away, there is always a Reset Colors option. In addition, you can hide the Color clock widget from the app drawer by enabling the “Hide module” option.

Advanced settings

In some versions of MIUI, items from the previous section may refer to advanced options and vice versa.

  • The “In ” mode allows you to prevent accidental switching on of the phone if it is in a bag or pants. a useful function, because often a smartphone “lives its own life” when it is in a ;
  • “Clock Style”. does not work with third-party themes. You can adjust the position of the clock vertically, centered or sideways;
  • “Signature on the lock screen” is a useful function, because you can indicate the phone number of a loved one and your name in the signature, and in case of losing your smartphone, you will be able to call and inform that the loss has been found;
  • “Unlock via Bluetooth”. this option allows you to unlock the phone when the specified bluetooth device is nearby. It can be smart watches, wireless headphones, mi band.

New notification animation

To change the animation style of notifications on the active display, you need to go to “Settings”. “Active screen and lock”. “Notifications on the active screen” and select the animation you like. After that, you need to apply the settings by going back.

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  • Rooted device with custom ROM installed on Android or AOSP
  • Xposed Framework installed
  • Unknown sources included

Quick Actions

Depending on the model, the quick actions for each smartphone are configured differently by default. To change them, you need to go to “Settings”. “Advanced settings”. “Buttons and gestures”.

Show weather on lock screen

By default, the weather is not shown on the lock display, but MIUI has a built-in Themes application in which you can download a specific style containing a weather widget. This requires:

  • Go to the “Themes” application;
  • Find a theme that may contain a weather widget on your lock screen. There are a lot of them, for example, the theme “Nuhanainu V11” for MIUI 11;
  • Download the theme;
  • Go to the main page and at the bottom click on the shortcut with the person’s logo;
  • Go to the “Lock Style” section;
  • Select the style that has just been downloaded and click “Apply”, after which the new theme widget will pull data from the “Weather” application installed on the phone by default.

through a third party application

The easiest method, after all, just go to Google Play and enter “live wallpaper” in the search bar. After that, a list of all available applications will appear. Let’s consider one of them, which is called “Live Wallpaper. 3D Wallpaper”.

QR-Code Developer: wallpaper HD, 4k wallpaper 2020 Price: Free

  • Choose your favorite Live-picture and click on it;
  • Next, you need to allow the application to access media and files on the device;
  • Confirm that we really want to download the image;
  • Then you need to tap on “Set wallpaper”. “Set wallpaper”;
  • Select “Home screen and lock screen”;
  • After that, you can remove the live wallpaper from the desktop and put a static picture, and the previous image will remain on the Lock screen.

The disadvantage of third-party applications is that ads are often embedded there, which interferes with normal use.

Event icon

The event icon is located at the very top. To see a missed call or last message, just tap the unlock screen.


If you hold down the Home button, the flashlight will turn on. The first time you call it, it will light up for only a few seconds while you hold the button. If you need it for a longer time, just hold the button longer. In this case, the smartphone screen turns off and the button can be released. To turn off the flashlight, you just need to unlock the screen with the physical button.

Quick call to audio player

For example, if you double-click on the slider (tap), then the menu for audio playback will be called. This is how it looks:

This is very convenient, because in order to listen to your favorite music you do not need to unlock the screen and start the player. This launches the application through which the audio was last played. It can be a regular player or Google Music.

Camera launch

Using the telephone “Back” key, a video camera is called up, which focuses and immediately takes a picture. To do this, just press the button and hold it for a while.

MIUI lock screen

Many modern Android skins are literally crammed with a variety of features that make your life easier. However, instructions for their use are far from everywhere. Let’s take a look at the MIUI lock screen using the example of the Xiaomi Mi 2 smartphone. Let’s see what can be configured here and what features it has.

You can see what the screen looks like in the screenshots below.

Above, we see a clock that, in addition to time, displays the day of the week. There is an unlock slider in the basement. It looks like a circle, along the edges of which there are quick access icons: messages, calls, unlock, camera.,

If you put the phone on charge, the battery charge level indicator appears on the circle.

In general, at first glance, everything is standard. In fact, there are several very useful functions hidden here that make MIUI stand out from its competitors.

  • Quick call to audio player
  • Camera launch
  • Lantern
  • Event icon
  • Additional functions

Additional functions

Additionally, you can configure different protection modes: PIN, regular password, face recognition or pattern. In general, there is nothing supernatural here. all this is implemented on any Android device.

The ability to unlock the screen with the volume button may also be useful. It is usually located close to the physical unlock button and people often confuse them when pressed by touch.

Also, many do not like to enter the password every time afterwards to unlock the screen. In this case, you can configure the lock button so that it simply turns off the screen. The real blocking will occur after a certain time, which can be configured.

Among other things, you can display not a standard message, but your own. For example, contact information. What is it useful for? Yes, at least in case you lose your smartphone. It looks like this:

Now you can see how many hidden features can be hidden on a regular lock screen. We hope this material was useful to you.