How to remove Google Lens from a translator. Manuscript input

How to access the search for Google lens images and use it: Guide for beginners

Google Lens is a visual recognition software that allows you to scan and look for objects in your environment. This opens up many opportunities in terms of translation, purchases, search on the Internet, location and much more. Google Lens was announced in 2017 and has come a long way since its release. Now you can identify objects, look for them in the opposite direction and even receive language translations in real time.

Google Lens uses a complex algorithm to identify objects in the viewfinder of your camera. Then these objects are compared with a huge database of images, and Lens ranks similar images by their relevance. Lens also checks your objects and images with thousands of lists on the Internet to find the most relevant results. These relevant results are also obtained taking into account the nearby language and symbols to provide you with the most accurate results. That’s all you can do with Google Lens.

What can be done with Google Lens?

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Google Lens provides you with 7 special categories for finding objects, images, locations and many other things in real time directly from your phone. These special categories can help you fulfill the return search and find relevant results with one click on your device. To use one of the categories, just click and select the one you want to use at the bottom of the screen in Google Lens. Let’s briefly consider these 7 categories.

  • Translate: this function can be used to translation of languages ​​and signs in real time.
  • Text: You can use a text option to scan and copy paper copies of texts in a local storage.
  • Search: This is a common version of a web post with which you can look for objects, places and things in the real world.
  • Homework: Homework is a digital training tool from Google, which helps to solve, decipher and study mathematical equations in real time. You also get a huge library of other items, such as biology, chemistry and much more, and also get a huge AR tool library that helps explain complex concepts in real time.
  • Buying: looking for something you want to have? Use this function to search for an object, and Google Lens will show you the most suitable shopping lists for a scanned object.
  • Places: it is not possible to determine the location? Use the “place” option to find and catalog interesting images and places that you visit and you know little about. Google Lens will also show you interesting historical facts about each place that you decide to visit.
  • Food: Looking for where to eat in this area? Want to know if there is good food in you in the restaurant? Use this function in order to receive additional information about food, cafe and diner in real time, including reviews, menu and much more.

Simultaneous translation

In the mobile “Google translator” there is a voice acting of the typed text and even voice input, but “communication” is much more useful function. It allows you to go into a special mode with synchronous translation for dialogue with a foreigner.

In this mode, the application listens and translates all phrases into the interlocutor’s language, pronouncing them with their voice and displaying the text. To invite someone to chat through the “communication” function, you need to choose the tongue and press the palm icon in the upper right corner. After that, a special welcome message in your chosen language will be displayed on the screen.

We also note that for the regime of synchronous translation and voice input as a whole, you can activate the function of censorship. She will hide all non.normative vocabulary behind the stars, which she recognizes. You can find this function in the application settings, in the “Voice Entrance” section.

Instant translation through the camera

No less useful function of a mobile application. translation of text using a smartphone camera. In real time, the finished text will be displayed instead of the inscription that you shoot. Instant translation is useful in the case when you need to find out what a sign or a warning sign means. This will be especially convenient abroad

To move to this function, you just need to start the camera from the application toolbar. In the mode of shooting, you can open any previously received photo, where there is something to translate.

Elimination of Google Lens for iOS

Now that we have finished solving problems with Google Lens Translate on Android, let’s go the same on the iOS device. If you use iPhone or iPad, then you should have noticed that there is no separate Google Lens application for these devices. However, on Android we have a separate Lens application. Usually on the iPhone you can access the Lens functions from the Google search panel. Otherwise, you can use Google Lens from the Google application for iPhone.

Enable the permit for the Google application

You must allow the required resolution so that the lens function works synchronously with the Google application.

Allow permission to apply Google photo

As above, we must also make sure that Google has all the permissions to use the camera, microphone, etc. D., Which are necessary for proper operation of the translation function.

  • Application settings are open
  • Scroll down to Google photo application. Click on it to open
  • Do not forget to enable mobile data under the option to allow access to Google photo.

Make sure Google Photos and Google application work in the last assembly. The older assembly may contain errors and lead to ineffective work by Google Lens Translate if you use it through these applications.

To check the availability of application updates, go to

  • Application store today click on the image of the profile in the upper right corner.
  • Then you will see a list of applications I’m waiting for updating.
  • Find the Google application and Google Appendix Photo.
  • If they are on the list, click on updating the button that you see next to them.

Well, that’s all. These methods for eliminating the problems that I mentioned will be more than enough to eliminate problems with Google Lens Translate. Try them and see which one suits you. If you have any questions, let me know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section.

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How to include Google Lens in Chrome on Android

Despite the fact that Google has not been able to provide android updates to all those who have been relying on and have any problems with software with software. Google Chrome, Google Assistant, Google Maps. all these and many other services of the search giant can be considered the best in their own way, which users themselves tirelessly talk about. Therefore, there is nothing strange that the company decided to combine its products to make them even better. But if you combine Google Maps and Google Drive, it would be problematic, then it was possible to integrate Google Lens in the Google Chrome to the company.

Google Lens is an advanced search analogue for pictures

Google Lens. Google image recognition technology. It is based on visual analysis algorithms based on the work of neural networks, and its purpose consists in obtaining information related to objects that it identifies. At the same time, the spectrum of Google Lens is not limited only to searching for images. The technology knows how to scan and translate texts, determines the names of visible objects, including plants and animals, recognizes attractions, scans qr and barcodes, and also seeks goods and reviews about them.

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Google is testing Google Lens technology in the mobile version of Google Chrome right now. In fact, this is an advanced version of the old good search for pictures, which has always been available in Chrome, but now the browser has learned new tricks. Thanks to Google Lens, users will be able to not only look for similar pictures, but also the objects depicted on them, look for their description and even online stores where they can be purchased. In a word, from the innovation there are only continuous advantages.

How to enable Google Lens

Google Lens allows you to look for images, objects in these images, translate text and scan QR codes. And the standard search can?

  • Find any picture in search of Google and click on it to a finger until the context menu appears;
  • Select the parameter “Find through Google Lens” and you will have the results of the search with the ability to choose an object in the image.

Since Google Lens support is still available as an experimental function, it can only be turned on in a secret menu. This is done so that ordinary users accidentally hit the browser settings, which is why he may start working incorrectly. In addition, while the innovation is in test mode, it may not differ in the stability of release functions, which means that its performance is not guaranteed in principle. Therefore, all actions to activate Google Lens and other flags you produce at your own peril and risk.

How to enable or disable Google Feed on Android?

Google Feed, previously known as Google Now, was introduced into the Android system by a couple of updates. At the same time, users can draw a finger to the left of their screen, and the detection tape, or, in fact, the Google tape screen will open. It contains information or the latest news from around the world, depending on what requests you are in Google. Thus, only what is connected with your interests will be displayed.

The results of the feed are displayed in rectangular cards that can be scrolled and viewed in turn. It looks like scrolling. But users receive information and news related to their interests, and not just tweets. Many people value this function and often use it on their Android smartphones. However, some people are simply annoying. So, we have collected this article for users of Android smartphones who want to turn off or enable the Google Feed function. So, without unnecessary words, let’s get down to business.

Translate anything anywhere| The magic of google lens| Don’t know the language ? No problem!!!

How to enable or disable Google Feed-in Android?

By default, almost all Android smartphones are now supplied with this function. Even if you use the Android version with a skin, you still have a Google Discoverer channel on the left side of the main screen, on by default. But if you do not need all this, let’s see how you can turn it off by performing only a few simple steps. We provided instructions on how to disable it on the OnePlus smartphone, but the same procedure will be valid for other Android smartphones.

  • Here you will see various parameters and settings for your home screen. There will also be an option called Google.
  • Disconnect Google in home settings, and everything is done.

If you cannot find this settings on your Android smartphone, you will have to turn off the detection function directly in the Google application.

  • Go to the application box and look at the Google application. If you do not have a panel of applications, just scroll through various applications icons and find Google.
  • Click on it to open.
  • Click on the icon “more” (three.point) in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Then click “Settings”.

If you are also tired of notifications that you get from the Google tape, you can also disable this. For this,

  • Go to the application box and look at the Google application. If you do not have a panel of applications, just scroll through various applications icons and find Google.
  • Click on it to open.
  • Click on the icon “more” (three.point) in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Then click “Settings”.
  • Then go to the notifications.
  • Disable the notice here by turning it off.

Now you will not receive any notifications from Google too.

If you ever want to turn on these functions again, just follow the instructions that you completed to turn off the Google channel and notifications. Then return the switch or configuration to the position that was made before the changes. And with this everything will return to how it was before you have made changes.

If you cannot find the Google application settings, try updating the Google application until the latest version. If you use the older version of the application, then the Inte Wee may be different.

So, this is all about turning and disabling Google tape on Android smartphone. If you have any questions or questions about this leadership, leave a comment below, and we will contact you. Also, do not forget to get acquainted with our other articles on the advice and tricks of the iPhone, advice and tricks for Android. Tips and tricks for PC and much more to obtain additional useful information.

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How to use Google Lens and Google translator in offline mode

While abroad, we do not always have enough knowledge of foreign languages ​​in order to explain with local residents or just read the same store signs or road signs. In order to avoid inconvenience, they have long come up with a lot of programs for translation. But they work in the mode of online. And traffic abroad can fly into a penny. However, there is a way out of the situation. And if you prepare in advance, then for the translation you will not spend a single megabyte.

You can use the translation without the Internet

How to use Google Lens and Google Translator without the Internet

I am sure that you are already familiar with Google Translate and have probably used this service more than once. If you suddenly do not have it, then be sure to install the application from the Google Play store at this link. We still need it.

Thanks to the minimalist intese, you can quickly translate individual words or entire sentences without any effort from more than 100 different languages. But today we will focus on a very useful function that allows you to use the camera of your smartphone to speed up the translation process.

How to disable the Google lens. Camera permission from your Camera application in your Smartphone

This function is available in 29 languages ​​(Russian is supported) and it will allow you to easily navigate abroad and works best with road signs or a rather large text. Just select the necessary languages ​​in a special field and click on the camera icon just below. In normal mode, this option will work using an Internet connection. But you can do without it.

To do this, you will need to download the language package to your device in advance. over, you will need to download both information about which you translate the language and information about the language you will translate. To do this, click on the tongue displayed in the upper part of the screen and choose the icon with the arrow to start loading. As soon as the process is completed, the icon next to the tongue will change. Now both the usual translation of the introduced phrases, and the translation mode using the camera will be available in offline mode.

Loaded the tongue. The Internet is no longer needed!

We move to Google Lens. this is an application that allows you to use the camera of your smartphone to obtain information and recognize the text on signs, road signs, food products and so on. In general, any inscription can be recognized. And also translated into any other language in real time. The question may arise: why, in fact, you need Google Lens if the translator camera already recognizes the text. The fact is that Google Translate allows you to download any language to translation. But not every language package works in camera mode. Here Google Lens will come in handy. To find out other similar life hacks. subscribe to our channel in telegram.

It allows you to choose and copy the text that appears in the pictures, and then you can use Google Translate to translate this text. When the Lens inernet connection is disconnected, it will recognize the text, but will not give us its transcription to another language. But we don’t need it. Just touch the text, and then select it and copy it. After that, go to Google translator, insert the inscription there and get the finished translation without spending traffic.

Transfer the handwritten text to printed

Google lens very smart. He can not only convert the text from photography to printed format, but also perfectly recognizes manuscript records. I tried to write my name on a piece of paper at first, but recognizing it for the lens was too simple.

Google the lens recognizes even handwritten text

To complicate the task, I added the phrase “Google lens test” as clumsy handwriting as possible as possible. But the application recognized it, although not completely. For some reason, he was embarrassed by the word “Google”, written by Cyrillic, which the lens did not recognize. If necessary, written can even be listened to aloud.

How to translate the text from a photo

Google lens is an excellent translator who is able to translate the text on external media, for example, on documents or in the textbook. Just turn on the special mode, point out the camera lens on the text, wait for the recognition, and then select the desired fragment and get the finished result.

Google lens translates the text in the overhead mode

It is very convenient that Google the lens is working in overhead mode. That is, the translated text is superimposed on top of the main. This can be seen in the screenshots above, where first the text is given in Russian, and then in English. But if you wish, you can simply highlight it, and then copy and insert it to where you need (in a good way).

How to delete Google Lens Activity (management)

Google Lens. This is one of the latest functions of the last two Pixel smartphones, and although it still remains exclusive for the Pixel line, you can also unofficially include this function on non.pixel devices. This can be an excellent small tool for a reverse search for images, but if the “Activity on the Internet and applications” parameter includes in the Google account settings, all your searches will be recorded and stored by a search giant on its servers under your name. If this thought does not suit you, then how can you delete your Google Lens activity from your Google account:

  • First of all, go into your Google account on PC and follow this link to check your activity in Google lenses.
  • Now click the menu button (three points) on the map you want to delete and click “Delete”. This is it! You have successfully deleted the recording of the search in Google lenses, which you do not want to indicate in your time scale.
  • Although the method described above will delete separate searches, thus removing the entire search history will be time.consuming and prolonged. To do this, you need to click on the option “View of the element” in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • On the next screen, select the dates and product (in this case, Google Lens), the search history of which you want to delete and click the “Delete” button.
  • Click on several of confirmation that you will receive at this stage, and as soon as you finish with all this, you will receive a message that your activity Google Lens has been deleted for the selected period.

This is it! It is really easy to delete your activity Google Lens. If you want to delete the entire Google history, you can also do this by selecting the appropriate parameters in the opening menu at the last stage.

How to delete Google Lens (images, search queries, etc. D.)

Google is a well.known search engine. she knows the unpleasant things that you were looking for yesterday late in the evening, and much more. Now that the Google Lens visual search system is involved, Google also knows what you photograph and when you were looking for them on the Internet.

If this causes you anxious feeling, you can doubt, knowing that there is a fairly simple way to remove Google Lens activity.

  • Go to the activity of Google Lens page for all your material Google Lens.
  • You can see all the cases when you used Google Lens, as well as the images that you were looking for, in the card format based on the day and date.
  • Press the button with three points on the right side of the card and click remove the button.

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Image details, together with the search results, will be irrevocably deleted from the history of the activity of your Google account.

→ You can also view detailed information about each action by clicking the text “Details” (next to time).

→ You can also delete group classes.

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