How To Remove Jailbreak iOS 11

How To Remove Jailbreak iOS 11

The jailbreak area has come to life again thanks to the release of tools for new versions of iOS. This means that the number of users who first installed the jailbreak on their device, but later regretted their decision, increased.

Perhaps the reason is the lack of stability or poor performance of the tools. Unfortunately, removing a jailbreak from a device is not easy.

However, this is not impossible. If you installed the Electra jailbreak and now want to remove it, we will help you. We will talk about how this is done on a Windows PC. On a Mac, the process will be the same, you just need to use Mac versions and be able to work with Terminal and SSH. It’s not that complicated. If you have a Windows PC, then you need to download the following programs:

  • Cyberduck or similar FTP program
  • Delectra script
  • Putty

Note: Before you start, remove all tweaks and jailbreak applications from your device through Cydia. If you restored to your version using futurerestore, do not use this method. Also be aware that successful jailbreak removal is not guaranteed. If you don’t want to take risks, wait until CoolStar releases the SemiRestore update, which will greatly facilitate the process.

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How to remove Electra Jailbreak

Step 1: Open Cyberduck and connect to your iOS device by clicking Open connection.

Step 2: Select the type of SFTP connection and enter the IP devices from which you want to remove the jailbreak. It can be found in the Wi-Fi section in the settings of your device.

Step 3: Enter the username “root” and password “alpine” if you have not previously changed the default password.

Step 4: Click Connect, and then Allow.

Step 5: Drag the unjailbreak.Sh file into the Cyberduck window and confirm the move. After the process is complete, you will not need Cyberduck.

Step 6: Now run PuTTY and re-enter the IP address of your device in the box Host Name, select SSH as the type of connection. Click Open and on pop-ups choose Yes.

Step 7: This will open the SSH terminal connected to your iOS device. Now you need to execute the jailbreak removal command.

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Step 8: In the PuTTY window, type “bash /unjailbreak.Sh” and press Enter. Command will be executed.

Step 9: Follow the instructions in the window that will require Enter. The device will need to enter a PIN at least once during the process.

Step 10: When the device reboots, the jailbreak must be removed. After that, uninstall the Electra application, and you’re done!

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