How to remove Google TV from Android phone. Conclusion

How to delete Google Play on Android services

In most cases, the user wants to disconnect Google services due to significant consumption of the telephone charge with these programs. Many company services may simply not be used, but they will still consume energy and take extra place.

Usually Google programs consume 5-10 percent of battery energy. If the versions of Android and applications are incompatible, the programs can take up to 90 percent of the charge. Often the increase in consumption occurs after loading the renewal of the OS. At the same time, the services are not updated, which is why the conflict occurs and the applications need more charge.

In order to spend less the charge and make room, you can turn off unused programs such as Calendar, Maps, Hangouts, Drive or Location Services. Deactivation will lead to the fact that the energy will be spent on other applications, and the place will not occupy updates to these services.

That you can’t turn it off

For the correct operation of the smartphone on Android, some applications are needed. Some of them are services from Google, they are not recommended to delete. The programs are as follows:

  • Google accounts should not be deleted, since data is stored here for other services that may be needed for the gadget;
  • Google Play Market. Applications store, it is from it that various programs are installed;
  • Google Services Framework. required to optimize and accelerate the work of other applications;
  • Google One Time Init. the service is responsible for entering initial information, used only when starting the phone, after which it automatically stops working;
  • Google Play services. used by a system for updating and synchronizing software on a smartphone.

Other programs, which includes books, music, press, films, games, calendars and other unused applications, can be turned off. If they are not used, it will positively affect the phone, as the place and charge will be free.

Separately, I must say about the “Speech Speech Speech” and “Synchronization of Google Contacts”. In most cases, they are important for the work of the gadget, so you should not disconnect them.

How to disable Google Play services on Android

To disconnect services, you do not need to use a ROOT right, change the firmware or download third-party software to the device. It is enough to use standard phone settings. To perform deactivation, you must follow the following instructions:

  • open the system settings and go to the “Appendix” or “General” item;
  • click on “all applications”, on some models. “application dispatcher”;
  • Go to the “All” section and choose a program from Google;
  • click on the inscription “Clean the cache”, then on the “Stop” button;
  • Next, the “Disable” key is pressed, you will need to agree with the removal of updates.

You can also turn off the synchronization of the disabled services. This is done in the settings, the point “Accounts”. The desired profile is selected, checks are removed from certain points, after which the synchronization will be deactivated.

The implementation of these operations with other applications will significantly reduce the load with RAM and battery. Access to the profile will be saved, so return the disconnected application back to work will not be difficult. Just press the “enable” button.

There are a number of negative consequences after the process. For example, geolocation problems will begin, errors and notifications will be displayed with a request to install services from Google. However, the active programs of the company, such as Google Play, will still work in full force.

How to delete Google services and applications

So, you decided to experiment and try to live without Google’s applications and services. Naturally, you do everything at your own peril and risk, so first, evaluate your own strength and ability to get out of a difficult situation if something goes wrong. And it is on this case that you need to first make a backup copy of the system.

Creating a backup copy of the system. To create a backup of the entire system (Nandroid-Backap), it is necessary to use the built-in capabilities. Rekavy (from English. recovery mode-“recovery mode”)-this is a kind of mini-os, which is in any smartphone. It is stored in a special area of ​​memory and has an extremely limited set of system functions like resetting to factory settings. We are interested in recovery with much richest functionality. The most popular recovery is CWM (ClockworkMod) and TWRP (Teamwin). Instructions for their installation on a specific device, as a rule, are contained on the 4PDA forum in a hat on the topic dedicated to this gadget.

Among other things, recovery allow you to make reserve images of the system in the form of a single archive that contains firmware and other files from the internal memory of the device. This makes it possible to create and restore backup copies in literally two clicks. the ideal option for all kinds of experiments with the gadget. You need to save backups on a memory card, or an external drive.

To make a backup on TWRP, you need to select Backup in the main menu, and in CWM. Backup and Restore. In most cases, standard settings are quite suitable.

Useful links :

We get Root. In the vast majority of cases, the process of obtaining a ROOT is simple and does not carry any risks. You will need to connect the smartphone to the computer and start the utility or start a special application on the smartphone itself.

The nuances and the necessary applications vary depending on the model of the device. To find out how to get the rights of a super.user on a particular smartphone, open the topic on the 4pda forum dedicated to him. The necessary information is found in the section on firmware, or in the section on the discussion of devices.

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Removing Google services and applications. Actually, the process of getting rid of Google applications itself is that you simply delete applications and libraries from the corresponding folders. Remove those of them that you consider superfluous. Here is a list.

Folder /System /App (most of the applications):

  • Books.APK. Google Books
  • Magazines.APK. Google magazines
  • Maps.APK. Google cards
  • Music2.APK. Google Music
  • Calendargoogle.APK. Google Calendar
  • Chrome.APK. Google Chrome
  • Drive.APK. Google Drive
  • Googleears.APK. Google Ears
  • Googleearth.APK. Google Earth
  • Hangouts.APK. Google Hangouts
  • Keep.APK. Google Keep
  • Playgames.APK. Google Playgames
  • Plusone.APK. Google
  • Gmail2.APK. Gmail
  • GoogleContactssyncadapter.APK. Contact synchronization
  • CloudPrint.APK. cloud printing system
  • Geniewidget.APK. news and weather widget
  • Googlehome.APK. home screen with integrated Google Now
  • Googletts.APK. speech synthesis system
  • Latinimegoogle.APK. keyboard with gesture support
  • Quickoffice.APK. Quickoffice
  • Street.APK. Google Street
  • Sunbeam.APK. live wallpaper Sunbeam
  • Videos.APK. Google movies
  • YouTube.APK. YouTube

Since the applications are scattered through several folders, let’s go to other. In the /System /Priv-App folder there are services and frameworks for the synchronization mechanism and surveillance, of course:

  • Calendarprovider.APK. calendar keeper
  • GoogleFeedback.APK. Sending system for using Google Play
  • Googleonetimeinitilalizer.APK-master of installation of additional Google applications
  • GoogleBackupTransport.APK-synchronization of data of installed applications, Wi-Fi passwords and some settings
  • Googleloginservice.APK-a service that connects a device with a Google account
  • Googlepartnersetup.APK. a service that allows applications to access Google services
  • Googleservicesframwork.APK. framework with additional functionality
  • Phonesky.APK. Play Store
  • TalkBack.APK. voice notification about events on the device
  • Prebuiltgmscore.APK. Google Services, the core of the entire GAPPS kit;
  • Setupwizard.APK. Master of Settings at the first launch
  • Wallet.APK. Google Wallet
  • Velvet.APK. Search from Google, includes a line of search on the desktop and Google Now

And finally, in the /System /Framework folder there are frameworks necessary for the work of Google applications:

After removing unnecessary applications, it is necessary to reboot, and then check the functioning of the remaining system applications-whether any of them refused due to the lack of part of the Google services.

Life without gapps, but with applications

So, got rid of the unnecessary applications of Google and sighed in full chest. But what to do when you need to install a game or application program? There is no official application store on the device now. But, as usual, there are several ways to solve the problem that has arisen.

Downloading and installing apk files. Keep in mind, now you often have to manually install applications via APK files that you yourself download somewhere. APK is the format of the archives of Android programs; They are required to install the application. To do this manually, you must first allow the installation of applications from sources in the system settings. Then start the APK file-you can directly download it from the Internet (again at your own peril and risk, of course) or, for example, use the help of the APK Downloader service: on this site you can download the APK of those applications that are presented in Google Play Store. There is a search system and a catalog for sections. everything is like in the usual Play Store. You download APK, rewrite it to your smartphone, start the installation and hope that this application does not need any of the remote Gapps.

By the way, you can look for applications even easier: find the right application in the browser in the Google Play on the desktop and replace the part of Play in the URL input “on” “. Everything is simple.

Installation of alternative applications stores. You can do without manipulations with APK files and install customers of applications stores in which all programs are legal and checked for viruses.

Amazon AppStore. Application store, which is installed when entering from a mobile device at this link. There is no Russian language and the country’s choice “in the settings, so this service is suitable for those who have no special problems with English. The store, according to Wikipedia, contains more than 800 thousand applications.

Yandex.Store is an online store from Yandex, which presents more than 100 thousand applications, and everyone is checked by Kaspersky antivirus. Of the features of the store, you can note the opportunity to pay for purchases using the Yandex service.Money or from a mobile phone account. Apparently, work on this service in Yandex is frozen, but the programs continue to be added there. On the forum you can download the APK file of this application store

Control your Google TV with your Android phone

1mobile Market is another application store that contains about half a million programs, and exclusively free. They can be downloaded only in the form of APK on a smartphone or on a desktop. The smartphone has its own application that simplifies the installation. The market does not require registration, which is important to maintain anonymity.

Google Apps. how to disconnect from it?

Let’s start with how Google Apps gets to our smartphones. You bought a phone and naturally (well, how can it be without it, it’s so convenient and fashionable and in general it needs to be installed in any) install this application with our own hands on a clean firmware. And as soon as you enter the user’s name and password, there is immediately synchronization of everything and everything, and it begins to pump your (as you think confidential) information on Google Service.

Well, of course, how not to install Google Apps on a smartphone if it gives so many interesting opportunities. For example, make sure that the phone is unlocked from your face (and no one will think about anything further), or use such convenient Google Play or Google Books.

And let’s think for a moment how everything really happens. Take catalogs /system /app and /system /priv-app. After you installed them on your smartphone, copying the contents of these catalogs in the same catalogs that already exist on your phone. And the Android system uses the Private system API that are not available to other applications.

In the catalog /System /App, various google applications are located in huge quantities: Books.APK, Chrome.APK, Gmail2.APK and others. Each of them will share information in its own way, but this is absolutely normal (there is no secret information here, just Google will know absolutely everything you read, watch and download).

GoogleContactssyncadapter.APK this catalog collects data much more seriously, he sends all your contacts to his owner (yes, yes, along with all the names and numbers).

Most files from the catalog /System /Priv-App are the services and sets of libraries that make up the main surveillance of your smartphone:

  • GoogleBackupTransport.APK-is engaged in synchronization of data of installed applications, Wi-Fi passwords and some settings;
  • Googleloginservice.APK-connects a device with a Google account;
  • Googlepartnersetup.APK. allows applications to access Google services;
  • Googleservicesframwork.APK. a set of libraries with various utility functionality;
  • Phonesky.APK. Play Store (oddly enough);
  • Prebuiltgmscore.APK. Google Services, as can be seen from the name, this is the core of the entire GAPPS kit;
  • Velvet.APK. Search from Google, which includes a line of search on the desktop and Google Now.

In fact, this is the part of Google Apps, which is responsible for pumping your data from which you need to get rid of as early as possible.

Option 1. How to rid Android from Google without root

Delete Google if there is no root right you can through phone settings. The main location of synchronization settings is the “Settings menu. Accounts. Google. “. Here you can disable things such as synchronization of contacts, data of applications, Gmail, Play Music, Google Keep and so on. All you need to do is just remove the checkmarks from the desired menu items. Next, go to the “Settings menu. Restoration and reset ”and remove dumplings from the points“ Data reservation ”and“ Auto.landing ”.

The “Google Settings” application also responsible for many synchronization settings, which is part of the Google Services. With its help, in particular, you can disable Google access to the location (“access to geodan. Access to my geodana / sending geodata / History of locations ”), Disable the sending of personal data to the search engine (“ Search. Personal data “), turn off Google Now (” Search. Google Now “) and disable remote control (” Remote control. Remote search for the device / Remote locking and reset of settings “).

In the same “Google settings” you can disable any application using the Google account for authorization. In the event that you are not going to use Google services at all, it will be easier to turn off the smartphone from the account completely, that is, just remove it through the settings: “Settings. Accounts. Google. The menu button. Delete an account “.

How to disable ads in Google Chrome

Many users would be happy to use the Google Chrome browser, if not for numerous advertising blocks. Visiting various sites, a person wants to concentrate on the sophisticated material, and not on the proposals of partners. Fortunately, anyone can disconnect the advertisement in Chrome once and for all.

First, it is recommended to refuse notifications. They usually turn on after pressing extra buttons when visiting sites. After that, even without starting Google, chrome on a smartphone appears pop.up windows that distract and do not represent anything useful. To turn them off, you need:

  • Open Chrome.
  • Press the button with three points, and then go to the browser settings.
  • Click on the inscription “Site settings”.
  • Go to the “Advertising” section and translate into an inactive position of the slider opposite the point of the same name.
  • Return one step back and choose the section “Referening windows and redirecting”.
  • Deactivate the function with the movement of the slider to the left.

Having performed these actions, a person can continue to use chrome, but no longer experiencing problems with pop.up windows and offers of Google partners.

The truth is to completely get rid of advertising in this way it will not work. You will need to download an additional application operating on the principle of “Adblock”. For example, “Free Adblocker Browser”.

After installing the program, we start it, turn on the function of blocking advertising and use chrome without unnecessary banners on sites.

This application turns off the advertisement in any browser from Google Chrome to UC Browser.

If you do not want to deal with applications, let them be available in the Play Market, we suggest in the Chrome settings to include traffic saving mode. It not only blocks the loading of unnecessary information to the smartphone, but also protects the user’s smartphone from the virus and unintentional installation on.

To include a special mode, you need:

  • Open chrome.
  • Go to the browser settings.
  • Press the “” button.
  • Click on the tab “Simplified mode”.
  • Put the slider into an active position.

In addition to blocking dangerous resources, chrome proposes to monitor how much traffic the user saves, including simplified mode. This is done in the browser settings tab of the same name and helps all people who deal with mobile Internet.

Which browser is better to install on Android

Having sorted out how you can stop the work of Google Chrome on a smartphone, you should go to the choice of the most suitable browser to visit sites. Now there are a huge number of them in the vastness of the Play of the Market. We suggest you get acquainted with a small rating that presents the best web set programs.

Name Description Rating
Yandex. Browser An application from a well.known mobile company in which all services are integrated. If you, for example, use Yandex and other products, this browser will be the perfect choice. It implements a convenient integration with a specific Zen tab, where at any time you can familiarize yourself with the latest news.
UC Browser A very popular application that positions itself as the most convenient browser for android. It has a advertising blocker, as well as many modes for quickly opening pages. But at the same time, UC Browser stores all the data in the cache, which is why the smartphone’s memory is quickly clogged, and the pop-up windows immediately bother.
Opera Mobile A browser, which has recently lost its popularity, which was in zero years. But still Opera remains a leading brand among applications for mobile web set. The browser pleases with a simple and understandable intenses, as well as a advertising blocker and VPN.

File managers

Another removal method is to use file managers, whether it be a conductor or a similar application from another developer. To completely get rid of excess software, you should know in which folder it is stored. As a rule, program files are in the directory located along the Android/Data path.

We remind you once again: this and other ways to delete YouTube are relevant only for unofficial mobile clients of video hosting. If you want to get rid of the official program, you will have to use an alternative manager of ES Files:

  • Run the program.
  • Click the Basic Call button (three strips).
  • Activate the options “Root conductor” and “show hidden elements”.

Important. Obtaining the rights of a superpower entails a removal of a smartphone from a guarantee, as well as blocking financial transactions like money transfers on the device.

Using ES conductor, you can get rid of other standard programs (for example, Gmail or Play Market). This will free up a lot of space in the inner memory. However, it is important to analyze all the risks with which you expose your smartphone by receiving a Root-right.

Cleaning applications

Finally, the final option for removing YouTube and other extra software is to use special cleaning programs. For example, you can contact CCleaner. This application is available for downloading through the Play Market and spreads free. YouTube is necessary for the deinstal:

If everything is done correctly, then the application will immediately disappear from the phone. And you can continue to use CCleaner further, as this program allows not only to remove excess software, but also to clean the device from garbage in the form of cache and temporary files.

Sunrise Calendar

Instead of the Google Calendar, you can use the no less effective Sunrise Calendar application. Software competently approaches the organization and planning of events. This solution is characterized by good functionality and excellent compatibility with other similar products: the same calendar from Google and Apple.

Remove Suggested Content From Google TV

The application has an attractive design and an intuitively understandable integration. All the tasks that you laid on the shoulders of the “Google” are easily solved with the help of this calendar.

Replacement “Google Drive

In this case, no problems should arise. On the Internet, there are a lot of excellent cloud services. Among others, Dropbox, Mega, OneDrive and Box are especially popular. All of them are distinguished by wide functionality and flexibility of settings, as well as an abundance of tariff plans for advanced users.

How to delete Google account from Smart TV [Guide]

Android devices are available in various versions. From mobile phones, tablets, Smart televisors and many other devices of the Internet of things, including head devices for cars. Common to all these devices is that you need to have a Google account to use all the advantages. Now that you buy a new Android device, you will be invited to sign or create Google’s account to use the services. At some point, the reason you want to delete your Google account from a certain device may arise. Here is a guide to delete Google account from Smart TV.

Android Smart TVs are popular and available in various price ranges. Given what has been said, a person can have more than one Android TV in his house, and this may be one of the reasons why someone wants to remove his Google counter from him. Of course, you can simply reset the settings to the factory and delete your Google account from it. But why perform formatting if there is a simple way to delete your Google account? Read to find out how to delete your Google account with Android TV.

How to delete Google account with Android Smart TV

  • Now select the Google account you want to delete.
  • You can select the option delete the account.
  • Now select the “Delete Account” option to finally delete Google’s account from your Android Smart TV.
  • That’s all.
  • Let’s go on the device activity page on a mobile phone or PC.
  • Enter the system with the same account that you used on your Android Smart TV.
  • Now you will see a list of all the devices on which you entered the system using the Google account.
  • When you see Android TV in the list, click on three points in the right corner. Select the “Exit” option in the menu.
  • Your Google account will be deleted from your Android Smart TV.

What will happen if you prohibit them with access to the phone

Some bloggers on the Internet advise holders of devices with Android OS to ban access to the devices services to Google Play Market services. If you disable access to services such as the “calendar” or “contacts”, failure in the system will not be.

But when you turn off access to the “phone”, technical errors arise when working with Google programs. At the same time, problems arise not only with an integrated application store, but also by mail, YouTube.

What to do if Google Play’s services fail in work

If errors and failures occur when using the Market on the Google Play smartphone, first of all, they check access to the telephone service. In new versions of the Android operating system, according to standard settings, now the user cannot change the permit in the telephone service. The developers have provided such a phenomenon among smartphone owners.

Some parameters are better not to change on the device. If difficulties arise, it is recommended to contact specialists who are competent in this matter. Do not listen to all bloggers on the Internet, it is better to double.check the information.

Removal through PC

The last method is to use a computer with a phone connected via a USB cable. This will allow you to turn off and disconance any program without any problems, whether Play Market, “Google Play Services” or “Google Play Game”. At the same time, for successful removal, you will need to configure both devices.

Preparation of Android

Only one action should be performed on the phone by including “USB debugging” in the “For Developers” section. The procedure was described separately by us.

In addition to turning on “USB debugging”, do not forget about the provision of Root. For a regular stop of applications, the rights of a super.user will not be required, but it will not work to delete them without privileges.

Computer preparation

To successfully connect the smartphone to PC, be sure to install the ADB drivers at the link below. This is necessary for any application using Android Debug Bridge.

As the next action, install one of the special programs. We will use Debloater, as, unlike most analogues, it provides an intuitive graphic intense.

Temporary stop

  • Google Play. Com.Android.Vending;
  • Google Play. Com services.Google.Android.GMS;
  • Google Play Games. Com.Google.Android.Play.Games;
  • Google Play Films. COM.Google.Android.videos;
  • Google Play Music. Com.Google.Android.Music;
  • Google Play Books. Com.Google.Android.Apps.Books.
  • The removal procedure through this utility is almost no different from the previously described, but to complete the task you will need a ROOT-right. To provide the appropriate powers, when connecting a smartphone to a PC in a special window on the Android device, click the “allow” button.
  • If you correctly connected the phone to the computer, a green indicator will appear at the bottom of the Debloater program next to the “Root Mode” item. After that, it is necessary, as before, use the Read Device Packages button and select the right application in the list.
  • Unlike the deactivation of the application, set the Remove checkplace to remove on the top panel and only then press the Apply. The deification should be confirmed through the corresponding window with a notification.

In order to avoid any errors during the system of systemic software, be sure to follow each point of the instructions, starting with suspension and ending with removal.

The presented methods should be enough to deactivation and deletion of not only Google Play services, but also any other unsteady applications. Keep in mind that each performed action will probably affect the performance of the device and the responsibility for this falls only on your shoulders.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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