How to Remove Kaspersky From Computer Completely

Both beginners and advanced users do not always know how to remove Kaspersky Anti-Virus from their computer. Although this program is reliable, it consumes a lot of memory and is a frequent cause of freezing on older PCs.

How can I remove “Casper”

Sometimes this procedure is necessary for various reasons. Simple deletion using the “Recycle Bin” will not help here.

Let’s consider how to remove Kaspersky Anti-Virus from a computer completely, with the preinstalled Win OS. 7 or any other OS version.

There are only three ways to rid your computer of a boring program:

  1. Destruction of Kaspersky through the control panel by the usual standard / standard methods available in any version of Windows.
  2. Remove it by using official utilities to remove the antivirus from your computer.
  3. When you uninstall any application, utility, or other software on your PC, there will still remain various “garbage” (initialization errors, inconsistencies in the registry, etc.). Therefore, in order to correctly remove Kaspersky completely from the system unit, it is necessary to uninstall and perform a comprehensive cleaning of the PC.

This instruction applies to all versions:

  • Kaspersky Internet Security.
  • Kaspersky Small Office Security.
  • Kaspersky Security Scan 2.0-3.0.
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus.
  • Kaspersky Password Manager.
  • Kaspersky CRYSTAL.
  • Other developments of Kaspersky Lab.

Operation using standard Windows methods

There are two ways to remove the antivirus of the old version:

  • From the Start menu.
  • From the taskbar.

The first method is the easiest, but not suitable for all versions:

    Go to the “Start” menu and click on the inscription “All Programs” (right above the Start).

How to Remove Kaspersky From Computer Completely

The second method is implemented as follows:

  1. About the watch, click the mouse (right button).
  2. In the menu that appears, find and enable the “Exit” item.
  • Go to Start.
  • Then go to the Control Panel section.
  • From there we go further to the Programs.
  • Select the item. “Uninstall programs.”
  • From the long list, select the desired icon (in this case, Kaspersky product) and click on the “Change / Delete” inscription.

  • Then follow the destruction instructions that appear on the screen.
  • In Windows 8, it’s not necessary to go to the Control Panel. Just open “All Programs” on the first screen:

    • Turn on “Applications”;
    • Click (right-click) a line with an image of an unnecessary product;
    • Delete Kaspersky Anti-Virus using the “Delete” button.
  • Follow the further steps as described above. All uninstall instructions will appear on the screen, you only need to follow them.
  • You cannot get rid of new Kaspersky (after the 2013 series). When asked how to completely remove Kaspersky Anti-Virus of this type, we answer:

    • You must open the “Casper” by clicking once the icon at the watch;
    • Select “Settings” in the upper right;
  • Going to another screen. Click on the picture of the yellow envelope;
  • In the next window, click on the inscription “self-defense” and remove both “checkmarks“.
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    Everything is clearly shown below:

    In the end, close all windows and follow the same instructions that describe above how to completely remove Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

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    Using the KAV Remover Tool

    A utility that implements the third method is designed to completely remove Kaspersky antivirus from a PC. It is on the official website of the laboratory. The program is necessary if you could not destroy the antivirus with simple methods.

    By clicking on the download, you will get the archive, opening which you will see the kavremover.Exe file. Turn it on by checking the agreement, and the utility will start.

    There are 2 solutions to the problem:

    1. The utility will detect the antivirus, and you just have to click on the “Delete” button.
    2. You can see the inscription that nothing was found, and you need to select a product. Note the version of Kaspersky that was on the PC and presses the button above. As soon as the uninstallation program completes, it will ask you to reboot it.

    Complete destruction of residues

    After performing the above steps, pieces and antivirus keys may remain in the processor and memory. They can be deleted using the line for entering direct commands.

    How to remove antivirus remnants via the command line?

      To do this, go to it by typing WinR or by clicking the “Start. Run” button.

    Next, a window will appear in which you need to enter the word “regedit”.

    In the editor that opens, you need to find the following branches:

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus removal procedure

    To demonstrate most of the action described above, you can in the presented plot. It shows in detail and in steps all the actions to remove a program that has become unnecessary.

    Quite often, PC users have problems installing a new antivirus program due to the fact that the old one does not want to be completely removed. In this article I will show how to perform a complete removal of an application using the example of Kaspersky Anti-Virus. You can apply this knowledge to remove not only the antivirus, but also any other program that penetrates deep into the operating system.

    And so, an antivirus is a program that is installed not just in the Program Files folder, but takes its roots much deeper, so often there are problems when you delete it.

    It would be nice if you installed the program Uninstall tool. This program allows you to completely remove the previously installed software from the root (including from the registry). By running this program, you can see the next window in front of you.

    As can be seen from the figure, we can observe in front of us a list of programs that are installed on your computer or are not completely removed from it. We find Kaspersky Anti-Virus, right-click on it and select “Uninstall“. If you need to remove the program from the registry, then select “Delete from registry“. We can also see in which folder the program is installed and in which registry key the record about it is placed.

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    Uninstall Tool is very simple and easy to use, I think you will understand. Now let’s look at the case when for some reason you do not want to install or use the Uninstall Tool, but you need to uninstall the antivirus or something else. Consider some removal methods.

    1. Click “Start. Programs. Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Change, restore or delete“.

    Click on the button “Delete“.

    Follow the simple directions below. But everything would be too simple if, after this not complicated operation, the antivirus was completely removed. Therefore, click “Start. Control Panel. Add or Remove Programs“. Check if the Kaspersky Anti-Virus shortcut is still displayed there, then select it and uninstall.

    2. Try to find and remove “leftovers»Antivirus using search. Click “Start. Search“. We enter into the search phrases related to the name of the antivirus, for example, “kav”. Click “To find“.

    Deleting such files and folders just might not work, so read the article How to delete files and folders that cannot be deleted.

    3. You must remove the anti-virus entry from the registry. In order to do this manually, you must click “Start. Run“. In the window that opens, you must write regedit in order to get into the registry editor. Next, in the editor, click “Edit. Find“And in the window that opens, look for phrases related to the name of the antivirus, for example,”kav” or “kaspersky”. Enter in the search bar and click “Find further“. The program will find the first entry, check whether it belongs to the antivirus, if so, delete it.

    In order for the program to search further, you must press F3. Repeat this operation until you clear the entire registry.

    Thus, you can completely remove the antivirus and the new antivirus program will successfully be installed on your computer.

    Users are interested in how to completely remove Kaspersky from a computer running Windows 10. One of the possible reasons could be testing most antiviruses in combat. Regardless of the product, the built-in defender is not inferior to modern antivirus programs; it was also able to easily detect all viruses that have not yet entered the database.

    This article will tell you how to completely remove Kaspersky Anti-Virus from a computer. We will not be tied to individual Kaspersky Internet Security or Free products, since the deletion process in fact is no different. It is recommended to use the utility only if it is not possible to perform the removal using the system tools.

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    How to remove Kaspersky from a Windows 10 computer

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus is a classic application and, accordingly, it must be completely removed, like a program from a Windows 10 computer. The previously discussed ways to uninstall programs will help in the current situation.

    Go to the section Parameters Applications Applications and features. Now in the list of installed applications find the installed version of Kaspersky and after selecting it, double-click the button Delete.

    By analogy, you can open the installed programs section in the classic control panel. Run the command Control panel in the window Winr. Go to the section Programs Programs and Features. Next, select the Kaspersky application and click Delete / Change.

    Then, in any of the cases, the Kaspersky Anti-Virus uninstaller will be launched. You will need to first confirm your own intentions by clicking the button Continue in the window that opens. Kaspersky will resist, reporting that this action will reduce the level of protection for your computer.

    Having confirmed the intention to remove, it is enough to follow the steps of the uninstaller of the antivirus program. If a password was previously set to increase protection, then you will need to enter it. In cases where the user does not know the password and you need to remove Kaspersky Anti-Virus, then you can immediately proceed to the next method.

    After a few clicks of the button, in the window that opens, you can completely remove Kaspersky Anti-Virus. You just have to wait for the removal of the antivirus program to complete and, if necessary, restart the computer.

    How to remove Kaspersky antivirus utility Kavremover

    Kavremover is a free utility for uninstalling Kaspersky Lab applications that cannot be removed using standard Windows 10 tools. Kavremover can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer’s official website.

    Run the downloaded Kavremover utility as an administrator. If necessary, see how to run the program as a Windows 10 administrator. In the window that opens, just select the product from the list of detected ones, then enter the specified code to remove the product and click the button Delete.

    In principle, after uninstallation, you can use programs to optimize your Windows 10 computer. Specifically, in our case, you can additionally perform automatic cleaning of the registry and temporary files. Only after that it can be argued that it turned out to remove Kaspersky from the computer completely. CCleaner for Windows 10 is great for uninstalling applications and cleaning the system.

    The removal process is really simple, although it may take a long time. Usually the operating system tools are enough to completely remove Kaspersky Anti-Virus from your computer. If, for some unknown reason, the uninstaller simply does not start, then you should already turn to the Kavremover utility for help.