How to Remove Google Drive from Phone

How to delete a Google account from your phone

There are several options for solving the problem. You can delete your Google Account:

  • through account settings;
  • clearing data in Google services;
  • change of password;
  • resetting smartphones;
  • deleting the accounts.db file.

Through account settings

The easiest way, the actions of which are performed “in a couple of clicks.”

  1. Go to “Settings” → “Other accounts”.
    How to Remove Google Drive from Phone
  2. Click on your Google profile.
  3. Having clicked on three points, select “Delete Account”.

Clearing data on Google services

If for some reason the profile is not deleted as described above, then you can try to do it more radically.

  1. Go to “Settings” → “Applications”.
  2. Go to the “Installed” tab.
  3. Google Accounts → Erase Data.
  4. Repeat for “Play Store” and “Google Play Services.”
  5. Reboot the device.
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password change

If the device itself is not at hand, you can exit the profile by changing the password.

  1. Go to any Google service (e.g. YouTube).
  2. Log in to your account using the login window.
  3. “Settings” → “General Information” → “Go to Settings”.
  4. “Security and Login” → “Password”.
  5. Enter a new password and confirm the action.

After changing the login information, the profile on all devices that are connected to this Google account will “log out”.


The most radical way is to completely reset the system to factory settings. If you exit the profile before selling the device, then this method will solve two problems at once: delete your profile and clean the system.

  1. Go to “Settings” → “Memory and backups.”
  2. Go to “Reset to factory settings.”
  3. Select the option to clear memory:
    • “Reset to factory settings” (deleting all settings, Wi-Fi passwords, contacts, etc.)
    • “Cleaning the internal memory” (deleting all files from the drive, for example, photos ands)
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    Delete accounts.db file

    This method is suitable for advanced users who work confidently with system files.